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 Sugunagirish on Mar 24, 2016
Suguna girish am a resident of ashok nagar mulund west. There are 4 dogs staying in the colony and they keep barking and running behind children and people residing in the area . I and my kids are afraid to step out of the house as they come barking towards us. We r not able to go for our health walks and children are not able to play. Please do something soon.

Yours faithfully
Suguna girish...
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Stray Dogs — Stray dogs in BTM 1st stage

 Sri Sabarish

This is Sri Sabarish. I stay in 12th 'A' main road, BTM layout 1st stage. We ( the residents of 12th 'A' main road, BTM layout 1st stage) have a huge problem because of the increase in number of stray dog population. There are lot many number of stray dogs in our locality. Residents in our locality are very afraid to walk in the street during night time. Also theese stray dogs make a huge lot of noise during night. Because of this people ( small children, old people and ladies) feel very inconvenient to sleep.

We donot get a proper sleep becuase...
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Stray Dogs — nuisance by stray dogs

 Meghna Sankhla
The Vetirinary/Concerned Department of MCD,
South Zone,

Dear sir/mam'

I am a resident of N-block, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi. This is as regards the nuisance of stray dogs in our area, making it virtually impossible for pedestrians to walk around the area.

The number of dogs is glaring high and they are a huge risk to anyone walking around the area as they start barking furiously on anyone who even crosses them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to take our morning walks there as groups of ferocious dogs start...
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Stray Dogs — Stray Dog Menace in J.P Nagar 1st Phase, Bangalore

 Chitta Rajasekhar

I'd like to bring to your notice a serious problem in my area, J.P. Nagar 1st Phase. The number of stray dogs in our area has gone up in the last few months. At any point of time, there are ~15-18 stray dogs in the small lanes / bylanes of J.P Nagar, barking at passers by on foot or two / four wheelers. It has become really dangerous for small kids to come out of their houses to play. The dogs are ferocious and can cause serious harm to kids and adults alike. Inspite of repeated requested to the BMP, there has been no action taken so far.
People returning late from...
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Stray Dogs — get these animals away

 Devesh Khanna
Hi Team,

This request is to bring to your kind notice that I have been facing a lot of issues pertaining the Stray Dogs in our residential complex.

It has been an immense explosion of noise pollution during the nights and also very unsafe for any human soul to walk through the lane.

Request you to please take appropriate action against this kayos created by the stray dogs during the night. Post quite a few sleepless nights I decided to raise this issue to your kind concern and would be looking ahead for a proactive support from your end.

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Stray Dogs — For catching stray dogs , & remove them from DDA FLAT MIG(RED) RAJOURI GARDEN New Delhi -27

I am resident of DDA FLAT MIG(RED) RAJOURI GARDEN New Delhi -27.Close to my Flat is Mother Dairy Milk Booth No.601.Lot of Stray Dogs are arround the both and keep sitting under the Parked cars belonging to us. These dog Barks and bits. they also sleeps in our staircase in night and do no allow us to enter our house.Dander of Rabbies can not be ruled out. You are requested to catch & remove them at your earliest. Thanks....
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Stray Dogs — Complaint regarding stray dogs in our locality

 nishamohanty on May 1, 2016
Hi Sir/ Madam

I am a resident of West Uttam Nagar R-56, Gurpreet Nagar and would like to bring to your notice that there has been a constant increase of stray dogs in our locality. They bark usually at night time, in search of food they get into our backyard where we keep our dustbin and if we try to make them go they come barking, I feel really scared as iv got a kid home.
A humble request, Kindly send dog squard to our locality to take them away from here.

Nisha Mohanty
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Stray Dogs — 10-15 stray dogs

 Arjit Mishra on Apr 20, 2016
Too many stray dogs resulting in chaos day and night. Climbing on cars and jumping on kids from there.
It's fearing to even walk.

Tilak Nagar road number 13, Chembur.
It will be really great to get your help....
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Stray Dogs — Stray dog menace in green park extension. New delhi

 malhotras on Apr 9, 2016
Dear sir, we in green park extension in south delhi are facing a huge problem of stray dogs. They are biting kids and running after them on the roads. They defecate all over the place, get garbage packets from the garbage dumps and tear them on the roads leaving the colony dirty and promoting diseases. Packs of dogs bark and fight at night over food. The colony residents can't even sleep or walk on the roads anymore. Deer park is full of them and residents have stopped using the park. People feeding them leave food scattered all over the place promoting sanitary and sewage problems. We also love...
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Stray Dogs — Stray Dogs complaint

 Rane111 on Jun 30, 2011
My name is Mr.Rane. Residing at Flat No.201, ,Bindra Classic,Plot No.17-24,Bldg No.5,C-Wing,Sher-E-Punjab Society.Adheri(E)

I would like to bring your kind attention on the problem being faced by residents of Bindra Classic as a whole. Sir there are numerous street dogs in this vicinity. They bark even on permanent residents of this area. I have seen and faced this situation where these dogs barks on us and come closer to bite, several person have faced the same problem especially small children & senior citizens.I come late in the night from my office and i am facing a lot of...
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