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Recently Chinese flea market and counterfeit industry has evolved a new method of cheating this industry worldwide. (Involves purchasing). Anti counterfeiting tips -read exclusive report along with tips. Please read carefully to avoid potential hazards of scamist originating from china posing as genuine buyers.

1) Chinese brokers float buying inquiries and would ask for pricing, pictures, datecode, some of them are even ERAI members.

2) After receiving quotes, those scamist would ask for pictures, date code .
(this information is required for them to copy and reprint fake parts in advance).

3) China has huge potential of end user market as many domestic industries require genuine parts for their manufacturing activities. Some brokers (scamist) would really buy parts from you which will be immediately switched/replaced with already prepared fakes with your given d/c and picture info. (Rest (who do not buy)- price checker companies would use this information to produce counterfeits.)

4) Then you will be intimated in no time that your parts are failure and hence rejected. They would even involve ERAI and other forums to complete their scam and cheating.

5) Fake reports will be prepared on those fake parts which were already with them. (In Some cases China buyers may supply those parts to another broker, first broker would not know about scam. He may try to pursue refund by all means involving ERAI etc.)

6) Eventually you will send RMA for the fake parts which you never sold them. By this time scamist would have made good money by replacing your original parts. Though ERAI would have been ignorant in these type of cases initially. But they do know about these kind of scams off late, As usual ERAI would always try to ignore these aspects just to protect their interest and links with chinese counterfeiters.

Recently one such deal ERAI got involved and started forcing a genuine supplier in South Asia to issue a RMA on behalf of a Chinese buyer. That chinese buyer in Hongkong could have been genuine but their immediate next buyer played a scam who switched supplier's parts with the fake one.
ERAI as always supporter of their members, ( irrespective of reality and truth) started blackmailing the supplier with their weekly reporting tool, when they did not comply, supplier was reported in their weekly broadcast - dishonestly by Kristal snider. The said supplier intimated ERAI with all the proof and evidences of part being genuine, but even then ERAI did not take care of incidence with fair mind. It clearly give indication of ERAI also being involved in this type of scams directly or indirectly.

What Kristal Snider (President of & Terry Lively ( Operations Manager of ERAI) cares most - is the annual membership (it is not wrong if we call it protection money or annual bribe) they receive from scamist or counterfeiters who are flooded across the globe like epidemic.

It is interesting to note that after weeks same part was offered by many ERAI members in China with doubled prices. Eg. GTZ trading, LRF, Tianma, Wins Electronics in shenzhen.

After Americans and Europeans started realizing malpractices and unfair trade activities of Kristal Snider, ERAI started looking for new base and new members in China to keep their business alive. With many hidden scams listed in their company's hidden agenda-ERAI cannot go a long way in this industry. Soon it will see its end by its own illegal activities, if they fail to realize truth and if they do not comply with broker community with proper moral and ethics.

Another scam which is practiced by Chinese brokers (Many chinese companies buy commercial grade parts to be used as Military parts, as China is banned country to import mil grade parts).

1) Chinese buyers would buy parts which they would convert them into military grade for eg- you may sell them AD534JD (COMMERCIAL GRADE) which would be reprinted as AD534TD/883(MIL GRADE)-
by your broker or their immediate next broker.

2) Chinese broker would supply those converted or upgraded parts to their domestic or international user. (Parts may pass Normal electrical functional tests)

Please note that many mil grade parts listed on many globalwebsites across the globe are originated from china, which are fakes. What you buy from china is what is supplied from here, but you pay them five times more for same own parts, just because they came back with new label and print.

3) Converted Commercial Parts would fail or may fail, when it goes to real critical use in military application. Chinese govt need many military parts which are banned by US govt In such market situation many local brokers of China cheat their own domestic buyers including their own military organizations. Apart from selling locally, Chinese do sell Mil counterfeits parts globally with the help of forums like ERAI, ERAIescrow, TBF, etc.

4) If failed, your direct buyer would ask for RMA and full refund. The mistake is not with the parts, but with the wrong or upgraded usage of commercial parts to mil parts. Recently companies like Brokerforum, Erai were involved in such scams who supported the chinese buyer (SCAMIST), who was trying to convert commercial part into MIL parts. These forums were fully involved in protecting their scamist members who pay them subscription and/or annual bribe, They did not wish to solve the issue because of their business interest in Chinese market considering big share of subscription and links in Chinese flea market.

Some tips to avoid Chinese scams:
(while selling anything to china directly or indirectly)

1) be careful while quoting chinese brokers in China, do not give them
Pictures, date codes or any such critical information which would facilitate them in making counterfeits.

2) Be careful while quoting to anyone who is directly or indirectly selling to chinese brokers. Do not give them complete information without purchase order.

3) Make sure you have firm terms and conditions if parts are supplied to Mainland china/hongkong directly or indirectly by your buyer.

4) Have a policy of No Cancel / No return/ no guarantee/ no warranty if parts are sold directly or indirectly to mainland China or Hongkong or any Chinese buyers trying to buy even from their offices worldwide.

5) Make sure companies like Brokerforum or ERAI do not play a game with you to protect their members and to protect their business interest with such scamist.

6) Do not trust fake reports or reports created on fake parts of china. Even if you wish to accept their report, please make sure they did not perform wrong test to obtain the report. Get the name and type of test performed. Make sure they did not perform mil grade tests on your commercial parts.

7) Always keep records, documents, pictures of original parts, and if possible retain few samples of original parts which can be used to prove your parts AND for further investigation.

8) Take an affidavit from buyer that he/she would not sell to china and if they do so you will not be responsible.

9) No refunds/ No RMA shall be given to parts supplied to China or any parts go to china even if agencies like ERAI ask you to do so. In past some scamist successfully managed to use ERAI.

10) Avoid non-technical companies to do arbitration who has vested interest in Chinese business for eg. ERAI, TBF or any such platform.

11) Avoid doing escrow to Chinese companies which will facilitate them
in switching replacing your original parts with fake ones.

12) never give NET TERMS TO any known or unknown chinese brokers.

Find more reports on ERAI on :



various hidden associates of ERAI - follow the link:
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Aug 14, 2020
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To Whom It May Concern:

For the last several years, ERAI, its principals and employees have been the target of an intense smear campaign orchestrated by an individual who seeks to bring harm to ERAI, its principals, employees and any person or business who interferes with the perpetrator’s ominous cyber attacks. For a long period of time, ERAI was more or less exclusively the primary target of these libelous broadcasts. Now, numerous businesses are among the victims of these often-times unprovoked outbursts.

ERAI is frequently asked why these posts have been and continue to be made. Simply put, due to the nature of our organization which involves monitoring, investigating, reporting, and mediating issues affecting the global supply chain of electronics, it is not uncommon to have companies that have been reported by ERAI attempt to discredit our organization. The hundreds of posts that are currently visible on the Internet have been made by one individual using dozens of Internet screen names. Because the Internet provides bloggers with a cloak of anonymity, a person can create the illusion of numerous disgruntled or concerned individuals when that is simply not the case. The author of these posts is an individual that was reported by ERAI for selling faulty material. He made numerous threats against ERAI and its employees both during the investigation and after he was reported.

It helps to have a better understanding of our organization in order to understand the motivation of these types of criminals. Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996, ERAI is a privately held trade organization that has been the industry's primary reporting and investigation service supplying information, mediation and risk mitigation solutions to electronics professionals worldwide. Membership to ERAI is open to franchised and independent distributors, OEMs, OCMs, CMs, test houses, government agencies and associations serving the industry. ERAI is actively involved in a number of committees and task forces that are addressing the issue of counterfeit parts in the global supply chain of electronics.

There are a number of reasons why counterfeiting has become so rampant in the last few years, such as the breakdown of trade barriers among countries with less restrictive IP laws, the green initiatives that have led to more e-waste and easy access through the Internet to market and sell material easily. Counterfeiting has become a global issue affecting multiple industries from electronics to golf clubs, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, among others. It is particularly troubling to ERAI since counterfeit electronics can not only affect individuals’ health and safety, but could even be a threat to national security. Every industry has been affected and ERAI is working diligently to address the problem in the electronics sector and to offer solutions to this very serious issue. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that the Internet creates an audience for individuals to post information that is entirely false, inaccurate and without merit.

ERAI is uniting the industry in addressing issues that are plaguing the market and we hope you can be part of the solution with us.

ERAI deeply regrets the frustration and/or confusion these cyber attacks have caused. Despite the difficult obstacles ERAI must sometimes face, it will continue to provide the valuable information and services its Members have come to rely upon to make the most informed business decisions possible. ERAI remains committed to serving its customers with the integrity and professionalism the semiconductor industry has come to expect.

Kristal Snider
Vice President
Bogus computer chip sold by one of ERAI affiliate in Florida which are meant for military warfare.

This is cloned NSC miilitary part made from commercial part in which many ERAI associates and affiliates are involved which seems to me more than a billion dollar industry here in Florida.

Now you must be wondering how bogus computer chips enter in Pentagon.

Here is the proof of pudding where in a Florida ERAI affiliate sold military fake and was caught, but Kristal snider still protects them while showing her love for anti-counterfeiting. But her love for easy dollars is far more from without a single effort in preventing this epidemic.

These crooks by name Kristal Snider and Mark Snider cannot be trusted any more, Still they keep calling to network chinese piracy business so that they can make more money in terms of facilitating visual inspection and escrow.

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