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[Resolved]  Dr. Bhavana Shah-beauty And Sliming Centre — False commitments and rude behaviour/also fraud of 30000/-

on seeing and going through the advertisement of Dr. Bhavana Shah,i,natasha tewari,had thyroid problem due to which i had instant increase in weight where i used to get back to regular but required too much time and workout.being at managerial level i didn had spare time enough,and as her clinic was nearby,i decided to go for.
Fraud no.1-on newspaper she mentioned for a free tuck the very day,incase we aint facing any problem,and are convinced she will accordingly ask to join.she comes to clinic just 2 days,rest all time she was at her andheri outlet as she used to get more celebs residing at lokhandwala area as customers,resulting in more business as she can ask ffor more fees from them,and she never gave me free tuck.
Fraud no.2-as promised,she said after going through my medical history and all,she promised me
And commited for a weight loss of 7 kgs of weight loss or 20 inch reduction all over,whichever is earlier with 5 kgs.additional as discount.i was given a trainer who gave me a diet plan to follow and my programme started.for all this she charged 30000/-rupees from me.forr two months there was hardly any change,my weight being 500gms less and 3 inch loss,i spoke to my trainer that m avoiding everthin bein asked,eatin accordin to your diet plan, and evn exercising but where are the results?she bluntly replied-its your body how will i know?kya pata tum kya kya khati ho yaha se jaane ke baad jo diary me likhti nahi,mujhe pata nai chalta and tumhara weight loss nahi ho raha.when i came the other day i asked doctor if her staff behaves so rudely and has no respect for customers.if i would hav known my body so well i wud have not been sitting here,she instead callin the staff n gettin apology,covered her mistakes.
Fraud no. 3-i took it as final warnin as i paid 30000/- and asked my dietician again made a commitment of 2 kgs.reduction in a week as her two months were about to over.when they saw change was ther but like any personhere very minimal,me too.finally i was being told that my body must be having sm probs.get urself medically checked up.sorry we cant provide sessaions,and got 3 more
When i asked you guarantee the results just like
In daily newspaper even now you anyone can see word guaranteed is written,n what was committed didnt happen to half so accordingly return my half payment.they refussed and asked to come on friday when doctor is ther..but she neither attend me,ignored me,and left,n wn i went after her she gav a smile sayi
n m busy,we'llntalk tomorrow.till now no mony refunds aas evrythin committed is fake,her trainig,institute n she herself.if possibl tak necessary action.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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My name is Jasdeep Kaur D/O Sh. Mehar Singh,
i want to change my photograph from PAN CARD,
Please help me out.
all these clinics are fake please dont join such clinics for weight loss, in the begening the will guide you with total respect that you will loose ur execess fat easily, no need of carsh dieting, ur treatement will b under a supervision of doctors they will call u 1000 times.AND ONCE THEY RECEVIED THE MONEY now see the real picture.
1) when u enter the clinic they will take ur current weight, now they will put u in a heating room with heating pad and allow u to sweat heavily and just for show they will give u tocks ie. vibrating, which is acctuallly of no use.
2) after this seccision the will take ur weight now because of sweating u will definately have lost few gms of weight that is water loss.
3)now they will warn u to maintain this lost weight till the next seccion
4) as u go out and drink water u will agiain gain the lost weight.
5) also there so called detician will give u a very carsh diet and u have to follow her else ur seccission will be postponed.
6) the person performing ur seccion will not be also 10th pass.

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my name is hemasundar muchakarla my age 26, and height 5.3,
my weight is 80+, so i want it in weight loss

i wnat it lossweight
one thing we all must know that weight loss without proper diet is impossible. Paying money doesnt give us the liberty to eat what we want and expect weight loss. we need to think rationally while blaming any weight loss centre for failing to deliver what is promised because ultimately it is a measure of how true we are to ourselves..

Bhavana Shah's Fitness Highway — Fraud

This clinic is a total fraud. She is never there - when I had a major problem she conveninently did not come in to work after fixing an appointment with me. All they do is lie. Pls don't fall for them - save your money.
Dear Ladies,
I am representing one out of 100 odd Sad Customer from this very BAD Fitness centre runned by soo called Mrs Bhavna Shah's Fitness Highway..whose business is pure marketing of Lossing Weight and Inches without any Crash Diet and Exercise..Every now and then you will ads coming in Mumbai Mirror of Fat Lady turning Slim and Bold line saying..Unlimited seatings till weight and inch loss gurantee is achieved...
Its all Bullsheet and Marketing Gimmicks.. I and my many friends became victime by joining this very money looting place..where in as soon as your program is over in a months time even after following your diet and doing regular walks you gain back all the weight and inches More then wot you have lost..
After complaining the So called Doctor Bhavna shah...she is shameful to say tat your body is not good enough to retain the inch might as well consult a doctor for it?? and she is even shameless to reply tat a customer can go to media or customer complaint cell...she doesnt care...
End of it i want to say, woman all there please please DO NOT JOIN this dirty place who is trying to be WANNABE VLCC...
We have paid 30k Rupees and till now as there are no results...Dear looser Bhavna shah and her looser call gal team members say tat your body has a problem..wot do we do...BEWARE OF A CALLED BHAVNA SHAH...ELSE SHE WILL LOOOOOT YOU...
I am facing the same kind of problem from Fitness Highway. They are a bunch o[censored]nprofessional jerks and my investment of Rs.12000 is a total waste. I was not given a free trial, words is what I trsuted them on. The lady who enrolled me has left the organization and they do not wish to help me. They are covering each other and we are the sufferers... I have been to VLCC and I saw results in a month and I did eat what I wished also in controlled way. Even after making so much of efforts in reduction of weight combined with exercise and walks at Fitness Highway I did not see any results... I joined in November and went for a 2 weeks. I came back after a month and a half which was my fault but I had very valid health reasons to support the same. I gained 3 kgs more and they did not consider the previous weight instead they started the new weight and said they will consider 5 kg weight loss from the gained one, which is cheating. They could have sent me back saying to lose weight and then come but they did not, this is what money minded people do. The staff is very cold and rude in their behavior. They dont even remember what treatment a person is going through.
I am highly disappointed. I do realise my mistake of not going there very often but I always responded to their calls and advised them of the problems I was facing at my work place. Then also they were not considerate. I was not able to make it to their centre on the committed date and I made calls accordingly but yet I did not get any revert. I again had to travel out of Mumbai and I kept them informed but the lady who answered the call never bothered... She said she will ask my dietician to contact but I never got a call for two n 3 days... I visited them and they could not even locate my card. I still kept my cool and was patient but after getting a counselor's call today I am overly pissed with the attitude. I agree to my, mistake in the past but they not reverting is their fault which they deny and are building up stories. I am from a service industry and I handle guests on daily basis. I know what level one can fall to cover up. I am in Sales and Marketing and I know the techniques. I got convinced but this is utter unprofessionalism which I have faced from Fitness Highway of Dr. Bhavna Shah. I am associated with the Andheri Branch.

They dont even remember I got a complimentary 15 inch loss all over! I am highly disgusted with their service and would like to take it further to consumer court... I really need support people! Its not justice and it is only money minting way! Either i get the deisred committed result or I get the refund... This is the not first time I am sure people are complaining. If an individual has a problem they should be considerate and if we show interest there should be proper communication within staff... I need justice and support! I was not even mentioned 2 month validity. They say it is mentioned on the card... The card does not stay with us neither do they inform us at the time of enrolment. What they see is simple money coming in. Apart from back ache I have no other disorder, yet no stable weight loss. VLCC is much better. They are a better chain and more professional.
They know what they do... Andheri branch and their people are bad. M sure the brand is good but Dr. Shah please be careful with the kind of people you hire. They possess a horrible attitude. Please train them or hire new people and sort out our issues!
i too along with 3 of friends have joinedfor a 10 kg and 60 iches weight losss program.but no results. when confronted they point to the manager who sits in andheri most of the time. she says v r very irregula. but when v joined they promised freezing of leave taken. now its like i[censored] go on vac ations u eat whatever u want. so no leave will b given.also no priorities in apptment.due to heavy ads, there s ahuge crowd with hardly any space or trained staff. my hard earned money in the drain. please do not join this place as v 4 have experienced hardly any wt loss.
No body ever loses weight at bhavna shah fitness highway. you only lose money. I have paid 50000 to this and not even lost 2 kgs. She puts the blame on you, that your body has problem, you have water retention etc etc . I know atleast 50 ladies in lokhandwala area, who have not lost any weight and instead got side effects like rashes, burns, marks on the skin etc. It is only a money making business for her. It is not at all a professional place / clinic. Totally mismanaged . Staff changes every second month. Some staff members told me, that she does not pay the staff also on time .

She is a fake doctor, without any degree. She fools people by writing DR in front of her name. BEWARE FROM CHEATS AND SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. I want to file complaint in CONSUMER COURT AND POLICE.
It's absolutely up to us how we take care of ourselves, there is no reason to blame others for the same. I had lost 10kgs at Fitness Highway, which I did maintained for 6-8 mths, but due to my ignorance after that, I put on few kilos back. Then once again I started with their maintenance diet given by their dietician, I am loosing gradually & maintaining the same.
Dr Bhavana Shah herself is also available at the centre to interact with the client for their results, the staf[censored]nder her is also so great ...ever ready to help you, to speak to you.
It's the best place to loose wt & get back to shape.
Why cant we complain to consumer forum, if not i feel we should straight way start speaking bad about her in public, the way she advertises - sending pamphlets in news paper we should also start circulating the xeroxes of true face of her clinic, making some one stand out side her clinic. I also have one idea why dont we complain to political parties. Also to stop such people is best way is to tell people it is not good place to be visited by Good People - hope you are getting what i am saying, It may be wrong way, but this way we are doing good to many others by not letting them waste their money and spoil their health
Also one place she advertises as homeopath clinic and another place she advertises as dermatologist. what is she? dermatologist homeopath?
They are Fake plus irritating...They are calling me since 6 months and irritating me, they can make anybody lose patience not weight, Specially a lady named "Namrata" in Borivili Branch SENDS Text messages everyday to the Mobile Phone and Irritates customers, they shby calling up again and again stating they should speak to her nicely even if she calls everyday.

There has to be some legal action to the clinic.
All you lovely ladies out there you cannot lose weight or inches without HARDWORK i.e exercise & proper diet. But alas nobody seems to listen including my wife. Luckily i managed to convince her not to pay up the full amount on the first visit, still 1K down the drain.
Hey ladies,
I wish i wouldve read your comments before joining this place. I have already paid up and my sessions will start next week. Im going there only for Inch loss. Now im feeing stuck, as my money will most certainly not be refunded. I went there in the first plce because a friend lost really well with her.
Pls wish me luck that my money doesnt go down the drain.
A BIG FRAUD !!! All time cheat.. the lady( doesmt deserve to be) as soon she enters the center just shouts at the top of her voice as if its a fish bazaar.. this is a place where there are only good dieticians around but no results.. just fooling people around, if your weight loss is nt happening, the dieticians will tell u take tucks and if that is also not working then they will tell u to convert your package into inch loss.. JUST ALL TIME BIG FRAUD... Ashamed of myself as going to such a dirty place where everything is messy. the environment is so bad around.. No Results and no good behavior.. I really doubt whether she is really a Dr or not. And if she is.. she doesn't deserve to be.. cos Dr never cheat their clients.
She is a bigtime fraud, doesn't even pay her employees. Don't go to her if you feel for the people working there. Amen!
Thanks all for showing the real picture. For more than a year I've been thinking of joining this place. After going through all that you have written I'm feeling blessed. It's always better to loose weight with normal work outs and a proper diet. Thanks for saving my hard earned money!!!
Thanks for helping me save my hard earned money. I was about to visit this slimming centre. After reading all your horrifying experience I'm really feeling good that I did not visit them.

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