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[Resolved]  Amey World Wide Int. Services Pvt Ltd — Cheating and making frod with clients

We have registered our selves to this aug-06, for the immigration under the pnp category for canadian the begiening we didn't know how the processs for the pnp system. This co. Has collected total inr rs.1, 50, 000. Fees from us during the year. And we have got our file no in nov-07. Which was in the economic category instead of the above stated pnp system. Then co. Making so many false promise to us. Also co. Demanding extra inr.5, 00, 000. For the work permit offer from the canadian co. We have wrote so many emails and making so many calls to the co's president mr. Satish nandre in this regards but nither any reply nor any communication made by him. The ahmedabad br. Manger also behaving very rudely and giving false promise to us.
Now we are requesting the co. That pl refund our money because from aug-06 to till date you have done nothing any progress in our immigration case and just west our time. But again co.'s president not reply to us till date making the matter too much complex.
O, i am requesting to all, pl guide for the above cheating case. And beware this kinds of cheater.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Amey worldwide is the worst type of service consultant whose main intention is to grab money from the clients.I am a victim of it.Don´t believe in AMEY worlwide consulant´s advice, which will say your application will be finalised with in 24 months, but its not the case.

Once you pay the money they will not respond to your phone calls / emails.

Satish Nandre is a big cheat and staff working under them are too.
i agree al negiative comment about amey world wide consulants can u give any proff about the cheating in amey world wide please reply to my mail id [protected]
Please visit and you can launch your complaint against them.since they are registered to the cic you can explain your case and this will surely blacklist them and their licence will be taken back if your case is justified. I was about to apply thru them but something stopped me as I always found them to be very money minded.

thanks for any help on immigration contact me as I have dont lots of research on it ...dont worry I wont charge you, I am a common man like you...I hate when people dupe our hard earned money.


A cheater named sathish — Hyderabad cheater.. need to find him.

Hello i m kishor... A hyderabad man get 1 lack from me for getting job... but for past 7 months he doesnot take any action... i know his phone number only... airtel from hyderabad... namem sathish... he also cheats many people in chennai... i need to find his address...a ny body please help me... it must save many ppls life... i[censored] know how to find a address with his phone number (airtel prepaid) pls mail me. [protected]
anybody working in airtel customer care... please help me. thank u.
Can any one help me as i want to register should i go further with this organisation.
Amey world wide is very genuine company, my 3 friends are registered with them from kerala, vizag and chennai, all of them got file number and also two ofthem got a medical also. Their fees structre is compare to other little high i.e.10k to 15k only, but thr service is very very good. Good response, prompt reply also, my sincere advice dont go any other consultancy, for my experience Amey service is very good.
Dear All,

I regret I hadn't found this thread before I registered my application through Amey this June 09. But now that they say that they have received my file number but wouldnt release it until I pay them their last installment. I am really doubtful of their credibility. Can someone throw their comments regarding this? How can I handle this issue?
santosh1111's reply, Apr 4, 2017
You can contact me

Santosh Indore
Today I met Mr Satish Nandre in his office at Himayat Nagar in Hyderabad with the intention of having first hand knowledge of things from him after attending a seminar organizaed by him yesterday at Hyderabad on the subject of immigration .

I requested him to provided two references who successfully availed of his services recently and are happy with the services.

He could not immediately provide any reference and he cited reasons of privacy and he stated that he needed their permission to quote their names.

Could any one provided voluntary references for Amey and for the service they provided in immigration?

Hi all,

Mr.Satish Nandre, Founder of Amey Worldwide as well as his staff is a big cheat. They are largely involved in misguiding, cheating and duping people of their hard earned money. We are also victim of this cheater. Once you register with them they will call you thousand times to pay the remaining installments but after you pay the same they will not even repond to your phone calls and mails.

They will never provide references of clients who have migrated through them under the name of confidentiality.

Please do not believe in them.They are just money swindlers.
My friend is a victim of Amey and Mr. Nandre. There is no match what he says and what he does actually. His main intention is to grab money and... afterward no response. Somehow my friend got his visa on his own effort, Amey simply did nothing except gabbing money. And the post landing per him it was horrible...what I understood after talk to is better to apply individually, no need to go to any consultant. The consultants can do nothing as per case is concerned except grabbing money.
Friend, do not believe is all such false complaints. Amey & Mr.Nandre are very truthful and their name is
all over globe. You will never get such good company in Immigration and by giving such false statements, god will never forgive you.
I registered with ameyworld wide in the year of 2009 april in cochin office, after that several time they called me for further payment, once they 2009 october they wil conduct seminar in kottayam, when satish and thr staff reach in hotel before starting the semi ar police catch them and they went to police station to meet SI, I also went thr and i seen infront of police station two three persons are standing and given complaint aginst this company, so I dont want to continue, pls as per my request dont go any branch and register, recently i came to know thr chennai office is closed, if any one can have any doubt pls go and visit chennai office after that u thing and do. Thius is for my sincere advice.
I used the services of Amey and Iam happy with them.I am now in Canada for years.
Dear all,
Please don't listen to anybody. Take your decision and go ahead.
As per my experience Amey Worldwide is very truthful organization in Canada immigration. They are very experienced people in immigration. We should not look over his offices whether it is closed or not we should look forward towards results. They give satisfaction result. I got Permanent residence form Amey services.
They are very promptful and helpful. if any one wants reference then give me cell number I will give reply.
Its 2011 and nothing seems to be changed as I had applied in 2010 and followed exactly as Ameya guided me but finally things didnt work out and immediately i got a mail from Mr. Satish nandre infact a threatning mail that I have written everything false and i can have to face legal action and all. I just want to ask once thing to all readers that when i had submitted all my paper in original than what is Ameya and their team doing a job of post man, aren't they compitent to tell me that I am not suitable to apply or their job is just to take fees and apply whoever comes to them. This is my sincere urge to everyone please dont fall for amey rather for anyone and apply directly every smallest information is available online.

All the more to tell you that inspite of rejection I have been asked to pay 500USD which they say is balance and hence not returning my documents.
We all know our system hence no one would want to go legal but you should consider all these things before moving in to them.

Also they would ask you to make a self declaration with everything as needed by them and then you sign it so finally you should know who would be responsible for the application

Please Please Please go direct all these agents are cheaters and should be thrown out of our country.
i think that comment is put by amey employee that it is the best company..i know one employee of amey who told me stories abt how they cheat.never ever choose this company..i[censored] want to be cheated voluntarily go there.and i came to know that even their employeed are not paid.they only getpaid if they get a the staff at their offices will push u hard so that they can get their salary.a lady i know who worked there said abt all the cheat work they do..
Please Please Please everyone, do not go to this agency, not because they are not a legitimate company or something, but because they do not guide their clients correctly. Their sales talk sounds great in the beginning, but over a period of time (almost 8 years in my case) you will realize that you are going nowhere. At the most you will get a file number, which means nothing actually speaking, its just a token saying your application has been accepted and in process.

First I applied through FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) program with them (2006), and paid them their fees. Then just last year (2012) they told me that I have got an invitation from CIC to apply for a program called PNP Ontario which will run simultaneously alongside FSW. They charged me an additional sum of money for the same, and I went through the same application process again, made me do an IELTS in which I scored 8. Then after almost a year of silence, I get informed that both my applications have been declined by CIC.

I my case my profession had changed over the years. In all sincerity I had asked the company head and employees at Amey if it was worth applying though PNP Ontario program, even if my profession had changed. They told me "yes go ahead, all your past experience will be counted". They also said if I don't take any action now, then nothing will happen. This is how they misguide you. In fact they must tell you the pros and con's before applying for any program.

I don't think anyone at Amey thoroughly scrutinizes your profile or your application documents before sending it across to CIC, which they are supposed to, since we pay them the fees. If initial scrutiny process was stringent, then all ineligible applicants will get filtered and Amey would have only success stories, unfortunely that is not the case.

There is a no-refund clause in their agreement, so don't get exited and sign every document they put forth before you. If you read every word carefully, I'm sure you will not sign the documents without thinking again. Do not get influenced too much by what their employees have to say, its just sales talk. Also please read their fees structure very carefully, it is quite expensive, please don't waste your money like I have. You can probably save this money for your family or use it for a better cause, like education of your child etc.

The only refund I got was the CIC visa fees. So, this agency sounds legitimate but may not be as professional as they claim to be or are suppose to be. Explore all other options, there is loads of information on the internet, in fact I believe you can also apply by yourself on your own, and will also cost you much less but you need to do all the research on your own.

Generally speaking, I would measure the success of such an agency by the success rate of their clients and if they cannot provide a fact sheet (comprehensive data of successes and failures with reasons) then you might as well consider other options. I got wise but too late. Once bitten twice shy.
This company is fraud, and the person there Nandre is a big cheat, , , please save your self from this cheaters.
You can complaint about him at

He tells his customers that the papers or file has been sent to CIC, after two or three months says something else. He just makes a fool out of his customers. Please stay away from this company.
Note: this is a genuine post.
My name is santosh Indore and I am from Pune
and I am also victim of Amey Worldwide Int.Pvt.Ltd .
So I collected around 20 peoples from rest India and lodged FIR and now case is in Bombay High Court

So you can also join to it
You can trust me like as your brother .

My Mobile No. is [protected]
you can all me anytime.
my email is [protected]
Santosh Indore
Reply for false allegations of Santosh Indore against Satish Nandre and his company:

Mr. Santosh Indore from Pune signed an agreement and became client of Satish Nandre in 2004 and his application was processed for Canada Immigration for PR. He was given file number and his application was at the final stage for approval. In the meantime Canada Government passed Bill C38 i.e. Jobs, Growth and Long -term Prosperity Act and this act has become law and CIC terminated all the applications all over world submitted before February 27, 2008. Amey has submitted the applications for Permanent residence for Canada and has not cheated to any one of the clients.

Santosh Indore's application was terminated and he filed complaint to regulator in Canada. See the gist of details of his case as under:

This is reference to the allegations against you by Mr. Indore. We have reviewed the allegations, your response and supporting documentation. There is no evidence to support the allegations against you. Below is a full issue-by-issue analysis from our review.

INDORE allegation;

 _he paid NANDRE $2000 in 2004 to apply for permanent residence
 _in October 2004 he got a file number from CIC for his application and paid $750 in processing fees
 _nothing has happened with his application – it has been 100 months since he applied

NANDRE response;

 _January 6, 2004 INDORE signed 2 agreements with them for 25000 rupees / $2000 US to apply under the Economic Class [Provincial Nominee Program]
 _They gave INDORE 3 receipts for fees and a copy of his agreement
 _They submitted his application to the Canadian High Commission (CHC) in New Delhi and he was provided with his case number and receipt of fees paid
 _They maintained contact with INDORE and CHC – there was constant communication with INDORE (email provided)
 _CHC asked them to resubmit INDORE's new information on the latest forms – they did
 _INDORE was in constant contact with them, visiting the office in Pune, with him in Toronto by phone and email (contact provided)
 _When the Government of Canada announced the changes under Bill C-38 he sent a circular to all his clients advising them that applications under the Federal Skilled Worker program – submitted before February 27, 2008 would be terminated and fees refunded
 _INDORE replied to this via email on July 6, 2012 and INDORE wanted him to file litigations against the Canada Government – to challenge Bill C-38
They did not receive written communication from CIC but the on-line status showed “Decision Made” – his application had been closed January 2, 2013
 _March 5, 2013 he met with INDORE at his Pune office and told him very clearly that his file with CIC was closed and he would get a refund [from CIC]
 _INDORE then asked about any other possibility to re-submit his application – he asked INDORE to send in his resume
 _March 6, 2013 INDORE sent his resume (but) they had closed his file on March 5, 2013 because his application was closed January 2, 2013
 _They received INDORE's refund cheque form CIC the first week of May and they mailed it to INDORE

INDORE allegation;

 _NANDRE closed his office in Pune, Maharashtra India around May 10, 2013
 _NANDRE is not responding to the phone calls or emails

NANDRE response;

 _He moved his Pune office on May 10, 2013 to Toronto and communicated this to his clients and posted notice on his door – providing all his contact information
 _INDORE's file was closed so it was not necessary to ensure he know of this
 _INDORE called him several times at his Toronto office – so he knows how to contact him there
 _INDORE's application was closed by CIC – he fulfilled the agreement he had with INDORE,
 _INDORE did not advise them that he wanted to apply under another category

The documents presented by each party show that the application was prepared and submitted to CIC by you. It was accepted by CIC but subsequently closed because of changes to the Canadian immigration program. On the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship site the changes to the Federal Skilled Worker program are set out;
Now that the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act (Bill C-38) has become law, CIC will terminate processing Federal Skilled Worker files if applicants:
 _applied before February 27, 2008, and
 _have not had a decision made by an immigration officer based on selection criteria before March 29, 2012. (information on selection criteria is below).

We consider the allegations as unfounded and this case as closed.


In spite of this decision also Mr. Santosh Indore has filed the false police complaint against me and my staff in Pune and now he is writing on various blogs and misguiding people and doing black mailing with me and my company. Now his demand is to pay crores of rupees and if not then prepare for dire consequences. He is involving innocent people by calling “Brother” and giving his cell phone number, e-mail ID etc. on blogs and trying to get support from them to get more money from us. So be careful and this is caution notice from our side to get away from such person.

I have already given complaint in writing to Police Commissioner of Pune about his illegal, false demands, threatening and false allegations. Also I have moved to High Court Mumbai for Quashing false FIR and High Court Mumbai has given direction to Pune police for “ Not to file Charge sheet. Santosh Indore has signed an agreement and there is no provision of Refund of Fees and since we have worked on his applications for more than 5 years continuously. So question does not arise for any fraud or cheating. So please be careful from this person and I keep my legal rights reserved in all respects.

We are taking serious cognizance for those who are spoiling my individual and company image by writing false allegations/ information on blogs and I am keeping my legal rights reserved for furthermore legal actions. No further replies will be entertained in regards to this case.

Satish Nandre
Toronto, Canada
August 19, 2016

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