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  Chauhan2402 on Mar 11, 2013
I faced hair loss problem more than 5 years back, and it progressed very fast, so in few years I lost lot’s of hair up to advanced stage.
After doing my research for at least 9-12 months I came to know about Advanced Hair Studio and I had heard the “Advanced Hair Studio” is the best but when I came, I found it more than the best.
Doctors, consultants are very co-operative there. Doctor who was doing Strand-by-Strand procedure was very friendly and hence reduced my pain by talking continuously with me. I didn’t know anybody’s name because I’m bad at remembering names and phone numbers but I want to clarify that in all I liked everybody’s warm hospitality at the studio: doctor, consultant, attendant or hospitality staff. Few main words for the whole AHS I would like to say: Thank you all for your support and help making me look good once again!

Good luck to all users and readers of this site!
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N May 20, 2013 by
Mr Nagpal  
Dear Chauhan… I had a similar case when I started losing my hair I was feeling really depressed because it made me look older and I was only 40 years old. So one day I saw Advanced Hair Studio Ad in one of the newspapers, and I though it will be a good idea to try the consultation. The combination of procedures that I had done changed my life completely. I feel now so much more confident with my hair back. And I totally agree with you, all the staff is really friendly and make you feel secure with its warm hospitality.
N May 22, 2013 by
Good to hear good words about the company that changed my look totaly :)
N May 25, 2013 by
Hi, I was lucky as well to be a part of this company's treatment.For me losing my hair was maddness! :(
I have done a procedure there, and now its totaly different, hair loss stoped and density improved. It was a wise decision in relying on them.
N May 26, 2013 by
it is strange that no good review is providing any detail of the procedure done.
N May 27, 2013 by
Well, I had Strand by Strand Cosmetic done. Hair experts and stylists there are very talented. As I already said, they totally changed my appearance
N May 27, 2013 by
Mr Nagpal  
As I mentioned in my previous post I have done a combination. It was Strand-by Strand Cosmetic along with Strand-by-Strand ultimate.
The change my look completely...We started with strand-by strand Ultimate to restore my forehead hairline.. and after that I got to cosmetic to fulfil my back of scalp, and it's great..I didn't expect I would look like that.. I have hair back!
N Jun 7, 2013 by
I am very happy with the new look. It’s far above my expectations. I thank you all at Advanced Hair Studio.
Thanks for the warmth & support. Thanks for the wonderful job!
N Jun 10, 2013 by
Hi All, so far I am also having a great experience with Advanced Hair Studio. I have been coming to the studio for the laser treatment for the last 6 months and I am really happy with the obtaining results. Besides the most important achievement, which of course is stopping my hair loss and also preserving my appearance, all the stuff of the laser department is really helpful with the schedule of every session
N Jul 19, 2013 by
I’m also very happy with the whole experience. Doctor who performed the procedure is very friendly and makes 6-7 hours pass without a hitch. I got the SBS-Ultimate. Seeing first results I would recommend Advanced Hair Studio to people in my situation whole heartedly
N Oct 26, 2013 by
Hey Everybody! What I decided to do with my hair loss problem was the combination of two treatments at Advanced hair studio: the laser therapy and surgery, which was Strand by Strand the Ultimate. I decided to do that because to be honest I looked like my father and not like a guy in his 30-ties which really bothered me. After the procedure done I had to wait a few months to my hair regrowth, but now I can say it was really worth it, I seriously look so much better and the laser therapy improved my existing hair, they are thicker now, no more thinning! Advanced Hair Studio you rock my look!
N Oct 28, 2014 by
Positive reviews are great, but why is no one putting up post and pre pics?

I recently went to AHS Chennai with 2 of my friends, we were asked to wait for some time in a room with blown up pictures of their brand ambassadors. Then a smartly dressed lady comes over and enquires about our business over there. I tell her that we have come for a consultation. Without even asking back who among 3 of us wants an appointment, let alone for what. The lady tells us that any treatment will cost a minimum of a lakh at AHS.

Now, How can a receptionist determine the minimum cost at a clinic?
Why there should be a price quote even before a consultation? ( The minimum was qouted to us like three times in 5 mins)
If the receptionist in AHS has a minimum quote delivery as a opening note then I can only wonder what will the so called specialized doctors say once you are in their consultation room?

Needless to say I did not go back to the place. I request you folks who have positive reviews to upload some of the pre and post photos along with a contact id so that there is actual proof that AHS indeed gives positive results. If you cannot do that then please don't bother giving positive reviews.

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