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My complaint is on Ms. Gayathri Raguram and Mrs. Arthi. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing stupid comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over juliana. This gayathri and aarthi are not a popular celebrity. So ask them to keep that in mind. They are also a common human only. What the hell these ladies are thinking in mind. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. Through Bigg Boss we public are able to see their true colours. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. Since because Gayathri is in politics she is going on cornering juliana from the day one and this aarthi is also joining hands with her to corner a person who stood in sun and rain for jallikatu protest. And what a habit is this taking back of a person. They have to understand one thing, everyone makes mistakes, No one is perfect in this world. Ask them to mind their language because the whole world is watching them and their behaviour what they are showing to juliana. "Vechu Seiyanu Juliana Va" This was the statement Gayathri said on 4th july. What a character is hers. This a complaint website so i dont want to use harsh words in this. Kind request is, Please ask Kamal Sir to pass all the negative messages what gayathri and aarthi has got from the public for their atrocious behaviour towards juliana and tell those two ladies that one day they should come out and face the world with this same face and should get shamed of themselves by seeing all the trolls and memes created for them. Its my humble and pleasing request, please pass all this negatives reviews to those two ladies. they wanted to know how public is reacting for their idiotic behaviour. And ask Gayathri to stop using vulgar words towards anyone in the Program.

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[Jul 05, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mejantha, Jul 21, 2017
In today's promo all contestants are standing against oviya, and they are saying that they want to eliminate oviya because she is triggering ladies especially namitha and gayathri. And by their behavior and harsh words oviya was crying in bedroom. Because of juliana's yesterday's nonsense trap game, oviya was affected in this way. If oviya goes out of the show, then its waste to watch Big boss anymore. Because she was the only true person in that house. Oviya dint commit any mistake.
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From Day 1st episode we watching the big boss show because of gayathri so many created in big boss house. Now a days she is Behaviour is very bad. so this show is now affected in mind. So please eliminate the Gayathiri. in big boss show. this is my request.
Sheema Sheema's reply, Jul 22, 2017
totally agreed... ill mannered Gayatri should not be in d show... her behaviour n language used is a SHAME to the nation n tamil movie industry. ... n massive embarrassment to all woman.
vino mano's reply, Jul 23, 2017
I agree this, so plz eliminate gay3
Dear Vijay Tv & Big Boss Team, we request you to eliminate Gayathri out of the Big Boss Show. and warn the other contestant on the behaviour and the foul language they speak, this show is going worst day by day. i feel no one understood the concept properly. also it is very disturbing to us when some of the contestant goes very locally on Oviya. If anybody have any problem they can complaint to the Big Boss, instead using words like off the camera or i will come out show to Oviya, what will they do to her. is Gayathri, Namitha & Shakthi (Rowdy or Dons) to take law in their own hands. Question them if they are interested let them play or they can walk out. This a public show and we request you all to take this matter very serious. Thankyou
Dear Kamal Sir.. i really thank you very much for shown the reality to bigg boss house. I love today's episode. Now all members knew who is acting double game.

Thank you
Thank you so much to shown who is villi.
I like today episode. I support oviya. I request to bigg boss pls safe oviya .
Juli no words --------
Oviya's qualities shines like diamond in the dark... do u know what 'DARK' represents? It represents Low Cheeri GAYATRI n team. Oviya should thank GOD for being part of BB. She looks so very special amongst the ugly people in the team. If not for BB... the world wouldnt have known the 'real' Oviya. I am from Singapore n I have watched Oviya in movies before but never really paid any attention on her. But now she looks so good to my eyes n very special to my heart. When she cried one morning while in bed waking up... i felt so sad as if she is my own sister.


GOD bless darling Oviya!!! U are a WINNER

A little note for Julie n gang: Honesty is an expensive gift to special souls n u cannot expect it from CHEAP PEOPLE
Hello BB, why u and kamal Ji not dare to ask Gayathri( Garbage) any questions about the foul language she uses . If possible directly nominate her and we people will get a chance to throw out that garbage out of the house.
Yupe... i have the same question. Altho vry Happy with Mr.Kamal but disappointed why he is not warning Gayatri of her cheap words n how she always instigate n trigger Oviya with Vulgar worlds BUT he warned Oviya of 'F___' word which she only used it once. Also why he didnt question Gayatri on her 'LEMON' show. I suspect she is a witch who throwing spells on Oviya with LEMON. ... Hehehe...Dnt u agree Gayatri 'munju mogarakate' look like a cunning witch????
vino mano's reply, Jul 23, 2017
Sir nenga Juli ah ketta Mari gay3 ah kekanum sir enga kopatha purinjukonga pls
Vijay TV, kamal sir really I don't know why nenga gay3 ah questions keka mattikuringa, avanga Oviya Va rompa pesuranga, veliya varasollu pathukuren, and 1 hour camera off panna sollunga yenna nadakuthu pakkalm and namaitha ooviya family LA iruka noiya pathi pesuranga, nenga yen itha kekkala Juli ya kettinga really very happy but gay3 ah kelunga, Oviya Va mattum panni nu sonninga nu kettinga ana gay3 sonna munju mogara katta and hair ithellam yen kekka mattikuringa, and Vijay TV support for gay3 ah
Hi I am gayathri
Hi I am gayathri..
I was really happy to have this name for these many days but now after seeing the real character of gayathri raguram I feel ashamed to have this name..I really what kind of character is gayathri raguram... Even if everyone in that big boss house keep quiet but this gayathri and juli doesn't want anyone to keep quiet... Please get gayathri raguram and juli out of the game ... Such a bad character both of them kamal sir please question gayathri raguram why is she doing such things which really not good her words are really harsh ...who guys have the responsibility that none of them inside the house should get hurt ... I really don't want her to shoot such bad words against oviya ... Kamal sir pls ask to keep
gayathri raguram's mouth shut..please eliminate gayathri raguram and juli from that big boss show.
Really ovia is pure heart person. I couldn't see such a good character people. Love you oviaaaaaaaa. My full support for you...
Kamal Sir my humble request from u that plz put that video again from the beginning Julie is acting over smart infront of the housemates and creating a problem for a single min. telecast the video and show the house mates let them know the true color of Julie. Gayathri is the one who triggering shakthi and snehan and other house mates. After had a prob with julie still oviya is trying to talk with julie and other house mates and they r not ready to talk. Plz Big Boss Help Oviya. Thank u
Kamal sir...There is a news spreading on social medias...that bigg boss show has decided that show ovia is bad...and gayathri is good...and decided that gayathri is thw winner of the bigg boss...
We want to that news...true?pls explain us
Hi big boss... Please don't let the house mates free keep giving them tasks so that they stop talking rubbish things about others. And there will be no problems arising. And please send Julie out of the house as early as possible.Thank u
Gayatri is again worst... she is one of the worst character.
Vijay TV is trying to create sympathy for Julie. And also try to show oviya in a bad manner... Oviya is the only reason for the increase in trp rating of that show... If Vijay TV continue the act of showing oviya in bad manner and gayathri in good manner... We won't watch the program in upcoming days... And this channel have to suffocate for decrease in trp rating...
Sonaru priya's reply, Jul 28, 2017
Yes it's true. Definitely we don't see
yup., Ppl are aware about the true colors of gayathri and Julie. Why are they wasting their time in projecting gayathi n julie as a good human being.

Anyways, however you project oviya as a cruel character, ppl will continue to support only oviya. oviya deserves to the title winner of Big boss.
Oviya always rocks!
Today's episode is good. Julie and Gayatri are over acting and I don't like her activities. Ovia did her task in good manner. She didn't any mistake in the red carpet task but other house mates said, she is wrong. There is a limit for every thing but Julie is crossed that. Always She is irritating ovia and creating problems against ovia.
Snehan is doing double game. Raiza is also... Gayatri __________ NO WORDS... PEOPLE KNOWS VERY WELL HER.

My full support only for ovia ovia oviaaaaaaaa.
Please bigg boss I request you to eliminate oviya. Oviya have great bright future out side we are waiting to support her. How we can don't know but definitely anything support her . I really tell you she stole our heart . Bigg boss try to project oviya as a worst character but we all know about oviya. How she is. She is Very super honest and open heart. Love you oviya.
Hello bigg boss you show us juli as a good heart no problem. Bit we know. Antha ponnu veliya partha kaari munchi la thupituvom. 😑👹👹
kavithapandian's reply, Jul 29, 2017
Your are wrong it is not movie
In real life every man do mistake and rectify from that mistake
Don't get anger on one character
How you support one person and damage other person character
It is fully wrong
No one can feel others pain
It is simply a show who is balancing all the situation will be the winner
"Veliya vanthathum pathukaren" this word maximum used by Gayatri...

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