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Have you been refused a refund, treated poorly or ripped of? We are here to help you resolve any issues. Your experience matters.
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What is Indian Consumer
Complaints Forum?

ConsumerComplaints.in is a consumer complaints platform where buyers can write a complaint against the company with which they had a negative experience. In return, a company representative can respond to the complaint, resolve the problem, and come to a mutual solution.

Every day, ConsumerComplaints.in is visited by thousands of consumers who want to express their dissatisfaction with unscrupulous companies. Thanks to our joint efforts with consumers, we have been able to solve tens of thousands of complaints since 2005 — and we aren’t stopping anytime soon!

Over the years, our platform has seen it all: from refusing a refund to overcharging, sending inferior products, or downright providing rude service, we have experience with thousands of unscrupulous businesses. Thankfully, our reputation as one of the internet’s leading consumer complaint websites and extensive experience means that our users’ voices are heard.

We offer the following
benefits to consumers

  • Had a negative experience and don’t know where to voice your frustrations? Customers can quickly and easily leave a review for the company with which they had an issue, either by selecting from a list of existing companies in our database or adding a new one.
  • Comment on complaints from other users and give them advice that could solve their problem, especially if you were in a similar situation.
  • View the company's profile, read complaints from other consumers who have already had experience with the company, and decide whether or not you should use their services.

We offer the following
benefits to companies

Companies can quickly and easily create an account for their Customer Service team. This allows company representatives to easily respond to users’ complaints, resolve problems, and monitor the company's overall track record.
Keep track of the company's performance and detect problems that customers most often face. By analyzing this data, companies can efficiently solve common issues and improve their reputation.
There’s no need to waste time (and money) hunting down negative reviews and unfavorable feedback — they’re already collected on our platform! A company can see all of its feedback in one simple and integrated dashboard.
Give your customers a seamless experience by creating a company profile page complete with opening hours, phone number(s), and other contact information.
Our platform gives companies a chance to improve customer loyalty, satisfaction, retention, all while turning ordinary buyers into "superfans".
Overall, ConsumerComplaints.in is an excellent addition to any company’s repertoire of customer service platforms. It serves as an additional touch point and can be used to improve customer satisfaction and reduce friction.

how we work

Customers who want to get a head start in solving their complaint can do so by registering on our website. The process is simple, easy, and only requires a few minutes of your time. You can start by browsing through complaints made on other companies or adding comments under other customers’ complaints. Once you are ready to write your own review, you can do so by clicking ‘Submit a Complaint’ and adding more information. Afterwards, a company representative will contact you shortly to get more details and solve the problem.


We’ve all been in a situation where we encountered an unpleasant experience with a company. Whether it’s being ripped off by an auto mechanic, receiving broken goods from an online store, or being charged twice for a phone bill, having a bad customer experience leaves us frustrated, disappointed, and undervalued.

But not anymore! We, too, were typical customers who had our fair share of unpleasant situations involving companies and services. After the last straw, we searched through the internet to find a consumer complaint platform where we could highlight the deceiving practices of these companies and warn others to avoid their traps. To our surprise, we couldn’t find such a resource — which is why we created our own!

ConsumerComplaints.in was born out of a need to acknowledge unscrupulous businesses in an open and neutral environment. We help bring justice to the world by allowing consumers to let their voice be heard. Whether it’s posting an honest review or helping others resolve their problem, there are thousands of like-minded consumers using our platform every day. We are proud to have so many users — and companies — who endeavour to find a common solution together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help consumers and companies around the world find common ground and come to a mutual solution to their problem. Besides writing a complaint, consumers can also utilize our website as a ‘database’ of companies and see their overall rating, read others’ reviews, and decide whether to use their services or go with another company.

We work directly with company representatives, which offers a two-fold benefit. Customers have their problems solved quickly and efficiently, while companies can better understand their buyers and where to improve. Our platform acts as a mediator where consumers and companies can find a common language together to solve their problem.

Every year, we follow and build upon the same principle we had when we started the company: to advance our platform. We achieve this by cooperating with new companies and testing fresh ideas to make ConsumerComplaints.in even more effective for both consumers and businesses.


ConsumerComplaints.in works as an independent arbitrator between consumers and companies. Due to the nature of our platform, we do not take sides and are simply here to make sure that both parties come to a mutual solution. We operate on a code of ethics that include honesty, diplomacy, and justice as core traits.