[Resolved]  Fierro Ideas — Non-receipt of Acknowledgement Receipt against Registered Post bearing number D/AD 4110

A letter was sent to Mrs. Neelima Maheshwari, Prop./Partner Fierro Ideas of A-280 Okhala Industrial Area Part-I New Delhi under Register Cover with A/D on 01/10/2009 bearing number D/AD 4110 of your post office.

Since I have not received ackowledgement receipt of the said letter till date, I therefore request you to kindly confirm, whether the letter has been delivered/served to the adressee i.e. Mrs. Neelima Maheshwari, and if yes, on which date.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Rajeev Ghai
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Aug 14, 2020
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Idea — other people also have same number

other people have also same number
I was holding an pre paid sim no [protected] when I was in new delhi. from the month Aug 2010 I did not use this number as I am in Palakkad, Kerala. At present I have a new connection. I have not used your Sim after that. Now I have come to know that my same idea sim [protected] is being utilised my a person whom I donot know. Please confirm about the same as I personally have the sim holding the same number intially alloted to me.

Fierro Ideas, renound fraud small scale manufacturing unit which is into iron and glass work A-280 Okhla Ph-1, Prop.Mrs.Neelima Maheshwari & Mr.Anurag, Advance in making Rs. but Work in advance impossible...having Lots of client in Faridabad/Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida area who were facing problem after providing work.They take order but executin is poor V.poor.

Be very careful from these cheaters .

I wish I would have seen all this earlier. I am also a victim now of NEELIMA MAHESHWARI. When she wanted the order she came 10 times and followed up. It has been 7 months and 1 GATE + 2 GRILLS + GLASS GRILLS have not been finished. Initially she took 3 months to deliver the gate on site and then till date the goods are not finished. She has not come to the site even once after taking the order. The worst VENDOR I have come across. PLS. BE CAREFUL ...
Very true, Fierro Ideas Prop. Neelima maheshwari, the biggest cheat of all times. A fraud, who tricks innocent people making their house. Never delivers on time, takes payments in advance and after lot of persuasion will deliver only part products never to be finished and quality worst than a raw metal fabricator. Beware.. Action should be taken on all such enterprises and such fraud fabricators should be put behind bars.


I[censored] FIND HIM PLEASE CONTACT ,E ON [protected]
Very True ...I am also cheated by Neelima Maheshawari...what is the way forward..
I am taking legal action against her on behalf of another client. pls let me know if you need any assistance. you can contact me on [protected]
Arnav94's reply, Apr 23, 2019
We are also filing a case against her. Let us know how can we be of help to each other?
I have given the advance of Rs. 40000 /- in April2011 and till date I have not got any receipt from her side neither she has mailed me any designs for the work allotted to Ms Neelima Maheshwari. They are BIG TIME FRAUD Company working at A280 OKHLA Industrial Area. Repeatedly Ms NEELIMA MAHESHWARI gives false promises and never picks up her cell phone. They employees are more smart and trained, when you go to visit them in there office in Okhla there employees say she is out of town and on the other hand other employee says she is in the hospital. No idea how to catch hold of these fraud people and how do they run there business...
All of them be aware of NEELIMA MAHESHWARI and her Husband Mr. Anurag... Big time Cheaters...

Sandeep Dua
I finalized gates and railings with Neelima Maheshwari. She quoted very reasonable rates, showed good finish items in her office, and showed samples of perfect looking Eepay wood to be used in my order. I happily paid advance. The delivery was to be made within 5-6 weeks.

And then the nightmare started. After at least 200 phone call reminders and more than six months later, she sent just a part of one gate. It used crap wood instead of the perfect shaped/grained Eepay, wood fixing was awful, had 8mm SS frame instead of the 12mm in the quotation, used normal glass instead of toughened glass, and the gate fixing itself left lot to be desired. Today, it looks like the cheapest article on the elevation of my house.

I had to go through loops to get her to even pick up the phones. Every time she would pick up the phone, she wouldn't have a pinch of guilt about violating the promise of delivery that she made last time. But she will still assure you that it would get done the next day. That next day would never come, and when you call her again, the exact same behavior. Now it has been almost 9 months that I placed the order, and I have almost given up hope of getting any more delivery or recovering any money from her.

In due course of time, I came to know of 2 other people who have dealt with her in Noida. They both got burnt similarly. So, she is a serial offender.

Through conversations with her, I came to understand that she does not execute the orders herself. She just sub-contracts them to other small-time contractors. So, the single-most reason to place the order with her to get good quality stuff made out of a factory goes for a toss. And then you are left at the mercy of these small-time contractors - without having any influence over them. She must also be having some payment issues with the contractors due to which they give her substandard goods, and never deliver fully !

Sanjeev Aggarwal (Noida)
I am an architect and have also been duped by the same people. Sent her a legal notice at the address A-280, Okhla Ind. Area Ph-1 via registered post but it has been returned with the message that no person or business by that name exists at that address.

I would appreciate it if anyone on this forum could give me their real address so I may be able to resend her the notice. Any help will be appreciated.

I have won a case in Dist Consumer Forum and she has paid up Rs 72, 000/- which she had taken extra from me nad not having done work.

Go a head and file cases and get your refunds.
Krish123kumar's reply, Oct 1, 2020
I am also duped by nilima maheswari.
Would you pls discuss and guide me.
I have won a case in Dist Consumer Forum against her and she has paid me back Rs 72, 000/- what she
owed me for deficiency in services.

Go ahead and file a case we need to put them behind bars.
I have won a case in Dist Consumer Forum and she has paid me Rs 72000/- last month for deficiency in services. Pl take legal recourse and she and her husband when are required to pay back the money they will be forced to pay up or go to jail.

I also have paid her cash in advance for EPE WOOD and other ss railing but she had just gvn me back 8500/- according to me the balance shuld b 30000/-

and the EPE she has gvn is actually scrap. she is actually a FRAUD

she resides somewhere in Greater Kailash. lets meet and give DHARNA at her place to get out money back

Sudhi Kant
Krish123kumar's reply, Oct 1, 2020
I am also duped by nilima maheswari.
Can we discuss and file some complaints against her as my friend is DSP in new delhi
A registered letter is deemed to have been delivered. Pl keep the slip as proof which was give by the Post office.
These people (Nilima / Neelima Maheshwari & husband Anurag) have now changed the name of their company from FIERRO IDEAS to INEXLINES as the other name had become very infamous. Make sure they do not get away with this by spreading the word.
Neelima and her husband Anurag seem to be the two top con-men in Delhi. Had I known their past record, I would have never given them the work for my house that is under construction. We got in touch with them in November of 2018 and gave them an advance of Rs.25, 000 in December 2018. They were supposed to complete the work in a couple of months. When we didn't receive anything from them till February, we were told that we will have to send an additional Rs.50, 000. Being completely oblivious to what their actual intentions were, we gave them the additional money. Now it is almost May and all we have received is 4 tiny pieces of glasses. Now, she has stopped taking our calls and has blocked most of the numbers. She is never available at her office and is asking us for more money.
She and her husband are the worst kind of people this city has to offer. She should be made to refund everyone's money.
We have been another victim of this Nilima Maheshwari. In July we paid an advance of INR 50, 000 for elevation work which was to be completed in 40 days, but till now nothing has progressed - We don't have a single piece of equipment yet.

We called off the contract in September and haven't received any refund till date.


Let us join together to expose the frauds they are and get them arrested. My contact details are - mohitmittal.[protected]
They are bloody cheaters and frauders of the first lot.We must come together and fix them so that we don't live with this guilt that we couldn't stop injustice done with the innocent, qualified people of the nation

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