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fresher - cjet in cmc

hello evey body

am ashok from mumbai . cmc is conducting a training for engineer and they say they will provide placement in cmc or tcs how far this is true . in i take cjet course whether it would be waste of money or they will provide placement . training fee 82000 for 3month , and for 9 month stipend 6000 ...... this is the details they give are they providing placement . or simply am wasting money ..........
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fresher - Complaint

 deepak kumar
have recived a message from deccan engg for providing job and they demand 2000rs.but i m very feerful that if this company will not provide me job after reciving money then...? If this company demand more money after 2000rs then...?Tell me something about this company. because i have seen many complain against this company at complain board.
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fresher - Sandcube a fraud company

 akshaykhanna112 on Nov 16, 2014
Such a bloody bastards they are...this company plays with the talents of students and spoil their career...go to hell employer and soon !!! This company is such a fraud company which uses gmail for their mail conversation they dont even have their own !! You bloody rascals......
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