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[Resolved]  Dugani's Hospital Hubli — Operation Failed

Hi All
This is to inform you that there is a Doctor by Name:- Mr Suresh Dugani (Neurologist Station Road Hubli ) and the way he treats the patients is like and he is the Doctor and the is in the Nobel professional but he has nothing in his own head and hands he is a biggest failure by work he always charges the innocent people a large amount of money in short money is every thing to this Doctor and later his flalse statement most of the people dont even come alive from his Hospital one or the other day the person has to Die just because of medicine and way he cures the patient for every operation he never charges less then 1 lakh he did the same with My brother also he was 22 yrs old and he was well bulit fit enough he died on sep-1-2008 as he had undergone a operation and very soon after the operation he died after 10 days and when he was in coma we came to Dr Dugani and said that there is some blood blot in his brain when we questioned him did this happen he didn;t have an answer for that so please dont go to this Doctor for any Dam reson as he is not a doctor he is a killer and please please please..... Dont believe him as he says that he is the only doctor in north India
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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sir iam from ksa iam as a superviser in a ltd co a im from karanataka
my left hand finger is a small facture so i cant fold my finger properly
and pain also doctor said iam too late to do some thing and said physio theropy only way so pls give me some tips to recover my pain and problem
i am wait your reply
thank u for ur highly civilised comments and language.god bless u.and give you level mind and thoughts ..intrenet is free and democratic should be used judiciously, and justly.and for good cause .
thank u for ur highly civilised comments and language.god bless u.and give you level mind and thoughts ..intrenet is free and democratic should be used judiciously, and justly.and for good cause ---.dr suresh dugani
we varified the hospital records -there is no patient by name beediwale admitted to the hospital, .- as mentioned, on that day there was no death of any patient, on the date is wrong, malicious, information, for defamation-dr suresh dugani
Doctor you dont bother what people say. Just take people seriuosly as you do. and always guide them in a right way. GOD Bless you doctor

dr suresh dugani — drdugani operation failure

you have put up the unfounded complaint on the doctor and hospital withought varifying the facts which is not correct,and malicious,against the legal aspects .you should immidiately delete the complaint ,otherwise we have to take legal action on the website ,
I agree
I Agree that let the God Bless People Like us and not you
I think you have not checked the details Propelry Rosy Check you records Once again with the date 28th and 29th of July 2008 there was a Patient by Name Khaleed . Beediwale the Doctor said that he Need to Undergo the same Operation Once aagain and we need to apy 75000 /- for the same as there was Blood Blot in his Head after the Surgery so took him to German Hospital in Dharwad where he was been decalared Dead on 1-8-2008.

Open your Eyes People
Mr.Khaleed you must understand first that doctors are not "GODS"[IF THEY EXIST?] !!! i agree we all are angry are the death of near one"s, we should also see that no doctor will deliberately kill anyone the risks in "NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY ARE VERY HIGH" and sometimes end up with disastrous results.Please use good words do not abuse yourself by using bad words.Even the best surgeons in the world have deaths on their score cards, as far as money is concerned medical treatment has become expensive.please have insurance coverage.
i do not you but my words may sound harsh but believe me you will be better off putting your past behind.
i too have lost a brother for the blood clot secondary to a aneurysm i the brain what can i do he did have the best management for that "period of time".
blaming only makes this whole subject more ugly if you have genuine complaint against the doctor meet him and see what went wrong there are ways to readdress your problems
good luck to you sir
subbagiri vijaya raghavan
Dear All,
The job of Neurologist are not easy, and finally doctor is not God, infect they are the above God, hence passing negative comment about the doctor is misleading. Dr. Suresh Dugani has done wonderful jobs. He treated successfully my nephew (Kumar Nitin Mahadev Gaonkar, Karwar) and he become strong boy now and perfectly ok, thanks a lot to Doctor and let God grant him the super power to treat the needy people.

: Deepak G. Talekar
The above mentioned Answers are quite convincing but the day[protected] when we kept on asking Dr.Suresh.Dugani he had no Answer .he said that to give a proper answer he need to re-do the Operation and he also gave us the Disclaimer that My Brother Might die on the operation table while operating (The Operation performed by Dugani earlier was (Shunt) for tuberculosis.
It was our mistake that we took him to Dr.Suresh Dugani we would got him to Bangalore Nimhans or Narayana but the SDM Medical College had advised us to take him to Hubli.
People Might be viewing this post and might be thinking that I am wrong but when this disaster took place we had more then 20 -25 People with us and everybody wanted to speak to the Doctor but the Doctor did come out of his cabin.
And prior to this there was another case where in one of the Patients relative had got the TV 9 crew to the hospital due to inconvenience caused to them the Hospital staff might still remember this.
It is tragic to see patients die during operations; heart surgery is quite safe now, but neurosurgery is still delicate and risky. It is not correct to mix personal tragedy with outcome of the case and blame doctors. If we don't trust and respect ability of doctors they could not have saved many lives. Neurosurgery is quite expensive and 100% guarantee can't be given as it depends on case to case and in all cases it deals with extremely sensitive part - brain. Nevertheless many neurosurgeons are performing surgeries efficiently with help of modern machines and techniques. Neurosurgery has become not so high-risk affair now.
Abid Beediwale had lost his brother and spent money too, as this website is to post complaints quite naturally he has mentioned the case with emotional outburst and lacking maturity to realize the entire case.

Dr. Duggani has a good track record and is down to earth. Please consult and discuss your case. Perhaps take multiple opinion if needed. We should not be judgemental by reading messages on this site.
shivarajsnaik's reply, Sep 11, 2016
Its very easy to say neurosurgery is very delicate.He had paid for that job, If he cant do then he should accept and deny, not operating and giving dead body back to them. You will understand only when any of family faced this situation. I am sorry to hear abid story.I can understand the situation.
Sir already my father undergone brain surgery in bembalgi hospital in hubli were we met you (Dr.Suresh Duganni). please suggest me any neurologist doctor in bangalore, i cannot come to hubli as i settled in bangalore near narayana hrudayala. if any one of your friend or any best Doctors like you in bangalore so that i take treatment with them. Already you have operated my father's tummer and it was success and now a days my father startedl suffering the brain problem, please suggest me.
Sir ashwath here back, he was operated in the year 2006 ( I am Not sure) his name is srinivas mangalvede. i want to take him to you only depends on your availablity in hubli. please suggest and help in this.

Ashwath Mobile No [protected](Bangalore)
I am from Philippines. Got operated by Dr suresh dugani two years back. Am okey and still alive. No complications. Very good doctor. He is the only surgeon I trusted. I was there seen a lot of patients like whose hoping to live. With God's grace he made my surgery successful. Have faith to your doctor. I have faith to Dr suresh. He is a good doctor.
Hi sir,
I am Anu, my mother not getting sleep in day and also in night she is frustrated to get sleep and when she sleep she hear sound like tak tak tak so now she is very afraid and fearfull, please suggest me what can I do because i dont have anybody.

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