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 sujit sadhu on Jan 11, 2011
I was travelling from delhi to ludhiana on 7/01/11. i have paid Rs1000 (one thousand) as advance ticket for luxuary bus with heater,push back seat etc. but they (authorities in delhi) informed us that bus is out of order and arrange one mini bus(?) with insufficient space to seat (sleeping is impossible), no heating arrangement, no pushback seat. 8 hours journey was horrible in cold night without sleep. four to five passenger refused to travel but due to no alternative arrangement we had to travel on that bus.
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Totally agree. They did the same to us.
Same thing happened to me as well. I arrived at the airport in the morning and was told AC bus will take us to Punjab leaving at 6 AM. I waited with ten other people till 7.30 when a dilapidated worn out bus arrived and we were told to get on it. This bus is so old that doors did not close and seats were broken, AC did not work. Even local bus of punjab roadways is better. Bus stopped at the office of ICBS at Centaur hotel and waited for half an hour for more passengers. Then the inexperinced driver got lost and started going towards Gurgaon. Bus spent next two hours going round Delhi and by this time we were very tired and angry. This bus was so in so bad condition that every half an hour the helper had to run to water tap to get jug of water to fill the overheating engine. After a horrible days travel this bus reached Ludhiana at 6 PM in the evening. This is the last time I will travel on ICBS. Harjit Singh
Indo canadian Bus service is one of the worst service...I do agree...worst conditions of buses...NO Air con or Heater works ...takes longest time to reaches at destination...its 100 times better to take Volvo luxury buses...from punjab or chandigarh to IGI Newdelhi airport...cheaper then indo canadian and 100 times better in comfort, times to reach at dest...!

But please do check timings for those buses...!
I travelled with Indo Canadian recently and its a world of a difference from what I read earlier. Their coaches were brand new. I have to say I felt cramped on my flight to New Delhi but once aboard their coach I was surprised to see the amount of leg space I had and the recline was phenominal !! I reached Ludhiana in 7 hours and it was a great journey. Awesome coach and great service. Would I recommend them to anyone else... ABSOLUTELY !!!

6 seater — driving at night without lights

public transportation as we call them six seater in Nagpur thus R T O has given them order to drive without headlights and without indicator at night if yes then what is the reason for it we shall also be aware of these thing so we may also follow the rules of driving without headlights and indicators
STAR BUS is also running in the city without tail light and without indicator is thes a special order given by R T O department that they are following it.

Why do we use Headlinght for the vehicle which runs on petrol ,disel and CNG in the whole world ? please tell me, this question is quoted specially for R T O Departments HEAD
25% agree, 75% disagree
I had the worst experience while travelling to Patiala from Delhi.Bus was very slow.both Conductor and driver were unconcerned about the passengers. They dropped me at Rajpura ..stranded me in the middle of no where and demanded more money. they showed no concern and sympathy and I will never want any body to have nightmare which I have gone through.
Its true. Indo Canadian bus service should not be operating. They advertise the luxury coach but then just before departure replace it with a mini van.
We used their services in Oct 2009. First they made us wait at the airport for few hours. Then they took us to their office and again waited for few hours. The don't depart until they have enough passengers for their bus. Just before departure they change the bus to a mini bus saying the other one is broken. Even the mini van is not in good condition. Our driver had to drive slowly cuz his bus was broken. It took us 14 hours to get to Jullundher from Delhi which should have been approx 8-9 hours. The bus lights were not working. It was night time, the driver still kept on driving. A few passengers did get angry and told him to park the bus and order a new one. The driver did not care. They made lots of stops along the way. They do not give you a receipt. Whe we reached Jullundher we were very angry. An argument ened into a flight. We told them to give our money back cuz it was a lousy service. We were trying to get home for a funeral. We were already not in a good state emotionally and then these guys made things worse. We never gave up. We waited for the police to come and registered a complaint against them.

If all affected passengers take action, we will ensure Indo-Canadian Bus Service improves their standard. Its not too far when these guys will cause a serious accident. People make online bookings only to be told in Delhi they don't have a reservation so they can collect the fee again. The guys working for this company are crooks. Please don't give any business to them.

I would suggest people look into taking a luxury coach with Punjab Roadways. We took it, the bus ride was smooth, bus is very nice, staff is friendly, punctual with 2 stops and priced reasonable. For more information check out
sat sri akal ji, what a service to NRI's. anyway we travelled back to delhi the driver was very rude & no courtsey at all. he picked us up in small car connecting to arriving bus @ rajpura on the way he picked two more indo canadian transport drivers & a washing machine, i think they started goods carrier service as well. i was trvelling with my family, it was quite a daunting process. i was not prepared to write my experience since i read all these comments from other travellers. well all i can say is please provide a professional service so that travellers like me have faith in indo canadian bus service in future & recommend to others as well.
The quality of Indo Canadian buses had improved but the attitude of bus driver and conductor is deplorable.I was travelling on bus no PB 0/A 1303 on 18th December, 2012 which started from Jalandhar at 2.00 pm. Bus was stopped at Ambala-Haveli at about 7pm. Stoppage was for 30-40 minutes.The bus started again to Delhi after break.about 10 Minute latter the conductor counted the passengers and he was one short. Argument started in the bus that the conductor should have counted the passengers . Sat before starting the bus not after 10 Minutes of journey. Satwant Singh who was sitting in seat number 18 was of the opinion that the conductor had slacked in his duty. As a result the poor passenger who was left behind could miss his flight. THe Driver and conductor were of the opinion that it was the fault of the passenger they had nothing to do with it. The passengers in the bus would not agree. Satwant singh was adamant that it was duty of the bus crew. the driver and the conducter left theit seats and ran towards Satwant to beat him and said ` we will throw Satwant out of the bus. They were very threatening and abusive . Had other passenger not stopped the bus crew they would have injured Satwant and posiiblly beat him and throw him out. It was an appauling behaviur on thr part of bus crew. They had no respect for the passengers . they acted as Badmash and Gunddas. Eventually with the passengers pressure they brought the bus back and picked up the passenger. I will never travel that bus again. Passengers are not safe with these drivers and conductors who may be on drugs or drunks on duty. they must be medically checked before they take charge of Bus. Otherwise RAB RAKHA.
Yes I agree, Indo Canadian Bus Service is the worst bus service operating from Punjab. I had posted my feedback on June 11, 2012. We were glad to see PUNBUS operating the Volvo buses out of Punjab but unfortunately this company was taken over by Indo Canadian Bus Service. When we arrived in Delhi on October 5th we inquired about the bus to Punjab. The staff in Delhi speak professionally but are full of false promises. We told them we want to go to Saila and they said fine. They marked Saila on our bag tags. We were told we would be dropped in Phagwara and then dropped to our village by a small car. When we arrived in Phagwara they said they don't service our area. They will only drop to the nearest city which is Banga approximately 30 minutes away from our village. We were very angry and threatened to call police. At first they tried to get rid of us by ignoring us. They said let's talk in the office. We were very angry and adamant to report their corrupt business practices. They tried to talk us into settling down. I called police and told them we will stay there all day if we have to until they drop us to our village. We waited an house and finally they did drop us at our place. The local staff said they don't know what Delhi staff promises.

Well now coming to a recent issue which took place on December 18, 2012. My husband took the Indo Canadian Bus that left at 2pm from Jalandhar. The staff on this bus were very rude, uneducated and unmannered people.
He was travelling on bus no PB 0/A 1303. The bus stopped at Ambala for 30-40 mins and then they took off. Shortly 10 mins later they noticed one passenger was left at the last stop. They didn't want to go back and pick up the passenger. My husband, Satwant Singh insisted they go back and pick him up. I am surprised why others don't speak up. How would you feel if you got left behind from a bus. Everyone travelling on that bus is usually catching a flight. If one misses their flight, they will have to pay a change penalty to change their ticket. Well my husband stood up for that passenger. The driver and conductor got mad and threatened to beat my husband and told him they will kick him off the bus. I am glad my husband stood up and did not give in to the drivers threats. He made the driver go back and pick up the passenger. We are thankful to others who stood up to support my husband when he was being threatened. I spoke to my husband while he was in the bus and called Delhi Police. When the bus arrived in Delhi, Police met the drivers and hopefully this will teach them a lesson. They take advantage of the passengers cuz they know passengers don't have time to deal with them. I am requesting all passengers to speak up only them we can improve this bus service or close down their business. We are already tired when we arrive in India after a long flight from Canada and we don't need this kind of service nor we need this lousy service when we leave Punjab.

We have involved Police every time when we had problems but I guess they still have not learned. Enough is Enough. I have posted my feedback in Facebook and will ensure this is spread thru out the media.

I like to thank you Mr. B Sohal for standing up to support my husband. I see he has posted his feedback on December 20th. Should anyone need to contact me, please email me at
I took this bus from Chandigarh to Delhi airport recently. Problems:
1) Picked up from home 1.45-2.00 pm in a jeep/Xylo. 2 other people were there - not passengers & likely not staff either. Driver kept AC at low even though I asked him to increase it
2) Reached Rajpura at 2.45 pm. Bus was supposed to come around 3.30. Made to sit in hot/humid weather in their small office on the petrol pump (no AC). Person there was rude and indifferent. Dont understand why was I picked up so early
3) when bus came, they locked the bus and said that I can't sit inside till everyone (incl driver/conducter) has their lunch. Why can't they have a good place to sit or why can't the bus be kept running (there were other passengers who didn't want to eat anything but were standing in heat
4) conductor was also most indifferent -picked up one of my suitcases only when I told I can't drag both from their office to the bus some distance away
5) movie and punjabi songs shown were of poor taste and suited those of driver/conductor
6) conductor had the cheek of asking for a tip on arrival at Delhi airport.

Didn't use the bus on way back. Don't recommend this service to anyone unless you have no choice. Change in owners hasn't improved things at all.
Trip from delhi airport to chandigarh. Arrived at airport 10:30 pm. An auto drove us to the place where bus was parked. They waited for other passengers all night to fiil up the bus, who were also being dropped off in these autos from airport. Bus left at 4am from there and we were dropped off at Ambala and they sent us off on a jeep, had to wait again because the jeep driver wouldn't show up since he was sleeping at home. Too much wait at every step, highly unprofessional.STAY AWAY from Indo Canadian Transport
In Feb 2012, an Indo Canadian Transport mini bus accident happened where several NRI's and the driver died.

The travellers from Canada and USA had pre purchased tickets. On arrival of the bus, the drivers filled the large bus with other new travellers and sold them new tickets (so as to pocket some cash). As the ticket holders banded together and talked about hiring a private coach after hours of waiting, a worker for Indo Canadian overheard and called in a sub standard mini bus for them. The travellers were tired and just wanted to go to homes. They boarded the mini bus which did not have heat, would not stop for washroom breaks, and kept a curtain barrier to separate them from the passengers so they would not see what the driver and his friend were doing.

The bus ended up crashing into a parked farm trolly on the other side of the road (driver fatigue or under the influence of drugs alcohol?) and rolled several times into a ditch.

On scene an Indo Canadian Transport manager showed up and the investigation concluded that the trolley and tractor cut off the bus. There was no tractor. The company covered their tracks and the police who were in custody of the scattered luggage took cash and valuables from the luggage before releasing them to the passengers.

Now we have families whose loved ones will never be with them again.

Please think twice before boarding with this company.
just in short line " they r totally people with company".

everyone pls don't choose this bus service. you can choose shtabdi from NEW DELHI to JALANDHAR WHICH ONLY TAKES 5 HOURS( 7:20AM TO 12:20PM) BUT u have to take metro from IGI AIRPORT TO NEW DELHI RAILWAY STATION. This metro is called something airport express metro. Metro service starts at 5:30 am.
I hope every reader gets benefits from it. Book train ticket instead of garbage BUS service.
Just in short line " they r totally people with company".
In the beginning after an hour wait, they provide us 2 small car( maruti) from Jalandhar to Ludihana. After 3 hours of drive we finally got Ludihana where they provide us Indocanadian bus. They were driving that bus too slow like 30 or 40km/hr and bed they have to take more passenger from different places. Thats y it took me 13hrs to get to the airport and 1old lady missed her flight. Thats how their service is.

They r too smart, they didn't link complain page to their original website plus they charge 40cdn dollar from online which is more then 2500 Rs but if u buy ticket from airport they charge 1400 Rs.

Everyone pls don't choose this bus service. you can choose Shatabdi( Max ticket is 1300 Rs) from NEW DELHI to JALANDHAR WHICH ONLY TAKES 5 HOURS( 7:20AM TO 12:20PM) BUT u have to take metro from IGI AIRPORT TO NEW DELHI RAILWAY STATION and book ur train ticket before. This metro is called something "airport express metro". Metro service starts at 5:30 am.
I hope every reader gets benefits from it. Book train ticket instead of garbage BUS service.
These guys don't even deserve a half star rating. You can go for it if you want to experience how to get worst service with maximum exploitation. A bunch of awful staff with rude behavior providing you a Pathetic service. Unfortunately due to Haryana Roadways Volvo bus strike( far better), i had to choose this bus from Chandigarh to Delhi Domestic Airport.

My Experience with them:
- I mean really 1400 for this kind of service quality(Haryana Govt Volvo costs not more than Rs.650)
- I inquired at ticket counter if this bus have a drop point at Domestic airport also, as my flight was domestic only. The guy there was confident on this so i agreed to book the ticket.
- Not sure of other buses in their fleet, but mine was a a tin box with Mercedes Chassis fitted with Punjab roadways(older version) seats, a stubborn seat just like their staff.
- No water bottle provided even after asking.(Still u guys could had mine Rs. 1385 to extract your profits if u would have given me Rs.15 water bottle)
- Music being played throughout the journey(normal people like me wants to sleep during night).
- Still tolerated the above menace somehow, but was infuriated when they asked me get down at International T-3 instead of Domestic T-1. Even after repetitive arguments i failed, reason being no other passenger for T-1.(This could have been informed earlier also).

Conclusively, that was my first and last experience with them.
Never ever take it...worst...looks like they are the first ones to mint money out of NRIs when they reach Delhi. If you going to places other than Jalandhar then they will arrange a tempo traveler from the way. For example if u traveling to chnadigarh ...u will get tempo from rajpura even though u paid business class price of 3000 from delhi to chd...their customer service is worst...they will get u in bus in delhi saying "hune challan laggi ji" and once ur in bus wait for 1 hour to depart...u can go to delhi bus stand and get good bus from there...their drivers, conductors are the worst ever seen nd i have seen them abusing passengers and saying these are badal's buses so we dont care should ban them and i think they are spiling name of canada by adding canadaian to their name
Online reservation passengers are not considered

I got online ticket for traveling from Dharamsala to Delhi. But the bus conductor and bus driver didn't allow me to board on bus as I had online tickets, he said me a bus is coming back which is for online passengers, so we waited for the bus which was very late, we boarded in bus but it was not vacant so we were asked to travel by tempo traveller we refused to go in that and finally after long fight we got seats as conductor moved illegally sold tickets passengers to tempo traveller but still we did'nt got the seats for which we were having reservation and got other seats.
The Indo Canadian departure schedule is totally misleading and false. They claim to have a bus leaving New Delhi International Airport every 1 hour. My relative landed at Delhi this morning 23rd July 2015 at 5:30am. He had booked the luxury bus but the bus came only after 4 hours at 10am. Even the non luxury bus came after 11/2 hours. Do not believe any of their departure schedules. It is a total lie. If you are travelling with family it better to book a private taxi. There is no joy of waiting for 4 to 5 hours at the airport after a long flight. I would think Indo Canadian will be more professional but they are no better than a local bus service

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