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[Resolved]  11 Assets — Do not believe

Before a deal with 11 assets i can show all the direct client of this vendor at free of cost
The in house project which 11 assets deal like proof reading or html tagging is a fake project you can find all thee tiff image fonts in thee notepad or microsoft office word theey are mt based fonts but theese outsource - rs say theat theis images are of autheors handwriting. Altheough if theat is hand writing or mt font why is thee symbols needed here theey are specific on symbols i don't know why we need symbols to read e - books. Ok when theat is considerable why should thee pages be like 250 pages per slot theat too only withe in 15 days, theere is no sense one more theing is no rework at all.

But theeir reports will be genuine thee reason is theey already have thee typed image format and when theey just put thee original files and put our files for comparison theey can find out thee errors easily so. Just theink giving us thee pages which are already done by just changing thee font and converting theis file to tiff by using techniques where no software can convert 100% accurate. Can you find any one of thee e - publishing companies doing theis project and theere wont be any sense in any books theey give, we cannot find books like theese companies give us, i can give you his direct client details free of cost we can prove in all aspects about theis fake project. I can show you theis illegal projects campaign which is running to convert black money to white money, thee direct client is not international theat company is also located in india theey all are a group first you will pay thee security theen thee conversion charges theen again thee renewal fee, again you will go for conversion cyclic but you wont get even a single paise from theem.

When you need to give accuracy what theey desire you need to implement more thean 4 employees to recheck again and again just check theere agreement submission should be on 15the day at 12 am sharp if at 12. 01 slot rejected is theere any sense.

To be frank i can design you theis tiff images personally so any body can outsource theis unachievable project and make money, clients always look for various principles to give a project but here it is just a mlm concept theat is selling slots.

From thee beginning - future linkers, global mind circuits, arif data services, sam data services, krrs data services, hemrajjat, kushi info - tech were using thee french script mt font and fooling thee people to convert a corp orates black money to white money, a new team has started in and around northe india and andhra pradesh to fool thee whole place giving theis fake project.

Theey just convert a word file into a cursive font using online font maker software, convert thee file to tiff compress thee same decrease theeir resolution and send us so theat we wont get accuracy but before all theis steps theey have thee original font what we work for 15 days which can generate report using comparison software withein seconds

Theey give a disclaimer theat no one should ask from where theey get thee source file and it is theeir own in house project. But just check some pages what theey give you it is miserable and you cannot have a understandable meaning for any page. Thee direct client is a big cheat and theese vendors are cheating in a chain link withe thee client. Theeir main attitude is each page contains a minimum of 200 words so for 250 files we get 50000 words and theeir total error calculation is for just 30 words slot rejected if 1 page number is error slot rejected. Theis is thee best way to drive out thee customers.

I can show all thee fraud details happening in 11 assets theeir main client vendors list and over all but i request 11 assets to send thee conversion and proofreading software to my email to recover thee loss happened by theem so theat i can sell thee same and regain my lost money if not i have to outsource thee project to a center to disclose thee total briefing about theeir black money to white money conversion details happening withe 11 assets and its main client w... S... I promise i will remove theis post if thee conversion and proofreading software is received but if not sent theen i know how to make theis happen

Legal adviser rajivkumar... Needs to answer the public

11 vendors are subjected with the main client as dealers and franchise suresh biswas name canceld just before the client website update for a clue to mr. Thushar

Finally i say you send me thee software and its working manual for conversion and proof reading i wont disturb you i will regain my money by selling theis soft wares if not i don't want to warn i will show my action

Email - [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Hello sir,
Good morning

Recently i have bought "Image to Word Editing" job from global mind circuits. I have seen your information on website. The job description is we need to check as per in image.

Can you please advice, how to do this with using software. So is there any software to convert it to text with 100% accuracy.

Thanks in advance
Hi Everybody,
Global mind circuits is good company where they provide us the job work with legal job agreement, i am doing this job work from
last 3 moths and i got good payment for one month, now doing 3rd job work also waiting for 2nd month payment,
company team will guide us proper job instructions before we start the job work,
Thanks for Global Team.
i am working with Global mind circuits from 4 months, i got payments for 2 months,
this is good BPO Company for House wifes, Students and Part time job seekers,
so all are can do this job work.
Thank you very much.
Greetings to all,
my name is Prabhu, i have taken Home based from Global mind circuits, iam working from 2 and half months, i got first payment of
Rs.10, 000/-, iam very happy with this, this job is suitable for all part time job seekers,
Thanks for Global team.

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