Credit Card issue from RAK bank - Threat from Recovery Agents for Interpol blacklisting and Passport Recovery , Tihar Jail Etc etc...

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  alconsumer on Jun 19, 2011
Dear All,

I had a credit card of RAK Bank and regularly i was paying my installment till 2 .6 years .During recession in i lost my job and still i paid some installments and tried hard to clear the dues but the kind of interest charges they have i could not not come out of it and lastly when i did not have money i stopped paying the amount when i came to India. Now Recovery agents are threatening me and harassing like a mad dog mentioning your name has been blacklisted in Interpol and you will go to tihar jail in india , your passport recovery warrant has been issued from immigration of india and you can not got any where in the world etc. etc lot abusive things. Now i am completely shocked as i am unable to pay the kind of money i.e 23500 AED = 305000 INR they are asking as i am job less at this moment. I am requesting them to reduce the amount on actual as 15000 AED so that i can sell my village land and can pay but no response are coming. due this mental torture which may lead to Suicide also switched off my phone and sent mail asking RAK bank to extend the time of payment and amount so that i can arrange money and pay .still they are listing anything.

one Lawyer i don't know fake or genuine named Mr. SC Gupta calling and treating me for legal charges mentioning i will put you in jail i start legal proceeding against you for immigration and passport recovery etc.which is unbearable and so embarrassing. even mentioning check bouncing of 38000 AED whereas i have never given a check of 38000 AED.I Don't know from where he is claiming check bouncing of 38000 AED which i not at all signed by me.

Now My question is that whether they can do so Interpol , passport recovery from immigration stoping me to go anywhere in the world etc etc. what action i can take against them for such a suicidal harassment . I am ready to pay the amount if they can give me some time and reduced full and final settlement offer . Pls suggest and help me as i am so frustrated with this pls help me to come out of it. as i wanted to go some other GCC country for the job sake can they catch me in indian immigration can they issue passport recovery warrant .Pls reply ASAP pls.
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N Jun 21, 2011 by
vj maliq  
same problem i am facing. i think you got call from them in January 2011? am i right?
till they calling you? did interpol contacted you? all of them make us fool... dont worry
N Jun 24, 2011 by

The worst that could happen is..." Your name will be listed in Credit Bureau and then you wont get any loans"

Thats all...I have done this before and I know the Credit Law.

N Jun 24, 2011 by
vj maliq  
oh thanks dear... thank you thank you thank you very much dear. I never forget you for this details. really i am in Mental torture . Now u hav helped me... i think it will not be a problem in India after came out from Dubai. Right?
N Jul 7, 2011 by
One of my friends also faced a similar problem. He was at peace of mind when he contacted Mr. Vinod Kumar Chand (09870236336) of "" who is part a specialist organization and solve such issues for innocent borrowers. You shall get absolute peace of mind.
N Nov 1, 2011 by
Even i am facing the same you give me your contact detail like a mobile or a mail address so that i can talk to you
N Nov 1, 2011 by
my email address is please reply...
N Nov 12, 2011 by
Dear All,

I also used my UAE credit card to purchase something one and half year back and after that I lost my job and went back to India.
The agents from India /UAE are regularly threatening me. Please note that Legally, nobody can touch you in your hometown.
But, if you enter the country from where you took the loan, you may face the problem. But you can migrate to any other country without any problem. ( As there is no information exchange system in between GCC countries, till now). BUT DONT GO VIA THE COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE BLACKLISTED.

But my sincere advice is, try to come out of your debt. Try to negotiate with the bank to reduce the exaggerated amount and ask for installments . Pay it off and get relaxed.


Good Luck.

N Feb 16, 2013 by
I am also facing too much problem from the Rak Bank Collection agents in India. During the recession period in 2011, i return to india with credit card dues. Several times i received the call from them and i tried to convince them that i will arrange the money and pay them all my dues. Before 2 month i paid around 2000 AED to them through Bilkish to ensure them that i wish to pay but due to financial crisis i am unable to pay in 1 shot. Today i received a call from a number 8742931421. He said that he is from Delhi Police and there is a non bailable warrant issued in my name and he said so many abusive words which i cant explain. Then he disconnected before i could understand anything. Then i called him back and asked him whats the matter, he said that a case has been registered in Patiala House and an arrest warrant is issued..for further details he asked me to call some advocate Mr.Gupta (8860482171). I talked to Mr.Gupta also and tried to explain him that i am waiting for some fund which will soon be received after selling 1 of my property, he said he cant do anything and he connected me to RAK Bank person UAE. Several times i requested him to give me some more time but they only threatened me that my passport will be cancelled and bla bla...please suggest me regarding the matter, because i am very much tensed and i have family also and don't want to suffer this kind of situation. Please if someone can suggest what to do now
N Apr 29, 2013 by
Same thing happend with me...i recieved a call from Interpol Inspector Mr Yadav and he gave me the number of Mr Gupta for negotiation of my credit card due of Rak Bank...I somehow manage to clear my principal amount of 14500 AED or I have to pay 20, 000 AED along with Interest rate which is too high...I also get threatning call from Bilkish Associates and asking for payment which is due of my standard chartered bank and I paid some EMI but i said i have lost my job 6 months back and I have no money at all to pay anymore...but still they harrase to my family for payment...Now I got my job in Saudi Arabi and want to pay all my debts but I cannot pay in lumpsum amount so I request for easy installment of the amount I paid without interest or late fee charges. Kindly help me can I resolve this issue. Will i get any problem with saudi government if I skip any installment with UAE bank credit card. Please advise me...

Best Regards

Shahnawaz Baig
N Mar 22, 2014 by
This SC Gupta is a conman! He is just a paid crook, employed by RAKBANK, who calls up and threatens people in India, because on average Indians are legally illiterate. He cooks up stories and employs some conmen like Yadav, to call people impersonating policemen and lawyers. None of this is legal. Because under the law, they cannot contact anybody who has outstandings on foreign soil. It is a violation of law.

1. Any outstanding in a Foreign Country, no individual or company has any jurisdiction to contact anyone here, to ask for their repayment. If anyone does so, it amounts to "EXTORTION"!
2. Impersonation of Police officials and threatening, is also a grave crime!

so, what these two crooks are doing is Extortion, legally speaking.

What to do:
1. Please keep a recorder handy, if and when any of these crooks call, record the entire conversation. Note down the Tel Nos on caller id., make note of the time of call.
2. If anybody visits your house, its even more grave offence. Please use mobile phone to record the person's face, ask for their identification, take pictures of those. Any advocate who visits you, ask for their identification, take pictures of their face, and any id card they provide, and their contact details.
2. Once you have credible evidence against these people, file a police complaint against them for Extortion, and impersonation of Police officials. Both are a non-bailable offence, and is also classified under "organised crime". Hence these crooks will fry once caught with evidence.

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    Credit Card issue from RAK bank - Threat from Recovery Agents for Interpol blacklisting and Passport Recovery , Tihar Jail Etc etc...