Turkish Airlines — Mental & financial harassment by turkish airlines staff, mumbai

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, Turkey
 Sarab Arora
Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Sarabjeet Singh and I'm writing you to express our concern and would seek your attention to solve the matter mentioned below.

We booked Turkish Airlines ticket for my wife travel from India to London via Istanbul (on 17th Dec 2016) and return from Prague to India via Istanbul airport (on 6th Jan 2017). Upon return, our connecting flight from Istanbul to Delhi was cancelled due to bad weather in Turkey and hence new ticket was issued for departure on 8th Jan 2017. However in the last moment my wife (Mrs. Ishmeet Khurana) with two other passengers (Mrs. Davinder Boone & Miss Samantha Boone (child)) were not allowed to board the flight as they were issued boarding pass with seat remarks as standby, which wasn't informed by airlines personnel during issuance of boarding pass and we also didn't notice as we were overjoyed that finally flights are operating and we are departing towards our destination after hassle of three days. I was with her at that time and was travelling to Mumbai on same night from different flight from same Airlines, which was scheduled to depart sometime after the Delhi flight. From Mumbai, I had another connection to Bangalore as final destination of my travel.

Since they were not allowed to board Delhi flight at the last moment therefore upon request Turkish Airlines re-routed her flight from Delhi to Mumbai and as their flight was scheduled to depart in short time therefore due to time constraint therefore they (my wife and other co-passenger) were informed to make use of same Delhi boarding pass to board Mumbai flight and were informed to get in touch with Turkish Airlines staff at Mumbai airport to issue another boarding pass for next available flight to Delhi. They managed to board Mumbai flight using Delhi boarding pass and reached India.

Upon arrival, since my connection flight to Bangalore was missed due to delay in Turkey and Mumbai staff was going to issue me another boarding pass of next available flight to Bangalore, I clearly instructed them to first resolve the case of my wife plus other co-passengers and get them boarded to Delhi, as I'll not leave them behind to struggle anymore as we already had enough in Istanbul for three long days of worst temperature, sleeping on floor, only bread to eat with ham & beef with water to drink and with limited blankets with sharing. Once their Delhi flight is confirmed, I can take any flight to Bangalore, even late night with no excuse. Instead of helping the ladies, Turkish airlines team issued me another boarding pass of next flight without my consent and tried to handover the ticket to me. I immediately declined to accept the ticket asked them to cancel the ticket as I'm not going to leave the terminal until issue with women passengers is sorted. Also, informed them if they don't cancel the ticket and connection is missed then it will be again airlines responsibility to issue me another ticket but only after when my wife departs from Mumbai to Delhi but they kept wasting the time saying that we are working on your request. Turkish Airlines personnel (Mr. Yogesh) informed that all flights to Delhi were full for the day therefore he cannot provide the seat and suggested us to choose from either of two options which were either to wait till next day get flight to Delhi or buy another ticket from any airlines for now and once reach Delhi, speak to Turkish Airlines staff and they will refund the ticket amount for us. I checked with my travel agent and he informed that seats were available in Air India flight for evening flight which has tie-up with Turkish Airlines but airlines staff refused to put us on flight by saying comment that "those seats are for new requests and not for transit passengers." Since we were exhausted from last three days of staying in Istanbul Airport therefore we chosen option to buy personal ticket for all three passengers get refund for it rather than getting suffered for one more day as another co-passenger had small child also of four years who was also restless. However upon reaching Delhi, came to know that ticket counter opens only in night after 11 PM and therefore my wife was asked to wait till then to speak to the staff which was another harassment for us.

After my wife boarded Delhi flight, I approached airlines team for my connection flight to Bangalore. Since Turkish team didn't cancelled the ticket hence my flight to Bangalore was missed. Later I spoke to Turkish Airlines ground staff, senior officials, airport authority, CISF staff but nobody helped me and told that it my my fault that I missed the connection. I repeatedly requested them for help but nobody listened. I felt very helpless and was repenting of coming back to India as there in Istanbul atleast we were being offered bread to eat but here in India, we were mentally harassed and nobody even offered a glass of water to us. We were glad and excited that we are finally going back to our country and our men will help us but I regret my decision now.

I would like to understand that:
1. Was my decision of staying with my wife in that situation was wrong?
2. When seats were available wasn't it airlines responsibility to put my wife on flight instead of keeping seats blocked till last moment to make some more money?
3. Do I really had to purchased tickets personally and now have to struggle for reimbursement with airlines, if it even happens?
4. Wasn't it airlines responsibility to cancel my Bangalore ticket when I did informed them at the immediate and later put the blame on me?
5. Turkish Airlines Mumbai personnel (Mr. Yogesh), left us in middle of nowhere saying that my shift timings are over and without solving my case. Wasn't it was his responsibility to help the passenger rather than washing out his hands?
6. In last, was our decision was wrong to come back to India?

In Istanbul airport, we helped other Indians by sharing our food, helped them in getting revised tickets, being on international roaming still gave my phone to them to make international calls to inform their family members, bought vegetarian food for many others from my own credit cards but here back in India nobody helped us. I'm very disheartened to have such awful experience in my own country and cannot even trust anyone anymore now.

Therefore I humbly request you to look into the matter and do the needful as we already have suffered severe mental stress in past four days and would request your urgent attention on it. I really have last hope on this forum so kindly help us.

Below is passenger details who were supposed to go Delhi:
1. Mrs. Ishmeet Khurana (Wife)
2. Mrs. Davinder Boone (Co-passenger)
3. Miss. Samantha Boone (Co-passenger Child)

I'll be reachable on +91-[protected] for any clarification required. Looking forward towards positive and quick response.

Travelling with Turkish Airlines was like nightmare for us and many o[censored]s among are still in mental trauma of that situation.

Sarabjeet Singh

Below is the Turkish Airlines Mumbai address which I found from their website.

Address: Lodha Supremus, Unit No.1007, 10th Floor, Upper Worli, Senapati
Bapat Marg, Opp. Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai
400 013, India

Mental & financial harassment by turkish airlines staff, mumbai
Mental & financial harassment by turkish airlines staff, mumbai
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    Turkish Airlines - Mental & financial harassment by turkish airlines staff, mumbai

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