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Stray Dogs — They need to be removed from the streets to make the place safe

 Sunitha K Biswas on May 1, 2012
We are live in Bhuvaneswary Nagar area (Near Williams International College) on RT Nagar in Bangalore. The stray dogs living in our street chasing the children who ever passes by during day time. Once it has attack my son also. They need to be removed from the streets to make the place safe....
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Stray Dogs — Stray Dog menace

 ramuindana on May 22, 2013
West Venkatapuram Alwal,Secunderbad-500015,Has become a very scary locality with an increasing number of stray dogs. These dogs are creating a lot of trouble the residents of Road no-8,9,10,11. These dogs chase any passerby who passes from front of it. Even being a death trap for the kids who play around..etc. The nuisance made by these dog is so high that the residents of these localities are living with fear of Dog Bites as its a threat to Life.Many complaints have been given,but the dog catchers never did the needed.Hence, I Request the GHMC authorities to Kindly look through this issue and do...
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Stray Dogs — Stray dogs nuisance

 ranju_1504 on Apr 10, 2013

I am a resident of Ammasai Konar Street, K.K Pudur, Coimbatore - 641038. We see around 10-15 stray dogs creating nuisance to passers-by.

Kindly arrange to catch them and clear them off.

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Stray Dogs — Nuisance & harassment caused by the street / stray dogs.

I am staying at Raheja Complex, Yari rd, Andheri (w). I would like to bring your kind attention on the problem of the nuisance created by the street dogs in our vicinity.
The dogs in the Raheja-Kalyan Lane make it difficult for people to walk through the lane. They bark almost at all vehicles and run behind them, and especially the bikers who somehow manage to get through by avoiding them. Our lane is extended until the Panch-Marg and in all there must be around 10 - 15 dogs in total. the dogs are fed raw meat and bones by some non-residents of the lane, due to which they have now turned...
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Stray Dogs — Stray Dogs Menace

 renu_vishnu09 on Jun 25, 2012
Sub: Stray Dogs Menace
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a resident of LP-Block, Pitam Pura, New Delhi-110088
We are facing a fear for ourself and our children due to the Stray Dogs in our locality who are increasing in numbers day by day, approximately 20 stray dogs are there around our lane & nearby lanes. The residents of whole Locality are facing regular problems. There are two stray dogs in the Block which chase and try to bite each and everyone who enters the block. Keep barking through out the whole Night, Sleeps in stairs of the Building.
There is no check from MCD department...
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Stray Dogs — Removal of Stray dogs from Residential Area

 rjuthup on Aug 12, 2011
We would like to bring to your kind notice that stray dogs are creating serious threat in the Residential Vimal society situated opp ONGC, Makarpura Road, Vadodara-390009. . Due to these dogs, the residents of the society are facing regular problems. Chilidren cannot move out freely. The dogs keep jumping over the walls and excrete in the compounds.

We request the Dog Squad of VMC to kindly take necessary action immediately and send the Dog squad to avoid this problem.

Our address is;

Vimal Society
from Block 26 to 21 & Block 16 to 20 with...
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Stray Dogs — complaint against street dogs.

 varun555 on Nov 22, 2011
I am an resident of Mira road. which is in Mumbai. My complain is against these 20-25 street dogs. The whole society is irritated because of these stray dogs. They keep on barking the whole night...And that too they bark by forming a group. The area kids are also scared to play in the garden section which is behind my building. I would a[appreciate if you could take a strict action and send dog squads to take them away.
Please take some action as soon as possible, because living here is getting impossible.

My address is,
Shanti Nagar, Sector-2,
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Stray Dogs — Stray dogs in BTM 1st stage

 Sri Sabarish

This is Sri Sabarish. I stay in 12th 'A' main road, BTM layout 1st stage. We ( the residents of 12th 'A' main road, BTM layout 1st stage) have a huge problem because of the increase in number of stray dog population. There are lot many number of stray dogs in our locality. Residents in our locality are very afraid to walk in the street during night time. Also theese stray dogs make a huge lot of noise during night. Because of this people ( small children, old people and ladies) feel very inconvenient to sleep.

We donot get a proper sleep becuase...
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Stray Dogs — Stray Dog Complaint in hyderabad

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Kachiguda, in past few month stray dog are high in the area especially in Qubdi guda area Mether Basthi. I as a local resident form past 30 year living. We as unable to come out of the house's in the early morning for daily work & Could't come late in the night asthe dog attack.

Kindly get it resolve to live in a peacefull place.

Thanks & Regards
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Stray Dogs — nuisance by stray dogs

 Meghna Sankhla
The Vetirinary/Concerned Department of MCD,
South Zone,

Dear sir/mam'

I am a resident of N-block, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi. This is as regards the nuisance of stray dogs in our area, making it virtually impossible for pedestrians to walk around the area.

The number of dogs is glaring high and they are a huge risk to anyone walking around the area as they start barking furiously on anyone who even crosses them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to take our morning walks there as groups of ferocious dogs start...
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