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[Resolved]  Ashtoreth Maldini Production — Ashtoreth Maldini fraud and fake model coordinator

This guy dont habe any work for models or actors. He is posting fake auditions to fool freshers. He ask them to make their mini port folios from his production apart of this he dont have any work so before getting in touch with him please conform on call that he will charge something from you are not on the name of portfolio or some registration fees for his short movies

These are the following number which he is using for his markiting


But these no. Not beling to any girls all are fraud profile access by men. The guys working under him.
And if you feel like he also try to scam u also please put your comment and share your expeirence

Ashtoreth Maldini fraud and fake model coordinator
Ashtoreth Maldini fraud and fake model coordinator
Ashtoreth Maldini fraud and fake model coordinator
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Ashtoreth Maldini customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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durso ko live video pe fraud bolne wala apne app ko 100 crorce ki company ka owner bolne wala . khud ek no. ka chor hai new freshers jo model ban bhi nahi sakte unko zabardasti folio banwane ke liye missguide karta hai . uske baad unki photo fb pe top model likhke daal deta hai and vo khush ho jate hai yahi kaam hai iske

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psycho hai ye bhut pada kabhi ye live per aye dhyan se iski video dekhna 1 min m 200 baar ankhe band hoti hai iski and lips latke rehte hai and ek chiz ko baar baar bolta rehta hai jese pagal khane mai rehkar aaya ho
Strongpithoragarh's reply, Feb 8, 2018
Fake id banaker kuch bhi likhdo kisi ke lie. Police bhi koi cheej hoti hai. Court bhi kuch hota hai and court mein jaldi everyone will ask you what is defamation, IT ACT AND OTHER CASES . Tab dekhte hai kab tak tumhara muh chalta hai. Kitna fake id banaoge tum log
Strongpithoragarh's reply, Feb 10, 2018
Yesterday evening mr maldini has lodged official complaint in nitikhand police station, indirapuram as some people alee finding it hard to operate as they are running fake production house and they used to take advance and registration amount from upcoming models and actors .

Mr maldini has been instrumental in getting these fake production houses shut down and openly condemned the functioning of these kinds of companies who used to take advance and registration amount from people and give fake commitments to people. Moreover we are the lawyers of ashtoreth maldini- we would like to tell you that yestrday evening mr maldini met the SHO- NITIKHAND POLICE STATION INDIRAPURAM and lodged official complaint in the indirapuram police station regarding the same.

The contents of the official complaint are as follows -

As mr maldini was the whistle blower in the following matter where there are so many fraud and fake company operating in new delhi and ncr who take advance and registration amount- Mr Maldini was the person who openly used to tell all his clients and people that please don't give advance or registration amount to any person and if any person takes any kinds of advance or registration amount and gives fake commitments or dupes people money with then TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM- PEOPLE, COMPANIES FOUND IT HARD TO OPERATE against this stunning drive against corruption by mr maldini so what they did was - they made fake and illegal ids under Facebook, gmail and other forms of communication in social media and started abusing mr maldini and they have been constantly trying to malign the image of our client. They used to create fake ids of girls and write ill about our client that he misbehaved with them - the fact is that our client mr ashtoreth maldini is a decorated superior and one of the best photo- cinematographer- clothes designer in india so the people who wanted to malign his image went down to this extent that they are writing wrong content about our client mr ashtoreth maldini . It seems they know that our client is a photo/ cinematographer/ designer of clothes so they are trying to hamper the image of our client by saying he misbehaved with a girl. The fact is that the girl here who is making claims that she was misbehaved by mr maldini doesn't even exist as it is a fake id trying to hamper the image of our client.

One more clarification we want to give on behalf of ashtoreth maldini productions that the employees of the company are sole representative of our client mr ashtoreth maldini.

The company i.e ashtoreth maldini productions does not take any advance or registration amount from any of the clients.

The fact is that the employees of the company or ashtoreth maldini himself is against any kinds of registration amount and openly tells to all the clients and customers about them .

The fact is that Mr maldini is the one person who has openly come out in social media and other forms of communication that please don't pay any kinds of advance to any kind of production house, modeling agency and castings unit.

The fact is that there are many fraud companies operating in new delhi ncr and other areas.

When these companies are finding it tough due to the agenda created and made by mr ashtoreth maldini - the affected people, company started making fake social media accounts and started abusing mr maldini, abusing him, defaming him . Also they made fake ids of girls and wrote all nonsense about our client mr ashtoreth maldini as they thought while they do this, the clients image will be affected and also that he will be finding it difficult to work in the fashion and ACTING industry once the fake people start abusing him, defaming him in social media.

Now let me tell you all that ashtoreth maldini productions never takes any kinds of advance or registration amount from clients- for any kind of works related to photography- the client is asked to pay after the shoot and that too at a very nominal amount which is only 4 to 5 % amount as per the quality and rates in the market. In terms of final product- we would like to tell you the esteemed client can make a comparison as to why we are better than the best in india and the world.

Also in terms of delivery we are the fastest in india. We deliver the final photographs in 6 to 12 hours.

Our client helps the people who want genuine quality at very less rates

Also in terms of cinematography our client mr ashtoreth maldini doesn't take any kinds of advance from the client- when the entire sets are made and the entire team and crew of his company is operational then only the valued project money is taken by our client mr ashtoreth maldini.
And then also the delivery of the cinematography project is in 6 - 12 hours.

Now please let us know where is the wrong commitment.
Has my client taken money from anyone. The answer is no is my client the best in the world- the answer may well be given by the people.
His upcoming projects include designer wear company, fashion weeks and shows to promote ramp models.

The staff of the company never puts a rule on the clients that it's mandatory for them to make a photography portfolio with them, even if they don't make a portfolio or any cinematography project with us still the company helps the clients by giving genuine work auditions to the people. Does the company take advance. The answer is no . What the company i.e ashtoreth maldini productions tells to the client is that whatever work we wil give to the clients- the clients can and will pay 50 % of the earning also commission after the model/ actor or ARTIST has been paid .

The company is instrumental in telling to the clients that please don't pay any kinds of advance or registration amount to any person.

Also upcoming ventures of my client are SALOON, grooming centres, fitness gyms, offices in other metropolitan cities and academy for actors/ models- photo/ cinematographers/ hair and make up artist along with fashion stylists and other trainess related to production line.

The fact is that the company i.e ashtoreth maldini productions has given a lot of work to its clients and also will further do so .

The fact is that we dont need to tell what the company does on this area of communication.

The fact is creating fake ids and spreading wrong information about anyone, defaming anyone or abusing anyone is illegal under criminal and civil defamation act, IT ACT and cyber crime act along with miscellaneous acts under Indian penal code IPC.

Now coming on to this case, the company ashtoreth maldini productions has hired top lawyers from ghaziabad to represent them and very soon legal action will be taken against the people who are doing ILLEGAL activities.

The SHO INDIRAPURAM HAS taken down the official complaint from my client ashtoreth maldini and also has directed the case to cyber crime cell department ghaziabad. A miscellaneous copy has been sent to SSP GHAZIABAD also. The legal process will take it's course of action and in few weeks the cyber cell police department of ghaziabad will catch the people WHO WROTE WRONG and tried to defame our client mr ashtoreth maldini.
Soon necessary IPC SECTIONS wil be put against these people and there is no compromise in this matter. We will move the court for maximum jail sentence to all those who are trying to defame our client mr ashtoreth maldini simply because they are now finding it impossible to work in comparison to mr ashtoreth maldini.

I would lastly like to state that the fight against corruption in production and modeling agency will continue and it will not stop.

Our client mr ashtoreth maldini makes genuine commitment to his clients WHICH are legal.

Soon these culprits will be caught and will be given maximum jail sentence for whatever illegal activities and works they are doing against our client.

Moreover we have complete Faith in the police and judicial system of the state uttar Pradesh along with the country india

Jai hind

We are attaching the photograph of successful meeting of our client ashtoreth maldini with indirapuram NITIKHAND SHO last evening.

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The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.
Wait for few days we are doing a cyber call complaint in police station. Very soon all the people who are writing comments here will go to jail. Mr maldini has not taken any money from any one and also we are attaching a formal police complaint in few hours along with IT ACT, DEFAMATION AND OTHER MISCELLANEOUS ACT, I[censored] ARE WRONG THEN PREPARE FOR JAIL
Lovely and sanjay u both are those people who are going to be booked under defamation and we are forwarding your profile to police and IT ACT AND DEFAMATION ALSO . IF YOU ARE TRUE THEN WHY DON'T YOU OPEN UP. FAKE PROFILE BANKAKER KISI KE BAARE MEUN KUCH BHI LIKH DO. KUCH BHI, live video sirf islie banae mr maldini ne taki fraud and advance mangne wale log end ho jae aur yaha wahi fraud and fake log comment kar rahe hai jinka kaam band kara dia maldini ne, wait karo tum sab log jail hi jaoge jaldi hi. Tum logo ne batcha samjha hai kisi ko. Wait karo dono ke dono jail jaoge as per Indian penal code yeh faltu batein likh kar kisiko kuch bhi likh do .peeche se kuch bhi likh do kisike lie id par id banate raho aur likhte raho kuch bhi kisi ke lie. Jab court mein case chalega to pata chal jaega. Jada time nahi lagega dusre ke bare mein likh kar tumhe kya lagta hai ki kisika kaam band hojaega. Tension na lo, we as the lawyers of maldini ji will find you and will book u under necessary acts. Also jab tum samne aaoge to tumhara bhi live video banega . Dfilmz, lovely kaur, lovely, sanjay . Tum sab logo ne fake id banaker chupkar kuch bhi likh rahe ho, case par case hi lagenge tujhpar aur tension na lo bahut jaldi court mein tum logo ko yaha court mein lekar aaenge hum log tab dekhte hai kaun kya hai
Abe bevkuf lovely behan to fake id hai aur kuch nahi . Fake id bana bana kar likhne walo tum log cyber crime mein book hone wale lo. Aur jada din nahi batein hai tum logo ke upar bas case hi case lagne wale hai
Apni id se apni tarref k
at raha hai . Sabko yeah bolta hai kisi ko Paise mat Dena aur khud freshers se zabardasti portfolio banwata hai bade bade commitment karke aur koi kaam bhi NAHI deta na phone uthata hai bass baadi baadi agape Marta rehta hai fb pe . Iska ye motive hai agar ap iske alawa kisi aur se shoot karwa rahe ho to vo fake hai . Iske saare models se pooch liya hai Maine jinhone portfolio karwaya hai isse kisi ko bhi ek paid assignment NAHI dilwaya
Strongpithoragarh's reply, Aug 22, 2018
Kisiko paid commitment ke lie bola kabhi kisi ne and suno 2.5 lac ka kaam 2500 mein karna ho to tu karke dikha de . Aai samjh mein
Strongpithoragarh's reply, Aug 22, 2018
Tareef koi nahi karta kisiki .unka kaam and work ethics bolte hai and tu karke dikha de 2.5 lac ka kaam 2.5 hazaar mein aur woh paissa lagate hain models actors par and he has more than 25 venture. Tere tara vellah nahi bhaithe. Tabhi 100 logo ki productions company hai unki wah

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The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.
mr maldini is a good guy for people, lovely kaur your id is fake, apko malum hi nahi mr.maldini kon hai or kabhi aap unko mile b nahi honge ok isliye bina kisi ko mile aap kisi k bare mein kuch nahi keh skte
Tanuj sharma EK NO ka fraud insaan. Company ke ander ladki ke sath ashleel harqat karta hua pakda gaya, later mr maldini ne tanuj sharma ko ghar bhi dia aur khana peena ke lie bhi help kari .tanuj sharma ne phir ek fraud fake production company office mein rehte hue banai jiska naam tha BIG DEALS PRODUCTION. also yeh fake company woh maldini ji ki company mein chala raha tha and also yeh 12 logo ki baatein kar raha hai yeh akele hi tha aur jab isko dhakke markar bahar nikala gaya jab OFFICE mein ashleel harqatein kari aur fraud kia fake co banaker to chid kar yaha ulta fulta likh dia ab jab isko POLICE phone kar rahi hao to phone bhi nahi uthata ab maldini ji bhi sochte hai ki chodho leave it and we have videos and letters to prove it

Tabhi to COMPANY mein 100 LOG kaam kar rahe hai itne waqt se .
finally the reality is revealed by his own staff

[email protected]'s reply, Mar 6, 2019
Bro esa kuch nahi he is a great man. 1000 me to camere ka memory card bhi nhi aata vo to pura portfolio bana rahe he kuch to soch samajhkar likho yr
To be honest! I would like to thank you to mr. Ashtoreth maldini for great photos .he is a great man.starting me to maine bhi yqhi socha tha ki ye bhi baki portfolio maker kibtarha ho honge because modeling profession me fraud bohot hota or mere sath hua bhi he is lye starting me mujhe bhi nhi hua tha but honestly mai sabhi se se yahi bolunga ki he the best photographer and great man helpful he bohot gareeb bachho ki help karte he ab khud hi socho ki koi 1000 me portfolio banta he kya vo bhi itne high level ka is lye mai sabhi se yahi bolunga ki koi achha kaam kar raha he to plz unka sath do
Inka work aap sab dekh sakte ho sari photos to nahi daal sakta.
thank you

Its been ONE YEAR .
I told ya all .
The process is SLOW
MY fight with corruption wont stop
This is my war
I will continue this revolution
A million RTI
What did i GET
People made FAKE IDS in social media / Gmail .
They started writing FAKE NEWS ABOUT ME .
All the people / entity / company / organizations which were affected by me started writing wrong about me .
Because they were hit hard by me .
There work was shut down by me .
Did i get peace ?
Yes i did .
Have i stopped
No i have not stopped .
I will never stop
This is my war
And i fight all alone .
NO FIR / LEGAL NOTICE / COURT DOCUMENTS / INFORMATION etc can be put up on social media .
I respected that and kept the information to myself .
But here i stand all alone .
The situation is much better now .
90 % of the industry is aware
THEY say no to fraud
They have started believing in the process.
The bad companies have stopped there operations .
They aint surviving now .
They wont survive in the future
Thats my promise to ya all .
I wont stop
I wont back down
The only thing that has given back to me is FAKE REVIEWS / COMMENTS by FAKE PEOPLE .
The CYBER CELL / CRIME POLICE has activated huge defamation / IT ACT / CYBER CRIME and fraud cases against WRONG PEOPLE .
i have always told you all that if you think that - ghaziabad police is of no use - that's wrong .
They will find you
They will book you soon
I have found 70 % of the culprits
I go to the court once a week
I will nail them
I wont stop
I will continue with my revolution
This is WAR
its my war
I will end CORRUPTION for sure
Important thing to notice is that team of astsroth maldini is working at 999 rupees for 30 photos PORTFOLIO, the kind of work which his company is doing is worth 3-4 lakh rupees of shoot which is given in only 999 Rupees which goes for the animal and Kids foundation substantially and partially.
moreover I wish to tell you astaroth is a photographer, cinematographer, Movie Maker, fashion week organiser and a talented musician .his 12 fashion weeks are coming in 2019, 25 Hindi and English songs are coming along with that, his 250 + cinema projects are coming as well in the year 2019 .he has more than 50k shoots which are pending in this year, what's more he caste people also in various projects so a lot of models actors and artist are dependent on him because he invest his own money on actors models and artists of India
his projects are worth 5 to 7 lakh rupees for which he is just taking 1999 rs and 999 rupees because any private limited company will not work for free, any artist will not work for free so simple donation is taken for his works which helps the animals and the kids substantially and partially .
what's wrong and if somebody does not take advance, somebody does not take registration only the company takes money after the clients are delivered the projects and the photographs are also given in 6 to 12 hours, the company gives agreements, the company gives proper agreements before the shoot and before taking any money.
company has its current account in State Bank of India and name of his company is is super plsy pictures which is a Private Limited concern now .what's more a person can do, they do not take advance they not do not take advance- registration they do not have any acceptance of cash .
they give quality work @ photography, movie making, Fashion Week, songs, commercials and television productions, casting, he is a musician vocalist, his instrumental compositions along with directions, productions, writings and fashion weeks are the best in the world, forget about India he is perhaps the first multidisciplinary artist in the world . he and his campaign Tera dhandha band campaign has launched which has cancelled out all the fraud and the fake people from India
this is what he has done most of the people who do fraud and fake work are gone and have stopped their companies and works and projects and absconding from police just because of astaroth maldini . the fear is so high that now people have stopped asking for advance/ registration amount and this wave has continued, the actors and the models and the artist have said that now they will never pay any advance, registration to anybody its impact in the Indian acting and modelling and fashion industry is huge . he is the first multi disciplinary artist from India and perhaps one of the best in the world. he invest his own money on actress and models. do you think any one can shoot in 999 rs @ which is of 3 to 4 lakh Rupees . can it be done @ 999 rupees . Do you think any project which is of the cost of 7 to 8 lakh rupees can be done in just 1999 rs . Most important things to notice is that his team is working since a long time .the kind of work which his company does, this work is of 3-4 lac rs . Let me tell you he is a photographer, cinematography, movie maker fashion week organiser, talented musician .his fashion week are coming in 2019, 25 hindi, english songs are coming along with that, 250 + cinema projects are coming as well . you know what is the problem, the problem is that some guy is dominating Indian fashion acting and modelling industry, some guy is investing his own money so very costly people in their own trade have finished their work just because they finish their market because astaroth MALDINI is dominating and investing his own money on actress models and artist of India, fraud and fake people are absconding now, what else a person can do
.besides don't we know that his father is a retired additional Superintendent of Police from Central Bureau of Investigation. he owns a huge massive 4 story building on the Main Road opposite Mall in Indirapuram which is the corporate office of his productions company

don't we know that his company superplay pictures is a private limited company and don't we know that he does not take any advance or registration amount and his quality is one of the best in India and the world in terms of photography, movie making, Fashion Week, songs, commercials, productions, directions, casting, fashion week, music productions and compositions now these fake people have no idea that they will be traced by the Indian police and defamation act, cybercrime, IT Act and 420 sections would be levied against them .Sooner Or Later moreover one more thing, i wish to tell all is that this forum consumer complaint India forum is itself not a genuine website without any reason, without any proof somebody can post anything about anybody and without any confirmation, the images of good people can be used here. what is this, this is wrong, this website is not a good website, what you dont understand isthat without even confirming what is right or what is wrong, they are just destroying the image of a good person but anyways what, I can say is that the people who write wrong here are liable for IT Act defamation, and cyber crime and 420.
the people who are helping this kind of fraud and fake activity through their websites are fake and fraud itself and they will be dealt on this very soon .
We produce POLICE COMPLAINTS and Photos of Police OFFICIALS with astaroth MALDINI and what this website does, they delete those pictures.
We are getting frequent calls from the staff of CONSUMER COMPLAINT INDIA to pay lacs of RS Nd the REVIEWS which are FAKE and wrong will be deleted.
We will find the owners of the website CONSUMER complaint INDIA very soon
This is not a government website
This Website is FAKE and fraud website
And we will find the owners of this website very soon
Astorat Maldini group is good person. And ye anath logo ki help party hai jinka portfolio karte hai under bahut Kam paise lete hai or bollywood ke photographer se b achhe portfoliobanate hai bade se base photographer ki Takkar dete hai.
Its what people think of astaroth

On behalf of lawyers of astaroth MALDINI, written to police and SSP GHAZIABAD and DISTRICT MAGISTRATE GHAZIABAD, the fake I'd who created this post will be in jail soon and also the admin and owner of this fraud and fake website, we will ensure he/she is behind BARS

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