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these guys say sureshot but its not they say they give one sure shot tips but usually its the premarket calls.
1) Its premarket calls>
2) They wont give one call they give minimum 3 calls to 5 calls.
3) they say to enter in all the trade.
4) but ucant enter in all the calls and also gap up opening.
5) what happens is in 4 call u cant all the 4 because of gap up opening.
6) in case u enter in 4 calls 3 or 2 hit stoploss and one rach target still they say the one is jackpot call but u are in loss.
in my case i lost 40000 including there subcription so plz dont believe them they are the fraud and dont call them because they speak very good means u will pay them the money in half an hour to them this is my kind advice to the fresher to the stock market like me. and i am not from any tip providing company. but there are lots of good tips provider but not these people.

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"O MY GOD" :(

Why didn't I read all the comments & feed backs on this page about INDIAN SHARE TIPS & their services b4 subscribing their services ???
This is what I am asking to myself ???
Last week I subscribed a trail by paying Rs.2500/- to I.S.T. & today is my 5th day of Super Duper Jackpot Loss.
I have been continuously giving feed backs on IST's blog but admin has not permitted any of my feed back/posts on his blog. I am sure same must have happened with all the above peoples...
Guys, imagine not a SINGLE negative feedback on INDIAN SHARE TIP's blog... Thousands of ONLY positive feed backs...
Actually its seems IST owner has himself posted all the positive posts on his blog...
Guys before subscribing please read all the comment/feed backs on this page...
To know more about this BAS _ _ _D & how much I have lost from his Jackpot calls any1 can call me on my mob. no. 8149984503.

-Mukesh Yadav

www.premarketcalls.com — fraud service calls provider

i have been their cheated customer,
and wants other not to waste their hard earned money on such a chaeter,,
he is calcutta based cheater,who even not want to talk to their customer on phone(coward)
I am a regular subscriber of the site and find that it is best as I have been able to make money daily with them. The traders who do not know how to trade they put their blame on good service providers ike them and at times these comments are by rival sites as http://www.consumercomplaints.in is itself a fraud site as any body can post any comment and if somebody offer them to pay they remove their wrong comments.
I am a subscriber to indian-share-tips jackpot call service and I can definitely say one thing about them - they are one of the biggest liars I have come across till date. They claim 100% target achievement of their tips and show the same in their past performance on the site, but do not have the guts to actually show the tips they'd provided in the past. This is because they are posting fake performance. Who're to question them when they don't show their past tips on the site. Believe me, their tips are pathetic and loss making atleast 40% of the time, which means their performance is actually only 60% and not 100% - as they claim (please check their jackpot tip past performance records on the site and you'll only see 100% achievement for more than past 1 year except for april 2010) which is really less compared to other tip provides who actually give you a guarantee of atleast 80%-85% achievement. Also, their risk to reward ratio is pretty high.
Against a profit margin of maybe five rupees, the stop loss margin would be about eight to ten rupees. In the end, you end up making more loss than profit. They're also pretty rude to talk to and do not have any productive advice to give. These guys are actually fooling innocent people into subscribing for their services. I'm sure any good comment for indian share tips is either by the promoters or people working for them and anybody giving a real picture of their horrible services is maligned by them.
So take their services if you only plan to make a loss in the market.
I am a subscriber of Indian-share-tips.com for over a month now. What I have observed is that in case their alerts hit stop loss, they show it in their performance as "Didn't open due to Gap-up/gap down". And if you make a comment on their blog mentioning this, these comments are deleted promptly! For someone who is promising 100% profits on all his calls, this is just too much! Be very careful while subscribing to such services.
Thank god I did not listen to comments given here else I would have missed an excellent tips provider. I saw their free daily tips and despite negative comments here I joined them am pleased to state that I have made more than Rs 64000 with them in a month. Finally I have found my profit making system with them. I know above comments are to misguide public and are from rival tips providing sites.
i agree with Essvee.
these people are fraudsters.
This is the query I posted on their site. I'm sure they will not reply and delete ..nece pasting it here

Just out of curiousity I looked at your website again. I did subscribe to your weekly trial for jackpot around 1/1.5 months back and lost faith as none of your jackpots worked. Some of your bonus calls did work, but some will always due to probablility . And when i check your website you continue with the promise of every call being correct. Now my question is 1) are you genuinely in the business of cheating people and happy to grab the one time subscription? OR 2) You are trying hard but since its impossible to achieve 90/100% in the market you hide / massage truth.
It will make sense to restart relationship with you even if you are 80% accurate in your jackpot calls. Can you convince with some genuine data if you are intesrted in repeat business.
Good thing is I did not lose any money during my trail period with you as none of your jackpots opened - its better than opening and hitting stoploss :-)
You can try out this website which give stock tips for free of cost. The calls have been good for me as I have been earning 20-30% every month from their delievry calls. The website is http://www.marketwires.blogspot.in/. Just watch their calls for a few days and then trade. Afterall its free of cost
Indian Share tips is one of biggest froud in this industry.You can, t understand in which level you buy or sell.they never pick up your phone after subscribe them.But, yes Mr.Rajesh is best, he is better than all.a week back I see a good comment about him in consumer complaints, So, I decided to join him bcz I all ready lost 2.5 lacks in this market by froud tips provider.I think why not try him for a time.Finely last Tuesday I joined him and next morning he send me a sms that Today I will announce a jackpot in Nifty Option, keep a close watch.After an hour he told me to buy Nifty 5300 call at- 65 and target is- 110.I bought total 500 Qty and my profit was- 22500.His target was met on same day.Now I think that I found a real man and I can earn money from this market.He also told me that he will give only that kind of 8-10 tips per month in nifty and stock option.He is not only give good tips but also a great human being. everyone should join him.I just helped people who lost money in this market, othe wise I have no reason to written about him.His number is- 9678273694. Trust me, join him and save your heard earned money.
Dear sir you check our service first then you subscribe with us because we believe on long term relationship with customers. It’s easy to trust on us and easy to invest with us.
I am surprised that people are shameless that in order to promote their own site they are giving wrong information abiut Indian Share Tips. This is agood technique to sow a good site in bad light and thereafter post your own site name and say that you are making money with them. I have been following Indian Share Tips site for past 7 years and am using their service for past 3 months and am deeply satisified with more money in my bank.
i agreed fully wid prabhu as he said they give more than 2-3 calls wid main jackpot nd sm hits tgt nd sm hit s/l bt they say 100% baha%n k l*d*, mad#@ ch*d, , , , also they dont pick ur phone calls after activate services and end of d trail dey also give u 4 months subscription only in 9000 ...
they hav only 40-50 % accuracy nd shows 100% even how ny1 can enter in his premkt call...i tnk how they got ISO certificate nd who gave them ...@##@$%#%
how they run such services since 10-12 years...
I like their service as they have good sources and scientific methodology. It helps me make money.
My dear friends please do not subscribe to these rascals tips provider as they will ruin you up so its better trade with the help of your broker or else make your own research all of the tips provider only fools you they will say i will give you 3 percent return but hardly the target gets achieved.
why do these rascals tip provider says that they are iso certified every tips provider who asks for money are a big fraud ...
yes you are correct. This website is fraudulent and I wish cyber police should take action on these people, because lot of people are being cheated by these people. Not only this site there are so many
All real trading tips companies are giving free trial but these guys are not giving? I know about 7 real companies. They are shareraja, daygains, bullgains, stockseva, tigerstocks, mehthastocks, profitmirror. Just join one of the companies and experience the amazing result. I guarantee the AGRI package. The are giving free trials for two days. Just check it first. Then take a decision. I am 100% sure, you will take the package after free trial. But you should be before the computer at the time of receiving SMS from the company to act on time.



HI, I agrree with most of the peoples over here. indiansharetips.com is 100% a fake calls company. They will talk to nice until you subscibe. After that their response was not remarkable. Most of their jackpot calls are not executable. They do not provide any updates. They will just send SMS. That's it They also called and convinced to subscribe for delivery calls. But for around 2+ months there was no calls from them. When we asked them, they are telling for the past 2 months the market was not good. So they did not gave any calls. Intially they gave us 2 calls. All those calls were loss making calls. It looks like they are total fraudulent company. These guys wanted enjoy easy money by their website in the name of fake customer reviews. If these are having the gut they should provide their customers phone number and email id. FAKE FRAUDULENT COMPANY. It is unfortunate that i did not reviewed this website. Atleast in future no one should loose their money bys subscribing these fraud guy. Especially the guy name Gaurav seems to be a fraud, he will also talk nice until you pay the money. After that these guys do not respond you properly. There is no proper guideline. We are planning to lodge a cheating complaint with police regarding this. These guys should be inside the jail.
This site claims to give 100% hit calls, but how it is possible ?

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