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Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
This Toll located in Omalur, 4Kms near to Salem and the fee for single trip by car is 47.00rs. Why would somebody pay just for 30-40kms of stretch from thoppur to salem 47.00rs. Moreover it was 37.00rs till last month 06-2010, now it is increased to 47.00 rs, reason being told that the company is running in losses and thats the reason they have increased. There is also a toll near thoppur which is from krishnagiri to thoppur which is of 90kms and they charge for a car singe trip 48.00 rs after paying there which is nominal and coming to Omalur Toll why would somebody pay 47.00rs for just 40kms. I understand it is for the entire Namakkal trip but who really cares, if they are really running losses they should put a toll on the salem to namakkal road and divide the fee. If this really continues commuters would go for an alternate road and MVR toll plaza will be soon shutdown or there will be plenty of cases for assaulting the employees. Everytime i cross the toll i see atleast one commuter fight with the employees. I dont know whether it is really undertaken by NHAI or some politicians or some goondas. EIther put a toll one bw namakkal to salem or people would find an alternate road to bypass this toll.
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Please make a note on the Salem Railway Bridge(between Thiruvakavundanur to RTO office) because there are so many slab expansion joints are there in the road.Vehicle's wheel alignment are being changing and wheel are being damaged while passing over the joints.
The Road on the Thoppur Ghat is completely damaged, if you do not drive carefully then the under parts of your cars will be completely damaged stranding you in the middle of the road. The MVR Tollways, Omalur responsible for maintaining this road, have not planted the center median with plants to deflect the lights from the ON coming traffic, no reflectors have been installed in the side of the Center Median and water logging is heavy in the stretch between thoppur to Salem. This stretch is a killer, be very careful when you drive. Just see the Omni Bus accident on[protected], between Kallada Bus from Banglore to Kochi climber over the center median and hit an On coming bus in the opposite lane, killing 10 people. This accident happenend in the night, when a 2 wheeler tried to cross the road, the Kallad Bus driver blinded by the lights of the On coming traffic, saw the 2 wheeler in the last moment and tried to swerve to the right side and ended up climbing on the center median and hitting the ON coming passenger bus.
Toll Plaza govt and construction company is looting people by collecting this tolls, approximately to and fro Bangalore to Coimbatore, Palakkad is can you guess... Rs.500-600, for a drive in car to home town.. why is no one fighting for this... I dont understand for what else is our tax money utilized...
I want to know number of boothes on the highway from salem to Bamglore & the charge for tourist bus in each booth
I live in Salem but my car was purchased in Chennai.. When I pass the Omalur Toll plaza the amount they charge is RS 71/- one way.. When questioned about the chargers for local resident they want the car registration to be changed to salem which is idiotic or they want us to take a monthly pass which is Rs -2000/-

Why cant the government authorities take necessary action and bring a permanent solution to this menace...I see this issue and the excess rates be charges in TamilNadu

For tip from Salem to Bangalore costs : RS 250 and Salem to Chennai : Rs 350

I don't know how to put this issue to the right authority and where to escalate this ???

God help Tamil Nadu !!!
When I crossing toll plaza in Fastag track the person allowin the non tagged vehicle before me and making me to wait for sometime. So I asked them why did you non tagged vehicle and making inconvenience to me but they behaved arrogantly

rajsaisa5's reply, May 26, 2018
sir they have charged 75 rs for single trip.
MVR TOLL Plaza, Omalur, salem, Tamilnadu, they have for my car for single trip charged 75 rs on 26.5.2018 in my fastag account instant of 15 rupees. kindly take necessary action to cancel this toll plaza
rajsaisa5's reply, May 26, 2018
MVR toll plaza authorities are not replying in this regard i have tried so many times they could not replied.
rajsaisa5's reply, May 26, 2018
Steps to end ‘fleecing’ at Omalur toll plaza
UPDATED: MAY 12, 2014 05:35 IST

Director of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, N.K. Sharma has given an assurance to the representatives of truckers here that steps will be taken to put and end to the alleged fleecing by the toll plaza functioning in Omalur.

He made this promise after chairing a discussion with them, on Sunday. Chairman, Toll Committee, All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) G.R. Shanmugappa said that truckers and bus operators will stage a mass demonstration at the plaza from June 11 with the support of the people if the assurance is not fulfilled before that day.

“The private company collecting toll at Omalur has laid the four-lane highway from Seelnayakanpatti in Salem district to Namakkal, for a stretch of 41 kilometres, before collecting toll from August 2009. But they are collecting toll for an additional 19 km from Seelnayakanpatti to the toll plaza in Omalur – which was laid by the National Highways, Government of India, in 2007, ” he told The Hindu .

He added that the contactor has illegally established the toll plaza at Omalur and is collecting toll illegally for the road laid by the government. “The issue was taken to the notice of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Government of Tamil Nadu.

“The toll plaza is also fleecing vehicle users with the local registration number by collecting an exorbitant amount against the toll recommended by the Government. A series of demonstrations were organised by us over the years to attract the attention of the authorities concerned. But justice was delayed for users of the highway for five years, ” Mr. Shanmugappa added.

Earlier that day Mr. Sharma, Mr. Shanmugappa and the representatives of truckers’ bodies inspected the toll plaza in Omalur, the site where the plaza should have been established at Gajalnaickenpatty.
We are passing toll on 24th Sunday with Salem That toll collect Rs.15 for one way But we are pay Rs 75/ by FastTag kindly refund the balance

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