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[Resolved]  Simplilearn — Cheat Customers and Freelance Trainer

Back some time, Simpliearn contacted me online and asked me to help them to conduct a training for their clients who had signed up for their course. As I checked on Linkedin, Simpliearn seems to have many online accounts and claimed to be heavily invested by venture cap; so i thought it should be quite safe to do the course for them in my country and I would be paid as promised. They even offered their NDA (with their boss signature on it) to sign (You would've feel that this is a genuine deal, wouldn't you?) The day before the training, Simpliearn's Stacey Taylor (which I later found out to be a fake name used by their account manager on Linkedin [using a westerner profile picture] - her real name is some long Bangladeshi name [with a Bangladeshi lady profile picture she accidentally reveal on whatsapp] called to tell me they do not have a training room arranged and that I've to do the training in local cafes for 2 days. She told me it would be alright and asked me to pay for all the printing, scanning, logistics, food expenses first and she promised that Simplilearn would pay me back the expenses and training fee after the 2 day training. She emailed and called using a usa hunting number to beg me to help her out... which i reluctantly agreed (unfortunately i was naive). When the 2 students (Simplilearn's clients) arrived on the first day of the training, i was shocked to learn from them that they had actually paid online to Simpliearn many months before but their classes were continually re-scheduled for no good reasons. And Simplilearn refused to refund them when requested. They revealed to me "Their online 90 days is useless crap and often not working, its just their tactic to keep your money. They demand you pay upfront by paypal and then keep delaying / rescheduling the classes till you finally give up. And they will never give you a refund when they fail to deliver every time! And give you lots of excuses. It is what we call a Snake-Oil company that trumpet their ‘successes’ to get you in." Luckily the 2 students are understanding that I am only a 'last-minute' stand-in freelance trainer and we conducted the 2 days course with a conclusive EXIN exams. 2 weeks later, they told me they passed the exam. Since then, I've been emailing Simpliearn for my rightful training fee and expenses claim. Initially, they bounced the email to their so-called finance and even their seemingly management (Dinesh Kumar and Krishna Kumar). After several correspondences for months, they still could not give me a good reason why they are delaying the payment. In the end, they simply ignored my emails. Till today, they have made no attempt to pay me. These are my personal lessons learnt: 1. Never trust a Bangladesh Company (search wikipedia and you'll know why). 2. Even if they sign a contract with you such as a NDA, it doesn't matter to them if they honor it or not. Strange culture indeed... 3. Many of the identities they use online are fake 4. They make use of foreign trainers to boost their profile but may scam these trainers and move on to other trainers. 5. Learn from the clients, it says a lot. 6. EXIN? ... to check on the training provider? What do you think? Today, whenever I see online viral articles sharing about how their boss gets million dollars investments from VC, I laugh loudly to myself [especially at those notable sites for sharing blindly the old news] and wonder how that is possible when they cannot even pay up a few bucks owed to people who service them... Why don't they call themselves simplicheat or simpliscam instead? So...If, by any chance, you are asked to be their trainer and having read my story, you still insist to go ahead to deal with them... then good luck! Maybe you can make sure you get your training fee paid first before you conduct any training for them? Or., , , If, by any chance, you have signed up for a course with them and having read my story, you still insist to go ahead to deal with them... then good luck too! Maybe you can try to get them to refund you immediately and see what shameless tricks they will use next? Last words... I've since moved on and avoided many sickening deals with Bangladesh companies after this experience. If you are hoping for their government to close Simplilearn down, dream on ... as Bangladesh is the most corrupted country in the world. Other references:
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Simplilearn Customer Care's response Apr 29, 2015
This is a competitor posting with the intention of tarning the image of a global brand. Simplilearn has no record of such a trainer and communication, nor has this user shared any details to the Support Team. Such competitor misrepresentation is considered illegal in many countries and we request this forum to monitor postings before taking them live. Thanks, Team Simplilearn
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