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Great Fraud in Bangalore – In new face

This is regarding a advertisement coming in one of leading newspaper in Bangalore under the category of PARTY ENTERTAINERS . The add details as follows :

THE Great Bangalore Entmn’t Network is calling u to Rejuice ur Life, Meet Hi Fi
Matured Females , Make Friendship N Dating earn handsome amount. ( Not 4 unemployed N Student )
[protected] / [protected].

They will ask u to deposit [protected] refundable deposit , 700 processing charges )in anyone of following bank account .

Their account details :
Name : Parveen Kumar , Bank : State Bank of India , A/cNo :[protected]
Name : Parveen Kumar , Bank :ING Vysya , A/cNo :[protected]

If u belive and pay the amount what will happen ? pls read my earlier article .

( They were cheating in the below details earlier , now they started cheating in above said details , pls be careful.)

This is regarding a advertisement coming in one of leading newspaper in Bangalore under the category of EVENT ORGANISERS . The add details as follows :

ENJOY Cultural /Social Gettogether , FunFilled events, Memorable evenings, Enhance your social circle with ‘ SUMA Network’( VVIP’S are welcome , Not for students ) BLR.

‘BANGALORE Entertainment Service (Regd) , with Good Times , a different Revolution in Enjoy ‘N’ earn for all gender, only genuine # [protected]/[protected].

Like above 2 adds are coming regularly , when u call to that no, 1 lady will attend the call and she will say this is a friendship club and you have to be our member for friendship with our female clients and broad minded peoples. They will ask u to pay Rs.5500 in Axis Bank .
Account Details : Axis Bank , [protected]. Name : Seema Viswas. Branch : (If u ask they will say Bashveshwara Nagar, Banaglore.

If you belive their words and pay the money what will happen ?

After paying the money they will ask you to pay again another 5k or 6k, Like that it will go up to 25k After paying 25k again they will ask some money like 6k or 8k, when u say I am not able to pay money , pls return my money , immediately they will disconnect the line . After that they wont respond ur calls .

Like me somany guys are believing their words and they loose their valuable money everyday . You imagine if 1 person pay 5k per day how much they will earn per month.

I have their other bank details also.

Name : 1. Seema Viswas, Bank : ICICI, Account No :[protected].
2. Seema Viswas, Bank : ICICI, Account No :[protected].

Earlier they were cheating in this account no , I lost my money 25k in this accounts and now they are operating in above said Axis Bank account no and mobile nos. If anybody has doubt about my words u can call them and verify . U will get same bank details they will ask u to pay 5.5 k in Axisbank . The same above said story will happen .

If anybody affected like me they can very well contact me and you can share your experience and we will try to recover the money .

Note : I have made the complaint in website also.
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Sree Kumar, Bangalore — Fraudulent Company

Mr. Sree kumar having his Office at # 90/A J.P.Royal bld Marathalli Bangalore-560079 – KARNATAKA STATE - INDIA, promised me an XML Tagging Process for 15 seats from a Company in Chennai and I paid him Rs. 52,500 through Bank Transfer. But the work did not start at all. So I requested him to refund my money. He promised to pay me back Rs. 52,500 (even if he had to do it from his pocket). I waited for 10 days. But now he claims that the Company with whom he was to get the XML process has not paid him and that he is not able to pay back the money.

Let this be a warning to all those who want to take up any further projects from him. I don't want anyone else to be cheated like I have been.
I will withdraw this Complaint if I receive payment within the next 24 hours.

hiprofile indian club — Fraud with me

My name is shashank sawant. I stays at Mumbai ( Bhandup ). I joined one friendship club namely hiprofileindianclub. His name is Rahul Sharma. I gave him Rs.12500/- by depositing in his bank account with ICICI BANK. His number is [protected] & [protected]. I want join friendship club.

Can u please help me out ?
intrested to see
pl give complaint to local police or fax a complaint anonymously to police commissioner, bangalore & expose them in local TV.
this is about sampark network in siliguri & "touch" in delhi
i sent membership money of rs 1350/- 3 months back, i got fed up calling them so many times. as i was not getting any service, i asked them to give online membership, they stopped responding to me.
once u pay money, u will be given a offline membership, in which, u have to keep on calling their help desk, which is always busy & even if u get, they will cut it off & ask u to call later so many times.before becoming member, they can call u for hours together!!!

definitely, this is a bogus company and they r big cheats like many other friend ship companies advertising in newspapers.
once they collect the money- rs 1450/-, u will be directed to talk to manager on land line[protected] & u will get some phone numbers from thier help desk[protected], +[protected]
+[protected], of some females, who never answer ur calls & then if u ask the company manager about bad servcie, she will not reply properly & will cut ur line.never trust these . we will lose our phone bill, waste of time & energy.
spread this message to every one u sampark, one tanu sri is there, she promised that i will not be cheated like the delhi site, but, she is another & a fraud.
i also paid for one frindship site- " touch" in new delhi, which is also bogus & a fraud.

yes it is 500% absoultely right.,
even i am trying those nos they will tell some stories
i found one friend in internet he told the real stories abt these clubs.,
dear young guys these groups are acting like a network
so dont fall in these network
u will loss ur money and peace
here is a another fraud details
Name : Sujan Davis, Mob : [protected], Location : Mumbai .
the above said named person is saying he is running a male escort agency, He promised me to give 2 clients per week on last year March 2009. He has collected 9300 as a security deposit . After depositing the money he asked me pay another 22k, that also i paid, after collecting that he is asking again 22k. Then i stopped . After that i said i dont want ur service, u give back the money, he also agreed to give back the money in 7 days, but whenever i am calling to him he use to say i will get back to u, like that he ate 2 month . after my firing he agreed to give me deals, but that also not happend, after he fails on that i was asking for refund, he promised to give me in 2 days, that also not happend, like that he managed me upto today 05.03.2010.

He is a great fraud, he will talk only lies, i have'nt seen a worster person in my life, he is collecting money by giving false promise and living in mumbai .
So guys pls dont waste ur valuable money towards this kind of street dogs .
Pls be careful .

will tell later — A very huge Money Scam In Bangalore

Dear, reader
I am a victim of the said subject. With me there should be minimum 500+ people should be victim
But no one complaints till.
Plz! Suggest me, where to complaint, especially in Central Govt. sector. So that action will be strong.


yes i am from banglore. but he is providing me the fantastic deals with no problems at first there was a problem but now its rectify. Guys Carry on and be cool. Definately you will get
Friends now i feel that we should get our acts together and leave those means of earning where we stop feeling good about ourselves. We have alread lost our valuable money and now we need to teach them a lesson so that in future no innocent guy like us gets in their trap. I am happy that you guys have been bold enough to share your bitter experiences in this site.
zenath, sonali, nisistha, nimisha, so many names appearing in banglore mirror in the month of august 2010 please be careful all are fake
yes the above statements are true... if u want more details u can contact me on my no [protected](sanjay)
He is absolutely right.
I also got cheated by this kind of club frauds. But this is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
The club name is MIDAS. they advertised like" Join 4 year old and registered massage parlor and earn[protected]. High profile M/F needed for part time jobs.
When I called them, they said we are not a cheating club. We are operating for last for years with same number.

Their phone numbers: [protected], [protected]
Their A/C no: [protected] Paramjeet Kaur Bank of Baroda
[protected] Loveneet Rai Chopra ICICI bank

I have called many other clubs before calling these people. But these people used following tricks.
Unless like others they did not prompt me to go to bank immediately.
They said their driver will pick me up from bank to their office immediately after paying money.

This following conversation is with Sameer.
Initially asked me to pay in ICICI bank a/c. Later they said income tax has called them for tax. So pay in to bank of baroda a/c.
I paid Rs. 2500 as registration fee.

Then Sameer goes off this number and will never use this phone for that day.
Now another lady deals with me like this.

Hi, sameer has gone to check your money,
How old are you?
What color? Height?
Then she says, I will connect you to one madam who needs your service, dont ask her address, impress her. Puts my phone on hold for five minutes.
Then says, that madam is asking for Rs. 5000 security.
I told I only have Rs. 3000.
Then she says I will help you. Pay that to same account. I paid.
Then she says that madam is in traffic now, she will call later. Thats it for that day, because after 6' O clock all these clubs will switch off their phone and go back to their homes for enjoying with the money they got that day.

From next day they will keep telling that Madam is not free, we will call later etc etc...

Ask me details if you
Dear friends, I also want to tell another trick these friendship clubs are using.

They are creating fake profiles and coming to public forums like this.
There they will post their opinions as common man...saying this club is good...that club is good...they are giving me this many deals ...that many deals...this is a genuine club...that is genuine much that we can get cheated by reading those be careful about this kind of tricks also
hi friends let us join together and complain to the bangalore mirror not to publish such ads without the company details.join me on
HI Iam Raj

The same kind os froud happen with me, these adds appers in Bangalore Mirror, in the span of two days i have last 10k .

A ladi Mansi and Ravi and Bhushan Kumar, insealley they ask is to pay member ship fee and later they ask us to pay the agency commission in advance so that the deal will be fixed in a private location also they give us a detail of a person like age, to which state she belong, later if we say we acn effford to pay so much of money they hang up the call, so dear friends pls be we care full with this people, when you have a count for a single pai, dont loos it like me
Another person who is a FRAUD is Phiroz Subaidu. Beware of him.
I agree i was dooped with 7200 ruppes today i am really ashamed. thanks for your suggestion, i should have verified with this site and processed.

Peace Party — Fraud

This party is absolutely fraud, they are cheater this organization is only working for the money, i will suggest you not to give a single vote to them and beaware from Peace Part

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