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ICICI Bank Customer Care

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ICICI Bank — Lost gold from the Bank Locker

 24.chitra@gmail.com on Feb 12, 2016
We have opened a locker sometimes back in Kalyan branch. But there are some gold missing from the locker. We have been trying to get the bank authorities to look into the issues. But they have been dodging the issues, and now they are saying that they don't have any video recordings of that month.

Initially they have suggested that we don't go to Police, as they would investigate the issue internally and get back to us on the next steps. But after lot of follow ups, after a month and half they are saying that they only keep video recording of 1 month and nothing before that.
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ICICI Bank — Travel card - unreliable

 pkakrania on Feb 12, 2016
I had travelled to Europe with the ICICI Bank Travel Card in September 2015. During my trip the card stopped functioning due to their system update without any prior intimation from ICICI Bank except one email on 27-09-2015 at 11:52pm (IST)? After 8 minutes of which (at 12:00am on 28-09-2015) the card stopped working for more than 2 days. I was stuck in a foreign land without financial support and suffered immense mental agony, embarrassment, tension of managing the expenses. It was more so for a girl like me. ICICI Bank’s card issuing agency on contact from Europe, expressed their inability...
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ICICI Credit Card — Harassment calls from a icici bank /credit card from phone numbers originating from location chennai

 Rony Mascarenhas on Feb 12, 2016
All the telephone calls are originating from Chennai location and it comes as +91 444 2679 101 /110 /112/105.A person called Kiran called from Chennai icici bank claiming my brother has not paid icici credit card in 2007 and the credit card address is listed for Rajajinagar, Bangalore which is UNKNOWN address even to me.I said my brother is out of India for the last 10 years and he doesn't own a icici bank card since he doesn't have a PAN or ever stayed in Bangalore since he is deputed to UN location. He is asking who can clear the amount but he is not ready to say how much pending amount is there...
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ICICI Bank — Auto debit from my a/c

 Abhishek Mishra on Feb 12, 2016
My Account no 129301503990 has been Auto debited by Rs 789.35, without any reason. Once they have charged Auto Debit Return Fee for Rs 250 + service Tax instead of i have made the payment of on the due date and again on11.02.2016 i got a msg of Auto Debit Payment of Rs 789.25 from My A/c.

Kindly Provide the reason of Deducting the Amount from my A/c, as i have paid the Credit card AMount on the due date of 10.02.2016.

Abhishek Mishra...
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ICICI Bank — Liar and fraud done by icici credit card and banking department

 satish1608 on Feb 12, 2016
Dear SIr,
I was using credit card (5239512668491000) of icici bank fromseptember 2014 to June 2015. In june I had asked icici to block this credit card due to some malicious transaction. ICICI send me another credit card (5239512668491018) in June with an adiitional benefit that I can withdraw cash of Rs 5000/ from this credit card. This benefit was not available in my previous credit card. When ICICI send me new credit card i.e 5239512668491018 in June, with this card they merely send me a letter in which no terms and condition was written nor it was written that with each time cash withdrawal,...
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ICICI Bank — Loan on credit cards/late payment charges

 shyam modi on Feb 11, 2016
I am having a loan i.e 9401270274363006 on credit card since april 2015.since then all the payments were on time and not missed any single emi.But for the month of dec they have forced the following charges-

27/12/2015 27/12/2015 Late Payment Fee 500.00 DB
27/12/2015 27/12/2015 Service Tax 72.50 DB

Payment date was 23rd dec i have made payment on time The amount reflected on 28th dec in their statement. but They are have charged me with late payment fees and service tax on my account on the baisis of non working day .As holidays were on from 24 till 27th December...
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ICICI Bank — Fraudulent excess credit card charges

 bhabindra on Feb 11, 2016
I WAS a Icici customer for more than 18 years, without any defaults. Off late they charged me 5000 Rs as late fee and interest for a 2 day delay. Now I called, emailed and asked them to resolve this. I get an answer someone will. All you back and I never did. Finally I decided to cancel the card and I did.
Post that they kept charging me interest and late fee, inspite of me asking them to resolve the issue and I will pay.
Finally the 5000 Rs was bloated to 22000 Rs and the money was deducted without my knowledge from my bank account.
What a way to make money... I am still fighting...
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ICICI Bank — NEFT Transaction not credited to beneficiary

 Subrahmanyan S on Feb 11, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with Reference to NEFT Transaction made on 02nd Feb 2016 for the amount of 11, 000 which is yet to be credited to the beneficiary,
Kindly let me know the UTR (Unique Transaction Reference) No. to probe from beneficiary end.

Also, kindly let me know the transaction status from ICICI end.

Transaction Number :909901633

Account Name: Subrahmanyan Seetharaman
Account Number : 055801548657

Beneficiary Name : S. Prema Kumari
Beneficiary account number : 213003012
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ICICI Bank — The bank is charging money for depositing not in the home branch

 beeta4047 on Feb 11, 2016
Dear sir

This bank is charging money for each of our deposits to account which is not in the home branch.Because of this I beleive I have lost more than Rs 4000 in one and half year.Which is a huge money for a normal citizen.And also any change in details of the account we have to go directly to this bank.Overall the franchising of ICICI bank is looting money from people.

Kind Regards...
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ICICI Bank — Harassment calls from recovery agents

 Dhiraj_A on Feb 10, 2016
My self Dhiraj Ambapkar, would like to complaint against recovery agents of ICICI bank, they are calling from the landline number 022-49224112 to my Office direct line numbers randomly and using harsh language and are harassing the office staff. the name of the Agent is Mr. Durgesh to whom i spoke and tried to negotiate to settle my credit card dues which are 10 years old. They are not ready to negotiate and asking me to pay the dues along with the interest of 10 years. I asked them to send me the outstanding statement and some proof that they are calling on behalf of ICICI bank, but they are not...
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ICICI Bank — Without my knowledge they have debited emi amt from my savings account

 aaryalvesu on Feb 10, 2016
I have requested for a change my EMI date and from every month of 15th to 1st of every month and they said it will take minimum of 2 month and without giving any further intimation they have changed within a month and on second of this month i have received a call stating that i havn't had a sufficient balance in my account and i spoke with them very clearly sir this what happened and they said ok we will till 15th since the mistake is from our end and on 6th feb 2016 i have transfer the amount of 49800 to pay for my credit card they have blocked and charged a lien amount against the emi and when...
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ICICI — Redemption not done - icici bonds mmb 082000 (Three) series

 Attaluri Srinivas on Feb 9, 2016
I am holding two Bonds (ICICI Money Multiplier Bonds 082000 Series) of issue price Rs 5000/- each. Total face value being Rs 50, 000/-, redemption date 05.10.2015. Bondholder No 07989-034. Certificate Nos 2288 & 2289. Distinctive Nos 3358 & 3359. I have sent these bonds to the ICICI Infotech Services Ltd, Maratha...
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ICICI Bank — Credit card application status from ICICI

 Naresh Kongarapu on Feb 9, 2016
This is Naresh K, Recently I have applied for a cedit card from ICICI.
I dont know what happend to my application, there is no status on that.
Other hand these bank people simply taking documents and they are rejecting that. Please let me know my status of the same.

Naresh Kongarapu
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ICICI Bank — Bank credit card

 Supriya Pathak Singh on Feb 9, 2016
First of all i was informed i will not be charged for joining fee. Next year i will be charged for 500 ruppes .. then why this statement ????

Bank has started cheating customer ??

Please Ask bank to check my call record during card upgradation ?

I will not pay any amount to you. Register my complaint complaints u say something an do something

Cancel this card i dont want it now. And i will not pay anything.

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ICICI Bank — Charges for paying credit card bill in the branch

 Mrugshal on Feb 9, 2016
I am new to ICICI (and to Indian banking) but this sounds crazy that they charged me Rs. 100 for paying my credit card bill in one of their branches.
They tell me that is is per their books, but then the books need to be re-written.

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ICICI Bank — Fraud transaction through credit card

 Yogini C Gohel on Feb 9, 2016
Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that someone has used my credit card fraudulently on 09-02-2016 at 11:01 am made a payment of rs 4981/- at VODAFONE BILL DESK. & at 11:03 made a payment of rs. 4800/- at AIRTELMONE
This is a humble request to cancel the fraud transaction of rs 4981/- & RS. 4800/- refund the amount ASAP.
sir, a call received from no.+91 9565025905 today at 10.54 am asking my icici Bank Credit Card details like card no., date of expiry etc stating that he is calling from icici bank credit Card section for exchanging rewards points to be credited...
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ICIC Bank ltd — Fraud transaction

 chandrika mahapatra on Feb 8, 2016

6 Fraud transactions has been made from my account to purchase made in various online site like BookMyShow.com, Snapdeal and Vodafone in a span of 2 mins, and the best thing is that it dint asked for any OTP/Password infact ICICI has one more level of security that is Grid.

so my question is how the Fraudsters were able to do this, there is definitely a loop hole in ICICI Banking system.

How can i get my money back??i have raised a complaint with ICICI wide no SR400414701 that they say will be address within 48 hrs.
they will investigate...
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ICICI Bank — Personal loan statement

 Hada on Feb 8, 2016

I'm having two personal loans with "ICICI BANK LTD".Please mail me the account statement for LPMUM00033855790 from start of loan till date as i want to foreclose the loan.

Mukesh Hada...
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ICICI Bank Limited — Unfair practice in charging additional foreclosure charges

 Elvis Sequeira on Feb 8, 2016
I have a car loan with ICICI Bank: Loan account number: LABNG00027871120

During the time of processing the loan the executive had told me that I can preclose the loan only after 1 year anytime without any preclosure charges. And If I foreclose before 1 year I need to pay 3% charges on remaining principal.

I have now completed 1 year 10 months. and when I visited the bank for preclosure, they are charging me 9770/- extra as foreclosure charges at a rate of 5% on the outstanding principal amount. When requested them to wave off or give some concession on the amount....
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ICICI Bank — Wrong deduction from my bank account for 8 yrs old credit card

 Deepak1909 on Feb 8, 2016
Subject : Complain against ICICI Bank Credit Card Department.
( After 8 years, Rs 22 thousand deducted from my ICICI Bank Personal account )
Dear Sir,
I am Deepak Choudhary residing in Jaipur for last 10 years in Nirman Nagar, Jaipur. My Native place is kota . This letter is for Complain against ICICI bank, Credit Card department. After 8 years they deducted Rs 22 thousand from my personal saving bank account.
Brief Story behind the matter :
In year 2006, I was working a Area Sales Manager in GE Money, Kota, where One of the Sales Executive of ICICI Bank approached...
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