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On November 9th, 2009, I orderd and paid for a Tinkerbell dollhouse for my granddaughter from Katrina's Treasures. Amazon took my payment, which made me feel as though this was a secure and above-board transaction. However, I was promised delivery within 5 days. This is now December 2nd and I have e mailed Katrina's Treasures twice and have had no response at all from them. This is no way to run a business and I believe I will get my attorney to check into Katrina's business practices.
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is Katrina and nothing says you will receive it in 5 days. It is a shopping service and clearly states both on the page and in an email you receive when you purchase the item to allow 7 business days (Monday through Friday) for your order to be processed since I am a 1 man company! Then it is shipped based on the shipping method you choose. I show based on the tracking information that I have that your item was delivered to the address you provided. Are you sure you typed it in correctly? showing it was delivered on the 23rd of November.
Me too...same item, same store, same deal with Amazon. I have called and left a message. My order was placed on 11/13, way over 7 days at this point. Please get back to me.
I ordered a Jesse doll for my daughter over a month ago! I mailed a check which was cashed and I have not recived anything. I called and have not gotten any kind of response. I tried emailing by received notification that AOL could not send it. I had to save up to get this doll. I am not sure what to do at this point.
I ordered Ariel Music box November 12th through Amazon, they took my payment but as of December 10th I STILL have not received my music box. I have tried to reach Katrina and have received no reply. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card!
I hope Katrina reads this...I have no way to contact you. My emails are bouncing back and I no answer when I call and no option to leave a message. Please get in touch with me regarding the Tinker bell doll house I ordered. It has been over 30 days and if it got lost in the mail I understand but need to know if I can expect to have this at my house by Christmas. We spoke via email a week ago and you said you would put it in the mail last Monday but I still have not recieved the doll house or had any more communication from you. Please, Please, Please get in touch with me...
I try very hard to be understanding of different circumstances but if I don't hear from you I will have to assume some sort of fraud has occurred here. I would really just like the doll house.
We placed an order through her site on September 18th and sent a USPS money order the next day. We received our only email response on September 24th stating she received our money order and our shipment would be on its way soon.

Several emails and phone calls later and there are no responses... Nothing. I submitted a trace on the USPS money order and received photocopy proof that she cashed the money order on September 25th. That is considered Mail Fraud.

Now I am taking this to the Florida Attorney General's CyberFraud department. You can file a complaint here:

I have reported to the BBB for Florida and will be filing with the Consumer Fraud Unit in Orange County Florida:

And I am not stopping there...
That oder was marked by the usps as delivered on October 13th!
I ordered something on October 28th. It is now December 15th - nothing. The check I sent her cleared in early November!
My husband ordered an Epcot Spaceship Earth Monorail Playset for our son for Christmas on Dec. 5th Order #1928. We received our order confirmation and our payment was QUICKLY taken from our card. Our order confirmation says 5-7 business days to process and we paid for priority shipping. We have not heard anything regarding our order. Emails to her customer service email address bounce back as undeliverable. Can't get in touch with her by phone. At this point unless this item has been sent to our home already- with proof of shipping - I want my money back immediately so that we can purchase this item elsewhere for our son. This Christmas is hard enough financially for us on one income with four children and this is something we did not need to deal with. I understand being a one person company especially at this time of year but there is no customer service and no communication from Katrina. I am so upset that the one thing my son wanted he will not get unless we pay crazy shipping fees elsewhere to get it to our home on time for Christmas and that is all riding on getting in touch with Katrina finally. As long as we receive our refund, we can afford to get it some place else. This is ridiculous that I need to even plead for a refund here in order to get a response from this business owner. Something needs to be done about this.
I ordered four items for my daughter for Christmas on Dec. 2 (order #1887) through her webstore. I also received an order confirmation and the payment was taken immediately from my AMEX card. I began emailing her on Dec. 9 to find out the shipping status. After two unanswered emails I knew there was a problem with this seller. I have been ordering online for over ten years and have never had such an issue with a store or seller before. After two unanswered phone calls, I went to to see if I could contact her there (she sells items there as well). Going through I sent her another email questioning her business practices and asking her if she only attends to her customers (as a surprise to me, at that time, she had rather glowing current reviews as a seller on Lo and behold, she wrote me back within an hour saying that everything shipped and she would send me the tracking information immediately. This was 12/14. I have not heard from her since. I have now sent three more emails. Luckily, since I placed the order with my AMEX card, I am protected from cyber fraud such as this. They are now disputing the charge with Amazon payments for me. This is an unbelievable way to run a business. It seems as if Katrina has bitten off more than she can follow through with. And as I wrote her in one of my five emails: If it is an issue that you cannot get the items I ordered; fine, then contact me, the buyer, and let me know what is going on. Refund the money and then people can go elsewhere for these items. To leave the customer in the dark is just plain bad business practice. To take someone's money and not follow through with your commitment as a business owner is just plain fraud.

I, too, plan on reporting her to the fraud websites that another buyer listed above.
I too have been trying to contact Katrina since my order was placed on Nov. 22nd (order #1783). My money has been taken from my account but no goods have arrived, no e-mails or phone messages answered. Please Katrina if you see this contact me.
I finally received a response from Katrina after contacting her on her personal MySpace page:

"Your item has been shipped. IF you no longer want it please mark it return to sender and at that time I will issue a refund.
As it states in my terms of service I am a shopping service and most of the items are not in stock at my house. You purchase the item then I go to Disney purchase the item and ship it to you.
AS for the complaints based on the number of sales I have (5000+) and the number of complaints (about 10) it's really not that bad. I am a one man business and feel it's better to buy and ship items out then to answer emails all day. Although I do try to get to them I get a lot per day.
I have no problem issuing a refund a soon as it returns. Please be sure in the future you read the terms of service before purchasing from an online since I am 1 of 5 different Disney sellers that are "shopping serivces" meaning things are not in stock."

So apparently she is strictly a shopping service for those of you still waiting on your items and nothing is ever actually in stock even though her refund policy is to issue a refund after 72 hours when things are not in stock according to her website. I have already lodged complaints with BBB, IC3, and FL Attorney General's office against her business as another poster also listed above. And I will not hold my breath that my item will arrive since she provided no shipping information at all. Good luck to all of the others trying to resolve their issues with this "Shopping Service".
A Christmas Miracle!!! My item was received today - finally. Too bad she told me that it had already shipped in the message she sent me on 12/20 when in truth she did not ship my item until 12/22. Luckily we live in the same state only 3 hours apart so we received it in 2 days. I guess I should thank my lucky stars for MySpace so that I was finally able to resolve my issues with this business by contacting her there. I hope the rest of you are as lucky in resolving your items or refunds. Merry Christmas
I ordered the Tinkerbell Dollhouse in December stating that "It's from SANTA" and to please let me know if you don't think it would arrive by Christmas. I got no response. Credit card has been charged. I sent another email out around the 20th of December asking if it shipped...No Response. My daughter asked Santa for 2 things. You would think Santa could povide for such a short list. I will never again order a "Santa" item off the internet. It's not very joyful to come up with a story of why Santa did not bring what she asked for. Such a disappointment!!!
I ordered the 1 x NEW DISNEY MONSTER'S INC. SULLEY MIKE PLUSH (24.95) $33, 65 with shipping.from the Monster Inc. Movie. In December, It also was from Santa. My little 2 1/2 yr old little boy is still asking.. I did as same as Lisa Simpson and many other above. I called sent emails no response. I felt safe because my payment was though amazon. Amazon did pay but no Sully/Mike Plush yet. I looked for this item to come to my door every day it was so important when a child ask for 2 or 3 things. I have been telling my son, maybe it will come really soon. It was left on the sleigh. Santa will make it right. I did call Amazon about this issue, I encourage you to bring your story to there attention, I hate that this person has used them and damaged there image. Customer service talk with them and email them[protected]. I hope someone bring her down!!! How could anyone do this to children at Christmas. I am a single Mom, ex husbands rights terminated so I am it, Had to put money back to even have a small Christmas. Help someone!!! Very disappointed as all the other writers
I had a worse complaint with Katrina's Treasures. After I placed and paid for an order on November 5th, expecting it within the ten day delivery window, it wasn't shipped until mid December. This was way too late for me to ship it to it's intended destination in Ireland. So, in order to get a refund, I shipped it back. All my emails, calls to the phone number listed, and attempts at contact have been met with complete silence. There is no response and I am out the $26.50 for an item I don't even have. I would never again do business with this unscrupulous dealer. Buyer beware!
Wow, am I glad I checked this out before I bought from her! My son is ill and I wanted to buy a Dory plush from Finding Nemo to cheer him up. Now that I've read all of this feedback, I'll definitely be looking elsewhere! Even a shopping service should offer communication and good customer service, and while I do support small businesses, I don't believe in supporting ones that can't offer good service.
Add me to the list. I ordered a few items for Christmas on Dec 4th. By the 18th I had not received the items and started the email/phone calls. No reply (not even in my junk folder, and yes I do check this every day).

Luckily I paid via Amazon Payments. I filed a dispute and 10 days later received a refund.

They may be a one-person operation, but I don't feel this is an excuse. Any sort of communication would have pacified me, even if to simply say that the items would not have arrived for Christmas. I was even given that courtesy.

Buyer beware on this one.
I placed an order for a Swedish Chef doll on Dec 16th, through Amazon Payments. The Visa got charged. It is now January 23rd and have I received nothing. No item for which I paid, no emails explaining why. Let others learn from my experience.

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