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ICICI Bank — Non credit of money into beneficiary account on third party transfer.

 Anshuman Dangwal on May 5, 2016
To whomsoever it may concern,

My account number is 37553474 in hdfc bank.

I made a third party transfer to a benefeciary account on 01 may 2016.

The transaction id is n094160142112067. The amount was 15000 inr .

The amount has not been credited to the benefeciary account .

Benefeciary account number is 016701546414 . (Icici bank) .

Ifsc code of bank is icic0000167.

It is requested to please look into the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest.

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ICICI Bank — Credit card late payment charges & interest charges

 Kalpesh Rasiklal Shah on May 5, 2016
I have been using an icici bank credit card for 10 years. I have always paid full amount as per statement before due date for last 10 years which is an impeccable track record.

For my march month statement whose due date was on 11th april, 2016 & the amount was rs. 14 i paid on 5th april, 2016 but due to human error i forgot to sign the cheque. By the time i got the cheque back from my bank the due date had passed & i paid on 15th april, 2016 which was 4 days after due date. When i got the statement for month of april i was shocked to see that rs. 750 was late payment charges + service...
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ICICI Bank — Debit freeze my account

 narute on May 4, 2016
Bank customer stetment
Dear Mr. Narute,

We understand your concern!

We inform you that, as per the Service Reference number SR407349905, branch officials informed to close the account as per the process.

Hence, we request you to co-ordinate with the branch only for any further assistance on the same.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

Customer Service Officer,
ICICI Bank Limited.

This my stetment
Thise is not possible...
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ICICI Bank — ICICI personal loan dispute

 k_vadivel on May 4, 2016
I was looking for 2L personal loan. Got a call from a tele-caller saying calling from ICICI bank (later came to know that she is from some financial agency)

She was asking whether I have any other personal loans. I given those my existing personal loans. She said that, along with that 2L requirement if I sign-up for balance transfer of other personal loans, I shall get 11.49% rate of interest (I was very happy that my existing loan rate of interest was 14.5% to 15%).
When I checked with her about balance transfer, she said that (I was not aware of balance transfer funda that...
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ICICI Bank — Account freeze without any intimation before 4-5 month

 narute on May 4, 2016
Dear sir / madam,

My name is gorakh machhindar narute and my account no. In icici bank is 233301506895. My
Account has been open on behalf of my company spml infra ltd bengalore
. It is salary account. My account has been freeze within 3 month.
So bank advised me u submit your id proof and address proof and hr letter and my self undertaking your account will be activate within 5 days but till now told bank manager close ur account, how it possible.My lots of transaction for previous account not this account. I also contact your customer care but they telling...
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ICICI Bank — Delay in refund of demand draft amount

 T.n. Bhuva Raghavan on May 4, 2016
On 29th July, 2015, I had placed a request from Geneva (Switzerland) on ICICI Net banking for issuance of a Demand Draft for Rs. 10, 204/- favouring Life Insurance Corporation of India, Branch 12B, Splendour Mall, Jasola, New Delhi. The draft amount and its commission was to be debited to my NRO Account No. 6297 010 91502 with ICICI Bank, Mayur Vihar branch, Delhi 110091.

In response, on 30 July, I received the following mail from ICICI Bank Customer Service:-

Date:Thu, 30 Jul, 2015 at 17:42
Subject:Status of your SR376945915
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ICICI Bank — Not disabling auto debit facility linked to my account

 asaluja on May 4, 2016
I have an IWISH Depoist account, which is a kind of flexible Recurring Deposit. Initially when i opened the account I opted for the Auto Debit Facility, but now I want to discontinue it and do it manually. After talking to ICICI customer care several times they told me it cannot be done.

I should be able to discontinue it as it is a flexible RD and I am not liable to deposit any fixed amount per month I cannot do it as per funds available anytime in the give period of RD.

Auto debit is only a facility provided to the customer and it is optional when we activate it so...
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ICICI Bank — Not a single one - there are bunches of complaints

 87Rohit on May 3, 2016
Toll free number is not working - If this is not in use why don't you fix it. If not able to fix then stop fooling the customers and remove it

Tried calling the others nos - (07306667777) - I think this is for deducting money cause no one actually picks up the phone. 12 rs deducted and still no clue of when your representative will pick up the call. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic service.

Iwsh - Manage Goal is not opening for last 4 days? Let me know what is the issue with this?? To get the solution I tried above two points?? Is there any way i can find the solution, or...
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ICICI Bank — Credit card users data is insecure and open to unauthorized modifications

 Bharathkumar A on May 3, 2016
For the above mentioned credit card, which i have been using for almost 5 years, the contact mobile details and email id has been changed without my permission and knowledge and i am not sure how it has been done. Because of which, i did not receive the email or sms regarding the bill and inturn due to which, bill tracking got missed and the payment for credit card got delayed last month and i have been charged late payment and interest. I want all the charges to be reversed and an explanation on how the details are changed. Security of my information is in questionary....
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ICICI Bank — Lazy people from icici bank sent me invalid card

 kjpn.prakash on May 3, 2016
Your idiotic staff had sent me a card which is invalid and providing all the updates by sending mails regarding the status of the card delivery. Why the hell your people are behaving like this, don't you guys have minimum common sense. I got to know while doing transaction by using your nonsense card it was invalid and made me fool by using your worst bank as my salary account as well. When i call the customer care they confirmed that the card was unknowingly sent, my question is, does you guys are maintaining such a lazy people in your bank.??
You need to pay for all the you have been...
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ICICI Bank — Forcibaly open demate account

 gaurav.smile11 on May 3, 2016

Account salary icici bank, forcibaly they open demate account and charged demate account maintenance. Please return my demate charge as soon as possible. Details are given below-
> Name: gaurav gupta

> Product: Savings Account

> Account No: 244901502030

> Application No:

> E-mail address: gaurav.smile11@gmail.com

> Mobile no: 9210905096...
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ICICI Bank — Charged for late fees

 reema ahuja on May 3, 2016
I had dropped cheque on 04 april cheque got collected late and clearing also delayed coz of bank holiday and i have been charged 1000/- late fee and interest charges nobody in icici bankis ready to hear my problem and resolvee and waive the charges. bank took 5 days to clear the cheque as the boys didnt come to pick the chq frm atm box we would i suffer...
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ICICI Bank — I am a personal loan defaulter...

 Kumar Putatunda on May 3, 2016
I am a personal loan defaulter in ur respective bank...I want to clear it...Pan no. Awepk4706b... Putalunda kumardeep... Pls contact me on...9666884352
I took the loan in the year 2002 to 2006 between.. I kindly request u to get in touch with me as soon as possible... I took the loan in hyderabad secunderabad branch..Do not remember the exact date..Or loan no....
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ICICI Bank — Interest rate applied on whole amount rather than partial amount

 SUDHEERRallabandi on May 3, 2016

How come icici bank is allowed to calculate interest on the amount we paid.

I don't understand the fraud icici is doing. Here is the scenario
Need to pay the amount :91873 rs
Paid : 75000 before due date.
Paid remaining amount 17000 after 4 days of due date.

In next statement generated they asked me to pay 4, 903.45 (Interest charges)+711.00 (Service tax)= 5, 613.76

I would have very much satisfied if the interest was applied on remaining amount. Very much disappointed by the interest rate applied....
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ICICI Bank — Nfs withdrawal without my knowledge

 Juzz Tashu on May 2, 2016
Dear sir
I had a fraud transaction on 9 march 2016. I registered a complaint in icici care and as per there guidenceb they asked me to register a police complaint and I submitted all the documents to them. Aftr all this they blame that my family mermber have done the fraud, which is not true, after that I arranged the footage of that day by the help of police inspector but when I went to submit the footage neither the branch manager nor the customer support head mrs shree devi looked the footage and bluntly answered that the matter is closed and they will not refund the money.
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ICICI Bank — Dp chgs till mar-16

 chnjagadish on May 2, 2016

This is Jagadeesh

My account is debited with amount of 572.50 and showing the transaction summary as 00499587 DP CHGS TILL MAR-16

I have never activated and used any Demat account till now. There was no prior notice.I haven't received any deduction message to my mobile. I need justice and my money back immediately.My Account Number is 132001503134 .

Please look into this ASAP.

Best Regards,
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ICICI Bank — Forcibly registered a policy with my card card

 mohammad juber khan on May 1, 2016
Hi sir,

One employee of icici bank which name is sahil and mobile no : 9958303167 forcibly registered a policy with my credit card. I told him ten or twenty time that first of all i consult with my parents if they will agree i will continue your policy otherwise not but he didn't listen my voice and active this policy.

So if you will not discontinuous this policy i will close icici a/c.
I have salary account with your bank so you will not discontinuous this one i will switch my salary account to hdfc bank on monday so you will loose your customer
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ICICI Bank — Tax saving bond - 032005

 gs9654162362 on May 1, 2016
I would like to know the status of my bond certificate for the details given below :-
Certificate no. 45644
Bondholder no.06785-664
Purchased on 24th may 2005
In the name of gurdeep singh
No. Of bonds - 6
Face value per bond : rs 5000

Kindly let us know the status regarding the same and how should i redem the amount?

Gurdeep singh
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ICICI Bank — Unblock debitcard for online transactions

 reshma20 on May 1, 2016
Otp pin was asked 3 times for online transactions. I gave it correctly. But after some time, i got a error stating that debit/atm card has been blocked for online transactions.Online transactions are blocked. Can you please resolve as soon as possible. Waiting for your response from you end. I have provided the attachment which i got when i carried out a online transaction.Nobody is responding properly if we went to bank and telling that we dont know....
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ICICI Bank — Lien on salary account for credit card

 ashishthak on May 1, 2016

Their has been an outstanding of Rs 83028.19 on credit card dues. I was not able to pay this amount for last 3 months. My salary got debited on 29th April and the amount of Rs83028.19 was blocked as lien on my account. I have my emi's coming up on 2nd and 4th May plus my father is undergoing an emergency medical treatment. I request if you can reverse this amount and help me with a structured emi plan so that my financial burden can be taken care of. Their has been no intention of not paying to the bank but now my finances have improved post my appraisal and a emi plan will help...
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