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 Pradeep Malhotra
IITian's Pace institute.

Few months back i was just going through his website (www.iitianspace.com), i had found that 184 selection from 600 students (mains).
what this means mr. tyagi
If you have 9 coaching centres in mumbai and 10 college integrated tie-ups. Then this figure is wrong.
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of course wrong!!!
if he says dat pace is best
then shud b true to!!!
he really shud b honest
and yup he is a bit cunning!!!
I agree with Viraj because of people like Tyagi who have no morals students suffer. Tyagi doesn't care about children. His younger brother runs the institute and is a commerce graduate at best. I have spoilt my childs career by admitting my child in such an unethical institute where the owner runs after money and girls. He is least bothered about inculcating values in them. Valueless creature.
I am student of IIT PACE and I feel whatever written here is absolutely WRONG.. having studied here, I have seen that every one of us is given individual attention and Praveen Tyagi Sir is individually aware about our performances. I was surprised to see this post and what i want this person to know is please sit at one of the classes, interact with the us to know what PACE has given us.

This post should be deleted and the person thrown out.
p.s.: DOES THIS STUDENT EVEN KNOW THE SPELLING OF PRAVEEN TYAGI SIR?? or is it just someone trying to spoil name of our Sir!!
tyagi is surely a big cheat.he should b hanged.he flirts with many girls n also invites them to have physical relationship
be aware of this institute .Because they doesn, t shows the actual students admitted in institutes & how many of them were selected in IIT ?As per my knowledge about 2 to 3 thousand students were taking admission in Mumbai but the institute shows only few No.UNKA EK DITHAWA HAI!! JO STUDENT 10TH. SSC BOARD KO HAI WO PL.DONT APPROACH TO PACE & ALSO SAY TO HIS FRIENDS THE FACT.
wow suresh, you seems to have a lot of INSIDE INFORMATION? or are you from some competitor??? whoz this annaji?
recently tyagi has opened branch in new delhi. At the time of admission he promised a lot and never came to see children of integrated course centre at Hillgroove public school.Tyagi doesn't care about children.Only at the begining of session he came delhi centre to convience parents and new student. He is big fraud. His younger brother runs the institute and is a commerce graduate at best. I have spoilt my childs career by admitting my child in such a fraud institute.
I am student of IIT PACE and I feel whatever written here is absolutely ABSURD AND NONSENSE.. having studied here, I have seen that every one of us is given individual attention and BEST TEACHERS ARE BEING PROVIDED BY Praveen Tyagi Sir.
how many times is he available in delhi region is not the issue i think you are jealous of their success and infact i do feel that you are one of the faculty of fiitjee thats why u r trying to promote it here at the cost of spoiling someone's character...
i am studying in kalu sarai, new delhi and i know that all the issues are sorted there end then whenever needed though not personally by praveen sir.
moreover i think its just commonsense that a person cannot be present at two places at a time.how can u think that praveen sir will always be available in delhi region...
u r answer my question in which choaching institute do u find the director present.????
lets talk about FIITJEE only do u find its dierctor present at its every centre all over india???
i think u must have got ur answer.
I am a PACE student & I agree with cmrafee.
i too m a pace student..
nd i completely agree wid sahilonal..
to some extent what is written is correct
mr. pravin tyagi what he commits to parents while admission, does he do it, absolutely no...
it is only till the time of admission.
lecturers at pace are the best ones, but very rude and attitude and don't bother to address the queries of the students and the doubts are solved only for the toppers at pace.
i had personally requested mr. tyagi many times for the problems, but was never addressed or attended by anyone else.
it is a request, if this kind of attitude is kept, your class ranking will defintely go down!!!
mr. tyagi gives advertisement and posters of his classes for his winning students, does it is matter to him find out how the other students who have not got have gone into depression!
the thane center specially is not well trained..
Mr. Tyagi now atleast wake up have some guilt conscious, if the parents are spending so much money have some responsibility.
have you made any medium child a topper of your class. only a topper has become topper, then what is your role!
This might even go the media if unattended by you
The comments given on IITians PACE institute AND SIR PRAVEEN TYAGI is absolutely WORNG...
THE career of a child does not only depends upon the TEACHER but also on the CHILD, , TEACHERS are just our GUIDE...They can just GUIDE us to lead int the right path and the choice is our's(child)...
PACE has provided us the BEST facilities...PACE is ONE OF THE BEST COACHING INSTITUTE IN INDIA...
Being a parent please mind your language and RESPECT for the teachers please..
I am neither a student of pace nor i have any association with any coaching class but i feel i should response because I am a parent and it will another 6 years before my kid gets in this rat race, I find this highly selfish and personal on part of the parents.

I believe you parents are to be blamed for having high expectations from your kids, is the IQ level of all students the same?, if they are same then all students should come first, its looks like the "grapes are sour" scenario, "I paid so my kid should get into IIT" ... do you mean to say that "you paid" to get an assured admission into IIT, irrespective of your childs ability to cope with the curriculum now the headache to make sure to get into IIT is the institute.

I do believe that schools do not teach anything today, they depend on coaching class to pass the year, has anyone gone to the school and complained that my kid is not been taught properly therefore I need to send my kid to coaching class.

Nurture your kids talents by understanding them and their strengths, don't force your thoughts into their minds...make sure your kids are capable and able to compete and have the positive mind set. To compete in an exam you need to have not only complete knowledge but also a positive state of mind.

A caring and loving parent...
when are your next entrance exam ?
hi sir...thanks for all that you done for all of us by providing all necessary kit for competitive exams...
Tyagi sucks. He is one of the most hideous teachers. I paid 5 lacks for admission. Didnt get aything in return. The powai branch is a warehouse. With teachers just walking in and going out. If something went bouncer. We had to heal with it on our own. I do remeber once when tyagi had come to our college. He said, and i quote " be like praveen tyagi, With a mercedes waiting down for you" abbey chutiye. No One cares about your stupid toy. Show some ethics which would maTter more. anyone ever thinking to put your child in pace. STOP. Its the biggest mistake you'll ever make. put him/her in any other college. There is no all rpund development. No sports. No activities. Nothing. Thats what your child needs. studies is not all you will do in life. 80% of the students coming to pace cannot even hold a ball between their legs. Thats how disabled they are in terms of all rpund development. the labs are empty. hSc is not thought At All. And we suffered miserably for that. This is the biggest cheat ive seen. hop He falls miserably. Pace is not what decides your childs future. Its the child himself.
@preveentyagichutiya You made dat your username so it's clear that you work for some other facility (and not a very good one)
@jayshree Manoj dear parent, I think yours is a genuine misunderstanding because the teachers of pace really want to see their children succeed and will pay attention to the students if the students are active in class and ask doubts.
@lusty that's a name for a pedophile FYI. And secondly the pace at school is a problem that's why I suggest you shift your child to their own center.
@pm1234 mr. Tyagi doesn't teach he manages.
@suresh Pawar it's a generic name so again CAUGHT! Lying is bad.

I have met mr Praveen Tyagi myself and his wife who btw Preeti miss is very sweet. Don't you dare say anything against them.
Pace is the best place where you can prepare for jee & medical. The parents who feel they have wasted their money & time in sending their children to Pace, should be well informed that no other institute in the country can match the results produced by pace (in any exam including olympiad, pmt, cet, aiims, aieee, bitsat, etc). In the Super 50 batch (Delhi Ghaziabad) of last year, all students were provided training free of cost, and there were many selections in top 200 AIR in JEE ADV '15.
As far as the faculty is concerned, Pace is the best, and you cannot deny the fact.
Parents should understand that their children should also co-ordinate and work hard to produce good results.
If students do not work and blame their teachers, it is their (students') fault. "Poor workmen blame the tools".
Pace has always provided the students with equal opportunities, and will continue to nurture talent. If "few" students are not willing to study, who can teach such students?
There may be some external factors stopping such students from achieving their targets, but pace has always endeavoured to provide best facilities.
Stop blaming others.

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