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 Gyan prakash1
I m Gyan Prakash, I purchased a Macbook Pro Worth Rs.76, 500 from a online E-commerce website last year.And just 2 months back I took insurance of my laptop from TIMES GLOBAL INSURANCE through their website mymobileinsurance.com
I paid Rs.4320 for One year Insurance Plan for my laptop and got a Policy document.When I took that plan I was assigned with a Relationship Manager Mr. Arun Kumar.He told me that on the event of theft or loss I will be paid 90% of my invoice value.Just 10 days Back I lost my Laptop in Rajeev Chowk Metro Station, New Delhi.
I realised it I immediately file a complain and took a copy of it.I called customer care and was told me to Email that complain copy, I was Promised that I will get Money in 3-5 Working days but believe me it took then 25 Days to settle my claim.Everytime I call them they say YOUR CASE IS STILL PENDING & CLAIM MANAGEMENT TEAM IS COMMUNICATING TO CONCERN POLICE STATION.
What the hack it was, I should get my money and they should do their stuff after that, y a customer is getting harassed.Finally after 25 days I was paid just Rs.60, 800 which was again a annoying act.When I asked reason that why you deduct 20% instead of 10% depreciation, then I was told that my laptop was 1 year old at the time of Insurance.
Hey Comon guys, You should have told me this at the time of insurance.
Then y u cheat people like this.When you claim everywhere that you are Rank 1 Company in India for Mobile & Laptop Insurance then y You cheat people.
A big brand never ever do this.This will surely give a negative impact on customers.

No way
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Times Global Insurance paid you nearly 60, 000 against your premium amount of 4320. Still you are complaining. .strange.
Anyway I m gonna buy insurance for my 2 iPhones from Times Global Insurance as none other company seems me to be promising as per My research .My bad luck is that Times Global is no more taking insurance of old laptop now.
its a fake company--check it out orignal website

or insurance company must need register with irda indian goverment.
Insurance will be considering the true worth of the item u insure based on the invoice date. Its a fair deal U got 80% back. Just assume you bought a laptop 5 years before for 1lk and U insure it now. When its stolen, do U really think U will get 90k for the 5yr old laptop. :P Never. It would be foolish to think like that. If it works like that, its better to try that and buy a new laptop after 6 years via an insurance than trading it for 20% of its invoice.
Hello Gyan Prakash. You know this is the Problem with people like you. You are paying a sum of ~5k to the company and after that, the company verified all the details( Yes I know it took 25 days for you but we all know how our Government Systems work) and then, that company paid you Rs. 60, 000.
Before posting 'No Way' for this company, have you thought this to yourself??
And you're complaining that they didn't gave you full money?
Next time you'll claim that they didn't pay you extra money?
Seriously man.. You should be happy that they paid you so much.

From your review, I got the Fact that this Company is Legit and Worth my Money.
So, Thank You.
@Gyan Prakash1

You solved my confusion. You actually provided a positive feedback on a wrong subject/heading.

Thanks man!
Insuring your expensive gadgets with Times Global is a real worth as per my research. I cant believe that how come Mr. Gyan Prakash defaming this company from this much of peice of cake. I come from a financial research field and I can bet you that no other gadget insurance company will compensate in this manner as Times Global Insurance did. Even most of my colleagues who actually raised claims for their smartphones or laptops are almost satisfied with Times Global Insurance Services. Thus I wud like to rate this company five stars.
I personally got a number of person who took insurance of his iPhone... I was planing to take mine... but after talking and get the fact ...I am not going to take insurance ...

1. Above people are talking here how much paid and how much expect. is this valid point? Person is expecting which was told at time of taking policy . what is wrong in that?

2. No hard copy is provided here for insurance. How you will go to legal consumer forum in case if you have any issue?

3. Customer service is very poor..your phone will be picked after trying so many times... and person talk in very rude manner. (it is mentioned on website that customer care is 24*7 but no one pick your call if it is dialled after 7PM )

4. When I ask the person about policy his response is just see on website and he disconnected the phone.

5. Most importantly is this registered under irda?
if you are willing to take a insurance plan for your phone i will suggest you not to go for this company. they won't provide you any hard copy of your policy so that you can't take any leagal action against them.
i purchased 1 year insurance plan for my iphone. i lost my phone and i called them for the claim then they start talking rudely and told me that they will not pay me a single rupee and said do whatever you can do.
FRAUD company
mymobileinsurance doesn’t look to be an authentic site. I had insured my iPhone 6s against damage but never got any service instead of repetitive calls. Here’s my story,
I had my iPhone 6S insured for an year against damage through (http://mymobileinsurance.com/) (Times Global Insurance) by paying an amount of Rs. 3720. I had my screen broken about 3 weeks later, for which I applied a claim through call and the person said they’ll let me know by mail. After not receiving any mail for 3 days I mailed them again after which I received a call and a person, quite rudely, said that he couldn’t process the claim as they did not accept claim within some days after the policy.
After a few days I mailed them again asking for policy documents and a written response for the status of claim. A reply came saying my claim has been accepted and asked me to send the phone to Ghaziabad and call a number. The person on call asked for a workmanship fee(service fee) of Rs. 3800. It seemed more sensible to have the screen changed on my own rather than sending it away (for 15 days) with no official document. Also the total cost of the policy + fee is about the cost of getting it repaired on our own.
I haven’t received any policy documents, even after 3 months of the policy. The mails they send are also dubious and don’t seem genuine.
I’ll suggest not to go for this insurance.

Also is it registered under IRDA. There seems to be some fraud.
4 star, 5 stars are fake ratings, It's a bogus company, these people are cheating the customers. I going to take severe action on this company, please do not tolerate scam companies, file a complaint. So many people are losing their money, time, patience.
The cheaters are:
Aman: [protected]
Abhishek: [protected]
Govind: [protected]
SrinuCh's reply, Feb 1, 2017
My issue resolved.
SrinuCh's reply, Feb 1, 2017
Thanks to consumercomplaints.in
My mobile mother board got damaged on last month, I have submitted the bills on February 24, When I submitted INR 13746 rupees mobile motherboard bill Mr. Amar(One of the claim department employ)(mob.[protected]) told me that he do not know when the amount will credit into my account and if you want will give back the premium amount.

The worst experience I faced ever in my life .

I do not know still how many days they are going to hold the claim.

They are not at all behaving like professionals, its all kind of local people without any business ethics

Best Regards

Manu Mathew

manu maythew's reply, Mar 21, 2017
Issue got resolved..
I spoke to the customer care number[protected], She was speaking very nicely and apolagised me for whatever happens and she told will be arranging a call back instead of call back i got a mail giving below
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////
Dear Customer,
This is to inform you that we have received a Complaint against you from a female employee that you have not just misbehaved with her but also tried to abuse her.
We have zero tolerance for such kind of misconduct and now helping her to file a police complaint and a zero FIR under relevant sections against you.
Request you to please be in contactable during all this process.
Thank you
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////
Thank god i have all the calls recorded with me ... Just want to know how i miss behaved
I can give the call recorded to anybody if needed
They are cheating little scumbags. I got my iPhone 6 insured by this company. There was a crack on my screen and my battery had to be replaced. Even after specific instructions to get the phone replaced they simply got it repaired. In the process of repairing the screen wasn't attached properly, the speaker's which were working perfectly are horrible now, the battery and the charging slot condition remains the same, and they expect me to pay them 2500 more. 'DO NOT GO FOR THIS COMPANY. THERE ARE FAR BETTER COMPANIES THAN THIS ONE.' And I have been talking to a guy named Karan[protected] in the complaints department. That guy has no idea how to talk to a customer. It's as if he's doing a big favour on us. These guys don't even pick your phone up from your place. Almost every other insurance company arranges for a pickup. And when I told him that his reply is pls put one assist on the conference call and let them say that to me on the phone. Really shocking service. I repeat. DO NOT GO FOR THIS COMPANY. They make fake promises that they'll never keep. My iPhone is screwed cause of their service.

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Times global is a legit company and is helping me in getting my claim done.
I m Surjeet. I insured my Samsung Galaxy s8 plus one year ago. Last month my screen and back glass broke of my smartphone.I contacted to company and promised me to send it back in 5-7 days. They picked on 26 December 2018 and returned back on 4 th January. I was told by pickup executive that l will get my mobile in 5 to 7 working days. on the basis of that trust I gave my expansive mobile to them. Sir instead of 7 days I received in 10 days. I suffered lot of mental trauma during those 3 days.I request you to pls tell them to provide me compensation either another mobile of same model or Rs.1 lakh minimum. Will share my bank details to the company else I will take legal action against company fo wasting my precious 3 days. I suffered a lot of work loss during those days.

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