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ICICI Bank Customer Care

ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex
Mumbai City District
India - 400051

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 22 26531414
 1800-22-8181 (MTNL/BSNL/Select Only)
ICICI Phone Banking Center, ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor,
Survey no: 115/27, Plot no. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad – 500032

Registered Office:
ICICI Bank Limited
Landmark, Race Course Circle, Vadodara 390 007
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ICICI Bank Complaints & Reviews

ICICI Bank - Credit Card call

 mdialam on Jul 23, 2014
I am the customer of ICICI CORAL Credit Card, These guys have cheated me buy saying Its free but a bill of Rs 500 has come, Second is I urg them so many times Not to call in this number but each day I'm receiving at least 1 call. What shall I do, Some time with mobile number some time Internet driven number. I'm sick of it. and if you shout on them they are threatening also just I got a threat from a number 8421275967...
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ICICI Bank - opening new account on deposition of cash

 SATNAM SRI WAHEGURU on Jul 23, 2014
i have been to your branch at patel nagar, new delhi, for opening of my daughter accounts on depostion of cash. and during the course of interaction with your branch people, i was astonished that they cant open the account on deposition of cash. on being enquired they told that they will see the residence address of the person who is going to open the account. which is really a ridiculous aspects on their part. Although, the RBI have already issue direction that the account of the person can be open at any place where he worked and his/her address proof of the native/residence place will be subsequently...
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ICICI Bank - ICICI credit card closed in 2010, however it still reflects outstanding amount

 Jaya Tendulkar on Jul 22, 2014
I was using ICICI credit card from 2006 till 2008. I had a bad credit and was going through a bad phase of my life which ruined my credit history until 2010. I have closed all credit cards (I had from other banks as well) in 2010 and I am not using any credit cards since then. I had also checked on this in 2011 just to confirm that my card is closed and they said that there is no credit card in my name. I have made all payments on my consumer loans (Bajaj finance) on time. I have a good credit history now. I purchased my credit report few days back from CIBIL and it reflects outstanding...
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ICICI Bank - verification person

 ajeet barnwal on Jul 22, 2014
Dear Sir, Icici credit card deparment Sub :- complain against verification person This is inform to you my self A. k barnwal from delhi my credit card no- (4375510391884001) this is complain against verification person xyz, he came at my residence & misbehave & threat, by orally for due payment, today date 22/07/2014 timing is 3:20 pm. My due date is 27th july 2014. Before the due date he came without any information and threat me for the payment and did misbehave also, so I am unwillingly to be part of ICICI CREDIT CARD HOLDER So take needful action against him and this...
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ICICI Bank - Homeloan foreclosure payment process and the interest customer pays unnecessarily

 kadabbara on Jul 22, 2014
Hi Sir, This is regarding the foreclosure of my home loan LBHYD00001507545 with ICICI Bank. My EMI date was 10th July 2014. I gave the request for closure on 12th July 2014. Request no is SR328961145. I was ready to make the payment on the requested date itself but the bank people told me that I cannot make the payment until one week. When I asked the reason, they have told that it takes a week for the statement to get generared. It hardly takes seconds of time to calculate the outstanding amount. I went to the bank on 18th July 2014 to find out the O/S amount. The statement was already generated...
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ICICI Bank - Regarding false verification for personal loan and used my reference

 Tanuja Srivastava on Jul 21, 2014
I am having saving account in icici bank since April 2010.and my registered no is 8826004478.On 18th July my parent received a cal( on my home i.e not registered number with icici bank ) from no 011-47767528 and the person named himself Mr.Ahuja that he is calling from icici bank and stated this A person named shurvir singh has taken a personal loan and hes not payning EMIs and that person has mentioned me(Tanuja Srivastava) as refrence . How is this possible when I dont know this person and suddenly I became the refernce point for him and why did the bank didnot verify the detials at the time when...
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ICICI Bank - Re: Request for refund the deducted charges

 albert.amw on Jul 21, 2014
Dear sir, since 2013 I have icici bank account in cit nagar, chennai. when I was open the account they said this is nil balance account and this account connected to your trading account in kotak securities, unfortunately i went Qatar never care about this account now i planned to use this account so I have transfer some amount, but all the amount was deducted & balance showing Rs.154. I need to know two things.1.what type of account this. & much is account minimum balance, it’s my mistake I did not clarify with bank executives about my scheme, is it possible to refund the deducted...
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ICICI Bank - ICCI and ICCI Bank Tax Savings Bonds

 Raghuvan on Jul 21, 2014
I and my wife, B. Jayashree, have bought over the years both ICCI and ICCI Bank Tax Savings Bonds. These Bonds were issued to us in paper format - not electronic format. We have somehow overlooked the dates of redemption of these bonds, as a result these bonds are still lying with us - and, as I said, in paper format. The question now is: How to get these bonds redeemed? If they are redeemed now, will the redemption amount be the same as given in the bond certificates? I provide the details of ICCI and ICCI Bank Tax Savings Bonds that we had forgotten to send to these respective institutions...
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ICICI Bank - prepaid mobile recharge failure

 vineeth555 on Jul 21, 2014
Failure of Prepaid Mobile recharge I had used the icicbank prepaid mobile recharge to recharge my bsnl number. I never got the recharge but the amount Rs.110 was debited from my account on 19-07-2014. The payment details is BIL/0006020579269/1014/9496492749/9496492749 Dr. Rs.110.00 payment id : 0620579269 Please do something regarding this....
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ICICI Bank - Transaction error, money deducted and not returned

 Akshayankit on Jul 21, 2014
The transaction was made on 31st of may. I used the debit card to purchase an item from, but due to loss of Internet connection the transaction was not completed, but the amount was deducted. So, when I spoke to Myntra customer support, they said that they haven't received any money, so I contacted the bank and they said that the transaction was stuck at the gateway so they will process it and the amount will be reversed in one week. It's been a month and half and still the amount is not reversed. And I had been speaking to the Icici customer care every week and they seem to be taking...
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ICICI Bank - Stay away from this one

 thanveer_789 on Jul 20, 2014
I have open a new account bu the problem in net banking login the bank authorities not responidng properly and many time i speak to phone banking officer they said my mobile number is not registered kindly register the mobile number for netbanking accessing and solve the problem please.
Thanveer ahmed . M
Custermer no. 535827142...
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ICICI Bank - surrender of icici coral credit card no.4375510832418005

 manjula madhialagan on Jul 19, 2014
I Manjula from Hyderabad - have already intimated through customer care number for surrender of my credit card no.4375510832418005 whereas the same is being continued in usage. I have received annual fee debit on the card during July 2014. I request to kindly discontinue the coral credit card immediately and kindly refund the annual fee amount paid by me on 18.07.14....
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ICICI Bank - Bank charged 3000 RS with BIL/555217585/NchgRs2.50STRs0.31

 saurabh16485 on Jul 19, 2014
I am not sure what kind if charges are bank applied and deducted 3000 rs from account.
Here is what it shows in my statement:
BIL/555217585/NchgRs2.50STRs0.31 Dr 3, 002.81

I have not made any transactions at all which can cost me with extra charges.

Someone need to explain me and get that money back in my account.

Wondering if I have to change bank now. Bank are suppose to be trusted and if I have to look into all details then I do not need bank for that.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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ICICI Bank - Mobile Recharge

 Govind manral on Jul 19, 2014
On date 14/07/2014 i have on line recharge through ICICI debit card to mobikwik webside for my postpaid mobile no.9953816301, by Rs.375/- and 9654775265 by Rs. 350/- but ICICI bank not send said Amount Rs.350/-to concern webside ICICI: Debit Ref: 40140714122143/0-Rs.375 and 20140714121106/0-Rs.350/- pl. help. should be credit Rs. 350/-...
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ICICI Bank - POS Charges

 swapnil_pimpale on Jul 18, 2014
My name is Swapnil Pimpale and I'm holding an account in ICICI bank for the past 4 years. I just saw today when I checked my account online, that twice I have been charged POSDEC CHG of Rs. 28.09 each on July 16th 2014 and the description says: 3 16/07/2014 POSDEC CHG/02-06-14/2278/25ST3 Dr. 28.09 4 16/07/2014 POSDEC CHG/02-06-14/2278/25ST3 Dr. 28.09 I have swiped my card only once on 02-06-2014 & declined due to insufficient balance then how can bank cut the charges for two times. I have called customer care but system is down. Please refund the debited amount at the earliest....
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ICICI Bank - Poor Exchange rate on remittance with reference to RBI; exchange rate not listed - wrong promotion by ICICI Bank

 Ashok Nandle on Jul 17, 2014
The exchange rate offered is Rs. 58.72 against the RBI reference rate of Rs. 60.09. Same day State Bank has offered Rs.59.90 whereas SBI official card rate was 59.55.The card rate of other Banks such as Axis, PNB and IDBI varied from 59.55 to 59.65 on 30 June 2014. Same can be verified and if required reference and proof can be provided. It is surprised the ICICI Bank do not mention its card rate any where on the website. b) As I have mentioned earlier and same was agreed on my personal visit to the Branch that I am not interested in any of the ICICI Bank promotion on remittance as I have no...
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ICICI Bank - Credit card issuing without written confirmation

 sanketslunge on Jul 17, 2014
Hi Sir,

I am Sanket Lunge holding ICICI banks salary account. By looking my transaction ICIC bank’s credit card sales executive called me and gave me information like.
1.This card is free for you.
2.50% discount on movies tickets
3.0 surcharges on petrol etc..
By listening this I showed interest for credit card but before that I requested for written confirmation.
Your executive told me we will send and without it your credit card request will not be proceed further.
I haven’t received any such mail from that executive even after...
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ICICI Bank - Avoid this bank at all costs

 sohanpal on Jul 17, 2014
Dear Sir,

We have applied for ICICI Bank Credit Card on Dated 1st July, 2014 and All document submitted and Verification was done. but till dated no any Msg. received in this regards. So, we are requested to you please give the status of above mentioned application No.

Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Shankar Gond
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ICICI Bank - Discontinue ICICI Credit Card

 Swapnil Bambarkar on Jul 17, 2014
HI ICICI Bank Team, My name is Swapnil Shivaji Bambarkar and I have two ICICI credit card(coral). I want disconnect both card. I am Surprised, receiving two credit card are same name. I have not used the both card and I have received the bill every month. How it is possible. Your executive promised me, yearly charges will apply after 1 year not from day 1. Please discontinue the service ASAP. I am trying your customer care but number is getting disconnected every time. Card No : 4375 5109 0630 2002 Name : Swapnil Bambarkar Card no : 4375 5109 0771 3009 Name: Swapnil B...
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ICICI Bank - applied for new debit card CORAL - SR329706126 DATED 17 7 14

 Vijayan Nambiar on Jul 17, 2014
i have applied for new debit card with grid for online transfer of money. i need
a simple debit card and request registed vide no. SR329706126 DATED 17 7 14
whereas the customer care kerala 9020667777 - assistant registered my request for CORAL DEBIT CARD with
annual payment of Rs.499/-

the above request may be cancelled and and i may be issued a card of ordinary type with
grid with NO annual charges or applicable nominal charges,

Only addition to the exisitng card is I want grid card for online transfer of money
no additional feature...
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