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 lakshmi gowda
Seeing that performance people are rushing to him, and on T V also, he talk about others negatively, as if he is the only person very accurate, pple are laughing at him, as a professior he has to maintain good reputation, there is no decency and decoram while talking, he shud talk only about his profession, i dono y he is sooooo much bothered about other tip providers, he is taking revenge on that another stupid Rudramurthy, y these media is allowing them to talk all such kind of new sense, even the media wl loose their reputation encouraging such kind of pple to talk, they are allowed only to talk about their company perforance and tips, no other business, hv u seen Mr. Krishna Roa who speak at 7.30 on janasri TV, such a nice genetle men, the way of his stratergies are also good, and also he is a senior person. whether his tips are positive are not but a positive person. at least seeing others these stupid person venkatesh and rudramurthy correct them selves. and also i request media shud not allow such kind of loose talks.
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Dear Kiran 2m was so fast to speak bad about our BLORE and questioned him saying he is his competitors person. The momentum BLORE Challenged with full details of all his calls, he is quite and has no reply at all. In his life time he will not answer your questions dear KIRAN as he is a big fraud. You have so many questions, I have only 5 questions:
1. As Cheater Venkatesh told in tv, Rudramurthy is not a CA and all his degrees are fake and he proved it, why is he silent after seeing his CA marks card in tv only??? Come on continue and prove Dear Venkatesh that he is not a CA and if you are silent that means you are defeated? Even if he is not a CA let us assume why are you jealous about him? just do your work! Now having told he is not come on prove it or accept your defeat?
2. You spoke bad about Jessee and told he commited sucide because of stock market losses and after rudramurthy proved with source of wilkipedia you are already quite about jessee story? Come on prove you are not a half filled pot and a dirty unethical professor who has more knowledge than rudramurthy sir?
3. Tell me how you became professor? Which are the colleges you have taught? Atleast remove professor in tv and donot fool people? Are you a professor in CHEATING? Or just accept you lied and remove your professor or give the college names and list?
4. Show contract notes for all your performance report and prove your genuineness? You simply waste people time talking rubbish and BLORE here has given your complete details of performance report and how you produce fake reports?
5. Inspite of you being so talented and 1000's of people taking your call, your previous employee only has confirmed your client numbers and about your course where about 10 people came and later after knowing your great proffessor knowledge and 2 sided bull market views and technicals in your recent course no one has come. Tell me why all your courses are getting postponed? Where is the venue for your great course? It will be never told becoz no one comes and just to compete with rudramurthy course you simply put some dates in tv?
Also you told he pays money and brings people to course? Attend any of his courses and see the people who attend? His course were free before now we are paying 100rs for 2hrs course and he is not paying any one or bringing people as you told? You also attend course and learn markets and deceny and character? I will pay your 100rs. He also openly challenges to take 100rs refund at the end of the course which not even 1 single person out of 200 people will take? What more you want proof?
we have given complaints against all these fake comments to cyber crime, all these comments came from same IP address.wait for 2 days all will go behind bars.
Dear !!!
if You are our Member Just Spoke with your name and Mobile No. If You have a courage...

But If U are a competitor No need of any Clarification.

For My Dear guests, I want to say something :

Generally no one gives Training In Live Market . we provided Training in Live Market.

For any Guest those who Wants to see Our Trade In Live market, We are ready to Show Our CONTRACT NOTES ALSO.

See you can not Become a BANK MANAGER just Passing a Std. 10th...
Dear Venkatesh and 2m, why are u changing the full topic and the story. My 3 questions were very clearly and straight forward. Read it once again and just answer them. If you are not doing it, you yourself is proving to this whole world that you are not a PROFFESSOR but simply putting it in tv to cheat all innocent people. Also my question1 on CA or not for rudramurthy plz prove it now? and also give us the source where you read about jessee commiting the sucide bcoz of stock market losses which you told. Having said to cyber crime, you made my job easy to complain legally that you are misleading people and you are jealous about rudramurthy. We are there to support him and also make you learn lesson for what ever you have done till date to general public and also to our beloved rudramurthy sir who is such a hard working and decent gentleman. Don't be jealous so much. If you want more do write me mail to bellaryram01@gmail.com. I also request BLORE, LAKSHMI GOWDA and all others here to reply and prove we are not writing mails here on behalf of rudramurthy here but we want truth to prevail.
When the whole jealousy issue is created by Prof Venkatesh from Kasturi channel and now in Janashri he should first go to Vachana office in malleswaram and settle the issue or prove he is better than Rudramurthy sir. My kind appeal to Cyber crime is to kindly verify all IP addresses of bangalore, mine and others and also help us and other new people not to get cheated from Prof Venkatesh.
Dear 2m and Prof Venkatesh, just answer the above simple questions asked by Rambellary, Kiran Gowda and Blore and others by talking someting else you yourself is screwing you are a fraud. Now atleast answer these simple questions or accept that you are a fraud. We are happy that you have complained to the Cyber crime to verify the matter and let truth and justice prevail.
Dear Krishna Murthy sir, CA and CS, why are you bringing Rudramurthy sir here ? We even thought when Prof Venkatesh told Rudramurthy sir is not a CA and all his degrees are fake we believed it. Now after Rudramurthy proved it with his marks card the Prof Venkatesh became silent. Please we request Prof Venkatesh to name the colleges where he taught and from how long he is teaching and in which all colleges with experience certicates.
Rather than answering simple questions asked why r u complicating the issue. Just answer them and prove u r honest or keeping urself quite or changing the topic proves what u r. We also request rudramurthy sir to take up all his wrong blames seriously and take legal action against him thru defermation case and put this fellow behind bars. Unless u take some legal action he will not learn sir. No one attends his courses and the whole world knows he is a big cheat. Always all his courses gets postponed every 2weeks and not even 5people including him have attended his previous courses. Prof sir should accept he is not a Proffessor and should shut his mouth imdtly blaming wrongly on rudramurthy sir. We r always with u sir and u always rock.plz don't leave this cheat and take srious action against his wrong blames on u sir. We r there to support u and give our life to u.
Key answer should be publish soon...wait and see
Only those who are cheat should be worried for legal action and crime committed. When I am sure of having expressed my opinion and also having got no reply to simple questions asked above and the whole topic is getting changed, hope the truth is known to the whole world.
I am not any agent or competitor of anyone, i had registered with 2Mbrokers. As a customer i have explained the problems that i have faced with them.For what i have posted i have the messages i have received from them. Now they have stopped my registration & promised to transfer the remaining amount on pro-rate basis.Now it is left to others.The lesson learnt is before registering with anyone do thorough check of their service & then proceed.
Thief always leave clues and if 2m was right why they stopped sending u msg Blore? Good they accepted their fake performance reports for which u have proof but what about other cheatings and other simple questions like where he is Prof is yet to answer? Name the colleges? Prove how u told rudramurthy is not a CA and all his degrees r fake? What is ur degree? How did jesee and ur chain/jack of stock markets died? What about ur great courses where 1000's of people r attending? In ur office max 5-10 people can sit so how 1000's attend? Being wrong is not wrong but being dishonest and lier is wrong! Wait we r collecting all information to legally put an end to ur nonsense! But Mr.rudramurthy is least bothered to waste time on all these! If he was also ready to fight things would have been easy! But still honesty will prevail
Also how funny to listen to Rudramurthy classmate who says he is a total failure? Tell us he was failure in what? Studies? Games or what? Studies? Games or what? U say he was jealous but not a cheat like your Chamcha lier, cheat and so called PROF. When u say he failed in spite of doing CA and 5 master degrees and what he is today we know but still he is so humble and u say u r his classmate, be proud of being close to him in ur life. U r jealous and not ur classmate sir is very clear from ur words and writing itself Basava. How many IDs u r using and ur boss is asking people like u to write? plz give IP links complaint fast and also let us know answers from 2m for so many simple questions fast asked by many here. Silence speaks more than words and so too why 2m is silent for all these questions too...
i agree with what above said is a very true, he is bluffing the things, i tell everybody who want to try his tips dont pay him ur hard earned money. Make ur own study and follow ur own method. Dont believe this Venkatesh by seeing him in the news channel, before this he used come in Samay news Channel by getting complaints against him they thrown him away and now he is appearing in Janshree channel plzzzzzzzzzzz dont trust him and loose ur money, what ever he tells in the channel all baseless u just cant trade on his tips bcoz already the point is near to target or Stop loss hits, open calls left like that only next day u make huge loss. I lost 30k from his tips and stopped looking to his tips. He is fake and bogus advisor.
Dear All,

Instead of telling stories and deceive answers as like our politician, I request Mr. Rudhramurthy or his Chamchass, Please give answer for following questions. I request you to do;t mislead and give specific answer:

1. If he says in TV (quote from one well known Trader) - FOOLS WILL TRADE TO CREATE OPPORTUNITY TO CLEVER PEOPLE- he says to buy research calls- - DIAMOND, GOLD ETC for trading only- he is sending trading call only- why we have to buy his research calls - DO YOU THING WE ARE FOOL, CREATING US FOOLS OR THIS CHEATER IS FOOL- I am leaving this to all readers.

2. A good person will says about his good quality and prove this to others and will not scold- write wrong information about others ( I am writing this because I lost around 1.5 lakhs because of these -CHEATERS).

3.He is telling all subbrokers are DUM DUM BROKERS but he is appointing subbrokers in the name of Franchise 25:75 commission basis. Please tell me Do you think he is HONEST.

4. If one or two calls target (by crude luck)they are sending message as MAJA MADI MASTHU MADI- Winners always be silent not like these half baked people.

This Rudhramurthy is good marketing fellow(that's why I became a victim)but not honest person and 110% fraud.

Futher, I am suffered because of this fellow and These write and blame these fellow competitors- what a strange .

JUST one sample: Please call Mr. Dilan Raj, this people have cheated his Deposit money in the name of Franchise (Of course DUM DUM SUBBROKERS)

Dilan Raj

The entire Performance Report of this Prof.Venkatesh is a big BOGUS REPORT. I am one of his subscribers and on[protected] his real calls and performance are as follows and he can challenge me since I have proof of all his calls on my mobile.
According to him his performance for[protected] sent at 5.18pm is as follows; 2m 26th December Call Performance:
1. Reliance (Profit Rs.10/Share & 2500/250 share)
2. SBIN (Profit Rs.10/Share & 1250/Lot)
3. ICICI bank (Profit Rs.6/Share & 1500/Lot)
4. L&T Carried as BTST.
5. Banknifty (Loss Rs.1, 000/lot)
From 2M Securities (i) pvt ltd. Call +[protected]/+[protected]
So net it is Rs.4, 250/- Profit for the day.
But the actual are completely different, which was:
1. Sold SBI at 2336 and covered 50% at 2332. Profit Rs.4/share. Brokerage @ 0.03% buying 0.7 and selling 0.7 = Total 1.4Rs. Actual Profit = 4 - 1.4 = 2.6Rs. Balance 50% hit stop loss 2338. Loss of 2rs+1.4rs brokerage = Loss of Rs3.4. Net effect Loss of 0.8Rs x 125qty = Total Loss of Rs.100/125qty
2. Bank Nifty sold at 12338 hits stop loss of 12425. Loss Rs.87/Share. Brokerage 7.5/Share. Total loss of 94.5 x 25qty = Rs.2, 362.5/lot
3. LT EQ sold at 1598 and stop of 1615 hit. Loss Rs.17/Share. Brokerage Re1/Share. Total loss of 18 x 250qty = Rs.4, 500/250qty
4. LT 1650PE bought around 50 stoploss of 35 hit and loss of Rs.15/lot. Total Loss of 15 x 250 = 3750/lot + Brokerage = Rs.60. Total loss of Rs.3810/lot
5. Sell Reliance 825 and gave exit call at 826 = Loss of 1re. Brokerage 0.5. Total Loss of 1.5 x 250 = Rs.375/250qty
6. Buy Reliance 826 exit 50% at 830. Profit Rs.4/share. Brokerage 0.5. Profit 3.5 x 125 = 437.5 and balance 50% exit at 835. Brokerage 0.5. Profit of 8.5 x 125 = 1062.5. Total Profit of Rs.1500/250qty.

So net it is BIG LOSS of Rs.9647.5/- which his bogus report says Profit of Rs.4, 250/day and his 95% accuracy is sure in terms of LOSS strike rate and not profits as out of 6calls only 1 call is profit. So my advice is please take his calls and just do reverse of what he says you will surely get 95% accuracy in profits. HA HA HA. Now having taken the subscription when I call his Assistants they says you don’t know how to use the calls and I have join their course to learn the same itseems.
1. Sell SBIN around 2336-38 stoploss 2352 target[protected]Sent 9.22am when current market price (cmp) was 2336)
2. Sell Banknifty around 12340-60 stoploss 12425 target[protected]. (Sent 9.24am when cmp was 12338)
3. Future alert:- Book 50% profit in SBIN around[protected] and revise stop loss to 2338 (sent 9.31am when actually it was 2332)
4. Sell LT EQ around[protected] stoploss 1615 target[protected] in intraday, Cmp=1598 (sent 9.34am)
5. Small quantity buy LT 1650PE around 46-48 stoploss 35 target 60-65 in intraday cmp=50 (Sent 9.42am)
6. SELL RELIANCE EQ Around 826-828 stoploss 835(EQ) target 818-812 in intraday CMP EQ 825. (Sent 9.49am)
7. L&T 1600PE call not initiated so do not buy or if bought exit at cost only. (Sent 9.56am)
8. Reliance EQ exit at 824-826 and now Buy around 824-826 stoploss 816 target 835-840 in intraday cmp 826 (Sent 11.20am)
9. Future alert-Banknifty exit around 12360-80 and close the call. (sent 11.26am) Bank nifty never came there to those levels of[protected].
10. Stock alert: Reliance Book 50% profit around 830-832 and revise sl 824. (sent 11.45am)
11. Option alert:- Tatasteel 31jan2013 420PE exit at cost to cost and close the call. (Sent 11.54am)
12. Stock alert:- LT EQ stop loss triggered at 1615 exit and lose the call. (loss Rs.15/Share) (Semt 11.54am)
13. Buy ICICIBANK EQ/FO around[protected] stoploss 1125 target[protected] in intraday cmp EQ 1142 FO 1144 (sent at 12.39pm)
14. Stock Alert: Reliance done with its 1st target of 835. (Profit Rs.10/Share) sent 12.50pm
15. ICICI BANK eq/fo call not initiated so do not buy. Sent 12.58pm
16. Stock Alert:- If someone bought ICICIBANK EQ/FO Book profit at[protected] and close the call. (Profit Rs.8/Share Rs.2, 000/lot) (Sent 2.20pm)
17. Positional:- Buy L&T Eq around 1620-22 stoploss 1608 target[protected]Sent 3.13pm)
18. Investor Call:- Bit long term investor can buy Cairn, ONGC and Oil India with strict stop loss of 3% on downside and for profit of 8% on upside. (Sent 3.24pm)
19. Finally 5.18pm his performance report above with all modifications and bogus was sent.
Muniraju is 1000% right and this Prof Calls are complete bogus. I am very new to stock markets and looking at his 90% accuracy I fell to trap. He says in his program something about faith (Nambike) and he daily gives his true performance to people in all his programs but on 9-1-2013 program (Wednesday) he did not mention about his big loss in BANKNIFTY call which he had given to us on[protected]Tuesday). We incurred huge losses in it and in his performance report he shows only profits and not his all losses calls. Also his profits/lot what he mentions is complete lie. Initially when I called their office, his staff told you have to strictly follow the rules and calls given to you and they are always right and subscribers don’t follow it properly. So later I use to go and sit with my friend who is experienced in markets and he is laughing at his bogus calls and performance reports and told bcoz we r new these guys are cheating.
Yesterday[protected] he told us at 2.05pm buy SBIN 2600CE at 35 with stop 22 for tgt 50-65 and then at 3.04pm he send message exit SBIN 2600CE exit when it was around 28 and we booked huge loss of 7rs and also brokerage put together about 8-9rs loss which is 30% loss of capital. (For every 35rs we lost 9rs).

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