Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time in the Edit Profile section, or by clicking Here

Please be aware, that you need to be logged in to your account, to change your password.


For your own safety sake please do not enter phone numbers in complaint text or attachments to avoid receiving fraud calls, you can enter such information only in designated fields if the company requires your phone number, where it will be visible to the company ONLY.

3. How can I submit a complaint?

To view our detailed manual on how to submit a complaint please Click Here

4. I have posted a complaint/comment, but it doesn’t appear on the website. Why? When my complaint/comment will be posted?

Some complaints/comments may require to be viewed by our staff first, to make sure they do not contain spam messages or cursing. This process can take from a few hours to 1-2 days, so please be patient..

Please be aware, that the complaints/comments are not being checked on weekends, so if you posted your complaint/comment on Fridays evening, it might not show up on the website until Monday.

If your complaint/comment violates Terms of Use (cursing, direct insults towards other users, advertisements, etc), it will not be posted on the website.

5. How can I change my e-mail address?

You can change your e-mail address in the Edit Profile section, or by clicking Here

6. How can I contact other users of ?

Click on the user’s nickname. You will be taken to his/her profile. Click on "Send Message" option (located next to the user's nickname).

7. My complaint has been resolved. What should I do now?

It’s a good idea to mark this complaint as resolved.

In “My Complaints” section click “Mark Complaint as Resolved”, explain what has been done and how did you managed to resolve your issue with the company and click “Submit”.

Your complaint will be marked as “Resolved” and a resolution statement will be added.

8. I have received a call/message/email from! does NOT call users. Anyone claiming over the phone he/she represents is a scammer.

In rare cases may contact it's users via email using only and only official email. Any letter received from any other email address is not associated with

Stay safe.

9. After I posted my complaint, I received a call/message asking for my bank/credit card details, what should I do?

We strongly advise mentioning your contact e-mails instead of phone numbers in your complaints to avoid fraud calls.

Remember: provide your phone number ONLY to official company representatives, that will contact you via our website.

If you have doubts that you've been contacted by an official representative, feel free to contact our support team to make sure.

Also, please be aware that we NEVER contact complaint authors via phone!

10. How can I find out the contact information of the complaint author?

Unfortunately we do not provide any user personal details to the 3rd parties.

You can send a personal message to the user via our messaging system and request such details.

11. How can I delete my complaint/comment?

Please contact our support team for such questions.

12. How can I contact ConsumerComplaints support team?

To contact our support team please Click Here.

Be aware that the approximate response time can be up to 2-48 hours.

If you have submitted your ticket on Friday or on the weekend, please be aware that you might not receive an answer up to Monday.

13. Where can I find Consumer Complaints customer support phone number?

Unfortunately, we do not provide customer support via phone. You can send your inquiry via our "Contact us".

Be aware that the approximate response time can be up to 2-48 hours.

14. I can see my post, but other users can't! What's wrong?

We premoderate and review posts made by new users that don't have a history on our website until they reach a certain level of trust. Most likely your post had something in it that has triggered our anti-spam system and it was sent to our moderators for a review to double-check whether it's appropriate. Don't worry, if your post doesn't violate our terms of use, it will soon appear on our website for everyone to see.

15. How is the rating calculated?

Customer satisfaction rating is a complex algorithm that helps our users to determine how good a company is at responding and resolving complaints by granting from 1 to 5 stars for each complaint and then ultimately combining them all for an overall score.

Whenever a complaint is posted, the formula considers 4 main variables and 1 additional variable:

1. Resolution: ultimately, it's all about resolving complaints. Whether the complaint was marked as "resolved" (and how long it took to become "resolved.") plays a key role in determining the score.
2. Speed: Let's be real. Nobody likes to wait. Therefore, waiting for a long time to get an answer is akin to standing in a never-ending queue and can anger the customer, as it feels like there's no progress. But we're not heartless monsters, therefore, we exclude Saturdays and Sundays from the formula, as everyone deserves their days off.
3. Quality: receiving more personalized responses, such as addressing a customer by name and reading what the problem is about, instead of simply giving short and generic "contact us via X" answer, is more favorable.
4. Frequency: or how often a company responds. Consistently responding to all complaints as they appear will result in a much more favorable score. 
5. Pending: complaints a company has responded to, but there's no reply from the user yet, are somewhat tricky to rate and integrate into the formula, as it's not the company's fault the user hasn't replied yet. To tackle this issue, we mark them as "pending" that our formula considers "over halfway there, but not done yet." It strongly leans towards a positive rating, but not as strong as a fully resolved complaint.