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ICICI Credit Card — Unblocking of my credit card

 anuprashantsaxena on Jul 25, 2016
Dear Sir,

My card was blocked while maiking online payment, even after several attempts for contacting on toll free numbers I was unable to contact the call centre executive as IVRS System call is not properly responding. I need your help for unblocking my credit card on urgent basis. I have no dues, all my bills were cleared as on date. Please do needful.

My contact No: 8650206926


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ICICI Bank — Posdec

 Suman Sumans on Jul 25, 2016
It has become usual habit for ICICI to rob money from customer but the explanation will be different . I was charged thrice . I don't know why RBI is sitting idle on those banks .Every time we have to shout at them for hours to get it resolved .Though I have money in my Icici they deduct MAB, I have to explain them still it has not been deducted from account as I haven't made any purchase .

RBI pls cancel the licence, PSU Banks are much better...
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ICICI Bank — Unnecessary balance deduction in my account [Resolved]

 shankar kanojia on Jul 25, 2016
Hello team,

I am a customer of icici bank from last 6 years, i have been always satisfied with your services but your customer service is very poor.

Now there is some unnecessary deduction in my account which i have highlighted below.

Posdec chg/20-06-16/1096/25+st
Posdec chg/20-06-16/1096/25+st
Posdec chg/20-06-16/1096/25+st
Posdec chg/20-06-16/1096/25+st

Can you please advice what are these charges and why i need to bear it.

You customer care number takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
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ICICI Bank — Complaint of credit card — 4375512273893001

 hari_shankar on Jul 25, 2016
I have a credit card no-4375512273893001. I am using this care since oct-2014.In the last month my credit card bill was accrued on dated 28/06/2016 for the amount of 3885.84. On dated 26/06/2016 one amount of rs. 4680 has been credited in my account. After this payment all old due of my credit card has been cleared account was reflected in minus. After this everything was smooth and fine. But on 18/07/2016 i have seen one late payment charge of rs. 500 and service tax of rs. 75 was accrued in my account.
I am very much surprised to see this late payment charge and service text amount.
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ICICI Bank — Looting of customer account

 vimalkorth on Jul 24, 2016
Hi icicic,

this my chennai account (a/c no: 270xxxxxx672). my friend deposited 1000 rs to my account as on 20 th july.16. but i got only 827.50 (deduction for "anw-chrgs :150.00 s-tax :22.50") i think this charge is too much. totally loot. please tell me what's the hell this anw charges and refund my deducted amount earliest.

Icici people do not tell about their policy correctly.
They have charged for mobile sms service. but did not sending any message for this deduction, frustrated by their terms and conditions.

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ICICI Bank — Relieving letter date change

 Sujesh Suseelan on Jul 24, 2016
Dear sir,

I have worked with icici bank from 29/07/2008 to 15/03/2011. Due to unavoidable circumstances i have resigned from my service and left the organisation on 15/03/2011 and moved to a different state. At time of joining, in my offer letter, it was mentioned that either i have to serve 90 days after resignation or i have to pay notice period amount. Hence i served part of the notice period and intimated them to recover the dues for such shortfall in notice period. Thereafter they have completed my full and final settlement and provided me with a relieving letter. However the...
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ICICI Bank — My debit card is blocked for online transaction

 Jyotirmaya Mishra123 on Jul 24, 2016
Dear ICICI Bank,

My debit card got blocked automatically for doing any online transaction. So requesting you to please look into this and unblock my card at the earliest as I cannot pay my phone and internet bill online. I tried to contact on customer care number but no luck in getting touch with your customer care executive. Please take this on priority and please contact me back for more details in my gmail id or phone number

Name : Jyotirmaya Mishra
Email id : jmishra53@gmail.com
Mobile : 9439366142...
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ICICI Bank — Problem during amount withdrawal through central bank of india's atm

 dkumar6810@gmail.com on Jul 23, 2016
Dear sir/madam,

I was tried for withdrawal 1000 rupees through atm central bank of india (naubasta crossing ghatampur road kanpur) as dated on 17 july 2016 time 14:18:08 but amount was not gotten and 1000 rupees credit on my account (104101502164).

Atm slip details:
Tx# 5320

Dinesh kumar.
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ICICI Bank — Why charged rs. 23 on every atm transaction even when i am using same bank debit card

 lokeshkumar12345 on Jul 23, 2016
Hi i am lokesh kumar, i have a icici bank account as well as debit card.
Yesterday i was withdrawing the amount from a icici atm machine. I withdraw rs. 500 then it was ok and showed the remaining balance is 3814. But when i was trying to withdraw rs. 3800 it didn't proceeded. And after that i done 2 transaction (Withdraw) and on every transaction they charges rs 23 to me.. Why???...
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ICICI Bank — Complaints about fake sms

 Bappadeb on Jul 22, 2016
I received a sms at my mobile number 9831337895 about some loan payment which i didn't taken ever. So i want to know about that type of sms. Sms detail containing much amount about three lakh, but due date for payment has not been mentioned in it. Customer care didn't responded at my call. So please resolve that problem which was raised from your end as earliest as possible....
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ICICI Bank — Automatically cancelling debit card and asking for reapplying for card

 vibinjacob on Jul 22, 2016
On 22/7/16 afternoon i got an sms saying that my debit card is blocked immediately i called customer care and informed. It is told that it a mistake from icici, it will be talked to superior and complaint will be registered to unblock. Free card will be issued. Since there is no response i called evening and it is told that i have to apply for new card. He made me to weight for long time. Worst experience. Collecting new card will be difficult since address is not updated. This is mistake of icici and they are simply pushing to customer worst experience....
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ICICI Bank — Atm power failure - did not receive money but it got reduced in my account

 Angel Mizpha on Jul 22, 2016
Hi.. I tried to take money from icici bank atm which is placed in my company cts in siruseri with my iob atm card around 17:40 date is 22/07/2016. Atm id is stchb123. When i typed amount and clicked proceed power got cut and atm machine got shut down. I dint receive any money. When the power came again i cheked my balance the amount which i dint receive was deducted from my account....
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ICICI — Cheater company

 iqcorg on Jul 22, 2016
Dear sir,

Thank you for contacting sebi.

The appended matter relating to insurance policy does not fall under the purview of sebi. You are requested to approach the appropriate authority ie insurance regulatory and development authority (Irda) for the redressal of the said matter

Thanks & regards,

Office of investor assistance and education,
Securities and exchange board of india.

From: indian quality centre [mailto:iqcorg@yahoo.Co.In]
Sent: 15/05/2016 3:54 pm
To: infanta conceicao; yazdi...
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ICICI Bank — Unblock my debit card for online transaction

 Bishwanta Maxwell Leishangthem on Jul 22, 2016
Hello there,
Three days ago i treid to recharge my mobiwik using details of my newly active debit card.
It is icici debit card (Visa card).

When i used this card for online transaction first time process asked me to enter card number, name on the card expiry date.
I filled it properly with my name.
On next screen it asked me for valid from date, date of birth and atm pin.
I again filled it properly. But this time it rendered a message of invalid data.
I tried it few time and after 3-4 time it blocked my debit card for online transaction and...
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ICICI Bank — Money was deducted without reason

 Nagarjuna D on Jul 22, 2016
Am the a/c holder of icici bank from last 7 years, i am having a zero balance a/c,
Now they have started charging rs.172.50 under this category (dcardfee).
And atmdec chg rs 28.75
I am not aware what type of charges are these.
They never informed me regarding these charges either by email or by letter.
Who has given right to icici bank to deduct the money without informing us.
Because we kept the money in bank that give right to bank that they can do anything whatever they want.

There should be some formal process for doing all these things....
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ICICI Bank — Regarding Loan

 Israr786 on Jul 22, 2016
This is in ref to loan number lpdel00031760685 name israr a khan
I would like to request you to please give me one more month to pay off my due, please do not call anyone, i know i have been absconding from paying off my dues every month, i am going through a very tough time in my life which nobody knows inmjy family, and now icici loan recovery people started calling and torturing my family, i might commit suicide if that continues,

All i am requesting is to give me till 10th of aug i will pay off all my due, s
Realty is i never used the loan money, my...
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ICICI Bank — SMAB charges deduction

 anil9486 on Jul 21, 2016
Dear sir/madam,

I am an account holder of icici bank for about 7 years. i am using my account for less frequently. because i got job in some other organization.
But when i check my balance through net banking i saw a charges are deducted from my account in the name of smab chgs-apr16+stax 67.50 a total of rs.517.5 date 13.07.2016 and again on 19.07.2016 the same was repeated smab chgs-may16+stax 67.50 a total of rs.517.5 without any prior intimation regarding the charges. my name vrd anil kumar p, account no is 116001501390, contact no-8885768494, email: anil. m. ece@gmail.com.
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ICICI Bank — Fraud calls from fake icici visa mastercard

 suhas786 on Jul 21, 2016
My name is suhas 9870117287

I got a cali from icici bank visamaster card depatment branch gurgaon. i think its a fraud call n contact number is 8459756549 she told me her name is neha varma.
They told me you get some reward n cashback for credidcard. they deduct my amount rs. 2500. but plz told me how they know my contact number and i have icici bank credit card. i know i did mistake like share my deails but 1st up all its also your responsibilty to do not shares our single details like contact numbers to other banks or any agencies and you take a service chages for that how...
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ICICI Bank — Anw charges without informing me

 svijaay on Jul 21, 2016
Hi team,

I have a savings account, rd account, life insurance for myself and savings account, rd account and fd account for my wife. I deposited cash for my wife account they have charged 259 rs as anw charges and teller did not inform me about this. I am really not happy with the service. This was never mentioned while opening the account or shared with customers. Kindly refund this amount asap.

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ICICI Bank — Gift card icici cheating

 Dr.Sarveshwar Sood on Jul 21, 2016
I was given a gift card of icici visa corporate which i used only once or twice
As i mostly use my credit card. when i found that my card has expired i called the customer care to issue me a replacement card. customer care lady asked me to tell exact amount of last transaction on this card. as it happened months ago how can i recall the exact amount, no one told me that i have to remember exact amount if the replacement card has to be issued. so refused to issue the replacement card. so i cannot use the remaining amount of my card. i feel cheated....
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