Vastraqueen — Fraud and non-refund of amount

Address:Vastraqueen, 2011 Ashirwad Textile Market, Saroli, Puna-Saroli Road, Surat - 395010, Gujarat

I ordered a Gray Color Sequins Work Party Wear Designer Saree from the official website of Vastraqueen worth Rs. 1299, for Rs. 1099 (discount of Rs. 200 on prepaid order) on March 6, 2021. (screenshot of mail attached). The product order ID is 134877.
I got the delivery on March 11, 2021 (screenshot of mail attached), but the received product (photo attached) was not same as the product shown on the website. I tried calling on the no. provided by them but it was switched off.
As, I was not satisfied with the product, on March 12, 2021, I sent a mail on their customer support email ID stating the same; on which they asked me to whatsapp my problem on [protected]. I messaged them the whole issue asking them either to refund my money or provide me the same product which was shown on their website, otherwise I'll file a case against them in Consumer Court. They told me that they won't return the amount as they have delivered the ordered product and when I shared the pictures of the ordered and received products claiming that they aren't same; they told me that the product shown on their website is for Rs. 12 lacs. I again asked them to refund my money as I have already returned the product via courier (through FedEx, bearing the courier charges). In response, they started giving me vague answers and then they stopped responding. Next day, on March 13, 2021, when I still didn't get any response, I asked them for Escalation Matrix but again.. my message was ignored. At last, I told them that I'm gonna sue them for this fraud but got ignored again.

The desirable resolution for my complaint would be either to get the same product I ordered through their website or to get my money back including courier charges I paid to return that product.

For reference, I'm hereby attaching the Whatsapp chat with them:

3/12/21, 10:50 - Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.
3/12/21, 10:50 - This chat is with a business account. Tap to learn more.
3/12/21, 10:50 - Bharti: Hii
3/12/21, 10:51 - Bharti: I ordered a Sabyasachi Gray Color Sequins Work Party Wear Designer Saree from your website (Order ID #134877), which I received yesterday, dated March 11, 2021, but I'm not satisfied with the product I received as it was nothing like the photograph showed on your website. I tried calling you on the number given on the package but the contact number was switched off. Therefore, I'm returning the product and you are kindly requested to return my amount after getting the product back. Otherwise, I'll have to file a complaint against you in Consumer Court.
3/12/21, 11:13 - Vastra Queen: Thank you for contacting *Vastraqueen Support*!

Why are you Returning the Product?

*And send pic of defect*

And don’t forget to send your *order id.*

I will reply to you in less than *12hr* please wait.

Please text me only on whatsapp, we are unable to receive whatsapp call.

I am always here for you.🙏😊

3/12/21, 11:54 - Bharti: Language - English
Order ID - 134877
Reason for return - Received product was not same as the photograph shown on your website. Also, the product quality was not good.
3/12/21, 11:54 - Bharti: IMG[protected]WA0001.jpg (file attached)
Received Saree
3/12/21, 11:55 - Bharti: IMG[protected]WA0002.jpg (file attached)
Saree shown on your website
3/12/21, 11:56 - Bharti: I'm returning the product by courier (through FedEx). The expected date of delivery is March 15, 2021.
3/12/21, 11:58 - Bharti: I hope that I have answered all your questions. And, I'm expecting that you will return my amount as per your policy which states the deduction of Rs. 250 as refund charges.
3/12/21, 11:59 - Bharti: If I didn't get my money back, then I assure you that I'll go to consumer court with this case.
3/12/21, 11:59 - Bharti: Thankyou.
3/12/21, 12:00 - Vastra Queen: ok
3/12/21, 12:00 - Vastra Queen: We exchange your product with otherone with best quality.

Just choose product from our collection.
3/12/21, 12:00 - Vastra Queen: *134877*
3/12/21, 12:02 - Bharti: I'm not interested in any other product.
3/12/21, 12:05 - Vastra Queen: sorry then
3/12/21, 12:05 - Vastra Queen: because you got that dress which you order.
3/12/21, 12:10 - Bharti: Well...the ordered product is not same as the received one
3/12/21, 12:12 - Bharti: If you won't return the amount then I'm forced to file a complaint in Consumer Court
3/12/21, 12:12 - Bharti: Either provide me the same product as shown in the picture or return my amount.
3/12/21, 12:13 - Bharti: I'm not interested in any other product.
3/12/21, 14:47 - Vastra Queen: the price of the same dress is only 12, 00, 000/- only.
3/12/21, 15:07 - Bharti: In that case, you have to return my money
3/12/21, 15:07 - Bharti: Otherwise, I'll file a complaint in Consumer court regarding the fraud
3/12/21, 17:53 - Vastra Queen: madam in this case we only do exchange.
3/12/21, 17:53 - Vastra Queen: with best product only.
3/12/21, 19:16 - Bharti: Are you kidding me...??????
On your website, you guys are offering that same saree for Rs 1299 only. I have all the proofs that you have shown that saree for Rs. 1299 but sent me another one..and now when I'm asking for the refund you're saying to exchange it with another one.. but not with the product shown in the picture claiming that the product is for Rs. 12 lacs.
It's not my fault that you're showing something else and sending something else.
Now, I want my complete refund including my courier charges.
Or else, I'll go to Consumer court with all the proofs.
3/12/21, 19:16 - Vastra Queen: Thank you for your message. We’re unavailable right now, but will respond as soon as possible.

Office Time : 10 am to 6 pm(Monday-Saturday)

*Vastra Queen*
3/12/21, 19:16 - Bharti: IMG[protected]WA0008.jpg (file attached)
3/13/21, 11:41 - Bharti: Kindly share your escalation matrix.
3/13/21, 12:20 - Bharti: Why are you guys ignoring me
3/13/21, 12:20 - Bharti: ???
3/13/21, 12:21 - Bharti: I'm just asking for your escalation matrix
3/13/21, 12:24 - Vastra Queen: what is that.
3/13/21, 12:27 - Bharti: Oh God...🙄
I'm asking for your supervisor's/manager's details
3/13/21, 12:58 - Bharti: response
3/13/21, 12:58 - Bharti: What the hell...
3/13/21, 12:59 - Bharti: This is my worst experience.
3/13/21, 12:59 - Bharti: I'm gonna sue you for this fraud.
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Same thing happened to me. I guess it's a fraud website chain. We should definitely file a strong scam and fraud case against them.

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