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My complaint is on Ms. Gayathri Raguram and Mrs. Arthi. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing stupid comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over juliana. This gayathri and aarthi are not a popular celebrity. So ask them to keep that in mind. They are also a common human only. What the hell these ladies are thinking in mind. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. Through Bigg Boss we public are able to see their true colours. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. Since because Gayathri is in politics she is going on cornering juliana from the day one and this aarthi is also joining hands with her to corner a person who stood in sun and rain for jallikatu protest. And what a habit is this taking back of a person. They have to understand one thing, everyone makes mistakes, No one is perfect in this world. Ask them to mind their language because the whole world is watching them and their behaviour what they are showing to juliana. "Vechu Seiyanu Juliana Va" This was the statement Gayathri said on 4th july. What a character is hers. This a complaint website so i dont want to use harsh words in this. Kind request is, Please ask Kamal Sir to pass all the negative messages what gayathri and aarthi has got from the public for their atrocious behaviour towards juliana and tell those two ladies that one day they should come out and face the world with this same face and should get shamed of themselves by seeing all the trolls and memes created for them. Its my humble and pleasing request, please pass all this negatives reviews to those two ladies. they wanted to know how public is reacting for their idiotic behaviour. And ask Gayathri to stop using vulgar words towards anyone in the Program.

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[Jul 05, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mejantha Jul 21, 2017
In today's promo all contestants are standing against oviya, and they are saying that they want to eliminate oviya because she is triggering ladies especially namitha and gayathri. And by their behavior and harsh words oviya was crying in bedroom. Because of juliana's yesterday's nonsense trap game, oviya was affected in this way. If oviya goes out of the show, then its waste to watch Big boss anymore. Because she was the only true person in that house. Oviya dint commit any mistake.
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Plzzz Bigg boss make any task in which Aarthi Gayatri n juli get nominated and then we will vote dem n throw out Gayatri out of tat house
Hii all.. vijay tv plz send out gayathri aarthi and juliana out... bcos all three r fake, , , , one way.. more than aarthi, , gayathri keeps on targeting each one each week saying like julie is poisonous, , , barani is poisonous amd nw targetibg ovya is a poisonous ... first send her out, , , , then julie, , , , she actss too smart ..her character is nt judged based on her proffesion and passion its based on her behaviour towards everyone... she jumps frm here and there... finally aarthi, , , , actually aarthi is little bit ok compare to themm she speaks fights openly... so watever it is pls send these three out... gayathri is unfit tk be a leader an artist and a politician, , , shamelesss
hahaha... Looks like Harthi is shaken the moment she is nominated for elimination. Immediately running to camera n begging 4 vote. Nw trying to win audience heart wt her kindness n sad stories. Suddenly accussing everybody fake in order to highlight she is innocent. ... Hahaha... Harthi pl STOP brainwashing ...Audience are NOT stupid! !!!

Gayatri too trying to brainwash audience by saying she is "original" n good hearted...n giving testimony on Karuppu. It seems he is d most kind hearted man ... I m sure he is... he is a "Jaldra" n gangster who protect the cunning people in the team. Julie too sickening... her attitude is annoying. She trying to kiss everybody's feet.

The only innocent person i vouch is Bahrani n he cudnt tolerate nonsense. He may not be perfect but he stands tall among the ugly team. He has the dignity n self respect to walk out voluntarily even after earning the most vote... Bravooo 2 u Bro
Used to have high regards on Ganesh Venkat he always console those who are upset but he is influenced nw by the animals in the cage. Vry irritating to see Ganesh laughing at Bahrani whn he was trying to climb the wall to escape. Ganesh together with other animals passing remarks that Bahrani creating a scene for TRP...

Same goes to Raiza. Always busy make up face yt mind her business but now she is influenced by animals. Raiza behaviour is getting ugly day by day n busy gossip abt others. Namitha walking half naked busy gossiping 2.

If they can behave so yucky infront camera knowing millions of people watching... can u imagine how worst their behaviour wl be behind camera? So do we public have to respect them????
Kind request pls send Julie out a common person can't mingle with those pple who think they are big shots like gayathri arthi namitha snehan raiza..
This is the gift to common pple y this girl behaves like this I don't know may be she is acting like the script wise but this is really worse can't digest this kind of this always cornering that girl for everything if she does a bad job also blame but always pointing at her for all matter is not gud and we are humans can't tolerate this non sense for TRP doing such freak things is really worst not satisfied and pls stop this season 1 only pls don't make a plan for season 2 and do something gud shows this is really heartbreaking
Every week Julie will be nominated 6 votes without miss(gayathri, arthi, snehan, raiza, namitha, shakthi)

Frustrated disappointed
Thank you
Awesome kamal sir! This honesty is what we public were looking for all these days. Thanks for bringing out the truth about gayathri today. We feel aarthi, Gayathri and snehan are not eligible to win the title.
Thanks Mr.Kamal sir for questioning Gayathri
Hi I'm Pavithra from Bangalore I'm a regular viewer of BB so my question and complaint is about the host Kamal sir and the housemates including aarthi . It's a kind request to Vijay tv are u ppl feeling dat ur doing justice to the show n the members of house .??? And y Did not kamal sir not ask questions about bharani sir issue to any one in the house is it correct dat he didn't warn anyone about their behavior towards another participant .does kamal sir feel the housemates are correct in their behavior???? Plz make consent for others views n their heart ..
What the hell is gayatri raguram thinking in her mind.she talks nonsense abt the contestants there nd she acts as if she is a kid nd doesn't know anything. For her the support systems are snehan and sakthi.come on guys grow up.U guys r spoiling ur own name among the public.u r telling that the others in the house r acting.But ur the one who is acting.i[censored] didn't undetstand the meaning of seer u should have asked either bigboss or someone in the that means u understood what it means and u just pretended as i[censored] don't know.And also y u started justifying to each one in the house after kamal sir showed the video of what u did.It means u r feeling guilty.I[censored] haven't done anything you wouldn't feel bad.nd also before talking abt oviya think first.ppl r supporting her becoz she is true to herself nd the public.u guys r basically jealous becoz she is getting votes and u yourself know dat i[censored] r nominated hardly ppl would vote to save u.okay let it be dat ppl there are irritating and making u angry but what about gossiping dat also wat others r telling u to u think u r one baby or a robo who does things what others say.its all ur true colours. I[censored]r true stop bothering abt what others would think.we ppl are not not so stupid to not understand who is acting and not.u yourself would be ashamed to see what u have been doing there after coming from big boss house.atleast after that try to become a good person.
Another big B**** is Namitha. What the hell she thinks. She don't like to hug Poor beings like Julie, She hugs only of the same category of B**** & B****.
After coming out of big boss these B****** should never get a chance of acting into films. IF these B*** gets a chance, its a big shame for the art. PPl should make these B*** feel guilty and make them understand what these stupids done to others and what they will do to common ppl in real life.
sathishthamizha's reply, Jul 17, 2017
If namitha comes out of the show everything will be alright we must throw her but its difficult as thier fellow mates like gayathri aarav namitha raiza shakthi will definitely nominates oviya and Julie every week until they eliminate this is like a politics
Kamal is sold out...every one has a price tag..someone has paid his!

If not why ...he didn't ask from the "inmates" about their behavior towards Barani...
This shows something serious has occurred...they have concealed it from us through editing...this is the simple reason for cleverly not taking up a discussion with the the discussion is some what live...provoked inmates may revel the truth...this may complicate the controversies around the BB and Kamal Hassan...

The reality seem to be consisted with lot of fabrication... many dramas to cover one lie e.g. Aarthi kolam drama to conceal the Julie birthday timing...and who knows it it is actually 2.30...again a play !!

Isn't he sold out?
Namitha is provoking the people who have voted and she said that either oviya or Julie will win the season and she said public likes fake people like Julie and oviya so we are voting and saving them it seems wat a joke!!! Namitha has got feared and she started triggering and gayathri is asking is bharani is cheaper than g.karuppu what is this non sense both are human being oly and we want gayathri to take back her words and this is really not acceptable and this issues have been sorted out by the ulaganayagan sir but who knows it may be skipped too and there was nothing action taken against bharani's harassment??? Everything for TRP huh??? Where is humanity??? Hope for the best solutions

Thank you
Kindly bring Bharani into bigg boss as a wild card entry. And I also against Mrs Gayathri for her foul language towards the other people like Oviya, Juli & Bharani. Eg: I an instance she called Bharani as 'Kevalam'.
So Teach them a lesson by bringing back Mr Bharani again into Bigg Boss at least for one day.
Hi bigg boss. Plz plz send out Gayatri, Julie and shakthi. These people are gossiping kings.They are very irritating fellows and useless fellows. I couldn't see such a bad character people. What a character is this?

Yesterday's family game was good. But no one didn't like their role in proper manner except ovia and vaiyaburi.
I used to support Juliana at early stage bt now i completely dislike her. She is a gossip queen jst like others. Her attitude is so disgusting. She calling everybody brother but desperately hugging and kissing like item girl... She is abusing the title 'BROTHER'. When everyone bullied Juliana, its Oviya who stood by her side n cool her off. Now Juliana is part of Devils team ###### Oviya. Juliana is vry big headed now n bcoming another Gayatri. Having 1 Gayatri itself making d BB home a ugly place to live... n now having another Gayatri changing the home into hell.

Oviya n Barani is d best... thy dnt ###### abt others n straitght forward. ...
hahahahaha, julie hahahahaha...always say gayathri is good... now what happen...why ma sit inside room and crying...u julie always condemn oviya but she the on help when u was vote always for oviya...julie is drama queen...namitha gunde /raiza jing jung/gayathri erumai/sneha monkey
Big boss must take disciplinary action against Gayathri and Namibia.Julie is full acting.Gayathri using very bad words like(hair) in the show. kamal sir pls take action this week
Juli is really acting, oviya Va target pannuranga conform ah yellarum drama pannuranga, today episode LA Oviya Juli ku help and supporting ah irunthanga but Juli say Oviya yenna confuse pannitta sollura, Chi gayathri Juli nadikuranu sonnaga but ava kita Illa nu nadikuranaga, and namitha veliya vanthu ava acting nu sollidu nadikuranga, so kandippa big boss show LA gay3 and namitha sonnatha pottu kattanum, and Oviya appadi yenna confuse pannaganu juliya qus kelunga, kamal sir nenga kandipa itha kekanum because nenga makkal pirathinithi solluringala so enga qus so kelunga Saturday
Ur exactly right. First I thought juliana was innocent and felt pity on her. But now she is the worst character. She is playing double game. Kamal sir should play the video footage and should show to housemates. Everyone talking very bad about oviya. Kamal sir should question about this problem for sure. Full support is for oviya.
Hai.. I had a suggestion for this week big boss program please accept it .. please show show the conversation av of oviya and July about Julie's stomach pain and Julie's Complaint about namitha to the house mates then Only they came to know that there is no mistake in Oviya's side and julies cunning play...

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