Nestle Maggi 2 Minute Noodles - mixing non-veg in product

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  Himanshu A Jain on Aug 2, 2013
nestle company is hurting religious views of millions of people of india by mixing non-veg ingredients in its product named 'Maggi-2 minute noodles'. Maggi's tastemaker contains E635 as its ingredients which is prepared from meat or fish!!!! though nestle company is printing green mark of vegetarian product on Maggi's pack!!!!! So i request to stop the nestle company by playing with the religions of millions of people of india!!!! Please take strong action against nestle company as soon as possible!!!

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N Aug 2, 2013 by
Himanshu A Jain  
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guys if u don't believe on my complaint dn jst go through google n search how this E635 is prepared!!! n u all wl also find dis E635 on d pack of nestle maggi as its ingredients!!!
N Aug 3, 2013 by
i request from responsible authorities to take action that how magie use green tag on their packing if its ingredients in non veg.

n i stop eating magie now
n also advise others to stop eating
N Aug 3, 2013 by
Himanshu A Jain  
thank u so mch deep for supporting... n pls spread this msg to ol ur relatives n frnds n convince dm to stop eating Maggi frm nw!!!
N Jan 3, 2014 by
Manisha Parab  
i request from responsible authorities to take action
N May 24, 2014 by
I request authorities to take some strong action Against " NESTLE ">" MAGGI 2 MIN NOODLES "
BCOZ in India MOST of the people are fan of MAGGI but few of them, like us only know about what is being added in it
" E-635 " which is made up Pig's or Beef Oil...

These are some sites for proof --
Check these sites and if u want more search on google ...

I am also giving one picture which shows in ingredients of maggi ...

N Aug 15, 2014 by
Please stop produce Magie...& I request to all that stop eating such harmful food...destroy this company by stop using their products...
N Sep 4, 2014 by
Ravi Kumar Gandhi  
I just filled a complaint about this with government body through online (, encourage other also to file the same.. Hope fully the Indian government authority will take some serious and prompt action against this kind of fraud and to stop playing with the sentiment of Indians and their belief towards respective religion to have only Vegetarian food.

N Sep 19, 2014 by
Hi, lodging a complaint does nothing. A school kid started a petition on
In USA to push one of the beverage companies to stop using a harmful chemical in it.
This went viral over facebook via sharing and the company was forced to remove that
chemical from that fruit drink. Similarly we need to appeal in huge numbers for nestle
to hear us out. Can somebody do the same for our veg community?
N Nov 20, 2014 by
i support your comment.
Nestle maggi is a non vegeterian product.
There should take a leagle action against this company.
go to this link...
N Jan 9, 2015 by
Satvik Vinayak  
Action must be taken against it or everybody should spread the awareness on their part about the non veg prodcuts present in a veg maggie
N Jan 13, 2015 by
Mahendrakar Shreedhar  
It is ridiculous. We should spread the message in public, if not it will continue.
N Jan 13, 2015 by
How can we change this behavior of these multinationals which are force feeding non-veg derivatives into vegetarians plates?
N Jan 14, 2015 by
It is ridiculous. We should spread the message in public, if not it will continue.
N Feb 3, 2015 by
sanju nayyar  
Dear all please stop eating Maggi.
N Feb 16, 2015 by
I had personal experience (Ofcourse it is bad) with Maggie... Please take necessary action as soon as possible...
N Mar 5, 2015 by
Sagar J.  
I support it Nestle should answer now
I am going to stop eating Maggi from now onwards and will spread it as much as possible
N Mar 9, 2015 by
Bhai logo...I am surprise to see the fact about nestle maggi, But my question to government bodies not to nestle.

Why they had issued license to such companies those are playing with INDIAN culture and ethics?
N May 9, 2015 by
Remove the Green misleading logo
N May 9, 2015 by
This is riduculous how the food authority allowed to print the Green logo.

Spread this as much you can.
N 10 hours 7 minutes ago by
Veggie lover  
After reading this, we will stop eating Maggi from now onwards...will never eat it becoz v r pure vegetarians Hindus. Thanks for the information...spread this news nd make sure that victims get punished. Thnx

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