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 manasi pj on Dec 11, 2017
Screw u air. Hiring me as ur pa & trying to attack, molest, rape me by taking me to bedroom inside your office which is shocking to me asking me to give u blowjob in ur open toilet how disgusting. Im coming from gud family not like ur cheap disgusting asshole family. No wonder girls r writing all this on site. I had not belived when i joined but now i totally agree and so im warning all the girls out there who wants to join plz dont.. Never.. Your in a trap. He will give u gifts and pamper u saying he will give u whatever u want in life.. Its all fake bogus. Dont listen to any hr there who will try to talk nicely and put u to him. All this man needs is sex sex and nothing else. Plz girls save yourself
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I gave my interview for a trustee position few weeks back. I couldn't get through as I dint have enough work experience. They have asked me to try again after few years. I am praying and hoping I get this position, I don't want to lose this opportunity. Its my dream workplace.
mystery Mam's reply, Dec 14, 2017
radhap your comments very clearly say you are nothing but a lie!!! On November 18 you updated this “Thank God I've got this job. I've been working for the last 4 days and I'm so happy. I thank god I wasn't carried away by these negative comments. I feel bad for all those candidates who are mislead by these false comments and false complaints which are completely baseless and untrue” and today you say you are praying and hoping to get this job. This shows how you are misleading people and all what you say is a lie. So did you lie then or now or still want to confuse people.
Complainant229019's reply, Mar 10, 2018
Hi Mystery Mam,

you yourself is a Mystery person. Please reveal your identity.

Dear Folks, I myself have posted few comments and I am saying THESE all are FAKE. Some jobless people like me have no other job so they find it interesting to reply.

they keep tracking others post.

Girls.. Grow up !! it's a consumer complaint forum.. did you buy books, DVD, cd, calendar etc etc from RVM foundation which was damaged and they did not return????

Understand the meaning of consumer .. Who is a CONSUMER ?

Lets STOP this idiotic business of posting something which is FALSE . Girls be sensible enough if you are intelligent you will not read consumer complaint website for Job.
LIES LIES LIES !! Your fake comment keep it to yourself. God will punish you !
My dear, Stop putting false complaints on the internet, it will finally land you into trouble by law or eventually by karma. Anybody with little common sense will understand your fake intensions. If you think that you can blackmail and extort through these cheap tricks you cant. Applicants are sensible enough to understand what they see with their own eyes. Please stop wasting your time putting false comments and complaints and save yourself from SIN !!

We at RVM FOUNDATION live an amazingly happy life doing HIS work ( humanitarian, inspirational and spiritual work ) and we have been doing it over 25years. God Bless you !!
Pari Chauhan who is trying to be Pari Chauhan33 the actual person who posted the complaints. This shows how you are trying to fool and lie to people. Why would you even be bothered about anybody’s identity when you claim that all what is written is false? How can you tell people not to read reviews before they apply for a job? And first of all learn to write something of your own whether its supporting the organization or talking bad. It clearly shows your writing what AiR is telling you to write..ha ha ha…yes if everybody is good what happened to your board members now? We all know how things function there. There are millions of companies in the world and a lot of people have written a lot of things about them in forum only you people are struggling to prove something that does not exist. You know why? That is because they show it in their work by improving and not like you. Nobody is jobless here, the reason people write is because of the non sense you people do to spoil other people’s life. Why don’t you first find out why people run away from your organization then you will stop putting false comments and do some real work!!! Now go get your reply to this from your boss

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