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[Resolved]  Budhawar Peth — Help

Any Body will look into this matter.!!!!!
Any Body will help to these girls.!!!!!
Hi !!!!
I am Sunil living in Pune as a bachelor. Working in private sector.
One day I thought to make physical relation with a girl.& to make it true
I went to pune’s famous ‘Budhawar Peth ‘on 20.01.2010 at 22.30. with my friend.
At first we tooka around in that area for ½ hr. Initially I fill insecure
& thought that not to do this. After lot thinking, Me & my friend enter in big building.
After that we went in a room where , there were so many girls under a single roof
watching star plus serial.
At first I frighten to enter these rooms, but one girl pull me in room &
asked me for relation. I came in confidence. Both of we sit in the room for 5 mins.
One big lady (May be leader) came there & asked us for choice .I confused but
my friend told me regarding ‘CHOICE’. Two girls came . out of these two I made choice for a one.
Me & that girl went to little room. Both of we were in front of each other.
I was in tension . don’t know how to proceed. She asked for money . I gave her money
(Rs 150/-). After that asked for mobile, Mobile also I gave her after switching off.
She went out in main room & after 5 mins return towards me.
In that all process I fill somewhat odd, Her face was so nervous .
I thought that might be she is not interested to make relation,
now / with me / not mood / or any other reason. I asked her regarding this in Hindi.
But she said that its our business dear, its not depends on mood or interests.
She continued & said that I am doing this due to money problem in my home &
some body cheat me & bring me here. from Kolkata.
She continued - 2 months before that person told me that he will give best job in pune
& I came here pune with him. 2 days after he left me here in this building & he went out.
Big lady brought me in this big house & told me the job. I was very shocked. I was so cried that time but no use of that. I was helpless .From two month I am doing this job. Many times I tried to left it but I am helpless. This big lady not allowing me to go out or do any phone calls. After listening her sad story I forgot that for what I came here & I was surprised ,& fill so bad.& decide to go out. In 10 mins We became friend.
I said her if you are in problem I will help you. she said ‘YES’.&
told me that if possible pl call at my village to my father & say them to come here in pune. Also tell them I am fine here.After they come here show them this room & you go out. After that I will manage.
She asked me that you paid money & without doing anything you are going ,
why? I was answerless.
While leaving room she called me back in room & gave me Rs 1000/- instead of me?????
& said Pl send this money to my father to come pune because might be they are having
no money to come pune.. After that she gave me her village address & fathers mobile number.
After coming out from building I told this story to my friend.& We decide to go in
police station.
But after thinking lot time we decided not to go to police station. because police
are getting their money form that big lady & if she made complaint against us then
we will be in problem.????
Today, whole day I was thinking about that girl. & called her father & said to come pune.
They were thinking that their daughter missed. They were very happy to here that their
daughter is in pune & safe & happy. I didn’t tell them were is she now. I will tell them
after they come her in pune. Because at least they can live happily till come to pune.
This is a story of a one girl from that building. May be there were so many girls are
from same story. Any body will help them or take a action against big lady.I am not
against this job but I am against the compulsion.

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Aug 14, 2020
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You have a good heart.I think you should approach the state Women's Commission.They can surely help you.
Dear Complaintent
I read your draft.. althougfh i appreciate your gesture of having wriiten this and wanting someone to resue those Destitutes.
I fail to recognize what makes educated and aware youth like you take such implusive step of visiting a CSW(Commercial Sex Worker) and Budhwar Peth in Pune is a Marked red light area, which not only poses threat to your Health( as some or many of them could be infected) but also a security threat as many operators here are anti-social elements... Being a Lawyer and Pscycologist and The National Advisor for Human Rights I beleive You and many like are unaware of this Profession. I[censored] want to help these girls then stop visiting them and i[censored] can approach a local NGO they would accompany you to rescue them


Piaa Raj
hi good hearted man, Mr.Sunil, i appreciate this steps taken for a poor girl. You can better go to some women welfare organizations and u can rescue her instead of going to a police station.ALL THE BEST for the steps teken. I thnk u personally on behalf of ALL WOMEN IN THE WORLD.
What next ?? its a good thing you are doing...

however no one wants to be a sex worker. its no ones childhood fantasy to be a sex worker..

Piaa is right i[censored] want to help these girls, then better stop visiting them.
And whatever you are doing is very dangerous. so it would be nice to take help from some Organization, stay away from police. In my opinion they smell only money.
i m veera i ll take action against this i hate this kind of act ...i also hate compulsion of sex in girls . if v form a group v ll surely punish tat lady...
Hi Dude,

Yu are really anice person with kind heart.
Please help out her parent to reach at her and post your story what happend next.
I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
My suggesion to u dont go such kind of place, u r not like a guy who cn do this kind of work.
Get marry with a gud gal and enjoy your life.

Anyway thank buddy
Hi I am Gagan Shetty .I would appreciate if you could give me your email id as I too have come across same email id is [protected]
u done good job
Sunil please send me the details on my email id [protected] identity will be safeguarded, please do it fast we need to save her life
Rakes92's reply, Sep 24, 2016
Is there any update of that girl??
Pls mail me.
My id [email protected]
Guys share this post to all becouse 'jo koi bhi vaha jata hai use yeh sab nahi pata hota hai, un sab ko pata chale ki kya bitati hogi un ladkiyo par jo is hadse ka shikar hai,
just think yaar 1 ladka hokar mai un point of view se sochta hu to ruh kamp jati hai >< wo to bechari ladki hai, jiska koi sahara nahi hai,
yeh uski jindgi nahi balki nark hai waha koi Ek Bar gaya wapas nahi aata,
yeh post share karo shayad koi to hoga who will have pwer to fight agains this...!
aaj se khud apne aap se wada karo ki kisi se bhi hum budhwar peyh me jane ki baat sunte hai to yeh story unhe jarur batao,

Put bamboo stick in big lady arss
Thank you for sharing this, Sunil! I sincerely hope firstly, that with your help this girl will find a way out and secondly, that this will help to open people's eyes to the reality of visiting brothels. Sunil, please do keep us updated.

I work in the red light district in Delhi as a teacher at an orphanage. These are all children of sex workers growing up in the most challenging of circumstances. Proof that no contraceptives are 100% safe.
According to the social workers I work with, 99% of the woman working in these red light districts were originally trafficed (similar to the girl you've been writing about).
To anyone considering visiting a brothel, please be aware that 0% of these woman really wants to have sex with you. Just because she is not objecting out of fear for the consequences from her pimp who practically owns her body does not mean this is anything other than rape. Just because she may be pretending to be interested in fear of another beating if she does not put up a good performance does not mean she isn't crying inside. By supporting brothels you are directly supporting human trafficking.
I want to help them email
You are doing a great job bro...

There is nothing wrong in having physical relation with a girl But think about your health bro. You can divert your thoughts in many other interests that keeps you occupied and busy all the time. so that you may not search this kind of areas again..

Kudos.. for being a kind heart on the girl instead of proceeding to next level. I can understand your dignity by getting to know that the girl gave you 1000/- Rs with belief that you are a good person. its really great bro.. Winning a girls confidence within few mins shows your personality and true kindness... keep up the attitude bro.

Pls post what happened then to that girl and parents... we are waiting bro.
This is rakesh yadav
Email id- rakes.[protected]
Please mail me.
I think we can together combine and do something for them.
Let not seat like this for commenting and posting.
Please mail me, i wanna to knw wheteher that girl met her parents??
And also want to help other person
I wont say visiting is bad or good. Honestly this is one thing people should do, and that is stop differentiating if visiting such places is right or wrong. Cause believe me, a good chunk of these girls are into it willingly. Now, as far as underaged, kidnapped, stole away and other miss fortune reasons why the smaller chunk of girls and woman reach this place, is what i hate most.

Understand one thing. Prostitution is money paid for physical services. If run in a non residential area and marked as a Red Light district, then its not illegal to be there. Its only wrong i[censored] end up with an underaged, Non consensual affair.

But yes. I m studying Psychology so i understand why sometimes good people can go there. Id only say be safe and very careful. Thank you
Believe me, she is fine, she said this story to let you stop doing sex with her and get money for free, you're in democracy country if she want to stop being sex worker sure she can and go to get jop in any place but she want to doing that, so don't do anything .
Hii this is dushyant shrivastava .my email id is [protected] pls mail me all information about that girl we both make a discussion and help that girl .I[censored] dont want to be a part of this no problem at all still send me the information i think its my responsibility to help her any how .u r very good as a person pls mail her information to me and let me help her .thx
Hii sunil this is dushyant shrivastava.
Email id- [protected]
Pls send me the information about that girl .we will make a discussion and help her .i[censored] dont want 2 b a part of this than also send me the information its my responsibility 2 save her anyhow .u r very good as a person pls let me help her also send me the address and landmark of that building.
I know its very unsafe 2 give our no. In public but bhai mein aapko ye isliye de raha hun ki aap mujh par bharosa karein my no. Is [protected] pls mujhe us ladki ke baare mein information de mere bhai uski madad karna humari responsibility hai aur bhi logon ne us ladki ki help karne ke liye msg kiya hai hum sab milkar nishchit taur par us ladki ki help kar payenge mere bhai pls aap us ladki ki saari information send karein taaki hum kuch action le payein. Dhanyawaad

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