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Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata - Patient Neglect at hospital ICU

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My father Lt.Dr. Kaustubh Chatterjee was a reputed physician practising for over 45 years at Sodpur in north suburban Kolkata region . His patients mostly belonged to middle class and poor people. As he was suffering from fever we had admitted him to Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata on 15th Oct,2010 . He was diagonsed with Pyogenic Meningitis. Treatment started with all the latest anti-biotics which were all exhorbitantly costly . Pharmacy bill per day was touching almost Rs.35,000/-. Soon he responded fairly well to treatment and was getting much better . after 4/5 days his condition started to again get worse . Doctors said he had contacted diarohhea from intake of hospital milk etc. Then he contacted some hospital acquired Acenatobactor infection . Never have heard name of such infection . Doctors said it was some type of deadly infection . Haven't been able to make out till this day how a patient staying inside ICU of one of the most reputed hospitals in town can acquire such deadly infection .During my father's stay at the hospital I have observed certain things
a) adequate precaution is not taken while allowing visitors inside ICU - visitors walk in with outside shoes and everything
b) the nursing staff even inside ICU are mostly very young Malayali girls- mostly inexperienced trainee nurses who hardly can understand or talk in English or Hindi . Neither do they understand what is being spoken to them nor can we follow what they try to say . I am not too sure how ICU patients would communicate their inconvenience etc with them .
c) the no. of nurses attending critically ill patients in ICU is highly inadequate .
At night hours only 5/6 such young inexperienced nurses are in charge of 13/14 highly critical patients .
d) Between 11 pm at night and 6 am in morning there are absolutely no doctors or RMO present in the ICU . They are away in their rooms and if any eventuality happens which may need attention within minutes - only God would be there to help the patients .
e) Doctors do not discuss the condition of patient adequately with the patient party. specially the doctor Narayan Banerjee who is the senior Medical expert feels very bothered when even my mother (who herself is a doctor ) asked details about my father's condition .The doctors prescribe any medicine they feel like . As many no. of the costliest anti-biotic available they prescribe at the same time - least bothered about either drug interaction or expense of the patient party . Unholy collusion with medicine companies seem to be very apparent from such wreckless prescription of such doctors.
Coming back to my father's case , he again survived the Acenatobactor infection and severe diarohhea and was getting substantially better when Dr. Narayan Banerjee, who he was in charge, decided to take him out of the Apollo Hospital and shift my father to his personal nursing home . All of us had objected and my mother held back the transfer for a day also but he kept on insisting that it would be for good of the patient . Within 36 hours of transfer to the private nursing home of the doctor, the patient's condition worsened to a degree that his B.P was 60/40 and he was suffering renal failure and multi organ failure symptoms . He was at the brink of death and the doctor Dr. Narayan Banerjee was trying to flee the place and shirk responsibility . But we didn't allow that to happen . My father was again shifted back to Apollo Hospital on 29.10.2010 afternoon and by late evening his condition has stabilised substantially . Dr Narayan Banerjee was nowhere to be seen . We tried to contact on his mobile several times but he didn't take the calls .Only in late evening he showed up and said he didn't believe his eyes that the patient was still alive . I haven't been able to make out to this day whether he was planning some sort of ill-gotten murder for my father , having taken him to his own bogus nursing home where the nursing staff was no better than maid servants . Over days my father's condition again improved substantially . On 06.11.2010 evening the doctors and nurses said his condition was absolutely stable - all parameters normal. At night around 10.30, I again called up the ICU - the doctor said the same . At 7.15am on 07.11.2010 the doctor Narayan Banerjee calls my sister on mobile and says my father has expired in morning and that he is on his way to the hospital . Almost 5 contact nos. had been provided to the hospital authorities . There was no intimation on any number from the hospital staff that my father's condition has got critical or he has expired . When we rushed to the hospital immediately, that Dr. Narayan Banerjee was nowhere to be seen . He had just 20/25 minutes previously said that he was on his way to the hospital . The RMO said that my father had suffered cardiac arrest at 6.15 am and inspite of all their efforts he could not be saved I ask a question : MY FATHER WAS INSIDE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT of APOLLO HOSPITAL WHERE OTHER EXPENSES APART ,MERE BED CHARES ARE Rs.7,150/- PER DAY - WHY HIS CARDIAC ARREST COULD NOT BE TREATED . WAS IT BECAUSE MOST PROBABLY THE DOCTORS WERE SLEEPING AT THAT TIME AND MY FATHER WAS ATTENTED TO AFTER A WHILE WHEN ALREADY IRREVERSIBLE LOSS HAS BEEN DONE TO HIS SYSTEM ? As far as I know procedures need to be started within 2/3 mins of Cardiac arrest . Most probably calling the doctor and time taken for procedures to be started had taken 10 mins and by that time my father must have collapsed . NO INTIMATION TO THE PATIENT PARTY WAS GIVEN BY THE HOSPITAL STAFF OR ADMINISTRATION ABOUT THE CONDITION DETERIORATION OR DEATH OF THE PATIENT WHO HIMSELF WAS A REPUTED PHYSICIAN . IN THE 2nd PHASE WHEN HE WAS ADMITTED TO APOLLO , PHARMACY BILLING TOUCHED AN ASTOUNDING RS.65,000/- per DAY with DAILY BILLING CROSSING Rs.75,000/- per day . EVEN AFTER SPENDING ALMOST Rs.10 LAKH, APOLLO HOSPITAL CHURNED OUT A DEAD BODY OF A REPUTED PHYSICIAN . THIS IS NOT A ONE OFF CASE . THIS IS THE USUAL SCENARIO IN THIS SO-CALLED REPUTED HOSPITALS. PEOPLE SHRIEK AT THE STATE OF HEALTH CARE IN HOSPITALS AND NURSING HOMES IN WEST BENGAL . IT WAS SAID ABOUT POLICE - " DACOITS IN UNIFORM " - what exactly can be said about these cheats who are playing with lives of hapless millions.
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N Mar 21, 2011 by
Why dont you go to bangladesh and get treated ...
A Mar 24, 2011 by
Agree with you entirely. The doctors at Apollo Gleneagles Kolkata play god and do not think it necessary to give details to families of patients. The entire hospital, it seems, is composed of trainee nurses and attendants who can barely understand a word of Hindi / English (do not even think of Bengali). The administrators' approach is purely to cover up all misdeeds of internal staff. They have killed by father and are doing their desperate best (and very efficiently) to cover up. I fail to understand how these killers go about their daily lives with so much blood on their hands. I hope your complaint & my response (+ experience of other families they have destroyed) will reach the crowds who come to this slaughter house every day hoping for a cure.
A Oct 5, 2011 by
Satya Ranjan Sarkar  
Dear Dada,
Really it is very sad news about the death of your Physician father. I am commenting from kuwait, the Dr Of Apollo Hostial and other nursing home in Kolkata all are same, their attitude is only "EARN MONEY" Not for the serve of people. Remember we can not judge but the Justice of our head he will give pure judgement before his death. He will suffer, Himself" or his family member they will suffer, No money can help them. We all are help less infront of the saidDoctor, but Nature take his revenge naturally.
Satya Ranjan sarkar
D Nov 28, 2011 by
Dear Anirban,

I am extremely saddened by the incident that happened to you. Also I whole heartedly protest against the poor quality of service the hospitals are providing here at Kolkata but I beg your pardon to differ only in one of your comments on Dr Banerjee. I know him for last approx 16 / 17 years and have seen him in his profession doing lot of miracles. I have seen him curing innumerous critical cases and bringing stability to patients. In north of Kolkata, he is worshipped like a God and he has done justice to his profession for years. I once again stay by your side at this loss of yours but at the same time would like to say that as far as I know Dr Banerjee, he must have tried all that was possible from his end before giving up. Take it from me and I am extremely honest in my comment. -9830077514
A Jan 10, 2012 by
Dear Mr. Chatterjee,
It's very a sad incident. The owner of these hospitals should be punished for such negligencies. Drs. should use the generic names of the prescribed medicines along with the diagnosis. Adequate measure is very much required from the government to tackle these negligencies and recklessness.
Thanks & regards,
Somen Choudhury
D Nov 19, 2012 by
My mother Late Helena pal also died of unknown reason on 04.11.12 under Dr. Narayan Banerjee at Zenith Hospital, Belgharia, Kolkata. Dr. Banerjee could not diagnose despite end no. of tests. She was admitted due to nausea, weakness & irregular bowel movement. Dr. banerjee is nowadays only a money maker & having no commitment. on 3rd afternoon, Dr.told me that my mother would die with in one month but she died just after 12 hrs.

There are few people engaged by Dr. himself who have been continuously advertising his skill & competency but it is not so.

Please never make this mistake to admit your dear one under Dr. Narayan Banerjee otherwise you will have the same fate.

N Jan 19, 2013 by
Every case is different.I have an altogether different experience.I suffered from parapneumonic pleural effusion and got admitted to Apollo under Dr.N.Banerjee.I found him extremely sincere and he was very much polite to my family members.I live in north Kolkata and in our areas there are hundreds of people who are completely satisfied with the treatment offered by Dr.Banerjee.My relatives also regularly consult Dr.Banerjee for their ailments and he is very much polite to them and reasonably well mannered.So I have very regards for Dr.Banerjee.
N Feb 4, 2013 by
I don't have much experiences regarding Apollo hosp but i have a clear idea and experience about DR N.Banerjee's medical skill and expertise. There r so many examples regarding Dr. Banerjee's miracles in field of medicine, but apart from those i just want to specify his devotion to the patients and to the subject. As per as my personal experiences i know that DR.N. Banerjee used to spend sufficient time to explain the nature..prognosis and gravity of the disease to the patient's relatives and moreover he also used to explain the whole scenario regarding the expenditure of the total treatment procedure. All i want to say all this while that DR N.Banerjee is supposed to be one of the best physician and human being i have ever seen.
N Feb 4, 2013 by
It is extremely shocking about death of your father. In the field of medicine Dr. Banerjee is known one of the best doctor in kolkata. One of my relative was admitted under dr. Banaerjee few months ago with critical condition.With guidance and treatment of dr. Banerjee he is well now.
N Feb 10, 2013 by
I have all the respects for Dr. Narayan Banerjee and his team of dedicated Medical Officers.

I admitted my relative Late Mr. Debprasad Ghosh under his care in a nursing home at Sinthee, north Kolkata about a year ago.He was suffering from bleeding with caugh and sputum for last six months onwards.He consulted some of the leading chest physicians in Kolkata and was diagnosed as a case of Lung Tuberculosis and was prescribed some routine anti tubercular drugs.Inspite of taking the medicines regularly situations worsened progressively.

At the very first day Dr. Banerjee examined the patient clinically and briefed the case to us.He explained that he hardly believed this as a case of TB. He suspected something more dangerous, may be some form ofLung cancers.Like other family members at the very first day I could not believe.

Routine blood investigations, chest Xray, CT scan of chest done in the subsequent days and Bronchoscopy followed with guided biopsy.

After few days we got the biopsy report, suggestive of a fatal form of Lung Cancer-"non small cell variety". After that he was treated in some leading oncology units in Kolkata.He survived some six months more with lots of chemotherapies, radiotherapies and not the least with excruciating cancer pains.

We all knew the outcome in well advance.It was not curable.Our only consolation is that Dr.Banerjee made the diagnosis correctly and tried his level best.

People know Dr.Narayan Banerjee as "Bidhan Roy" of north Kolkata.I can't compare like that. But the incidence makes me believe that he is one of the finest clinicians in his era. We are grateful to him and his efficient team forever.
N May 10, 2013 by
It is difficult to find a good GP like Dr.Narayan Banerjee in the northern part of Kolkata and most of his patients, as I know, are well satisfied with his treatment. The only problem with him is to get an appointment to consult him unless one is critical and admitted under him in any hospital with which he is attached to.
N Dec 19, 2013 by
I want an appointment with Dr Narayan Banerjee for treatment regarding total abdomen

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