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 Sandra Michael
Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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English pesa kudathu ana bad words mattum English LA pesalama, and yenna yellarum yeppo pathalum Oviya adippanu solluringa adichuduvingala, kamal sir nenga kandippa itha kekanum Oviya adipanu solluratha
If bog boss oviya goes out.we won't watch the big boss program.there is only 1 people genuine is oviya...i[censored] send the oviya out we won't watch big boss n rs fake program we will say this is from public
If bog boss oviya goes out.we won't watch the big boss program.there is only 1 people genuine is oviya...i[censored] send the oviya out we won't watch big boss n rs fake program we will say this is from public
If big boss sends oviya we will stop seeing the program, there is only 1people genuine is oviya...all others r playing double game to get out out of oviya from bog boss so they can win they r planning...oviya has to be in big boss this is public opinion
hi guy's i am from malaysia, i really like to watch bigg boss, because of oviya, she is such a good hearth, but why gayathri and namaitha-always talk bad about oviya???????then latest episode.9 of them said we can't stay in this house if oviya staying here??
now my question is, if there own blood sister or brother did the same thing means, there ask them go out????????
gayathri said she don't no meaning of ...ciir...but she can talk local tamil how come she don't no meaning of ...ciiir...she is lying
namitha...lazy gunde
julie ...fake
sakti...over act
aarav...double game
vaiyapuri...double game
snehan ...girl mouth
ganesh/oviya real...
i think there are scared because of oviya will win by vote, that why there all hate oviya...
if oviya out from this show, no one watch...
gayathri shameless...say master don't no how to control anger...u are #####...
please telecast juli and oviya conversation to bigg boss contestants, then only they realising who will trigger and who will culprit on the show
Hai...oviya matum dhan anga honest ah irukaga...matahavaga ealorumae munadi onu pinadi onu paesuraga...gayathri, juliana, snegan, namitha matamanavaga...cha ivaganala dhan program kae kaeta ivagala kuptu warn panuga ilaya vaeliya thorathuga sir...barani ku APM ipo oviya va target pandraga ealorum...intha program pakuravagaluku stress dhan pls knjm avagala kuptu warning panuga...yarayum corner pana vaenam nu soluga apudi Yar pandragalo avagala thorathuga sir...ealam unmaiya irukura mari nadikethuga...anga irukura yarukumae adjustment orae family nu thought lam ila...mukeyama intha Juliana gayathri paaakahhhhh actinggg...avaga ponalae knjm nalah irukum...thapu pandravagaala big boss team kuptu apavae paesuga apo dhan avagaluku theriyum ealorum pakuraga nu...nega kandukavae matenguraga ealam anga aaaduthuga...intha week nega gayathri Juliana snegan namitha ivagala kuptu warning koduga ...I really told oviya dhan title winner...
Really i don't have any idea about today's episode. Everybody corners Oviya who always supports the person who was in trouble. but tday she s alone nd nobody thr to support her. she s very honest nd quite nd hav a good attitude but everybody hates her. but all likes tat ###### gayathri who s talking vulgar. kindly pls eliminate gayathri nd chameleon julie. otherwise giv the nomination process n our hands, surely we wil eliminate them. i feel shame on male contestants who r putting jalra to Gayathri. plss make oviya as a title winner otherwise if oviya evicted means we won't watch bigg boss anymore nd won't vote fr any contestants...
Please do not repeat the same trend to Oviya as happened to Barani. Pls restrict themselves from using local bd words especially gossip gayatri. If all other 9 are unique let them move out of the house and Oviya be the title winner. Stress level getting increased by looking at this how and becoming agitated to look at it.Its good that everyone should know the strategy and act accordingly. Then why there is unnecessary emotions and sentiments about this stupid Sakthi. Vijay TV is giving the picture that being honest is always a problem like Oviya and Bharani. And only chincha people can survive.

Irrirtating to look at gayatri, sakthi, and juliana
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee juliya thorathungaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejulieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hai vijay tv bigg boss...

Intha progaram pakurathu engaluku rmba usefullah iruku..Engaloda character ah naagale judge panna mudithu...Gayathr rmba thappana varthaigal pesuranga...Anga irukura ellarume unmaya illa...Bt oviya tha honest ah irukanga...Juli rmba act panra...Ipa namithavum gayathri kuda senthuruchu...Yarume oru family mathiri nadanthuka matikiranga...Oviya va engaluku rmba pudikum...Oviya tha bigg boss housela irukurathuku thaguthiyana aalu...Riza romba mosam ellarumkum jalra thattuthu...First rizava veliya anupunga...Gayathri rmba mosam...Ippatha ivanga ellaroda unmayana mugam veliya varuthu...Bharani mathiri oru nalla manusana kastapaduthi veliya anupiduchunga ellarum...Ipa antha mathiri oviyavaum ellaraum kastapaduthuranga...Juli oru selfish...Juliku nethu udambu mudila...Juli nadikitha illa unmayanu therila bt help panrathu tha manusathanma aana nethu yarume entha helpum pananal..Ivangala manusangala...Ithu tha ivangaloda unmaya character ah...Oviya juliku help pannaga aana oviyava ellarum thapunu solranga...Oviya thapunu sola ivangaluku thaguthi illa...Oviya is the best...She is the winner of bigg boss...
22.07.2017. I support oviya. If oviya is corner by other participants. If oviya is eliminated I surely told if Tamilnadu people don't watch this program and I'm also personally suggest my neighbor's, relatives and my friends. Change the voting system.
Julie, u spoil ur character by ur behavior only and making everyone against u ( who r all give support for u)for getting good name form the people who r all having fun with u and talking behind u. Oviea u r really good have a great maturity.Gayathri mam, namitha mam, sheehan sir, shakthi sir, vaiyapuri sir plz i[censored] don't what's going on bezz o[censored]r immaturity. Raiza mam u r changing ur character by supporting for all speaking if its correct or wrong.Aarav sir sometimes u r behaving like a silly things by supporting others saying.
Save oviya she is honest and good please throw out 😡 irritating gayathiri, fake queen julie, 🐷 namitha and worst leader shakthi, jollu snehan... Those people's are acting too much please save oviya...
Hi sir

Again gayathri namitha and others are cornering oviya...this happened because the kabbadi group had said oviya has support from public.
The behaviour completely changed towards oviya...the conversation between oviya and julie has to be shown to others too...gayathri says she wont believe until she sees it personally or investigating thoroughly...i think she didn't do either of them.

Gayathri says..moonjiyum moggarakattaiyum...if she understands this am certain she knows the meaning of seeraga...she lied completely and how can she judge others.
There should be some form of punishment for gayathri namitha and julie...she became a coniving human now..really even if its scripted how they accept such degrading character...oviya said it right when she said the post for captain was not discussed with everyone...they didnt discuss..
There should be some punishment when someone commits mistake..i think every family does that...there has been many instances for gayathri bad behaviour and all the time bigboss crew ignored time for punishment...evict gayathri from show or do multiple eviction...

In a family there will be many characters and behaviour...we adjust..try to explain things...but here its cornering and inducing depression..we audience get aggravated because of this and might plant this idea to corner and degrade others.please show some kind of strict behaviour towards this behaviour..oviya didnt do anything..they want oviya to go out..afraid of her a girl how can you talk ill about another girl...insulting womanhood...
Gayathri says let her come out il look into it...she s behaving like a rowdy...or she thinks politics will support this kind of atrocious manner..why is vijay tv and bigboss biased towards gaythri..why is there no strict warning for gayathri and other seniors

Julie is acting or not when u see a person in pain and is struggling..natural instinct of a person is to help them ease them from something to save there is no meagre amount of humanity from gayathri or namitha being a senior ladies..

Gayathri said she is drama queen and is acting in front of camera and later denied about saying this...julie you should be really yourself everybody in that house has said that repeatedly...have some self a commoner you should have shown a coomon people life and what they expect...

I have lost respect for vijay tv...please kamal sir and the crew see to the issues and tell the filthy gayathri namitha and her stupid entourage to behave and learn something from oviya..she is facing a situation same as bharani and i dont know how bigboss will take many complaints about gayathri and you dont care about this...gayathri escapes from that moment every time...u didnt discuss about bharani issues..gayathri said bharani is can you talk about a person when you clearly dont know about them...gayathri is not fit to be a human itself
vino mano's reply, Jul 21, 2017
Correct today Oviya Mela yentha thappum Illa, and gay3 and Juli and namitha kevalama char nit thunga vidama veruppu yethuranga
Chi shakthi ippadi kevalama nadanthukuran, Oviya Mela kai vechuruvana, vechu pakka sollu, kamal sir nenga itha kekalana kandipa kandipa waste program ithu
Please remove Gayathri, Namitha and Sakthi in Big Boss show... They people are creating so many problems and they are learning some bad habits to people.
RT@&6t*'s reply, Jul 21, 2017
What the #########. Going on in this show...Really I didn't saw a people like this with a cheap behaviour in my life(Julie, namitha, gayathri, shakthi).plz kamal sir do something or plz end this show.It will At least save a remaning respect of the person who r in the house.
Oviea plz stay in ur limits as what u r or if u can't means just finish it off and come, don't worry on that thine also we will have great respect about u.
Oviya Va ippadi asinga paduthuranga bharani ku yenna nadanthutho athu than Oviya kum athe panna pakkuranga so Vijay TV nenga than kekanum, gay3 asingama pesuna oviya kettukanum ana Oviya thannoda karutha solla kudatha yenna pesuran sakthi
Worst behaviour of Gayathiri Raghuram and Namitha.
Julie is the one of the worst human being.
Sakthi, he is not eligible for leadership

And Save Oviya from the housemates.
And U Bigg Boss, ask Oviya to say Sry to Julie for saying that word b***h
Please save oviya. please kamal sir watch 21.07.17 episode gayathri and namitha and Juli inselting oviya.

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