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MaRRS Intellectual Services a Private organization (http://www.marrsspellingbee.com/contact.php) conducting Spelling Bee competition for kids age starting from 5 years, throughout Indian and South Asian countries.

Every year they conduct this contest in various levels (School, district, state, national and international) for various categories based on kid’s age.

A Kid gets qualified from one level to another level when they pass a certain level and at each level you need to pay exam fee. The higher the level, the higher the fee. So you will end up spending more than Rs.15,000 including the participation fee, material fee, training session fee, transportation etc. etc. etc. This is a huge rip-off to participate in an exam that doesn’t have any value.

The worst news is they are so dis-organized that you will never know well in advance when they are going to announce the results and when your next level exams will be. They don't publish their results publicly. You'll have to log in to see the result that will only say whether you kid gets qualified or not and no other information.

So you will not know how many kids participate in the exam in each level and how many are short listed and how much percent of kids are qualified / dis-qualified. Basically they want to hide all this information as they qualify most of the kids and move them to next level at each level as their main intention is go make more and more money. We as parents are happy as our kids gets qualified for next level and keep spending more and more money and go where even they ask us to come until we start doing a research.

Next is their customer service. When I called them to ask about such statistics to know about where my kid stands in the international level their answer was so rude and helpless saying "we don't have to disclose those information"

So it is worth a while to think before wasting your energy and money to make someone else richer. Ask yourself, "why should I send my kid to participate in this contest, especially when it doesn't have any value and after all my efforts and money are going to get waster just to get a participation certificate".

- I would instead spend that money to buy a laptop for my kid.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I completely agree with all the above comments. The fee is so high apparently they themselves don't know the spelling and need to learn before they examine the children. In one of the prize distribution ceremony the anchor was so horrible and was making many many mistakes in here half spoke speech. Though my child is selected for National level, I am not happy and regretting where am I sending my kid and to whom to compete with.
This is total waste of money, energy and stress for child. Never encourage any parent to go through this competition.
SpellBee, Spell Bee

I also have the same opinion. My kid has qualified for the International qualifier for the MaRRs spell bee competition. And we need to fly all the way to Ernakulam from Delhi to attend the test. The funny thing is the authorities never publish merit list or a percentile based results. This is ridiculous. Also this year they have scheduled the tests between 28-30 Dec during which the air fares are probably the highest. Also we have so far did not even receive a certificate for the previous rounds. Everyone should really raise their voices against these sort of misleading and money collecting exercises.

I totally agree on what is being expressed in this forum. They are playing with the sentiments of the parents but qualifying most of the kids to next round and charging higher fees. Its pure commercial. The contests that Sofworld organizes like NSO, NCO, IEO or IMO are much better though they require little bit organized atleast most of the parents can afford it. While Marrs Spellbee is only for the parents who earn fat income. Its poorly organized be it orientation program or exam. I wouldn't want my kid to be part of this anymore nor recommend anybody to be part of this.

Yes, this is a major scam. They sell books at high prices, which are worthless, i.e., many mistakes in grammar and sentence construction. They promote most kids to the next level, and the money to be paid at each of these level keeps rising.

Moreover, they collect money separately for oral rounds and written rounds for the same level! Hope the authorities take note and shut this down.
Yes they are scammers. I am glad I stumbled here before paying any fees. They have contacted me for National Maths League prelims. There is no detailed information on their website and the news section is empty as of current date {11-Sep-2013}. No prizes are know and no outcome is known.
My child qualified for the Nationals (yr -2014). The registration fees was Rs 4000 and the orientation programme was charged at Rs 2900! That is exorbitant!!! We didnt opt for the orientation though. As a parent one would feel proud for your child to have reached that level. But after participating in the competition we realized how unoraganized they are. Also, so many students at that high level does not make sense for me. I was also feeling pity for parents who had actually travelled to our city for the competition. As already said in the previous reviews, there is no transparency in the whole process of selection and results. I have no idea what my child was asked in orals (or written too for that matter). From our side, here is a word of caution for all the unsuspecting parents - its not worth it!
Hi All,

My son gave his state level attempt on 26th June 15 and Just 3 days ago we got a mail saying that he got selected for national level exam and they are charging Rs.4500/- only for the exam fee, and the exam would be at Mumbai. We got a doubt about the huge fee collection for every attempt and checked the ratings, now I absolutely drop the idea of taking him to the next level as we don't want to take him to false heights.
I agree with all the comments posted by parents. I too feel this company is pure commercial and has no value to the students. They never disclose any details of the performance of the student. All they say is pass and eligible for next round. I am sure they are promoting majority of the students to the next level so as to ensure that they can make good money. As you go higher on each level, the fees also increases which is ridiculous.
I have decided not to continue with this for my kids. PARENTS PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS AND STOP MAKING SOMEONE RICH
I think we as parents should go to our school and meet our school principal to inform him/her about the scam by MARRS guys. SOF World / IPM are far more transparent in their results, prizes etc. These MARRS guys just pass all folks and take them to next level and mint the money. In my case, 3 students (along with my daughter) selected in school level are selected in all next levels. MARRS web site does not mention anything about them, who are on their board etc.

During state level exam in April 2017, I asked one old guy (admin for exam) about why fee is so high. He laughed and said parents are sitting in AC hall of Pawar school which they don't get it any other exam. That is their level or thought process. I am not going to make my daughter appear next time. This was 1st and last. If we all decide then such guys will get what is deserved.

I agree as there is no value add for kids in such exam and Marrs Bee organization running this as business profit purpose without adding any value add to child education.

1. No transparency in exam evaluation and number of participant in each level.
2. No report on subject where kids needs improvement and area which have maximum strength. It's mean there is NO VALUE ADD in your kid education at all.
3. Qualification of staff taking orals and how much they supportive to motivate kids to answer questions while sitting in big hall with many students/oral teacher sitting and looking at screen from far distance and answer questions. ORAL makes big difference in such exam and NO FEEDBACK provided to Child/Parents where kid need improvement.
4. Not enough support materials available online for prepare and there is bunch of books available you need to pay extra to buy. Again, pure business model.
5. Unprofessional staff, I see payment emails coming well before for next level and results email came after 2-3 days. You'll get surprise if your kids qualify for next level without clue why payment as demand when results not declared both on website or via email.
6. National level exam fees Rs 4800/- per exam and conducts in Mumbai (Kandivalli (W)) location. Arrangement and treatment is very pathetic compare to previous level exam at regional state/city. AGAIN don't know how many kids participant in each subject/class, parents/children coming from various part of India with HUGE EXPENSES/SPENDING for TRAVEL and LODGING. I personally don't find WORTH to participate in such exam, spending so much money without VALUE ADD to your kids education regardless of winning rank/prize.
7. COMPLAINT about Marrs organizer and supportive staff regarding there attitude towards parents. Making mistake at every level from sending emails for results, exam dates, payment confirmation etc which is totally unprofessional.

I urge all schools do not encourage for such organization like Marrs Bee to enter and misguide your students/parents which bring down reputation of school itself being not scrutinize and support wrong way of doing education business.

Even the staffs working under this company wont get paid. There are soo many of them, including me. Some of them had pending around 1.5 years salary (Can you believe that???). Their aim is pakka business, nothing about your child's future or enlightening their ability. They are thinking about how to squeeze money out of your pocket, nothing else. I have many years experience working from there and that's one of my worst decision ever!! The only advantage your child get from there is (If he/she only reach top levels) will get some fame, nothing else.
How can anyone work there sincerely without getting paid, so their quality of work (guiding your child) will be accordingly. This company might be number 1 if they didn't consider this as a low class business. Don't get cheated. If you have much money, do what you like. Consider this as an advice from one (of many) who knows the company very well. Good luck !!
Big Fraud Company it is, We have rendered a Event Management service in Bangalore Last year and still they have to pay 50% of the amount. Mr suresh is Big fraud and he never picks any call. So please be aware before you provide any service to this Frauds. He will put Guy name called shiju to do all these fraud activity and he sit back and watch.

I will not recommend any of vendors to render their service to these fraud company.


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They people are making us fool.They are playing with our emotions.I am not understanding, how school administrators are allowing such type of fraud institutions.We have to file a case against such type of people.They are looting us.They people are enjoying with our hard earn money.

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