Co-operative Housing Society — Secretary's resignation

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 Niranjan Bal
I have resigned as the secretary of my Housing society in Mumbai.
I find no one coming forward to take up the responsibility and be the secretary. There are a few members who have been responsible for causing this trouble to all the residents.Need help on how to deal with this situation.
I can take my resugnation back provided I am able to restructure the committee with a few new replacement in the members

Need advice
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Dear Sir,

I am a Joint Owner of my flat residing at thane my father died on 2005 and i want to transfer said flat in the my name what is the proceesior of transfer .


Anant Pawaskar.
Dear Sirs,
Please find herewith my complaint letter written to Premnagar Bldg.No.5 Co-OP Hsg Society Managing Committee at S.V.P. Road, Borivali(west), Mumbai-400 092. Please assist me and guide me in the matter.

Re:- Harassment and Nuisance created regularly since last more than 2 years by FLAT NO. A- 004 by carrying on Commercial Activities at Residential Area.

My family is undergoing very awful and nasty situation since last more than 2 years due to full-blown and total business activities being conducted by owner Mr Jasubhai from Residential Premises at Flat no. A- 004.

I hope the Managing Committee would give very …….straightforward And ……..transparent Reply to my following questions :-

v Can any Member conduct business activities from Residential Premises causing Nuisance, Annoyance to other Members without taking permission from Local Authority or Society Authority ?

v Has Mr Jasubhai has been authorized by Society and Local Authority ? If authorized please show me any such consent letter. ?

v Even if any such permission is granted or obtained ( by illegal route) at Residential Premises the same can be treated as annulled Ab - Initio ( Invalid from beginning) on objection or protest expressed by any just A Single Member of Society. I want very expert and honest view of Managing Committee & all Office Bearers on this issue ?

v Under circumstances if business is conducted unlawfully and illegally why Society Authorities does not compell to stop such commercial activities ?

v Last question to all members of Managing Committee And Members of Society ; will you allow any such problem creating activities nearby your Place of Residence ? Please give me specific reply YES OR NO ?

I request you to please stop commercial activity at above named flat no A-004. It is causing lot of disturbance to my family since last 2 years. Daily at odd Hours whether morning---afternoon --night or late night some kind of activities is always on ; daily people in large numbers are visiting the premises causing horrible disturbance. Large numbers of strange people are always there to have close look into my Drawing Room. Why we live at Residential Regd Co-Op Hsg Society ? We want some kind of law & order ; we want comfortable life.The office gate is always being shut down and opened very vibrantly making very ……very horrible & shocking sound at any time whether Early morning upto ……….late night.

Please guide me whether I can claim compensation from my society in the range of Rs 50, 000/- as my business is affected adversely and my family is undergoing horrible Harassment and Nuisance. I also wish to expell and disqulify the member Mr Jaswant ( Conducting illegally commercial activities from residential housing society. I already lodged complaints in writing as well as verbally many a times. I know the errant member will be forced to stop business activities very soon.
I hope you would guide me in the matter.

With Cheers & regards

Kashyap Vyas

Flat no.A-003

Kashyap Vyas, Premnagar no.5, A-003, Off S.V.P. Road, Borivali(West), Mumbai-400 092.. Tele: 022-28901477 Cell No: 9221240810 & 9819995872

I am Bimal, As son of member of co op housing society in ahmedabad.My mother is member in coop housing society. my mother not able to atten Anual genral meeting she want to apoint me as Proxy of her. to atten and appiel our problems regarding society. but our chairman and secratoy not allowed me as a proxy to atten meeting.thay draw his owen rules and misuse of his rights. they want AGM done noncorom and after 30 minits of non corom meeting they passes balance sheets and his feverable low and kharadas for owen benifits.this not my sinlge problem, here are other too.
and they call for AGM befor 4-5 days.and by unsigned balance sheet and unsigned AGM meeting call latter.
Please, Guide me and what is rule for this type matter in Gujarat
dear is any one there to address to the pending complains pending for so long time
dear sir
please confor me Addl.registrar and Dy.redistrar -pune and mumbai
co.operative housing society E-MAIL ADDRESS. AND PHONE /CELL NUMBER


C) APLLECATION UNER RI ACT, FOR AUDIT REPORT FOR 2004-5, 2005-06, 2006-07, FM 6.10.2007
**important document tearing & destroy minute book.members o/s list meeting letters ext.

31 days ago by Suresh Sawant [send email]
hi, respt.sir,
so please take proper action agaist society's mananging commitee as per rulls and reply to me on my
E.mail addres "
if unble to verify societys douments and proper action than give me advice where go for problems solve

i don't know why you not verify, and
conf code.e14ca

fm.suresh sawant
b.9vidya dani plot no.120,
rsc-3mhada, malad-w, mumbai.95

29 days ago by Suresh Sawant [send email]
hi, 31.05.2009
can give me E-mail Address cell number of aditional registrar -pune,
co.op society, (housing(

suresh sawant

25 days ago by Suresh Sawant [send email]

I think this mail not reading by proper action officer
OR he don't do work/action against this matter.
suresh sawant
our society is not registered and body is not furnishing any of the details like account of expenses etc.We stopped paying mantinance after asking many time for the details. secretary and few unscrouplous members issued us a threat letter on disconnecting the lift services, security services etc.
we have sent the body a legal notice which is below.Pls guide us how to resolve the issues and take legal actions if they dont register the society.


Executive Body
Sangath Silver Owners Association
Motera, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad- 380005.

Ref.No. Letter no.Sangath Silver/2/2009

Sub: Democratic Appeal of Protest.

Under instruction of my clients _________________ having its residence at __________________ I hereby give the reply come request letter as follows ;

My clients would like to place certain observations & personal exclusions on board so as, not to be found party to any disruption in society operation at any future date. Pls note that these are simple observations and exclusions which are highlighted so that the same can be taken on records for further discussions & responsibility fixation, as also for the betterment of the society and clarity of accounts.

1. At the outset it is placed on record that my client have not recd any intimation of the above held GBM and neither any call to serve as a voter for the election of the said “Executive Body”. Therefore he does not take any recognition for the rules & regulations firmed up and recorded by the said body. My client feels that no rules have been followed in the true spirit of democracy and as laid down by the law in as per the Co-operative Societies Act. It may be noted that with less than 50% representation executive body can not be appointed. It has to be through proper elections with at least 3 nominees for the each position of executive body. For further reference pls consult the rules and guidelines of the Registrar of Societies, Gujarat.

2. Secondly according to Society Registration Act, the body which has to be formed has to be a Society by constitution & registered with the registrar of societies. Presently the body is just an “Association of Persons” which is not recognized as per Societies Act. Any group of persons belonging to the same association can form such an A of P. My client strongly suggest getting a separate society registered & elections to be held in a democratic manner thru secret ballots. Bank acc also has to be opened presumably in the society’s name which is the general practice in most of the states including Gujarat.

3. Thirdly before finalization of the maintenance amount lot of due diligence has to be done as to the operational expenses & all accounts for last 2 yrs from the builder should be made public. A Chartered Acc of necessary caliber & registered with ICAI has to first audit the same & suggest if the accs are in proper shape & derive the maintenance amount out of it in a logical mathematical manner. Rs. 1000/- as derived by the body is not acceptable unless you share the working for the same with one & all & publish the same publicly.

4. Fourthly the collection of Rs. 800/- as one time repair charges for GSPC gas pipeline is also an unexplained amount mathematically. Please clarify whether GSPC has given any working/calculations for the same? Who will account for this expense? Whether 3-4 work quotations are obtained and discussed internally on the best quote about the proposed repair work?

5. Fifth, the recovery of the maintenance amount of 24 lacs should be done at one stroke and any installment facility is not agreeable unless the return on investment is more than 18% i.e. builder should pay interest @18% for availing the installment facility.

6. Sixth, on my approaching the municipal authorities for the payment of property tax they have conveyed that since the builder is still to finish the registration formalities for the building property, the corporation is not in a position to raise the bill for property tax for the same & give the owner of the property a receipt for the same. Need clarification on the ownership papers here, as it hampers some financial dealing of my clients.

7. Last but not the least the articles of constitution(By laws/Peta Niyam) of the formation of the Sangath Silver Maintenance Society should be listed down first i.e How the formation of the society & the executive body will take place, they will operate under what legalized situation, they will be subject to what rules & regulations in office etc.

8. Apart from all this to maintain absolute transparency & camaraderie I suggest that all matters related to money be discussed only after full papers & audit reports are in and at least 25% of the members who understand such topics, by virtue of their qualification/experience certify the same.

It is hoped all senior members would appreciate the direct approach & transparent observations. All these practices are necessary towards fulfillment of a cheerful society. Unless all the above points are made clear my cients request not to put undue pressure on the payment of the sum as desired in the letter on any member. Still on my clients personal front and to show the intention is not to avoid payment my clients are attaching the cheque of the required amount strictly “UNDER PROTEST”. It is stated that all liabilities in accounts as of the loss would be of the committee and non compliance of process and or deviation against the interest of the society would be the liability of the said committee note of which be taken.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

CC: To All members.
in our society there is addition alternation has made by the member he has shift his toilet in bathrom and made kitchen in toilet without permision of society ..can take any action again our society mr A has purchased a flat before one year ago he has paid the transfer fee at that time but he has not given transfer paper in soeity after purchased of flat he has given his flat on rental basis now after one year he has sale his flat to third person and he has approuch to society to transfer his flat to direct to third person because now he has saying that i have paid alredy transfer fee one year ago whwt can society take any action againt mr A
can you send me constitutuion of housing society in gujarati
i would like someone to advise me on how you get help with your complaints about housing repairs on coop housing other than the tennants and management .
our society is a proposed society as it is still not registered. I am staying in flat which is at 18th floor. There is seepage problem from our toilet through flush. I have not done any kind of renovation of my toilet. I complained to the builder but they have not done it. The building is three years old. Now the society is telling me to get it done as the seepage is through my toilet as it is internal problem. I want to know the whether I can get it done through our society as the builder is not taking interest. I am staying in mulund, mumbai.
How can we prevent Illiterate people to become office bearer?
How much society can charge max penalty for late payment.
weather it should be a part of bye-laws adopted
how penalty is calculated for late payment.
Respected Sir/Madam,

My self Pravin and I am staying in Sanpada Cidco colony.
I just buy re-sale house in one of the society in cidco colony. There is some extra space between my neighbour and my house below the starecase its almost 40-50 Sq.Foot. which is not in the name of Me or my neighbour.
But my neighbour occupy this whole space and not ready to give me half so pls advise me how can I get this 20-25 Sq. place from him?
what is the role of a treasurer in the managing committee?
Dear Sir,

I have a flat in dombvely. My socity has been already registered. I have paid socity charges every month regulerly. Now my flat having some water leakage above in my bathroom.Is this socity resposibility to rectify the leakage.Who will pay the money for the above issue.

SOCIETY — non flat owner wants to be the part of managing committee

there is a ladies flat owner in my building. Her husband who does not have flat in his name creates problem in societies work and want to be the chairman of the society. Please tell me if he can be the chairman or part of manging committee anyway if not the how to handle him.
Dear Sir,

I wanted to put up shades in balcony so that rain water doesn't enter my room (hall), since the balcony is just 1.5 foot ahead and its not like balcony but extra space with long glass to close the room. Even pigeons spoils the place but my society chairman doesn't allows me to put up shades and he charged penalty for those who have put up shades even 2 year back. Now society wants us to get the permission from bmc to put up shades, do we have not got the OC yet can we approach bmc and get the permission...please advise...Thanks
i have flat in virar which i have given on rent, my tenant is not having good relation with society member and he abuse sometime to them, society have informed me orally but when i asked to my tenant he says he was not in fault, and society is not ready to seat with him to clear the matter, recently he had some problem with them bcouse of soiety has gone to police station to complaint against him without informing me, now they are saying to remove the tenant withing 15 days as my tenant has given the time about 2 months to search another house and society saying if i wont take any action they will take the action, so i want to know by law what they can take the action or the time which they have given me is saficient, and what i can take the action against secretary as he was spoked to me very hardly and treated my like i m tenant

please advice me
I am the person living in the hsg soc in thane.actually we play cricket on every sunday and on public holiday from 4.00 pm to 7.00pm.Two member of our society has problem of our playing.First we use to play cricket on saturday, sunday and on public holiday at 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm but looking at THIER PROBLEM we stop playing on saturday.But they still have problem with us and they have warned us that they will take a legal action against us.So please tell me that can they take legal action against us and what kind of action they can take.please do email me on my email address. And our society comes under mhada.

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