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 Sandra Michael
Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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Gayatri, arthi, snehan, ganja karupu pls ivangala big boss veeta vitu veliya anupunga.programme supera irukum. Avanga ellarume politics panranga. Namithavum ivangaluku ching chang poduthu. Athuvum particulara juliana and bharani ya mattum rombave tease panranga. Ithuku big boss udanthaya irukra mathiri theriyuthu. Ithuku apram ipadiye thodarnthichu vijay tv ku pinvilaivu rombave irukum. Kavan padathla vara fraud channel ivanga than pola.
subbulakshmi murugaiah's reply, Jul 2, 2017
I also feel same like that
jsmith19840's reply, Jul 2, 2017
I also feel same thing. because of them only more problems . They all have attitude issue.
DineshWilliam's reply, Aug 25, 2017
Hi bigg boss I am Kumar and the is program Stop Right now

Snehan is not the right leader. I agree with the above reviewer. Gayatri, Artji, Snehan are all over-confident and ditching the show. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. None is doing for social cause. All are working for money only. No co-ordination at all. Show seems to be fake in cooking stage. Just 2 lemons for 15 people to make lemon rice. Just because of the TRP rating, directions have been focussed.
subbulakshmi murugaiah's reply, Jul 2, 2017
aarthi ku romba periya celebrity nu ninaipu
Hi... Im fairos from malaysia... Gayathri raguram... Mind ur word... We all tamilan... We all support jallikattu... Ok... Dont disturb juliana... She real tamil ponnu... Not like u... . ok... Tq
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 5, 2017
Hi, I'm from Malaysia too. Forget about Jalkikattu, but Gayathri is a total kuppe(garbage)...she thinks that she is very perfect...I believe she & aarthi are very scared of Juliana...I could sense their fears...but they deserved to be kicked out soon...enna nadippu...aiyoo
Respected Vijay TV & Big Boss, Kindly take Ms. Gayathri Raguram, Mrs. Arthi and Mr. Snehan out of this show. Even as an audience we are not able to tolerate with these celebrities. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing derogatory comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over Mr. Vaiyapuri. She is a celebrity means that's her profession but that doesn't give her the right to belittle another person. She has to apologize to Mr. Vaiyapuri and Mrs. Arthi should apologize to Ms. Juliana. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. But thanks to big boss team for bringing up a show like this. We public are coming to know their true colours. Last request. We want Mr. Ganesh Venkatraman to take over the leadership position.
priyshi's reply, Jun 29, 2017
Yeah of course this correct points
Apologies. A small correction to the above post. Ms. Gayathri Raguram should apologize to Juliana for insulting her.
Plz mind ur words Gaythri she's used bad words she's and Arthi hurting Julie she's not actor but she's know to response people's my ful support only one Julie and Ganesh big boss is the Julie she's the real heroine...
Please my kindly request send out Gaythri raguram and Aarthi this girls are spoiling Vijay Tv and big boss show don't irritate Juliana all Tamil Nadu youngest full supporting Juliana ... she's the real heroine in Tamil Nadu real Tamil ponnu
Irritating show. Completely stage-managed fake show. Local behavior and no social responsibility that everyone is looking at them. Show director had to look in to this or please stop this show. Everyone is in this show only for prize money and fame and day-by-day just bcos of TRP it is becoming worse. Vijay TV, PLEASE THINK ABOUT SOME GOOD ENTERTAINMENT SHOW not like this sympathy votes, etc
Hello vijay TV

!! Neenga enna vena program pannunga .. Theva illama #Jallikattu ah kelava paduthura maari .. Kundu #Aarthi, #Bjp_Gayathri .. Over ah pesuranga..

!! Tamilan unarchiya touch pannuranga ..
Vilaivu.. Konjam social Media ah paarunga
THERIUM ... !!
If big boss is reading Gayatri should be punished for the hrash word used .
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 5, 2017
Gayathri is total rubbish...
Gayathri and aarthi should be kicked out of the show . Vijayan is unfit to his leader role.ganesh will be the best one .
Its really ashamed for a leader to go and gossip about others... juliana oru leadera nenachi avanta poi feel panna..avan athae poi gayathri and namithata sollirukaan.. kevalam... gayathri and aarthi should be removed from this game...oru ponna irunthukittu innoru ponnae avlo hurt pandranga...ganesh will be a best leader... gayathri aarthi snehan namitha ivangalam julie bharani oviyava corner pandranga.. and lastly kanjakarupu... omg...oru man gossip pannuvanganu ithula than parkure... so shame of him... anuya dance aadratha mimic pandraru...and he is targetting bharani for no reason... sakthi useless fellow...supporting kanjakarupu... indha show nalla ponumna ivangalam tookuna than pogum... starting to hate those people😕
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 5, 2017
Naan poonthirunthana intha show la, gayathri, Aarthi & Namitha, moons peraiyum oda2 verithiruppen...maha matthamana characters... respect Oviya for not even bothering all these craps...bravo to her...
Gayathri and harthi are really irritating Julie.I want them to be eliminated or warned not to do so. Snehan is unfit for leader position. Ganesh venkatraman will be the best option.
Julianna is still very cunning and acting she is childish she must be sent out of big boss she is over acting
Sonaru priya's reply, Jul 20, 2017
Julianna thinks she is a Freedom fighter who fought for the country
Julianna should think to serve people in the hospital she works . In future also not over commenting and acting that she doesn't know the world. She should be sent to the pavilion to serve people who suffers from diseases she doesent know how to handle first aid when she cuts her hand by a bowl given to her in big boss then how she is handling in the hospital she works. In think going to the hospital and commenting others the whole day
Snehan gave awards as per his old relationship with buddies . Gayatri should be given gossip queen, Dishonest should be ganja karup . Hardly working should be that dumi arthi rite .
Gayathri and aarthi are very worst plese safe juli from them.
Shaanee's reply, Jul 4, 2017
Juli is now sombu thooking for gayathri
Gayathiri, Aarthi and Ganja karupu snehan ivanga ellarum worst juliana and barani ah mattum oru mathiri nadathuranga pls ivangala bigg boss veeta vitu veliya anupunga
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 5, 2017
Nadirgargal avunge puthiya kaamikirange...oru matthamana characters...OMG

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