Ford Figo - Technical problems in CAR

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  Sammy Boy
Dear All,

New ford figo has following problems

1. Digital ODO meter
2. Central locking system
3. Hand Brake indicators
4. Spare parts availability
5. Service issues
6. 2nd gear pick-up of car on a hill with A/C

Be cautious & buy any other car .... but not ford brand.
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Pradeep Ford Figo  - Madhya Pradesh, India

Delayed Delivery - Ford Figo

This is utterly disappointing the way ford dealership behaves. They are delaying the delivery of the vehicle time and again. So much so they are rushing me for the different color.

They event don’t know what they are talking And sales staff is suitable for auto rickshaw selling. I plan to switch to some Indian brand.

I don't expect them to deliver good servicing also.
malaysharma Ford Figo  - Madhya Pradesh, India
Maybe the delay is because of the advance they have received. I am also a victim of this policy .Please advice your contacts to switch to Maruti it is the best. They reply to mails and call too
B.G.Ananthamurthy Ford Figo  - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Short supply - Ford Figo

Dear Sir.

I bought a ford fogo 2 months back from India garage. During delivery from India garage the Car was delivered without foot mats. Even after 2 months they have not delivered the foot mats. No proper replies are given.
koshy Ford Figo  - Kollam, Kerala, India

figo petrol mileage - Ford Figo

figo petrol version had less milege in all conditions . an average of 14 km maximum.
urvinderpal Ford Figo  - Kollam, Kerala, India
bought petrol figo really dissapointed with the mileage. it gives 10 in city and aound 13-14 on highway.
urvinderpal Ford Figo  - Kollam, Kerala, India
i agree my figo also gives me 10 km in the city
prasadbhal Ford Figo  - Kollam, Kerala, India
hi! my figo petrol gives me 12-13 kms in city driving.
pls note, that all cars are very sensitive to tyre pressures. do check a reliable air filler ( also the gauge, which many a times are faulty & OF LOCAL MAKE).

Agree Ford Motor Company is actualy Fraud Motor Company
sureshvarmora Ford Figo  - Rajkot, Gujarat, India

price difference - Ford Figo

Dear sir

i am suresh varmora i intrested to buy ford figo car 1.2 EXI model but i confuse due to as per ford company site rajkot city ex showroom price for this model is around Rs 4,00000 but as per rajkot ford eagle show room price list this model Ex-show room price is Rs 4,15000 how it is possible. pl. give me reply if possible
sureshvarmora Ford Figo  - Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Usually in any car, 2nd gear is trouble due to gear ratio balance in gear box design. This problem persists in high end cars also, I made several iterations in design of the gear box in PG for 4 speed and 5 speed, but never attained an optimized gear ratio, because speed that we go will be in such a way that needs a 2.5 gear, that is gear between 2 and 3...
That is the reason we provide 9 gear vehicle for heavy trucks, like dump trucks which costs 7-9 lakhs for gear box alone.
Try this method in your car, release the clutch gently and raise the accelerator a bit this works very good for cars.
third gear is optimized, we feel good pickup
N Apr 29, 2011 by
shaheer moidu Ford Figo  - Kozhikode, Kerala, India

irresponsible service - Ford Figo

i had given my car stereo for repair 1 and half months ago..but i still didnt get it repaired...each time i ask they say that they will give the next day.
N May 4, 2011 by
nivin Ford Figo  - Kozhikode, Kerala, India
in kannur pvs ford d service is very bad
A May 9, 2011 by
Figo Hater  
Ford Figo is one of the worst cars that anyone can buy, the service people always end up saying that everything is allright and within Ford India specifications. What they really mean is that Indians are below standard and we have make do with whatever is sold to us. If Ford India is really genuinely concerned about good customer service, the least they can do is to get feedback from all customers who have been reporting problems and "rectify" them all as a genuine gesture of good will and replace all parts if necessary at thier cost.

1. Suspension very hard
2. Headlights not at all good, infact dangerous
3. Windscreen reflects the dashboard and the image superimposes on the front vision throwing a customer's driving to hazard
4. Road Clerance is pathetic when fully loaded
5. Mileage is the worst
6. Doors and Body have odd sounds
7. Brakes create a lot of sounds even on Models which have ABS
8. No Pickup in 2nd gear even on normal roads with AC on
9... the list can be endless
A Aug 1, 2011 by
I totally agree with the above complaint. I am too facing following problems in my newly purchased FIGO.

1. Digital ODO meter - Even after adding some amount of fuel, the odometer shows the original status only. The readings do not match the actual mileage.
2. Hand brake indicator - It is always showing in active condition, even after locking the car.
3. Power loss in AC - In AC mode the pick up is highly diminished.
4. Noise from door and body - Its doors makes a typical noise of rubbing during driving.
5. Hard wipers - wipers feel some kind of resistance and makes noise.
6. Poor mileage - giving me a mileage of 10/km on petrol.
A Jul 31, 2012 by
swran kanta  
My self Rajneesh jindal I suggest to all that never buy a ford car. they manufacture poor products.

A Aug 19, 2012 by
FordFigo Kerala OwnersGroup  
Dear Sir,

I am sorry to hear your difficulties with your ford car. Even i have the worst experiences with ford and its service people. I am updating and contacting people having trouble with ford. Can you pls add me to your Facebook and update all your issues in there. here is my link for that. I believe we can fight against ford. Pls help us to give more awareness to people.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Remesh Joseph
N May 2, 2014 by
The problems mentioned above are true.
Service is too poor.
The front desk girls of ford are always insisting for the points. And they expect that we help them to earn points even though we are not at all satisfied.Ford is the worst choice any one can make.

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