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[Resolved]  Electricity board haryana — No electricity in Karnal

last night on 6thAugust 09 in Karnal sector-13, Hno-1096 onwards, From the midnight 1200hrs to till morning time 9:00am, there is no electricity, 9:00hrs has passed, we have complaint to electricity board karnal, no further action is taken.This is happening in every night, either the voltage will be very low or the light will cut off.
I think Karnal has come in the worst condition of electricity supply.
At Last people have to gathered and each one of then has to complaint against the govt/electricity board haryana

nobody is saying and taking action, what should we do..
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Aug 14, 2020
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Till whole night of 7th Aug 09 have no light. This kind of repeatition is going on n on for whole night. How people are living without any protest n complaits are unbearable.
No as such developement towards the improvement as well as new projects are coming from govt.
Haryana govt is no such projects been anounced yet. Population are increasing day by day . But shortage of supply is always there.
Fluctuation of 2 min, 3 min are always there.

i have to approached Mr Randeeep Singh Surjewala & CM Mr Hooda . plz do something for improvement.
these things are repeating n repeating.
This problem is for whole india. Improve with more n more plant.
so supply can be improved.
haryana govt has succied in every field but I THINK there is distribution problem between town and villages reason only VOTES H GOVT want to please only villers voters VILLAGERS do not pay there bills GOVT is helpless in this matter IS THIS justice
This is a good initative taken by Mr. Kapil Kalra...let us highlight our grievances through this platform and raise our voice to the top most levels of Indian government...and if still the this worst condition of electricity supply continues, let us sue them for the losses caused to us due to bad managmant of electricity supply...even they have no system for official delration of power cuts and it has been arbitrary...ALL karnal wasi please raise ur voice

Today no power supply from 10.40 AM to 3.20 PM-Undeclared cut

Electricity Control room-[protected] has no answer
Lineman-[protected] has no answer
Complaint no.[protected] Does not pick up the phone
Today (6th, Jan-2010), from the morning to 12 pm, 4 times electricity has gone in sector 13 when I did ring to control room, associate don't know about the issue even and blindly said electricity is working.
Most of the time when electricity is not available all control room phone either not in working condition or busy, no one have clue what to do?
on 31st, december when electricity was not available and did ring to control room, my first phone picked by associate at 4 pm & when asked for reason, he don't had any clue as well as he said, I was in fairwell party and I am not sure. All customers are struggling without electricity and associates having fun in parties.

Such a redeculious situation and one of the most expensive baord in India but no improvment!!!
it's a winter time and today is 6th, Jan, we don't have electricity from the morning in sector 13. Firstly when we did ring, person dont have any clue why electricity not available, second time when ring he said i forwareded your complaint to line man and electricity will available in two hours, it's almost 6 hours no electricity, when did speak with line man, he said still it would take another 2 hours. People don't have knowledge what they talking about and give a senseless reply to cusotmer.

I did ring on following numbers and all the people are useless [protected], [protected]
This man don't have any clue when i did ring after 6 hours on what i am complaining, he is supervisor [protected], such a useless people recruited who dont have clue what to talk and what to answer.
today is 7th Jan and 1 pm in after noon, there is no electricity from the morning, i have called people around 3 times but everytime useless people are not able to answer.
Yesterday, from whole day, city have around 5 hours electricity no more than that.

India is improving everywhere but Haryana is not showing growth at all.

Useless management who probably have no konwledge of anything.
after almost 5 hours cut when i rang to asked them expected time of electricity, person who picked the phone name is Surindar (intentionaly mention wrong name to me), he replied don't know when electricity would available, so i did ask for supervisor name and contact detail, he replied we dont have detail of our supervisor except his name "Vikas" (probably worng name) and seats at chandigarh. I asked them can you write complain and let me know complain number, he replied we dont give complaint number as well. when i insist, he just gave me random number becasue after 10 minutes when i rang there was no complaint.

All people are not helping local people and work for them for what they get pay but work against the society, these all are terrorist!!!
I am staying in sector 13, Karnal and i have coplaint about electricity. After complaining electricity came back in 15 minutes but line man came after 3 hours. We have mention that electricity came back after we complaint. LINE MANE "DISHKISHAN" WAS ARGUEING WITH ME, ONCE ELECTRICITY CAME BACK WHY YOU DIDN'T RING BACK AND TELL US.
Associates who worked for goverment dont have any manners.
There is no electricity or low voltage since 06 august to till date in gali no-7 vikas nagar phoosgarh road near sec-6 karnal. In night timing there is no electricity . if we wants to complaints against it No one is picking up phone in electricity board. In this summer time people cannt sleep as no fan or cooler is woking. even invertors are over. I dont know what...

in the other hand we wants to complaints of this people who are not action in the electric board they are self repare our home electric . they are not written a complaint for electric board in this street.we have a complaint for our street people to electric board .they are action on it .
I did ring on following numbers and all the people are useless [protected], [protected]
This man don't have any clue when i did ring after 11 hours on what i am complaining, he is supervisor [protected], [protected], such a useless people recruited who dont have clue what to talk and what to answer.Such thing is electricity board is recruited very shameless people & staff is very bad.

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