Mulund Check Naka Toll Booth - Illegal charging of toll

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There has been information that the toll at the Mulund checknaka is no longer valid and that one need not pay the toll to transit from Mulund to Thane and Visa-versa. However, those who are not aware of the fact that one no longer needs to pay the toll, pay it up politely. Those who are aware, just drive through. Sometimes those people at the booth, let people drive, however, at times they harass them to pay, unless you are firm, and let them know that you are aware that the toll has been abolished. They then let you pass through without much arguments. However, i fail to understand that if the toll has been abolished, then why you these people charge this unauthorized charge..
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How did we get a confirmation from Authorities on this. Where do we approcah for it.
If this is the case, we all must create the awareness about this..!!! I think its high time now we are paying these toll chages for no reason. I am just wondering how can we get confirmation that toll is unauthorized?
Contact MSRDC
Send an RTI application to MSRDC asking for details about how much toll to be collected, for how long, how much to be paid to GOVT by the toll contractor, how much already paid, what for the toll is being collected..etc..
They may give ridiculous reasons for collecting the toll, because it was by political interference to save the car owners of Mumbai, because a particular party is controlling BMC.For building flyovers in Mumbai, Mumbai car owners need not pay anything?Only those who come from Thane and go to Thane?It is ridiculous!

Anyway, they will give all other details about the toll that has been already collected and for how long etc, which will help in stopping the toll collection in future at the appropriate time!
The contractor also will be alert and careful, when he knows that people are vigilant and watching!
A strange problem has existed for the residents of Mulund for the past several years, but very few have dared to come out in the open to confront it. The residents of the city are paying toll tax for travelling within the city limit, a fact that has come to light only recently.
The problem pertains to the Toll Naka on the Eastern Express Highway, Mulund. The Naka is situated almost half a kilometre before the entry gate of the nearby city of Thane. As a result, the local residents, as well as those wishing to travel beyond the Naka, but within the city limits, are also required to pay the taxes for merely crossing the Naka and not the city.
"The city has five toll plazas marking the entry points to the city from Thane. While four are exactly at the entry points, the one at the highway is almost half a kilometre inside the suburb of Mulund. The trouble is acute for the residents of the MHADA colony who have to pay the tax for merely crossing the Naka to reach their homes at the far end of the suburb, " says Sunil Gangwani, the general secretary of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress party. The Congress leader feels that the tax is atrocious to the local masses and the recent hike in the tariff has further added to the problem. "Besides the MHADA colony, people driving towards the Octroi Naka as well as the civic dumpers heading for the dumping ground, have to pay for crossing the Naka, " he says.
Gangwani has written to the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) as well as the state Public Works Department (PWD) minister, along with the CM, requesting them to shift the Naka to the entry gate of Thane city. Notably, the taxes are applicable only to private four wheelers and transport vehicles. All two wheelers and auto rickshaws as well as taxis are completely exempt from paying such taxes. The tax net covers even inter-city government vehicles, including ST buses.
The former Shiv Sena BJP government in the state had imposed the toll tax after conducting major road repairs as well as construction of 55 flyovers in the city. The tax was in the centre of controversy ever since it was introduced. Transporters, particularly truck and tanker owners, had even gone to the court against the tax on the gerunds that the charges were substantial.

Read more: Do you pay toll tax for inter-city travel? - The Times of India
A May 7, 2011 by
i r b is the smartest road developer, what i mean is construct the road once and then sleep calmly for life with the toll takes only 1-2 years to collect the cost of the roadss constructed, the maintanence cost is very low.almost 10paise per car.and remember there are not only cars running on the road, there are trucks, trailers, tempos etc which pay hundereds of rupees.i want these tolls to shut down.enough is enough.politicians invest their black money in these tolls and get it converted in to white.plz people some one has to come with a solution.i think media will hellp
N Dec 16, 2011 by

I stay in mulund check naka (Shivaji Nagar, Thane) and my kids are in school at mulund, i frequently go to mulund then also i have to pay the tol? presenly i am using alternate road to mulund

N Mar 7, 2012 by
Hi friends we need to choose one leader who can gather information Wagle Estte Mulund check naka. where the toll collected from 4 wheeler holders...

It is true no body is able to understand why we are paying taxes.. While road repairing problem came that time the IRB responsible person told that the toll is collected for Bridges built in city. But if anybody is crossing lbs mulund toll naka is not using any bridge. If any way somebody is going to EE highway it is about 5 to 6 KM.

As a matter of fact this toll collection and calculation method is wrong. Govt. allowing the contractor to loot us because they have some cut coming from this colletion.

I hope we will come together to do something aginast this

Abhijeet Tupdale
N Mar 7, 2012 by
can anyone plz tell me shud i PAY the toll present between thane n mulund west...some news coming tat its a illegal one..if so wat shud i say to d authorities present dere...?
N Mar 11, 2012 by
Dear abhijeet,
This is regarding the illegal toll plaza at wagle estate mulund. The mulund west LBS toll plaza is an illegal one. It should have been demolished in 2009 when its deadline got ove but due to the corrupt officials in MSRDC the contractor MEP enginering still continues to collect money. People are not aware of this so they pay. So all we two need to do is create awareness and may b v can file an RTI an then v can go circulate pamplets regarding illegal toll at the toll plaza itself . If your realy interestd in doin somethng against this plz contact me at 9930091966
N Jul 19, 2012 by
use policy of mns than we will see result, , our authorities are sleeping they need a hard punch
N Jun 24, 2014 by
Off late we find a message on whatsup from many friends that Thane and Mulund residents having driving licence with respective addresses need not pay any toll on EEH or Agra Road Checknaka Toll booths. It was the duty of toll naka managers and the Government of Maharashtra to give clear info on this. It appears a deliberate move has been made in this regard by concerned parties.

D Dilip, Thane
N Sep 20, 2014 by
Vineet Kotak  
Nothing such .
I too got msg on whatsapp but they denied from exception
Searched a lot but didnt got fullproof evidence for d same
N Sep 25, 2014 by
Why to pay tolls if roads are not maintained ?? Every time a common man has to tax for everything and TOLL above it
N Oct 7, 2014 by
Our beloved ministers are least bothered about that from 1st october 14 the toll rates are increased from Rs 30 to Rs 35 but for paying this toll amount we have to spend minimum 15 to even 40 minutes which almost cost us not less then Rs150 that is for the fuel we are spending due to traffic at these toll plazas but how far is it right for a person traveling daily between thane & mumbai To pay toll tax & even waste fuel these Toll plazas should be thrown out of thane & mumbai as almost 80% of thane resident have to travel daily to mumbai for work then whY such treatment to Us At least think of the unnecessary traffic createD by these plazas we do not mind paying toll but why to pay toll if it wastes tIme & money both

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    Mulund Check Naka Toll Booth - Illegal charging of toll