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Star Vijay / Vijay Tv — Big boss

Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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[Jun 28, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Julie ah fake, drama queen, pulukku mootai, vaayadi... Ippadilam Peru vaikka than, oru normal family la irunthu vantha girl ah celebrities kuda participate panna vachirukkingala kamal sir...
Yen Gayathri, namitha pesunathellam, participants munnadi thirumba telecast panna matukuringa... Avangala entha kelvi um kettka matukiringa... Be equal to all... Otherwise send out Julie... But don't spoil that poor girl name by telecasting such a dramatic scenes
Ramakrishnan Varadharajan's reply, Jul 24, 2017
Respected Mr.Kamal, Please highlight about Gayathri at Bigg Boss House, why is she always disturbing Oviya Helen and using vulgar words as hair and many heart sick...we want Gayathri to ask sorry for her mistakes to Oviya.
Maya Mathi's reply, Jul 25, 2017
Sir I support to your words
How can I contact to bigg boss team through online sent link to me pls
Being a commaner I request you all to think about poor girl. First two weeks, she was cornered by all except few, even till date. In my point of view, she didn't do very big blender. Only blender is she not a celebrity. Don't try to spoil her future by sending negative comment. Don't compare with oviya, she is celebrity. example: how Kamal reacted with Julie yesterday. Please compare with last week.
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 24, 2017
People is not seeing oviea is a celebrity and julie is common person... both r same for us...due to behavior only they getting diff...
Maya Mathi's reply, Jul 25, 2017
Boss, we (public) not seeing common r celebrity... her basic character is wrong I watched and watching continues லி
And one thing I strongly need to know to you we (public) not spoil her future
kavithapandian's reply, Jul 28, 2017
Yes it is true we think both Same but she will feel something different
But we should appreciate her bold
To participate in this show
Mr. Kamal can you please explain about f word/ fish, what does it​mean? Is​that good word in your dicenory. I feel that you are right. Right from the day one, you are projecting bad side of poor girl. You are safeguarding your colugies. vijay TV is favering/ protecting their girl.

What Julie did is wrong, I to agree with that. This is just servival of fitness. Nothing I request tamilian to support the poor girl.
First I proud to say I am star vijay tv fan
Now I watching the show bigg boss
We (public) not nominated நமிதா and கஞ்சா கருப்பு it's house maid's wish
We (public) are say thx to you to see those characters (all maids)
Gayathiri spoke nice words she is matured person
And she try to make shakthi as like her
First I proud to say I am star vijay tv fan
Now I watching the show bigg boss
We (public) not nominated நமிதா and கஞ்சா கருப்பு it's house maid's wish
We (public) are say thx to you to see those characters (all maids)
Gayathiri spoke nice words she is matured person
And she try to make shakthi as like her

Big boss crew and kamal sir for confronting juli's drama and make others realise who was playing double game all that time..
Although little disappointed and angry for not asking gayathri anything about what she did that many have registered of gayathri s illmannered talk and actions

The special LEMON show by gayathri was not mentioned by kamal sir and the crew..and i think lemon show backfired on them...after all this..julie is asking for video footage..5 secs earlier...these many cameras and audience watching...are we lying...julie lied and have been caught...say sorry and leave..dont repeat it again..its a lesson..julie damaged her respect by herself...she wanted to be a celebrity and stay close with them but chose a wrong way...julie u should have been yourself...everybody in that house have said yourself and you cant be good to all...julie behave as a normal person...arent you aware that many are watching including your pareents and friends

I think gayathri is rsponsible for julie character change may be..julie wanted to gain a trust with gayathri because gayathri influence the decisions for everyone there...all men hide behind one dares to tell her that she is wrong...and one more thing...the roleplay drama is over and gayathri still thinks she is wife of shakthi...she tells something and asks shakthi is that right. Shakthi happily nods his head yes gayu..shame on you this in your acting career probably..with no films or something else...shakthi namitha n gayathri are playing gods...what happens if they are big actors cant imagine...

Is vijay tv..big boss crew and kamal ji afraid of gayathri...can you punish gayathri for her ill manners or you guys too Support a direct eviction for gayathri or punish her...take some action sir...

U have damaged a girls character who is a commoner...maybe she s not that way but i believe gayathri and other seniors had an influence on her behaviour..again julie come out...dont cheat and deceive spoils your future too...if its scripted again it will look bad on no point in lying, cheating, back stabbing...if someone offers you comfort and consoles some gratitude and thankfulness even if they are not your friend...instead you chose not to be...julie if you had shut your mouth so many things would have been avoided...cant you realise what is happening to you..

Please eliminate gayathri and julie...others should understand...gayathri talked about letting down women being a should not talk about should have shown that...u didnt and stop behaving a innocent one...u are.a bully gayathri..
Kamal sir rightly are good there i guess..oviya trusted men there so shame on all women there..there are som many burning issues going on in TN...we watch it for the different please show some moral issues too and aso concentrate on other issues please
if you still continue with gayathri and julie and bullying backstabbing etc etc no point in watching tgis show...very disappointing
Felscia's reply, Jul 25, 2017
Well said. Show the 5min video and ask that gayatri to shut her mouth. Editing mistake ah and the crew is projecting her wrongly, what good she has done still now to telecast.
I think good friend will show her/his friend mistake directly to them and try to understand and change the mistake done by them...and don't let her /his friend separately at any time.I think in this time also oviea proof she is good friend too...but no one as understanding oviea that she also had a heart and that too get hearted. Plz kamal sir, and people watching don't think that I am supporting to oviea...the qualifications as seen in oviea, that feel and proof me that she is a good friend and a good person too...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 25, 2017
And If someone speaking with u means we should give a respect, response and speak agani to them, if u like the person or not...that's the good manner...but not giving proper response, without speaking its only going on now a days in many places(include in bigg boss house and also surrounding environment)...its remember me a comedy said by vadivelu sir..(unaku vanda ratham enaku vanda thakali chitini ya)..
Big Boss show is to understand how different attitude people are there surrounding us. How people talk at back and influence them. Very good example portrayed in this show is Gayatri (arrogant, listening to men only and dominating them, abusing words, no one will question her for her abusing words since she is the dance master, actual triggering women, unsuitable female for community living, personal vengeance, gossiping always...)

If gayatri is removed from this show, Juli's original chincha face will be visible. Everyone should learn a lesson from this show how to mingle with people in a very decent manner by without hurting others. None is Buddha but situations sometimes trigger.

Shakthi doesn't have brain at all. Sombuthooki fying for gayatri. People who is not skilled will depend on others for their career.

Friends watch this show as a interpreting factor and not get involved too much on their characters. It is scripted but their own dialogues for how do they project themselves.

If all are happy and enjoying and nothing is sensational, we will not be that much interested.

That is human nature. That we should understand and channel business...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 25, 2017
True...but y not understanding that other person too have a feeling and they too get hurt ...and avanga solura pecha dan epo ma ketkanum nu ninikaradu romba thapu avaga kela dan elorum irukanum vara yarum enda suggestion um thara kudadu ninikaradu...lam romba kevalama iruku and thapu...(gayathri mam doing the same )
Manasu la irukara visiyam dan velila avanga character, words etc va varum...(face is a index of mind)...plz kamal sir, enda visiyatha puriya vainga gayathri mam ku...and who r having same character like this...this is not only for house meats its commonly to all...
The best thing is to talk openly with a transparent mind by both listening patiently and then suggesting our thoughts without hurting others. People will love and respect our attitude. Also not to get things to head unnecessarily and worrying. Not to comment about others to someone else rather we could share to the respective person even if it is bad. Good things can be shared with everyone. This show is about just art of living in a community
Our tamilnadu ponna(Julie), athuvum jallikattu LA participate pannuna ponna, evalo kevalama script LA kaata mudiyumo avalo kevalama ellarayum pesa vacha vijay TV super o super... Julie drama queen than nu prove panni kaatitingala... Santhosam... Athukku Julie ah 1st week ah veliye anuppirukkalam... Ethukku ivalo kevalama pesa vachittinga antha ponna... Ungala (vijay TV) nambi show Ku vantha tamil ponnukku ithu than Kathi, but Kerala ponnu than vaalranga, super ah kaaturinga... Script super... Continue the script...
kavithapandian's reply, Jul 28, 2017
Any thing but they should not spoil her future
Thank u to vijay tv buff boss starts and kamal sir...for today show ...I hope everything Should get normal and good...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 26, 2017
Thank u to vijay tv bigg boss staff members and kamal sir...for today show ...I hope everything Should get normal and good...
Sorry for spelling mistake...
Now only I understand theaim of show how the people react in every situation
And the situations is created by bigg boss
The winner cannot be predicted because human will change their attitude based on the situation
Why Oviya is crying like this in last week she face more problems compare to this week
And my kind request give more tough situation to snehan and Ganesh
Then only the game will be interesting
This week nice to watch and enjoy
I am sure the situations only going to decide the winner
I appreciate for the uniqueness of them doing their work
But sleeping is not the character of lazy
Sleeping is the symbol of tiredness
I think this week they do extra work for cycling
Send out the Juli witch first. She is cornering Oriya apart from that her attitude is totally worst such a stupid person. And please bigg boss Dnt try to hide juli's original face. Vijay TV is a good channel but I'm sure your channel name getting spoil only because of her. Totally irritating ##### in the bigg boss house. Not only me everyone hate her behavior. Such a rubbish girl and also cheap minded.
Send the Juli witch first. Her attitude is getting worst day by day. I'm sorry not day by day from the beginning. Such a rubbish girl and also cheap minded. Really Vijay TV is a good channel but I'm sure your channel name getting spoil only because of her. She is always thinking how to beat others on their back. Stupid mentality. Please take it as request and send her out. Your thinking that your channel trp rating hit the peak because of her but in reality your going to reduce your customers support already most of them start to avoid your channel while you telecasting bigg boss because only of that ##### send her out.
Dear Mr Kamal, womanizer are join hands and protecting the"f" word user. "F"word user will love this short of attitude.
Julie ah fake fake fake fake fake nu solliye ellarayum Julie fake nu solla vachu kaatitinga... Oviya shadow of arav but Julie out of bigg boss house... What a game... Semma partiality ... Keep it up
Hi kamal sir,
Impressed with today's episode. Oviya is a gem of character, she never hesitates to ask sorry when she commits a mistake. She asks that whole heartedly and not for namesake. Our team support is only to OVIYA.

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