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Solitaire A & B Wing Ad-Hoc Committee — unauthorized, illegal and dangerous operation of x zone - hookah bar and preeti sandwich restaurant in cosmos jewels complex at ghodbunder road, thane

We, the residents of cosmos jewels complex situated at ghodbunder road, kavesar, near d-mart, thane (West), would like to bring to your kind attention our serious concerns about the unauthorised and dangerous commercial operations of x zone - hookah bar and preeti sandwich restaurant which are seriously jeopardising the safety and security of the residents of cosmos jewels complex.

I. X zone - hookah bar :

X zone - hookah bar has been operating over last 6-7 months on the ground floor of the commercial area below solitaire a and b buildings of cosmos jewels complex.

X zone has encroached upon the residential parking area on the first floor by breaking the wall segregating the commercial and residential parts of the complex and created an unauthorised and illegal opening into the allocated residential parking area on the first floor of the complex.

X zone has further encroached into two slots of residential car parking on the first floor and have illegally established their kitchen on these two car parking slots. They have installed gas stoves for cooking and have also stored gas cylinders in the car park area along with other kitchen equipment and provisions.

It must be kindly noted that in case of any unfortunate event of fire accident, (The possibility of which cannot be ruled out, considering storage of inflammable materials like gas cylinders, coal for hookah, installation of large air conditioning units, this illegal make-shift kitchen on the car parking slots) the fire brigade engines would not be able to reach this spot due to height constraints of the car park area. The presence of other parked cars in the adjoining parking slots will further aggravate the situation by ‘adding’ inflammable petrol to the fire.

It would therefore be extremely difficult to control the fire in case of an accident, which may spread to other parts of the cosmos jewels complex, jeopardising the precious lives and property of the residents of this high rise complex.

You will appreciate that this is a serious fire and safety hazard for the residents of cosmos jewels complex and a major fire safety violation from the perspective of safety and security for the residents.

Additionally, the fumes/ smoke emanating from x zone due to cooking in the kitchen in the parking area, as well as hookah fumes coming into the residential area, are posing a major health hazard to all members of the complex. The women and children of the complex are also feeling threatened by the presence and uncultured/ unruly behaviour of the clientele of x zone - hookah bar.

The city of mumbai has woken up to the grave risks of allowing unauthorised and illegal modifications/ alterations by hookah bars and such other restaurants, which in the recent times have led to major fire disasters and tragic loss of multiple lives of its law abiding citizens.

The honourable mayor of thane has also acknowledged the harmful effects of allowing illegal hookah bars and similar establishments on safety, security and also on the moral fabric of the society and especially it’s immoral/ unhealthy impact on our younger generation and has accordingly given strict instructions to crack down on such illegal hookah bar establishments.

We are greatly appreciative of the efforts made by you through these major drives to demolish and close down such illegal eateries, in an endeavour to make thane a safe, secure and a great city to live in.

Ii. Preeti sandwich restaurant :

Preeti sandwich a fast food restaurant is established by illegally encroaching on an open space, adjoining the commercial area on the ground floor of cosmos jewels complex and is conducting its entire business on this encroached space. This area was allocated in the approved plan as an open area for parking and is not included under fsi granted to cosmos jewels complex.

Preeti restaurant is using this earmarked parking area as a kitchen for cooking and storing inflammable material like gas cylinders, provisions, etc. Which give out smoke and fumes and poses another serious fire and health hazard in the cosmos jewels complex.

We are unable to understand as to how preeti sandwich restaurant has been allowed to establish totally illegal and unauthorised construction in an open area reserved for car parking, with gross violation of rules and regulations and as to how it has been successfully conducting business unhindered without objections from the guardians of the rules and regulations in respect of fire, food & health, safety, etc.

You will appreciate that this blatant encroachment of the open parking space by preeti sandwich restaurant is totally against the law and is also a major fire hazard in-addition to causing inconvenience and nuisance to the residents of cosmos jewels complex.

This encroachment by preeti restaurant, being at the major junction of d-mart shopping complex is also causing enormous traffic congestions due to car parking by its patrons and insurmountable hardships to the residents of other societies in boriwade area like sanghvi hills, prestige valley, parkwoods, havare city, etc.

In this regard, you may kindly note that vide our letters dated 5th august 2017, 5th november 2017 and 1st january 2018, we have already brought these unauthorised and illegal activities to the kind attention of all concerned senior officers of tmc and have urged them to treat this matter with the urgency it deserves, considering the serious hazards it poses on the lives and property of the residents of cosmos jewels complex and urged them to take strong immediate remedial action under the law, rules and regulations, before any untoward incident happens.

The recent fire accidents of 1above & mojo at kamala mills, kinara restaurant and not to mention many others have been largely due to such illegal unauthorised business activities being allowed to function unchecked and unhindered with immunity and impunity.

We are confident that under your able leadership as the commissioner of tmc, such illegal business activities will not be allowed to continue unhindered with total immunity but will be investigated thoroughly to ensure the safety of thane citizens and set an example of how a responsible and responsive municipal corporation under an able leadership, can better the lives of its citizens.

Yours faithfully,


Ad-hoc committee of solitaire a & b

Cosmos jewels complex

Ghodbunder road

Near d mart


Thane 4000615

Cc: chief minister’s office – govt. Of maharashtra

Cc: unauthorised construction and encroachment removal dept – tmc, thane
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