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 Guru84 on Oct 4, 2018
I was part of goa seminor "the xtraordinary you" and found to be false promises made by rohini mundra and her team.

Finaly i have got to know the business model they run after speaking to her old batch and who have taken long term service from her, first you will be hooked up by calling you for free seminor (Royal archid hotel bangalore), and they conditon you to buy vip pass for rs.3500/-. And no vip treatment, not even she listen to you for 5 min, and within that time she makes you feel you're genious in the world and sell you her rs. 1, 00, 000 program called "the xtraordinary you" at goa for 3 days. (Royal archid spa and resort)

In the program from second day onwards she only showcase her talent to sell you another program called "million $ business strat up" for 12, 00, 000/- and same intense on sell that course goes till you leave the resort on 4th day, nothing else.

I've also come to know they offered course at different fees for different folks, few got it free and they have given testimoney for her marketing, 35k and most them paid around 1 lacs.

She shows lots of arrongance like i don"t care (She uses this word often) for if you don't like the program or if you hate me etc...

No time sense, nothing orgaised, they will use stage for talent show like singing, dance, antakshiri etc which is very unprofessional way treating people who spend thier hard earned money, time, energy and proritesed thier committment for this program.

In free seminor if you don't like rohini selling skills, but careful you may fall in love with rajesh demble well gesture speak.

This is course is over priced as per me, and course is not for people who value money, already in business, job (Don’t think you’re smart to be businessmen), thinking to make your own, hardworking and intellactuals.

This is course is for broke people and pay them 1lac they will become milliors and you stay broke!!
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Truly and aptly captured... Don't fall in the trap. Save yourself from the fiasco !!

It's her million dollar Enterprise which you end up funding.

No ethics, no integrity, no authenticity. no professionalism !!
So very true !! You have so very well captured the ordeal.
Can we get a refund ?
I was a part of her workshop and commenting on this thread out of my own experience.

I have been promised a of things from Rohini and her team and i have at every step received more than what i was promised. Her coaching has changed my life. I have learnt to rise above my own limitation and negativity and have seen immense growth in my self, my personal life and my business along with finances.

Does her program cost, ofcourse yes, but at-least she isn't wasting my time and the 100 others (who i have personally seen grow) by sugar coating things. She has been absolutely committed o helping me get what i want. Her entire structure of the program is designed in a way that makes it very experiential and whats more is post program she has kept all of us connected and given us all the help we have wanted.

I have also met people on the program who have spent all their time complaining about things that has very little impact on her coaching and needless to say i have seen them remain BROKE!!!

What's interesting is these people above have attended her entire program and i am sure have not voiced out their concern about this to her or her tea and have used this forum to lash out.

I have met enough people who claim to help but done. And then i have met Rohini who claims to help and goes overboard with what she has to offer.

A few rotten apples spoil the whole broth... If you truly want to know how the experience was then ask me and i will (with their permission ofcourse) will share the email ids of all those people you can write to and ask how much has Rohini impacted their life. You can also go on her youtube channel to see the testimonials of those hwo have benefitted.

I have personally seen her change my life 360 degree and will recommend those who are beyond the pettiness of life and are seeking real change to witness this yourself.

Hope the above comment does not stop you from discovering your own destiny.


I have personally attended her program and she gives more than anyone I have met. Operational expectations aside, her coaching is one that has stood apart from all the people I have personally attended the programs of and received coaching from. She adds so much value to not just me but all the participants who are a art of the program.

1.Her program starts at 10am and she goes on till 2am and must later a lot of times, in the night every single day because audience wants to learn more and take away more. I do not know of people who push themselves just so that they can contribute to someone else's life.

2. She is personally available throughout the workshop and even after that just because she wants us to grow.

3. There are enough testimonials of her's online which is proof of all her work

4. I am a part of the app that has 50k member.. (clearly the person above is speaking without any basis)

5. The preview talks about the program being a business program as well as one that strengthens your psychology and your potential.. I have gained this and a lot more as promised by her in the intensive which is a great blend for one to be successful..

6. The price of the program is obviously different based on the time one has enrolled into the program.(common sense)

7. I have personally received an invoice which I will be happy to share if anyone wants. (again the above statement just sounds childish clearly)

8. The success of every program is highly dependent on the intentions of the participants and from the above rant it's clear that these people are just here to abuse the platform which shows the Value of their opinion.

9. Is there coaching she offers post 3 days...the answer is Yes. And people who have wanted to have moved ahead with her on the journey. But one cannot label them as FRAUDS just because they offer a service or use a strategy that is needed.

The fact that there are so many people gotten coached by her and have benefitted from her is proof that the above people are clearly here not to seek a solution (which i am very sure her team or her will provide if reached out to) but are only using a public forum to lash out which shows the value they bring in.

I would say, attend this yourself and form your own judgements. You will know what a huge impact this has on your growth.

It's always easy to pull someone down but to build someone up calls for a different strength and intention which I have seen Rohini possess.

I am merely stating my opinion because it disgusts me to see how the world is so busy trying to break all the good there is and throw the negativity around and stop others from growing too.


I have attended her program and stating that it changed my life. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and thanks to Rohini i told run a business with a turnover of around 70lac within the 1st year.

What the person above is discussing is her business style which i am sure she has the right to chose what works for her(if someone is selling something someone has to have the right style to do so) but as far as her coaching is concerned she is fantastic and delivers what she promises. Its worth every rupee spent. Not just by me but my entire batch mates who are my biggest circle of influence today.

You have to try this to know what i am talking about.

could not have been more grateful for having met Rohini Mundra and her forever supportive team.

Mahesh, Richa and Surekha, how fast you guyes came in to rescue her, this is her marketig strtergy to keep the ball rooling, who has the time to track all these, this is resecu team I guess...

No one belives you guys.

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