[Resolved]  Indus Net Technologies — FRAUD COMPANY

Indus net Technologies is based on Kolkata and having a Branche in Chennai
{==Like a Computer Institue not a IT company==}

This is a very unsecure company to work.

There is no proper planning in the projects, clients are suffering and they are facing a loss in thier business, if require i can provide the list of clients. They giving unwanted promises to clients and torturing employees for that.

Termination also very high. Company gives Award for the employees and after couple of month they are firing the same employee. what is the point of giving award ? It means there is no proper judgement.

They are saying 300+ employees are working, but its a computer center.

They are not providing any benefits to employees {PF} . Also They are not paying Medi claim for thier employees.

One of our employee who worked there for Four years, for him they deducted a medi claim policy amount every month from salary and they did'nt paid to that medical policy. One day when he was hospitalized, about to use the medi calim card and get to knew that his policy was not active and the company just detected the amount and not paid in to the insurance company. After addressing this to company no one providing responsible answer and blaming the employee for the same. This is a employee blood sucking company. Salary is also not in a particular day in everymonth.

Finally, Dont prefer to work in this company and dont destory your future. Instead of working in this you go and join in any hotel or industries.

This is not a ITCOMPANY.
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Aug 13, 2020
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sujoyeta, grow up ! and shut up ur mouth

i strongly believe u're an ally of those Abhishek Rungta or Mukul Gupta

sujoyeta, u need not lecture us OK? Head of INDIA doesn't lower if we have the balls to kick the bully like Abhishek or Mukul. Instead we give this message to the World that we have the spine to stand against the bully .This is us, techies that make these filth (Abhishek, Mukul) rich and in return they exploit us, humiliate us ..

i know incidents where Abhishek has humiliated his employee to severe extent for nothing. Perhaps, Abhishek's blood ( the marwari filth) is responsible for it.

And Mukul Gupta ( Capital Numbers Infotech), is a snake masquerading as a gentleman . Vice President Operations Indusnet ..blah blah blah.

Mukul, remember it, nobody is gonna forget the insult .

Indus Net Technologies — Please send my credit card status

My name is Prabir Mistry I have been applied for credit card and I have not receive any information about my card, can u give me the status of my application
application no 1509003
mobile no [protected]


Prabir Mistry
Please send your address, I will send my expired credit card to you.
Hello Prabir,

How is Indus Net Technologies responsible for your credit card. Please do not file misguiding complains in a public forum. Or better learn to use them before trying your hand out.

Abhishek Rungta
No names, no contact details and full of false statements Come on – if you cannot make your own reputation, do not try to tarnish others by making false claims.

Your post proves you are a born loser.

you know what i'm talking about, then why u r making drama here. everyone in int knows whats happening and all accepts the same.

how u say i dont have any reputation?

i just wanted to save my friends life atleast.
You book domains, you host web sites, when you cannot provide support, you block domains, you use our domains to host websites made in german or italian, you conduct fraud, you do not transfer our domain names, you monitor our emails, you spam our clients.

Do you want names? How many? You can never become what she was !!!

I am Bharat Berlia, partner of Indus Net Technologies Ltd, Kolkata. I also own two other companies named, where I sell software for Share Brokers, and Customer First, where I provide web hosting services. My sucessful software is SharePro, with which I am able to monitor what my client brokers are doing.

I also own Bharatia Stock Broking, yes, we are registered broker with BSE and NSE, its registered in my relatives name, but I look after most of the deals. I monitor my clients email and drive away HNIs

I have good relationships with Service Tax authorities, SEBI auditors, I pay them a huge bounty, as using my information, they scruitnise brokers and are able to detect flaws, which helps them to impose huge penalty on those brokers who do not listen my advice.

I agree with you. Indusnet is not a good company. They dont have any Company Policy, Emploee Rules, HR Management System.

I can describe 2 -3 example which happened with my friends.

Mr. Rungta you should focus on the better Management Part.
Kindly, please describe 2 -3 example which happened with your friends regarding indus net technologies.
Its a horrible company to work. They even cheat their clients openly. I worked in this company for six months and was disgusted with the way they cheat clients. For example, when some clients visited the company, they brought in some outside people and gave a false picture of the employee strength to the client so as to increase the payment rate. The managers are incompetent and horrible: one of them is Santanu Mukherjee, he is an incompetent fellow who does not have any managerial skills whatsoever and is scheming and harmful towards employees.

This company offers very low salary, does not have any employee benefits, and evades PF. It follows the hire and fire policy where employees are made to work hard and toil, and one fine day the manager tells that you do not have to come from the next day onwards. If you are a yes man, you survive here.

If you love your career and do not want to ruin it, please don't join here as it is a curse.
Indus Net is a horrible company to work. They cheat clients openly. I had once for this company for six months and felt disgusted at the way they cheat customers. For example, during a client visit, they brought in some outside people to falsely show the increased employee strength to the client, and charged high amounts.

The company believes in hire-and fire policy where employees are made to work hard and toil, and one find they are told to leave without any valid reason. Also the managers, such as Santanu Mukherjee are incompetent and are even not fit to be trainees let alone managers.
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1no. faltu company, lobi baji te vorti... je joto tel makhabe tar salary barbe, takla &amp; totla harami 1no.
BulliedEmployee's reply, Mar 9, 2021
Shameless persons ... They made me toil hard saying they will increase the salary. I overworked and got my right hand paralyzed and crippled. Now I am jobless. They just put pressure on me when I asked them to give me training. I went there to build my career. Now I am financially broke.

Yes this Shantanu and souvik. Shameless.
Hahhaaa... I comment on a
picture of Head of Operations(Internet marketing) Indusnet technologies
which was posted by rahul basu now he deleted my comment &amp; also
unfriend no prob. wid that, Sukanta akmatro chele je indusnet er onek
kei help koreche + charanor por eo korechi. Ami erokomi chele Je ta
sotti je jerokom serokomi bolbo... Santanu mukherjee jemon ******
@ Rahul Basu hathe churi pore bose thako or ******
Santanu Mukherjee, , ha ha ha.the lesser said about the bald stammering guy, the better...he is a non performer who has no managerial skills, he is complete loser, even got to the point of being fired by the owner, somehow saved his job by pleading with the employer..check his FB profile. one day he writes "Head of the Department", another day "Project Manager", and another day "Head of Operations"..the loser is not sure of his own designation in the company, i guess he is just a mere employee who tries to show off..if he goes to work in some other company, he will be taken in as a trainee.
O..O.O.O..oh my god, I can't believe all the said statements...all these are true guys? Horrible(Hori Bol) yaar. I thought IndusNet is highly professional IT firm, but from all your statements, it seems to be a Khokhla (Fanush)

ARG from Dubai
indusnet is a very bad company.It sucks blood from its clients as well as its own employees..

guys.., nobody here is talking about Abhishek Rungta (CEO, Indusnet Technologies)..bloody ...perhaps, its in his blood, TYPICAL MARWARI MEANNESS. Abhishek and his father Raghunath Prasad Rungta are such shameless..

abhishek rungta, you insult ur employees for such petty matters ...ur a retarded son of a !!!

these rungta father son duo even bargained for the tea machine and employees were served insect infested tea, once a huge rat was found dead in that tea machine...and in front of client they served tea from "Barista"..ha ha ha ha

guys after u spend years in that organization, suddenly u find a creepy person(abhishek's wipe) becoming ur team lead.. managers are mostly bullys

i know every single person who have worked in Indusnet will agree with me
After reading all the comments I could not stop myself from adding one more instance to the fraudulent behavior of 'Indus Net Technologies'.
Some salient features of Indus Net Technologies are as follows -
a. It cheats it's customers and employees alike
b. I have challenged Indus Net Technologies development team on the shoddy work they did and the outrageous estimations they provided for their work
c. Being technically competent, it is very easy to know that Indus Net Technologies is doing fraud, eg: for a work that will take just 3 days they ask for 32 days of payment!
d. While talking to an employee, I got to know that the company recruits fresh graduates, makes them toil hard (extra hours support) and then lay them off for no apparent reason. With this kind of a policy which employee is going to give full dedication and support to the projects that we pay for. This is fraud that hits the customer both ways, development and support
e. Talking to any of the managers in Indus Net Technologies is a real challenge. To get them to understand the requirement is a Herculean task. And if you still manage to get past this hurdle, you will be left horrified with the kind of work they deliver

What's more, Indus Net Technologies has an office in UK with a number that is completely fictitious!

If you want value for money or any value at all, stay away from the fraud Indus Net Technologies company.
BulliedEmployee's reply, Mar 9, 2021
It's because they management keep the bootlickers and kick out the hardworkers. They pick up Freshers so that they can transfer some work of the seniors on them. The seniors relax, and o ha heehee at the back of the hardworking junior and disturb them. They don't respect people who are hardworking and willing to learn. They are afraid of losing their chairs to them. So they kick the Freshers out at suitable time
Indus net Technologies's has rival company named CN . If any employee from indusnet technologies marry to CN's employee, he will be sacked with false reason.

I request all freshers and experienced person, who are looking for job at Indus net technologies, Don't join at Indusnet Technologies, your career will be spoiled.

You would not be realize during initial stage but after 1 year your career will be hell. There is no job security at Indusnet technologies, If projects gone Top management like avishek rungta, santanu [ Totla ], and HR will pressurize you to leave company.

If there is no job security, why will you join at that company ?

There is another truth;-

Team Leader or Project Manager fools client while taking project. They charge more dollar while taking project. Most of the employees don't know digital marketing . They just do submission type of work and they are do totally spam work. They are only expertise in speaking, but not expert in work


X Employee of Indusnet
BulliedEmployee's reply, Mar 9, 2021
Agree...I have faced this from the same Shantanu. My career is totally fine ruined as due to overworking my right hand is paralyzed and crippled.
Hi Folks, Are you guys talking about the company Capital Numbers (, the Mukul Gupta owned company who was an X employee of Indus Net Technologies.

I knew this was going to happen, as our so talented CEO Mr. Abhishek Rungta trusted him so much, blindfolded I should say, I knew he is going to come up with things like this. I wanted to send a warning to Mr. Abhishek Rungta, but then I thought, why not wait and watch. Ha ha ha :)

And just like Indus Net Technologies bluffs of 5000 clients and 25000 projects, Mukul Gupta of Capital Numbers also started bluffing, in 1 year, he has completed 2000 projects and has over 500 clients.

And check Mukul Gupta's website -, 500+ employees, the same picture sharing technique of Indus Net Technologies to showcase clients that they have a huge workforce, but in real, few are working for him who don't know what exactly responsive design means, and there typing speed - O MY GOD, its like beginers type letter by letter.

What is good to know is he is going to take away all present clients of Indus Net into his company, he knows everything about Indus Net Technologies or should I say the SECRETS of INDUS NET TECHNLOGIES, he has a complete list of clients and there email address and phone numbers, Indus Net is DEAD man, the company will be closed very soon,

and you know what??? Abhishek Rungta, the CEO of Indus Net Technologies will be begging in the name of Allah and he will get only Kicks.One more thing to Mr. Rungta, there are some more employees like Mukul Gupta, there are some more employees loyal to Mukul Gupta, find them or start the shutdown process of your company.

Friends, quit this company before it forces you to resign just like they did with me, otherwise its hard to find job these days.

Your Darling X
Muah, Muah
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