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Gopi cine mall dombivali west.office no5,ground floor, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
 Chandrika Labh on Feb 21, 2019
Read my story.and think thousand times before giving money to these fraudulents.

Guys plz dnt ever apply any jobs on quiker shine, monster and many more.. these are the most fraud job sites where people fraud by asking money for 100% job placement...but let me tell you even though you are smart enough and knows about fraud consultancy who offer jobs, but at the end you will be convinced to pay them somehow, becz thy are expert capturing decent job seekers.

My self chandrika labh..i stay in goregoan ..this is something happened to me for the first time and i still cannot belive that i got trapped by these a..ho.ls..

I had been continuously searching jobs on every sites but never applied cz in these while i was searching for my teaching profile in renowned international schools.one day i got a call from a girl her name was JOYA..that my profile has been selected for bank jobs..and i was like no I haven't applied for any of the bank jobs there...she told me yes you haven't but after reviewing your profile our company would like to give this opportunity..
I said ok...but i dnt have any experience in banking y will you select me..alike this I asked her so many questions that time..but somehow i got convinced for interview thinking lets have a try on it.
On the second day she called me again and said r u coming cz thy have to schedule my interview so one needs to confirm for the same.
I reached at the adress that was GOPI CINE MALL, OFFICE NO 5. GROUND FLOOR DOMBIVALI WEST.
I prepared whole night cz i know how tough it gets when you are going for the bank interview especially when u r fresher in that field..i reached thr..thr was almost 10-15 candidates sitting inside and waiting for thr turn where i was one of them..
thr was a lady who continuously watching us in that cozy room and kept on saying plz dont talk even a word with each other..which was quite weired...none of them was speaking english..even the HR who took my interview...my god that was something hillarious to see thr.
After 10 minutes of conversation that Hr said me i am giving you the position of front office executive where you will get this much as your salary...and then you will be provided training for 7 days at your posted bank..but as our company charge 1000 rs for processing fee so you have to pay that...for a moment i thought if i am getting bullied over..but she saw my expression and said don't worry this money directly goes to HDFC bank itself..
Then without thinking much i paid 1000 through neft..and then she smiled and congratulated me... sucks
Biggest mistake that ever i made..

On the very next I was called on that same location and gave us some rediculous brefing on bank topic where thy can't even pronounce the word properly..my god.. totally a loot f..ckers..i wonder what if i meet these people fr the next time i wuld have hanged them to death.

After 2nd day when i was back to home i searched over net about this hdfc recruiting, and searched some fraudulent site..came across through many people who had loged complaint for the same..and been victimized.
Now it was the full confirmation that even i am the one here who got trapped in.

Till nw after 1 month i havnt got any call from them neithr they recv my call..
I am thinking of to file a complaint but i need some more cooperation from you all..guys its not the matter of money that paid nt even i regret fr this..but jus think how many o[censored]s gets victimized every day.
Many of them comes from poor family in terms of hope that ty would get good job even after paying that amount..thy hardly can manage jus to pay this..
I am so hurt and desperate at the same time..plz come and lets rise word towards these fake consultants...and save our decent ones from getting trapped.

If anyone from here is ready to cooperate me in making complaint towards all the fake consultants den kindly..mail me with your contact no.on : [protected]@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience.
Chandrika labh
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chandrica . Myself Rohit vaidya. I am from Pune.I HV read ur complaint about hdfc bank recruitment. Today I HV visited this place . I HV given 1000rs for joining hdfc office work job. I don't no wt is going to happen with me and my money. They HV told me that they will call me back on Sunday for one day training. Let's see what happens. . They have given me a welcome letter. I don't know what is going with me. BTW thanks for sharing ur complaint. Thanks. You can connect with me through WhatsApp also. Thanks. Contact me at [protected]@gmail.com. thnxs
rohitkumar vaidya's reply, Sep 9, 2019
Guys they don't give me any type of job at all. They are just paise lutannare Lok.
Resolved. Resolved. Myself Rohitkumar vaidya. I apologize for my mistake which I have made. I have wrongly posted a "comment" on this Page and I deeply regret about it. My issue is resolved and I don't have any issue any problem with anyone. My issue is resolved. Thanking you.
Samir Joshi 718's reply, Jul 23, 2019
Ghanta. Yanchya 2 comment aahet. Ek +ve aani ek -ve . So what is the reallity bro? Tell us. Reply us.
rohitkumar vaidya's reply, Sep 9, 2019
Guys they don't give me any job at all. They are all fake. Reema Singh paise dya vapas. Aani punyat yevun dya. They don't give any type of job. They are just Money chor. I am going to file a Police case against Rd hr management and against that Reema Singh. I want my money . I want my money right now Reema Singh.
rohitkumar vaidya's reply, Sep 9, 2019
I didn't get any job from this Rd hr management. They are all fake. It is a. Fake consultancy. Fake consultancy services. Fake.fake. fake consultancy services.
Anil sing. Rd hr frod ye log paisa loot rahe. In logo se sare log loot rhe. Olz kripya in kamino ka dukan band kiya jaye. Thanku. Rd hr dombiwali aue end to end hr. Vikroli ye sab chor hai. Baccho ko gumrah kar rhe.
Guys me sab jagah aisa nahi hota...Mene bhi bohot jagah pe paisa bhara ..Bt kahi bhi job nahi mili thi...Office me ja ja ke thak gaya tha...Bt finally RD HR se muze job mila.me bhi bohot gussa hua tha...Bt madam ne muze wait karne ko bola..Me e 15-20 din wait kiya...Nd finally muze job mil gayi..Kalyan west me hdfc bank me hu...Mera bhi aaj tak bohot paisa gaya...Bt sab jagah par aisa nahi hota...m so happy 9..Thank you RD HR Recruitment
Samir Joshi 718's reply, Jul 23, 2019
Send us your contact number and email address. Aamhala job bhetala nahi tar aamche paise vapas dya mhanav. Chyala ha tyanchach pillu aahe.
My experience regarding RD HR RECRUITMENT is fabulous. Coz I got job in Axis Bank at juinagar branch as per my expectations. I had paid training charges before getting job. But they stand on their commitment and gave me good job .Really thanks to RD HR for their true commitment service and support to make my career bright.
Samir Joshi 718's reply, Jul 23, 2019
Ghanta . Aamche paise vapas dya mhanav. Yeh sab unke hie log Hain . Iska Paisa Diya rahenga unko. Aamche paise Kon denar? Chyala ha ek shahana aamhala shikavto. Ja ghari.
Roja Mehtre's reply, Aug 6, 2019
Sacchi mila h kya job aapko?
Chutya banvatat. Gandit dum asen na tar jyani jyani +ve comment keli aahe na tyani tyancha contact number upload Kara. Hey sagle lutaruuu Lok aahet. Tumchya aai vadilanche kashtachi kamaiii khanare Lok aahet. Ya saglyanchi police case keli pahije. Sharam vatat nahi Yana mulana lutayala. Halkat manasa. Don't pay money here guys. They are fake . 1000 te 1500 RS ghetil aani tumhala chuna lavtil. Faltoo training. Tya pattyavalya che aankhin 30rs ghetil. Besharam Lok . Yanchi dhind kadli pahije. Mazi saglyanchi mulana vinti aahe paise bharu naka. Bharle tar vapas nahi dile tar police case Kara. Mi maze paise ghalvle aahet. Koni tari ya saglyanchi changla chuna lava. Mhanje yanchi khaaj mitel. Faltoo bakwas . Saglyani ek mainkancha contact number ghevun theva. Mhanje tumhala ektta Jain paise vapas gheta yetil. Nahitar saral police case Kara. I request everyone to be share your contact number with each other in training session or may be in interview session. So it is better to you to fight against them. Don't trust on there mithi mithi baantein. Chutya saale. Besharam Lok. Kaam karnarya mulina laaj pan vatat nahi, mulanche paise lutayala. Besharam saale.
Jyani jyani +ve comment keli aahe na te tyanchich mannasa aahet. So don't trust on +ve comment. Jinhone +ve comment ki Hain woh unke hie log hain.so don't trust on them.
Reema Singh laaj nahi ka vatat mulanche paise lutayala? Chyala ek divas tari Tula sharam vatel tuzi. Tu tar laaj vikli ch asen. Ghari aai bapala saang jaun ki tu mulanche paise lutnari stri aahes. Sharam vatel tuzya aai bapala ashi porgi janmala ghatli.
FAKE FAKE ...Totally fake n wasted my time energy and
money... they don't even know how to resolve someone problem regarding wht they actually created ...totally fake i don't know kyu yeh log sbko ese lootte ... Log ummid se aate yha yh log ummid bhrosa sb tod dete insan demotivate hokr wapis jata ...my experience is about frst they told me in frst round they clearly mentioned to me aapko HDFC k liye front executive k liye kyc and ac opening ka profile rhega i was happy with tht prfl n waiting for nxt round thn they take 1000 rs yesss and thn all meeting stuff was done thn they told u will get msg to thr but unfortunately i got msg n wha jane k bad prfl or slry pckg dono chng its about they say u have to do casa work its about field work but y would i supposed to do ??? Mujhe toh dusra prfl btaya tha na its about vikhroli ... Thn they send to me kanjur wha se wapis ana pda qki unfortunately vacancy he khtm n they send to me another place malad its all about Fraud fraud fraud pura mumbai ghuma dala pagal kr diye job ka job nahi bolte kch or dete kch or job pesaaa ...people are already struggling through worst and thn some consultancy like RDHR making more worst for struggling people ...
People Think before investing Money mehnta ka 1 rs b bht meaningful hota hai ...be aware such as RDHR consultancy ... Worst experience
Today I went at this address they taken from me 200 rs and also they given me training receipt I kept 800rs pending now they told me come after 2 days we will provide training and 100% gurantee job in hdfc front desk executive job but abhi ye nhi pata kitna sacch h kitna jhut
Worst totally WORST R***A mam don't have any manners how to talk with someone they badly demotivate you.. they are totally liers n cheaters and ulta they blame u ...I STRONGLY HOPE THEY'LL GET KARMA BACK
Reema madam paise dya vapas. Kadhi yevu ghyayala? Phone uchalat ja. Kiti calls karayache tumhla.
Reema Singh I want my money right now. Reema Singh I want my money right now. Reema Singh I want my money right now. Reema Singh I want my money right now. Fake consultancy. Poranche paise lutannare Lok.
Fake consultancy. Paise chor harami log. Fake consultancy. Paise chor harami log. Fake consultancy. Paise chor harami log. Fake consultancy. Paise chor harami log. Fake consultancy. Paise chor harami log.

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