Bilkish Agency — harassing and using vulgar language to follow up on a outstanding credit card payment of 1998

I have approached rak bank several times saying that i am not able to pay my o/s dues on my credit card as the card is blocked and gives me an error message, but they did not call me back to resolve. This card is from 1998, expired a few years back.
About 6 months back, my mother who is around 70+ years receives a call saying that your daughter has cheated the bank, so you tell me her details. But when she was going to give my overseas number, they just said tell her to pay and started abusing her that she is not a good mother and she is a "b...". She just listened to his vulgar language and after that she called me and started to cry, as to why at this age she should listen to such language and when she is not at fault. My mother is very naive and it ended up in big fights within our family where my brother is still not talking to me as he feels i am at fault and because of me my mother had to listen to all these sh.. And now her health is not good.
After that, the bank got my number overseas and called me and we mutually resolved to close the cards at half the amount and then i asked them to give me to pay in instalments, which was still an ongoing subject, and during this period, again the bilkish agency, shekar, imran petitwala, ms. Yasmin started calling in turns and just started to yell, using very vulgar language, where shekar was saying as he called me in the morning, i will come there and f... You. You must be making money by sleeping with the sheikhs and then duping the between they sent a mr. Prasad to my house in india and started to threaten my mother. After about 4 hours of drama, i finally told them that i will file a complaint to goonda act and to the nri cell, after that they calmed down and said if i could pay, when i directed them to the email that was ongoing and i was still waiting rak guy niranjan to come back to me.

The next day, the rak guy niranjan hiremath called me and we are now back to s1. To coming to terms of where we left at - to pay half the amount in installments, which if he had confirmed to me by november when we had started to communicate, the bank would have got the payment and this case could have resolved by now.

Bilkish does not even have the sense of talking, they just have hired some goondas to call and harass people, who dont even speak english and must be some street beggars, who are uneducated and can come in for a few pennies. Shame on you bilkish agency and to the rak bank that hire these type of guys.

Hope my concern will be raised and as a woman, me and my mother will get some justice being an indian citizen. I earnestly beg to take appropriate action against these guys. I have given below their email id's just in case you need to get in touch. Thank you and gob bless.
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