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[Resolved]  Bharti Maid Services / Shop No 76/4 Dwarka Mauli Building, Jagtap Nagar, Wanowrie, Pune - 411040 — Advance taken - No services rendered- No refund

I have paid Amount Rs.20000/- (online transfer ) to M/S Bharti maid services , Pune on 23.04.13, with a comitment from their end that servant maid will be available for me on 28.04.13. Till 01.05.13 , there is no concrete information about servant maid's reporting to us. Later we were informed that maid is not available. Then we requested for refund of Rs.20000/- After about 15 days of repeated calls to various people ( Vikram , Saahil, Manisha, Pooja, Deepak, Aaryan ) we got a cheque for Rs.18,000/- dated 15.08.13 ( Payable after 3 months ). When it was enquired about this with Mr.Kamal prajapathi, CEO of the company , we were informed that another cheque will be sent for 20,000 on 19.05.13. Till date there is no response from their end for my various calls and messages. I have contacted Mr.Sachin at Mumbai office in this regard. He also stopped responding now. Iam in dark. Even iam not sure , whether this post dated cheque will be valid or will it get bounced? Kindly help me out by resolving this. Thier various contact nos are [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Same happened with us too..they took money and sent someone who didn't knew anything convincing us that they will replace someone else with her soon. Despite all our calls made they never responded back to us. Used to cancel our calls. Maid left us saying she was not well and till date no replacement just duped us of 10, 000. I want all the persons who have faced similar problem with bharti maid service to come together as I m soon filing a case against them. They dupe people and since no one had time to fight against them think it as a loss and move on. They are making good money by duping us. Never try to get a maid service from bharti maid service.. owner kamal prajapati. People working there named mehak; sahil; deepak etc. They change their names frequently.

Please come together and contact me i[censored] have been duped by bharti maid service as this will make our case strong.
Avinash thakur pune.
I agreed with Avinash...I am also facing the same issue. I am asking for a new maid as the earlier one left after 1.5 months. They have stopped answering my call. I have been to their office, again new commitments... Some office boy will attend and will make some excuses that Mehak or the concerned are not in office they are telling that, I can not do anything legal against them...
Hey please let me know ur contact info will surely do something about it. U can email me at angel8.[protected] we have to file a legal case. The more people join our case will be stronger. We simply can't keep silent.
I agree with above comment i have also been facing this issue with Bharati maid Pune office, i have given cheque of 8K on 20th July and so far not even 1 maid has been shown to us or they never bother to call us as well. they told me refund amount will come by 5th Sep but so far no information. you call them and they keep giving excuse. before any legal case we all should file legal complain. my mail id is [protected]
Sure I agree with Tanya...I checked with police they told me if we all can give in writing to them they will file a case against them coz we need fir first to file complain. So let me know i[censored] all agree then we can go ahead with this. U can mail me at angel.[protected] along with ur contact number. We need to do something soon.
Hello Tanu, please take in my name as well. They have also duped me of about INR 19000/- with same modus operandi. Maid was provided to us then after 2 - 3 days she started her theater and left until we got another one and she also left. Now we are left with no one. I am willing to file FIR against them. They are not responding to my calls please contact me on [protected]
To do fir I need atleat 5 people in person. Is it possible we can meet on Sunday. I stay in pimple saudagar. Contact me on mail i[censored] guys agree angel8.[protected]
Guys please come ahead to file complaint as together we can. I have got 2 people but need more to file fir. If we are not doing it we are giving such people another chance to dupe others. I know money might not be really important for u guys but they deserve punishment. So please mailed me i[censored] want to come ahead and r ready to file complaint in person. It just needs 1day few hours only. Mail me at angel8. [protected] the more we delay, we lose a chance to win.
Count me in also . We have to file a complaint at ghorpadi police station . Contact me at [protected] . We will take this foward.
I'm also in. I've been cheated for 10k and mental harassment for over one and a half month. I'm with you all to file an FIR against them. my email id is [protected]
Hey come forward. I am going to file a case against him. I have full documents, mobile recordings., his mails etc. Surely he will in problem. Sorabh fron karnal. Haryana [protected]
I am also in. They charged me Rs 7000/- as annual fee with a commitment of providing a servant to our satisfaction. They haven't been responding to our calls. my email [protected] If anyone hasn't done already, I shall create a group on Yahoo or gmail and include everyone's email adresses so that we can keep in touch till we teach them a lesson. Hope everyone agrees to that ..
I've created a group on goolge groups "againstbhartimaidbeuro"and send the invitation privately to all who have mentioned there email ids in their messages. If you want to be part of this group pls leave a message along with your email id.

I am the same one who commented second. nairjeetu. My contact details are [protected], mob no: [protected]. I am with u guys..
Same story here. . Maid has run away. Their office is shut for over a week and all numbers out of service. My contact details are [protected]
Contact Mode:
Bharti is listed on as a provider of househelp, cooks etc…
Bharti Maid Services / Shop No 76/4 Dwarka Mauli Building, Jagtap Nagar, Wanowrie, Pune - 411040

Modus Operandi:
House Maid is promised at a monthly salary of ~ 4k and the client is asked to transfer Rs 17000/- in the following account and after transferring the amount, they say that one of their employee has done fraud and they have removed that employee and will pay back your amount next week. Perpetrators : Vikram / Deepak [protected] / [protected]

Financial Fraud:
On 25th Oct 2013, 17000/- was transferred into the account of Jameel Rasheed Abdul (A/c No – [protected]; IFSC - UTIB0000110) for which refund is awaited..

Gullible Citizen - neena.[protected]
Guys we r meeting with other members who have been duped at wanowarie police station on 16 November at 3 pm to file fir against them. Whoever is interested please contact me. This is a golden chance to start against them.
Same story
My id swapnil.[protected]
Plz help. . I m in for making any legal complain against thm..
I m so sorry tanu but I live in varanasi I cnt come for meeting but u hv all my support.
my no. [protected]
same story here..I have deposited 25000 in the account of abdul jameel
..they sent a maid and she went back within a week saying her grand mother expired. .
since then they are not picking my call..and now they are saying that abdul is fraud and he ran away with the money..even I am in for the complaint..pls contact me on [protected]
Akash Mehta

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