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Belgaum, Karnataka, India

I have been trying to reach Snapdeal for a year now.. but they still have not refunded me an amount of Rs. 1170/- which I had to pay for courier for 3 products which their courier partner did not collect.

They told me that I can return the courier personally and they would refund my account.
reference number:74332745075507490416318

Complaint marked as Resolved Sep 2, 2016
Thank you snapdeal for resolving my issue.
Better late than never.

Thanks a lot to this forum, for making the companies notice our issues.
You guys were a great help.

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[Mar 02, 2016] Snapdeal.com customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by keshavd.naik, Mar 02, 2016
These is the order id


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Snapdeal, I do not wish to but you leave me no option.
I want this forum to be a proof of all the trouble you are putting me through.

I give you till next Monday to actually help me out here, and not show off your arogance at a consumer forum by lying and blaming that I never returned the product and show the a year old POD.
Nsapdeal.com, is the owrst company to do online shopping with.
It does not follow the practices and puts all the blame on the customer.

they do not have a proper query system. My issue is a year old and they still dont want to help.
I am constantly calling for a mere amount of 1170.

but they are all bunch o[censored]nprofessionals and do not follow any trust pay practises.. please stay away from Snapdeal.
its only Tension ki deal
They do everything from Order Cancellation to delivering the product in different colour if they dont have stock, to giving adds for expired promocodes.
I have shopped with them many times and always had issues with their products.

I just want my 1170 back which they are saying its Rs. 989 and is expired, when I can show tens of mails from past year where they have asked me bank details saying we are initating a refund...
when I check my bank account there is no refund. attaching the last message they sent me in February 2016... still no refund.

when I try to reach them from their website they dont allow to select an older order
when I call the CSR's are more arrogant than the company owner's

They are just here to run scams.

its been almost more than 1 year and another 20 days even after promising the refund, but no refund yet. and he wants me not to be judgemental.
I have sent the bank statements already on their stupid help section which does not allow to select an older order from a year ago, so I have to use some latest order as they do not accept mails on [protected]@snapdeal .com and no one replies if you send direct mails.

Everyone can provide online services with a good channel nowadays but the only ones which customers would like to shop with is who listen to customer issues when something unusual happens.
You courier partner disowned you while collecting the package... but just cause you asked me I sent it to you bearing the costs.
Now when I ask the money back you are making me go in circles.
You have sent me so many reference number for this, that I am confused which to send
some are 10 digit some 20 what do you want me to send so that you would know from when I am behind this.
Dear keshavd,

Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this.

Team Snapdeal
Benjas's reply, Nov 9, 2018
Your representative call to supply apologies. Not for any action
Some lady from Snapdeal Social team called me asking for the courier reciepts again. Telling me that she has sent me a mail and wants me to reply on that. when I checked it was from [protected]@snapdeal.com again

This time I sent everything from bank statements to courier receipts to bank details, its been 24 hours and still no reply.
Yet again I got a call from the Snapdeal team, it was a guy this time, he asked me the same things all over again, I am not sure if they are even maintaining details of their customers.
He then said dont worry your money is safe with us... I know that is why I have been calling for a year.
He said he would forward the concern to the refund team.

Now I see an email which asks for the courier receipts... back to beginning.
its like they just want to trouble me so that the customers get fed up and they get the easy money.
Now they say

We have not received your returned item and are unable to initiate the refund/replacement as per your preference. In case you have a proof of delivery (POD) of the item at our warehouse, please send it to us by replying to this email. You can get the POD from the courier through which you sent the item to our warehouse.

Once we receive the document, we will verify the same and immediately initiate the refund/replacement.

How can the Courier company give me a POD of a year old delay from your side?
If you did not receive the item, how come you initiated the refund for the 3 items?
Stop fooling the customers with this nonsense and please refund me the courier charges soon.
Hi Keshavd( keshavd.naik),

Our team got in touch with you and informed you to share proof of delivery.

Team Snapdeal
Do you think the courier people will give a proof of delivery after 1 year?

What are you trying to proove here?

For one year you told "Provide bank details we are refunding the amount"
Now when I raised a Comsumer Complaint you want me to go to the courier people and ask proof of delivery?
Do you think they will be giving this to me free of charge.. they will again charge me for such an old transaction.

Are you guys just pretending to help?

if you did not recieve the product - "WHY DID YOU REFUND ME THE ACTUAL PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS?"
over Rs. 3000.

You cant refund a courier charge of Rs. 1170 for one year, and you refunded 3000 without recieving the product?

Stop making fun of my situation... ust because you have an upper hand as you hold my money...
Consumers just consider this

Snapdeal did not recieve the product and they have been quite for one year and also refunded me the amount for the products for 3000 rupees.

Look at how they will play with our money once they mess up things..
And try to put the blame on you..
Snapdeal I need my courier charges refunded, I have given you the courier receipts, it has the Name, Address and Number to the courier services, GO CALL YOURSELVES and ask your PODs.
Its not my responsibility, that for one year you say the amount will be refunded and after a year you lie that you need POD. This is the professionalism I was pointing out to initially.

I have already peacefully managed for this long with all your stupidity.

Even after raising this complaint I recieved a message that the amount will be credited and now after a week you are saying you never recieved the product.
Consumers please not Snapdeal Agents arogance I explained initailly

I pasted the whole email they sent me for the POD and asked in a previous message

"How can the Courier company give me a POD of a year old delay from your side?
If you did not receive the item, how come you initiated the refund for the 3 items?"

But they agent could not care less and says
"Our team got in touch with you and informed you to share proof of delivery."

Respected Sir/Madam that is what I pasted on the comment, you dont have to arogantly repeat the same thing as if your doing me a favour.

I asked you a couple of questions, it would be great help if you could reply to those and not show off.
And let me tell you... I am not worried if the amount is small... its the ethics that you guys follow, which I have an issue with.

I will be going to the consumer court, if this conversation does not help me.
Can some one from Snapdeal answer my questions?
You have still not answered my questions.

How did you refund me the amount for the products when you did not receive the products?

A person from Snapdeal called me saying that the Courier slip is not valid as there is no date and cannot be tracked on their website.

Lady, stop lying I just checked the courier and there is a date and address.
They dont mention the full address as it is mentioned on the from tags on our parcels.
Dont give reasons to blame the customers.
Also I called the head office of First Flight, the courier company, they said we don't maintain the courier details for more than 3 months unless there is an issue raised.
This is more than a year and a half old.
He asked me why did Snapdeal not raise an issue immediately?

Its your mistakes that your trying to blame on both the courier company and me.
You also do not let us raise complaints on an order a year old on your help section, how do you expect the rest of the world to maintain all of Jasper Infortech's courier receipts.

If you have any other issues call and discuss with First Flight and may be you can educate them that you are very slow people and need every record related to you to be maintained for atleast a 100 years and how to write dates to suit your requirements, so that you can easily put the blame on the customers
You are there to help customers. Not sit there and show off by lying and saying that you cancel the complaint because you did not raise the issue at the right time.

For one year you have been asking courier receipts and bank statement and saying the refund will be processed in 4-7 days.
Yesterday you wanted POD, Today the Date is not there, Tomorrow when you clear your database, You will say I never ordered anything in the month of November 2014

If the date was an issue, you could have checked which year I made a purchase of these products which I am discussing about, if you really wanted to help. It is not my control what the service providers write on the courier slips, I aint a courier person to confirm faults. He handed me the slip, I forwarded it to you the very same month.

Why dont you go to your older mails and see when I had sent these receipts, since this a one of kind issue, I hope you could put your effort to help resolve and give me what you owe me. That would have been a better customer service or social team.

Not just sit there and lie every single day.

Everything is coming down to your delay, if you would have checked the courier receipts and asked me to POD the same month I could have straightaway gone to their headoffice.
I am not willing to take the blame for your delay and neither is firstflight.

and on top the 10's of mails that the amount will be refunded
Dear Keshav(keshavd.naik),

We have escalated this case again internally and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to assist with this.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Snapdeal
Dear Keshav( keshavd.naik),

Hope you are doing good.

We wish to inform you that your gesture amount has been initiated from our end.

Team Snapdeal

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