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My mother is 75 years old and had developed cataract in both her eyes. She visited the Vasan Eye care where she was told that she needed to undergo cataract operation on her right eye asap. She underwent the laser cataract removal procedure and the very same day she had severe vomitting and her eyes became swollen. The doctor asked her to come the next day and checked her and changed the medicines with which her vomitting stopped but her eyes continued to be swollen and red. After one week the doctor said that she needed to go for another laser treatment in the same eye because of some displacement or some reason. She underwent the surgery the second time for the same eye. Since then, she had blurred vision and severe headache. Now the doctor wanted her to go for surgery in the second eye too.. e told her to go to another doctor just for chk up and second opinion. The second doctor from another leading eye hospital told her that a wrong lens was put in the first eye due to which she is having blurred vision and headache. And since her nerves are already very weak due to the operations done twice, nothing can be done. Now my mom is suffering constant headache, blurred vision and irritation in one eye. Is there any legal action that can be taken ?

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k.venkatraman VISION CARE  - India

reversal of interest - VISION CARE

Dear Sir/Madam
i got the september statement in that statement you charged interest and late payment fee, i dont pay interest because of my august statement contained charges for Rs.395 for cash payment made. i spoke to customer care they told they revised and it will effect on sept statement. now iam recieved the sept statement they charged Rs 395 against interest and late payment fee for that. i am purchased only Rs 20000, that amount i will pay. please do the needful as much as possible, otherwise i wont use the card.
The sept statement contains pay immediate, please give the minimum time to pay the amount.
k.venkatraman VISION CARE  - India

misuse of card - VISION CARE

dear sir/madam

this is venkatraman. my credit card no is 5264 6853 2504 5316.
sir i got my statement for the month of sep 2008, in that statement i got duplicate swiping and my card was misplaced at 1.10.08, i made the compliant in that moment my card was swipe for the full credit limit. i wont pay that amount because i am not use the card. please waived the duplicate swiping and misplace settlement as much as possible. other wise i wont pay the amount

thanking you


My mother (46 years old) had Micro Cataract Surgery with MI60 Lens Implantation (Multi Focus Lens) on Right Eye on 20/9/2010 at 08.05 AM and discharged at 8.41 AM on the same day. Till now there are no changes in her eye condition i.e. there is no improvement in her eyes even after following the Instructions and Medication as advised. We are not sure whether the lens kept on my mother's eye was a correct one or not?
A Mar 12, 2011 by
Hi all,

The same happened with my Father. He is 56 and he was advised to undergo cataract in the left eye asap. he underwent it on 7th feb 2011 at saidapet branch of vasan eye care.All went well until he said that there was a persistent irritation in his eye. Then again, on the 5th day we went back to the doctor for routine check up and told him about the persistent irritation. He told that that my father is diabetic and that might be the reason for his pain and persistent irritation.Due to severe pain and irritation in the eye, My father went again to the doctor and thats when the doc had said to him that there is some fibre inside the eye and that oughta be removed asap. He was again taken to the Operation Theatre where in they did some procedure to the remove the fibre(on 18th feb 2011).When asked about the reason behind that, the doctor didn't respond properly. He just said that it was some cotton fibre and now that he had removed it, there are no issues. Even then, My father couldn't see anything properly. His eye irritation was still persistent and his vision was not so clear even after a month. Then, we took him to another doctor nearby for second opinion. That's when we found out that they have done some wrong procedure and have given heavy doses of medicine. Being a heart patient, he was down and vexed because of this and his BP shot up thrice and his health became so bad. Is there any option to file a petition against the hospital for causing such inconvenience ? Is there any option to sue them? All we need is justice. His health condition has become very bad now only because of this. I advise the other patients who have an idea of going to vasan eye care for some surgery, strictly not to go there for any procedures. And, their tagline "Naanga irukom" sounds so stupid now, that are they for causing some severe damage to our eyes???
N Aug 26, 2011 by
sainath_b56 Vasan Eye Care  - Marthahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

bad checking - Vasan Eye Care

i am a customer who visited first time to hospital for eye checkup.after seeing prescription i made spectacles.but there I CANT ABLE TO SEE RIGHT EYE CLEARLY.!after checking with another hospital,icame to know that instead of "-1.25, they written +1.25"........holy crap vasan...
D Aug 26, 2011 by
sainath_b56 Vasan Eye Care  - Marthahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
N Feb 6, 2012 by
Go for Maxivision by Dr.Kasu Prasad Rao In Hyd/Vja.Hes excellent.I had my lasik(Zyoptix) on both the eyes for eye sight at the age of 21yrs, female.Hes excellent.Now 9 yrs passed by I have no issues.Excellent.Hes personally called us to his room expalined us the operation cleared our doubts.
A Apr 15, 2012 by
Hi Everyone,

I had been to the Vasan Eye Care hospital at Saidapet. The Doctor was rude and seemed to be pushing for more expensive options aggressively like she had "Sales Targets"! I had gone there to get a simple eye checkup to change my glasses since I've been feeling that the power may have increased.

At first when only a fee of Rs.100 was collected for registration I was happy and even thought for a second that these guys don't fleece their patients. Little did I know that there was more in store for me.

I go back for the prescription and then since I wanted contact lens, their first option was to dump a 4500/- worth lens supposedly superior and better. I have been wearing contact lens for the last 7 years or more and insisted that I had last changed my lens a year back and had gotten that for 1500/- and not more. They dillydallied and then said they have another type for 2700/- odd. I still mentioned I was ok with the 1500/- one and she put me on to a Doctor. This Doctor snubbed me at my choice of paying only Rs.1500 and said that they dont prescribe for those and that I should go for the other one. When I again relentlessly insisted that I sparingly use lens and mostly use glasses and hence did not want to invest that muvch money on my lens, she rudely shut me up by saying - " then dont come back complaining to us after 6 months. We wont replace your lens!!" That wasn't the end of the insult. I still stood my ground and said I would prefer to stick to the 1500/- lens and then she checks if my power is alright and while testing when I mentioned that the clarity with the testing lens is not proper she went about to again rudely state - " That is what you will get for that lens."

I am not just appalled at her rude attitude but am amazed at her audacity of behaving this way with her patients. Looks like the Doctor's of Vasan eye care also have sales targets - to fleece their patients!! Vasan honestly DOES NOT CARE!
A Aug 10, 2012 by

I had taken my father to vasan Eye care Adyar, for undergoing cataract surgery on 18/06/2012.Due to some pre-existing medical conditions the surgery was aborted at the last minute.I did pay 9000 rupees for the cataract surgery through my credit card, however since the surgery was not done, i was expecting for a refund.Under normal circumstances, the refund will show on your credit card in 10 working days, if they cancel the transaction. I did give them 10 days, 1month and now it is going to be two months and i am still expecting for a refund. When i called them, they said it does take one month time for them to get the money from the bank who issued the credit card, and once they receive the money, they will provide me a cheque. Its been more than a month and a half and i am still awaiting for the refund, while i am paying the interest for the charges on my credit card. When asked for an explanation for the delay, the staff namely ABUL, PRASANTH and ROOSEVALT were very rude and didn't even show some courtesy. Roosevalt who is the accounts manager for Adyar gave me a silly explanation stating that the cheque is ready and they are awaiting for a signature from their managing director for Vasan eye care "the world's largest eye care network" DR.Arun Nair who is currently on an overseas tour.

Guys, those who intend to go to vasan, Please change your mind else you will regret later for their services and their customer centricity
D Oct 12, 2012 by
Bhuvana Swaminathan  
My mother is 60 years old. On 10th Oct 2012took her to Vasan eye care in Adyar for normal eye check up.Her ID - 53149, We met Dr.Krishnakumar, he said my mom has cataract in both the eyes and she has to be operated immediately. They asked us to wait, there was one staff who poured drops of liquid in my mom's eyes and asked us to wait for half an hr, within half an hr he poured eye drops almost 3 times with an interval of every 7 mins and volume of liquid poured was 2 - 3 drops on each eye for every 7 mins gap, post which, we again met the doctor he reconfirmed stating she needs to do cataract immediately and made us to consult one of their staffs on diff lenses and the costs for it, we said we will go for it in matter of 2 months time but to my shock my mom's eyes became red and completely swollen the next day and it still continues. Need to visit some good clinic to bring back her normal eye vision.So pissed off the way they have handled things, her eyes looked clear and much better before the consultation. Its such a horrible experience. People visit your place to gain proper eyesight but in turn just for money, you guys screw even the normal eyes.Vasan eye care Adyar - Very bad and horrible
N Jan 27, 2013 by
charu ojha  
vasan eye care has open there hospitals only to make profits they do not care about difficulties of their mother who is 76 years old was called for surgery of catract on 26/1/2013 but was refused after 3hours sitting in there hospital as they were not having minimum 4 patients.i think they are calling doctors on hour basis and are not having permanent doctors, they told us that they have to pay for minimum 4 surgery although doctor does only one surgery.these hospitals with big name are to make profits only
N Jan 27, 2013 by
charu ojha  
yes at jabalpur also they do not care for patient mother Mrs charu ojha is also victim of the big name hospital.
N Jan 27, 2013 by
charu ojha Vasan Eye Care  - Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

refused to do cataract surgery after confirming the date - VASAN EYE CARE,JABALPUR

refused to do cataract surgery on given date 26/01/2013 of my mother Mrs Charu Ojha as they were not having four patients of surgery.they have opened to bluff patients and make money.they do not care patient of 76yrs old who has problem in walking and climbing stairs.
N Mar 14, 2013 by
Hi all,

Why do you go for vasan eye care? of course it is a money minded place, remember it is a place, not an eye hospital. Sankara nethralaya is the best to for eyes all over india. Doctors are not rude in any of the branches. The cataract is done for rs.5000 for those who cannto afford. there are lenses from Rs.15000-30000 range for those who can afford to go for foreign lenses. and most important is no one there compels that you must go for costlier lenses!!!. My dad underwent cataract in sankara nethralaya recently after comparing other eye hospitals in chennai.

N Jun 27, 2013 by
User Vasan Eye Care  - Villupuram, Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Worst - Vasan Eye Care

Staff are not behave properly in front of the customer they were lothgic more than one hour m siiting they didnt aten and not giving proper response.she is name SWATHI am talking with him she talikng with phone somebody else.kindly advice during work time please aviod phone.

N Feb 27, 2014 by
My experience is also bad with vasan eye care, there rates are double than the other eye care hospitals or clinics, there dealing is not transparent they dont disclose specific name of the lesnse that they will give under a particular pacakge. not good & honet people to deal with
N Apr 20, 2014 by

I am Ramakrishnan went to 01.04.14 for eye test at Vasan eye care Pervallur, they are useless even for eye testing itself, , they are not responding properly to the patients. Money minded doctors are not respecting the patients. B.M and other staff"s will be committing but they wont honour it.
N Sep 9, 2014 by
Tushar Agunu  
I visited the adayar branch of vasan eye care. All i had was a little eye strain due to computer monitor exposure. They asked me to undergo a screening test for Glaucoma for 4000rs inspite of me having no family history of Glaucoma etc. I visited a family doctor in hyderabad instead and he said everything was perfect and wrote drops for dry eyes. He said he was 99.9% sure that everything is alright and just to clear any doubts these vasan guys have created, got me a free glaucoma screening at a reputed hospital in Hyderabad. There too everything is fine. Vasan guys seems to have some sales targets and they are fleecing people. My close friends wife also faced a similar situation at Panjagutta, Hyderabad branch of Vasan.

Apart from this commercial agenda, they have got rookies employed for initial screening of customers. These guys do not have basic etiquette.
N Sep 20, 2014 by
Karunakaran S  
We had very bad experience with Vasan Eye Care. They usually catch the patients by the way of free lunch Eye check up, and now today when I went to my bank to deposit cash. There 3 persons from vasan eye care put one table and asking us to come for free eye check up.
By this way they are catching the patients and do the operation with unskilled doctors. I have personal experience one of my senior family member caught in this kind of trap, by going to free lunch and eye check up camp. They had given 3 tokens to bring all the family members for utilising free eye check. In this way our senior family member unaware of their tactics fell it. They had done the operation with the doctor name Prema in Vasan Eye care, TTK Road ( Next to narada Gana sabha) This doctor seems to be un-skilled. Done this operation twice to this patient. and given more than 10 different variety of drops. After so many visits, the patient lost vision. and the eye become loose nose by always discharging water. Being senior persons, the situation is very pathetic. We spend more than 2 laks to correct it to the minimum damage by spending our time, money and mental agony. My sincere advise is please do not visit Vasan Eye Care. If you want to go for it. Try to take second openion with reliable doctors outside the vasan eye care network. It shows they are running the system in franchisee model and doing this operation in a fast food method. Their only aim is making money. In our country this kind of practice is freely going on is. Some political person may behind it. My sincere request is as general public. Please be aware they are not doing free eye check up to us. In this world nothing is free. By giving 3 tokens to each persons and giving one lunch with the cost of Rs. 70/- They will drag our hard earned money more than Rs. 70000/- from our pocket.

Try to convey this message to all your friends and relatives. In this country, this only we can do. Because here money make many things. Awareness is the only thing to escape from this traps.

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