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 AMIT500 on Nov 25, 2017
I treated you as a small brother but you shown me your worse attitude by doing fraud and lying to me. Mr deepankar if you have little bit shame and sense of humour and respect for your parents then compensate me. Agar tumhare andar thodi si sharam bachi hai then compensate me. Yaa saari sharam bechkar yahan naukri kar rahe ho. Don't try to become smart. Itne besharam ban jaoge Tim really maine socha bhi nahin tha. Jhooth bolkar tum apni Zindagi se khilwaad Mar rahe ho aur customers ko bewakoof bana rahe ho. Sharam nahin aati tumhe  Tumne mujhse bahut bada jhooth bola ki meri naukri par baat aa rahi hai. So please close the issue. What compensation you want and when I told U then showing me your back. Really shame on you for lying and doing fraud with me. Bhagwan tumhe kabhi maaf nahin karega. Really shame on you. Agar tumhare andar thodi si sharam bachi hai then compensate me. Compensate me.

U didnt compensated me and lied to me. Just remember this. Don't show such type of attitude. Shame on U for doing fraud with me.

Shame on you deepankar for lying and making fraud with me. U will never survive in this world that you have some with me. You didn't compensated me. So You will suffer a lot. Shame on you greedy hungry fellow for eating my benefits, for lying to me, for playing foul and fraud game with me and didn't compensating to me. You are a big liar, cheater.

People like U and UR companions R born for disturbing other people or customers and to play foul games and do fraud with them. Almighty God willl never forgive U people.

Mr deepankar day by day you are becoming smarter and smarter. On 9th October you have sent me the following statement on Whatsapp.

need to resolve your query.
Please pick the call.
Meri job pr baat aa ri h or naa hi mera promotion ho rha diwali pr hona tha..

What you want as a compensation.

Now today it's 15th October you didn't cared about me. From that day you are fooling me if that was really the case of your job you must anf you should approach me but instead you are lying and making nonsense stupid talks. Shame on you people. Is this the way your parents taught you to treat with the customers. Really shame on deepankar for playing a foul game with me. For this Almighty God will never forgive you. You and your staff done a very fraud deal with me. Really shame on you people.

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From: AMIT
Date: 10/12/2017 14:50 (GMT+05:30)
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Fraud with customers

Not getting any reply from your side clearly indicates that you have played a fraud game with me. I treated U as a small brother and you have done like this ro me why because you have the attitude of doing this with your family members also. Really shame on you for showing your stupidity. Shame on U greedy hungry fellows like deepankar, kapil, hemant etc. You prople have the cheap mentality to disturb the customers and play with their emotions because you people are taught like this only and dont have self respect and respect for their parents then why you people respect the customers. Really shame on you people. Dont do such type of frauds with others otherwise you people will be in trouble. Shame on you greedy hungry people for showing cheap mentality and nasty attotude. Mr deepankar whatever the case nay be I dont know but you have made me promise to add two three references from your side. Now frankly tell me whether you fulfill your promise or not. Ie you have nade me false fake fraud promise. Frankly let me know. Almighty God willl never forgive you people.

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From: Deepankar Chawla
Date: 10/03/2017 12:23 (GMT+05:30)
Subject: Re: Cheating

Dear Mr. Arora,


As I have informed you earlier that the NEXA card benefit can be added only at the time of enquirer generation or at the time of booking and the benefit to the customer will only get once the vehicle billed/physically delivered. There is no other way for the same process.

As the vehicle we have delivered does not hold any reference card number so we cannot add any point towards the same and the process is completely system generated so we cannot do any thing manually.

I request if any clarification required please feel free to contact me.



Deepankar chawla

Relationship Manager

M- [protected]

[email protected]


T.R Sawhney automobiles Pvt Ltd

D-10 A Rajouri Garden Main Road

New Delhi-110027

On 03-Oct-2017, at 11:48 AM, AMIT wrote:

If I am forced to write this mail it is only because of you.

Mr deepankar if you think customers as a God then U put some reference points on my Nexa Card and if you think yourself as a God then its your cheap mentality. Because earlier you promised me when my Nexa Card comes you will put some reference points and now you are going beyond your promise. One advice to you that don't give false promises to the customers. In this way you are fooling the customers which is not good on your part OKK. If you really think customers as a God then put some reference points and if you think yourself as a God then it's your Great mentality. By not fulfilling your promise you are becoming a big millionare. And making false commitment to me. Really its very horrible experience with you. It's a true fact of life Mr deepankar that once a vendor soles its product then he never recognize the customers to whom he sold its product. Same story is here. Earlier you promised me and now you getting back your steps from that promise to be fulfilled. Really its a strange.

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[Nov 26, 2017] T. R. Sawhney Motors customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by AMIT500, Nov 28, 2017
U people don't have guts to earn the income except you people loot the customers. Really shame on U people.

          Mr rahul if U have little bit sense of humour and little bit respect for your parents and little bit shame in the eyes oc customers then compensate me. 

Almoghty God will never forgive you . U people didnt compensated me. Just remember this. Really shame on you people for lying ro the customers and doing fraud with the customers. 

Mr Nidhi Ms Rahul today on 3rd Sep. 2017 you had given me your valuable time but this time of yours is totally gone in vain as this is of no use for me. How you people can disrespect the customers and serve them as Dog instead of God this you have proved. This is your cheap mentality. What the training you had given to your staff and yourself that you proved  clearly.


As a ultimate customer I am totally dis-satisfied at all wih the Deal that was done between your side and me. Today you slso at once given me the same statement as that of Hemant. Why because you all are one and make fool of the customers and don't understand them. Today one thing you had shown me that you as a owner and your staff all are one and think customer as a big fool. Really its very disappointing. Today you slso shown the same attitude as that of Hemant. I think this is the mentality of T R Sawhney Group. 

Neither Discount nor the Services were given properly.  What else someone expect from you people. Really one of the worse experiences.

The Accessories which is a very big part of the Services is totally a third class. Reslly its a very poor and one of yhe worse experiences of my life. Really very shameful on your part. This type of conversation was not expected from you at all. Today You disobeyed the customer cum God.

As a ultimate customer I suffered a lot and faced a huge loss. Expectations were not in my favour. I was promised something but that promise was not fulfilled. And above all the behaviour of one of the fellow Hemant was not upto the mark. Also Deepankar made a false commitment to me. The way Hemant behaved with me that he should be sacked and thrown out of the job. It was a total dissatisfaction to me that I had purchased a product of yours which is now an asset of mine. The attitude and behaviour was of nonsense nature and I had suffered a loss of nearly Rs. 50000/-. How a vendor deals with the ultimate customer this I had seen at your showroom which is very shameful on your part. If this is the way you people deal with the customers then it's very shameful on your part and not appreciable at any cost. So its my request to you that you kindly give me a time to meet you personally and take action against Hemant and kick him out of the job as that bloody fellow is not a right person for doing the job in T R Sawhney Motors. Mr. Sawhney if you still praise and appreciate your this illegal staff then I would like to say only one thing that you people don't have respect for the Guests cum God. Because whenever someone comes to someone's house then that fellow should be treated as God and given full due respect which is not shown at your extreme end. So if you have some respect for the customers then you shall give me time to meet you personally. A person who comes to you and purchases a product from his hard money without due respect from your side then it's totally shameful on your extreme part. Last but not the least it was a deal full of frustrations and disappointments and dissatisfaction.
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