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Maharashtra, India
The owner is cheat and behind money.. doesn't provide the immigration consulting and will charge you for money.. no information in advance and ask for documents at will .. he will ask credit card number on email to pay.. do not go for immigration consulting to him.

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i've been to the one at Suntec. They quoted me $5350 with gst. I told them i need to talk to my wife about it but they insisted me to pay on the spot. I felt that they are very pushy and informations they told me are all the same with other companies. Eventually, I settle down another company at One Raffles Quay as they are not pushy at all. They advise me on the indian quotas in Singapore and suggested certain months to avoid. They were much more professional and got a hindi speaking case officer to suggest on my case.
Sara G .'s reply, May 23, 2018
I also had been to the same Suntec office and the charges were crazy. But have you gotten your PR? How much did the other consultancy charge you? Is it really needed to go via consultancy? Which are the months to avoid?
prasad2407's reply, Oct 9, 2018
Hi Nitesh,
You're talking about Immigration Solution, Singapore right ?
Website :
Narasu Sek's reply, Apr 4, 2019
I went to their consultation for Singapore PR application at Suntec, their price is affordable. Compare with other consultancy firms it's one of the best price. Jean is highly professional with the PR application and mentioned that they know which month to help you apply for PR to get it approved. Look for Jean if you want to apply for PR!
jayamohan_78's reply, Apr 26, 2019
for the Immigration Solutions company, I seek their services and my consultant was Yolanda. very professional and quick. she understood my needs and worries. told me when the right month for me to apply. my approval for Singapore PR came in less than 1 yr.
Agreed to it. This has happened with me and my friend.

Their changers are too high and most importantly they will ask you to pay almost 75% within a month whereas 30% of your application part is done. So if you do not apply for visa for any reason you will loose a lot of money.
Also they do not share information and are very secretive. If you are planning to hire this consultant than make sure you do your homework for your immigration and do not just go on their words.
I have also visited them few days back and is not happy with them.

I felt that they either do not wish to provide information without paying them or they do not have complete knowledge about immigration. They were just saying that they will make process very simple.. very easy which I doubt as if Immigration to any country would have been that simple then I am sure we all Indian would have settled in Australia :)

Thanks for above comments, as I too felt that they want me to pay almost 70% of their total fee upfront where as in case if my Expression of Interest (EOI) will not get clear EOI then they will not refund it. So summary is, Immigration Solution will be sure short be earning 80K whether you will get Immigration Visa or not.

The above comments seem totally fake. The user ID is 'immigraitoncons'. Boss when you post fake comments against your competitors, at least have the brains to change your user name. Plus both comments have similar grammatical mistakes and bad spelling as if written by the same person.
These comments are not fake at all. I have visited immigration solutions some time back and without providing complete information to me they were demanding money. I went to them after reading online reviews but they seems to be false and may have been written only by these people.

I request to other people to please comment on this online forum if they have faced same issue as immigration is not only about money but also the biggest opportunity of one's own and their family good life which may be ruined by selfish people.
can i know you guys are referring to immigration solutions in singapore or india? cos this website is "indian consumer complaints forum"
the name might be the same but for which country might be misleading.. im going for their appointment this week and came across this website, thinking of cancelling it.
jew's reply, Oct 27, 2017
Hi Alfon, have you gone to immigration solutions in Singapore already ? How was it ? Kindly let me know coz I'm thinking to take their service . Thanks A lot
We are talking about the country in INDIA..
Hi Alfon, have you gone to immigration solutions in Singapore already ? How was it ? Kindly let me know coz I'm thinking to take their service . Thanks
Hi Alfon, have you gone to immigration solutions in Singapore already ? How was it ? Kindly let me know coz I'm thinking to take their service . Thanks
Immigration solutions in Suntec are the worst company. Do not waste your money. I fell in their trap and I was so disappointed with the way they handle my application. All they care about is getting your money, once they have it their service is very poor and they use a lot of lies to get you fall in their trap. Stay away!
Hi all
I visited today the immigration solutions at Suntec level 3 (28June2018) & as mentioned by few other people, it’s true they are very pushy about money .First they advised me 7000S$ for the services but in 5 mins they reduced it to 3500$ but asked me to pay upfront immediately.
They asked me if I have credit card etc but when I asked for some time to discuss with my family, they said the discount is only for today only.
However I managed to refuse but she insisted to sign the agreement !
Don’t sign any papers.
I think they are cheats.
Isabella01's reply, Oct 23, 2018
yes they are cheats and that company should be closed down! they took my money and their service was terrible. Needless to say I got rejected and they didnt even contacted me to see if i wanted to appeal etc. Dont waste your money! I will be happy to publish their crappy check list so people can submmit by themselves and not pay $$$$ for some obvious tips.
ajhdiejdnx's reply, Aug 7, 2019
I think they are really cheater, whatever u said is exactly the same.
Anyone get pr application successful from their company?
Rampragash D's reply, Apr 9, 2019
actually i have 1 ex-colleague who went to them for help with his sgpr application. he mentioned they are quite efficient. he managed to get his pr approved (and then he moved to better company after a while). but of course i think it helped that he is an active volunteer in his community. i heard that your pr chances will be better if you contribute to society.
asvini.r's reply, Apr 19, 2019
my former neighbor is now singapore pr and yes he did source help from immigration solutions. took him less than a year to get everything settled and approved. he is a senior manager lvl and with his wife and young son in singapore.
Aanya.Abhay's reply, May 8, 2019
Singapore pr seems to be hard to get as my friend got his application rejected 2x
He said he saw immigration solutions on linkedin ad and so he went to book appintment
After he gotten their services, his wait for approval was 8 months + and managed to get Singapore pr
I had my Singapore PR approved through Immigration Solutions (Singapore) after recommended by my friends who also got their approved through the company. They helped ease my worry and make the process very simple and easy for me.
vijay.arjun_2's reply, Apr 12, 2019
really ? how long do they take to settle your application ? from start till final submission ? money is not an issue bt i want fast processing. i am interested in gettin pr residence in singapore.
Indian Consumer Complaints forum? why is it link to immigration Solutions Singapore? I am friend of abby lew and we engaged Immigration Solutions Singapore together. We just got our PR application submitted by the specialist few weeks back. Everything so far so good.
Immigration solutions singapore has helped me get my Singapore PR approved! They are really good and knowledgeable on PR application. The consultant was very patience and nice! She wasn't pushy and even offer some advice on the application. I so glad that I found them to help me apply for my Singapore PR!
Benjamin.079's reply, Oct 6, 2018
Hi, How long was the processing? Anyone else got the PR approved from Immigration Solutions Singapore? Does nationality matter for approval?
Isabella01's reply, Oct 23, 2018
yeah yeah prove it then. Any positive reviews are 100% fake! nobody can be happy with the service of such scammers
mari.schest's reply, Oct 23, 2018
Yes, i got PR approved from Immigration Solution Singapore... Satisfied with their service!
Krish0606's reply, Jan 17, 2019
They don’t have a basic to help. If they charge full amount before even start the process, what the hold in applicant side? Their charging method shows how fake they are. Don’t let the people toget in their trap. If they professional people, they should have payment method which benifit to both side. They claim they don’t even start the process until we pay the full amount. What type of ### is this ?
Krish0606's reply, Jan 17, 2019
Tell us your payment method. Guys they are 100% fake
Ridhiaadesh's reply, Jun 10, 2019
I assume if u are a professional expat working in Singapore, your worth value might be higher during PR application? Is that true from anyone's experience? I know of pple who also had their PR approval after they consult service from Immigrations solution.
TOTAL SCAM! I paid thousands of dollars and I received the worst customer service. Once they take your money it's the end of any kind of professionalism. I had to rewrite the cover letter as it was written by someone who didnt speak english. Please stay away from this company (based in Suntec)
Went for the consultation to apply for Singapore PR at Immigration solutions suntec office. Told the immigration specialist previously I have apply for Singapore PR on my own and it was rejected and check how they can help me apply to get approve. The immigration specialist told me their process and what are the documents they will help me. I signed the agreement with them, waited for 9 months and I got my approval letter! Very thankful to them!
Ravi Kohli5599's reply, Jan 8, 2019
This one also appears to be a fake profile. If you're for real, prove it.
Waited 11 months to receive my Singapore PR approval letter! I was just about to give up and thought it was rejected already, fortunately I did manage to get my Singapore PR! Extremely grateful to my specialist for her patience and helping me with all my documentation.
Ravi Kohli5599's reply, Jan 8, 2019
Aarav, How come your profile says you're from canada ? You're writing comment you got SG PR. Can you help to prove your identity for real. Atleast PM me. It will be appreciated.
inu_S's reply, Apr 23, 2019
My aunt also got her singapore pr approved after she went to this immigration solutions service. Her waiting time was ard 7 to 9 months I think. COngrats on the approval. I hope to shift to singapore in the nxt 2 years..
Today (17.01.2019) I visited them, referred by a common friend). During fixing appointment they chat professional way. I managed to get in and one lady named Josephine xu attended me. Discussion went well till Discuss the matter fee. She said they charge $7000, I ddint show her any reaction and she kept on going. Then I said ok, I go back think and come back to you by tomorrow. Then she said she can give me discount so she go back check with her boss. Then she back within few minutes and said boss ok to give me the price $5450 inclusive of gst. Then I said I’m ok and she asked me to pay on the spot. Then I asked her if I pay full then what’s the hold on my side till we apply my PR?. Then she said then she can’t hold the offer till tomo. Then I said ok never mind, whatever the price I need one day to think myself. Then she asked me to wait and she left. Within another few minutes, another lady come and claimed tht she is her boss. And she said I’m ok to give you $3500 since you profile looks good to get pr Approve. I said thanks and said whther the amount I can pay tomorrow only. Then she got angry and said you earning this much you can’t effort to pay $3500?. I told her that is non of your business like that. Then she was very angry and asked me to go away. Guys I wanted nobody to get affected by their ###. They are 100% fake. I shared my experience to save you. Thanks
Krish0606's reply, Jan 17, 2019
My 5 start here is for the topic. This
Company is 100% fake

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