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[Resolved]  Navi Mumbai Estate Agents — 2 Months Brokerage System

Hi, i am not lodging this complaint against some particular estate agent, but against all brokers and landlords in Navi Mumbai as a whole. There is an Indian Law that states that for every rented house, there has to be a 2 month brokerage shared by the landlord and the tenant. But it is not the case. Mostly, the brokers demand a brokerage of 2 or 1 1/2 months solely from the tenant, which generally is a huge amount. When i asked my broker the reason, he said that this rule doesnt apply to Navi Mumbai, since the landlords say that they wont pay a single rupee, and they dont care. This is not right. Plus the houses they give have nothing, no fans no lights, forget about lights, they dont even give a tubelight holder. Please do something against this, as it is against the law.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes Dear, it is the case here. But there is no law in my views that states that you have to pay brokerage alone or with owner. If the commission is too much you can approach to consumer court.
I am facing other problem where the broker is taking brokerage (1 month rent) every year on renewal.
If you want to contact me for further collective action against these leeches, you can drop me an email.
I agree and I am too facing this strange policy of paying brokerage every year on renewal. This appears just too weird but has to comply with these.. Please suggest
I agree, the problem is rampant in Navi Mumbai. These people are minting money in all ways possible literally crushing the consumer who is left with no choice as they cite that all brokers in the area follow the (ridiculous) system. Theoretically, I believe, they are not rendering any particular service to the consumer in case of a renewal and its totally unfair to charge a brokerage every year.
This is too much from these guys and nowadays since the rates are too much even in Navi Mumbai for rented flats, this should be raised and 1 month owner and 1 month tenant, should be given. Moreover every year they come for 1 month brokerage and due to political patronage they enjoy this liberty.
This is not the problem in only navi is also there in Borivali and Kandhivali areas also..these suckers have to be stopped..taking away all our hard earned money...

House Brokerage house — Regarding Double brokerage for Rented apartment

Sir, I VIsited a flat for rent in Ahmedabad area with first broker who later refused to lend flat when i went for payment & was asking for additional rent then I took same flat through second broker at lesser rent. After shifting now first broker is harassing for brokerage. I have paid complete brokerage to second broker through i have taken the flat. kindly advice.

my e-mail id [protected]
Let me know how can we rise against this problem. These guys are misbehaving as well. Even if they don't own the flat, they show like they are the owners. I am ready to go against these people.
I will tell you what we can do according to me...!!!

First, We must ask them for Valid Real Estate Licence...not the Gumastha License...!!
Second, We must ask them for Written Rules & Regulation for paying 2 months Brokerage.
Third, We must ask them written Rules & Regulation for paying Rent on Renewals.
Fourth, We must be Very strict in sayinn BIG NO to these agents...
I am staying in sea wood . I have taken flat on rent basis and paid 2 months brokerage to the broker. At the time of renewal, I discussed with Landlord and he agreed for further renewal based on mutual agreed monthly rent .

Now broker is asking me to pay one month brokerage otherwise leave and licence registration can't happen. I discussed with landlord and he also support to broker and asked me to pay the brokerage.

I am really amazed, how these broker are running the racket and forcing common man to pay hard earned money for doing nothing .

Is there any legal forum, where we can take such issue and complaint against broker ?

In navi mumbai, every year at the time of renewal, we have to pay the brokerage - is this common practice ? how we can stop this ? need support and guidance and help.
The brokers are leeching and eating hard earned money. The flat rents in todays date is Rs. 20000/- plus per month. Its not possible to pay the brokers every year on renewals such huge amounts where we are already burdened with price rises. Please bring in a law to stop this menance and loot.
Its impossible to buy a flat given the sky rocket prices in Mumbai. And rent is horribly high too for small piegon hole flats... The worst is that the common man has to deal with these brokers who ask one month rent on renewals... Can someone help and bring in a law to stop this menance and loot? The monthly rent is very high (in Andheri i pay Rs.22, 000/- per month for a 1BHK) paying Rs.22, 000/- extra to the broker for 11 months just gets very hard. Can the court help us please? Save us from these looting brokers please.
there should be government regulations on brokers, they are bleeding us to feed their family
Brokers charge for there hard work, this is there livelyhood, you think that brokerage is the burden
Then why you take there services, without these brokers one will face more problems as owners are not fools, renewals is fair enough as we use the same property provided by the broker, reality commissions or brokerage is fixed as per the law .so stop creeping after using there hard work services.
Hi friends lets get together and move to court or some consumer court or to any minister for this complaint, as these brokers are cheating us, and I really don't see such law in any where in India. But they have just monopolise it. let's get together and take action against these broker and landlord as well.

Every year they comes and says renewal payment. thats really a big racket..
Whats the big issue here ? Its the same all over the world.Do you pay your broker everytime you buy or sell a share ? Or do you tell him that you are selling the same share you bought through him ? Does Govt forgive your STT (securities transaction tax) everytime you buy or sell a share ? Stop whining and complaining.Nobody is forcing you to go to a broker.Dont like the terms? Go and do the hardwork yourself.Why crib? Dont like something ? Dont buy it.Is it that hard to understand ??
I think the whole process of renting in Mumbai / Thane lacks transparency . Today in this forum we see some communication from tenants which is a welcome change.The service charge of 1 month rent itself is high and for what service standards? In my experience I have found most of the brokers have no clue of how the flat interiors are, misrepresent facts...and strangely in one case I found a tenant already present when my broker tried to open the door with some key he had !!! I do not understand why houseowners are so reluctant to put an advt by themselves & show around the flat.This would be much more credible and relieve would be tenants of hassles.I believe there's a nexus between brokers & registration offices...govt had tried to implement direct registration of tenancy agreements but it seems vested interests are not allowing it to be done.Brokerage again on renewal is absolutely ridiculous...
The problem lies within our fellow mates who are renting apartments, at a wide scale if we look earlier in NM the rent was hardly 3-5K after 2006 & 2007 onwards, the rent started to speed up because of the Real Estate Business. People who are newly located found a great shelter at navi mumbai and also the amenities, agreed for that they started paying 5 or 6 K as agent commission.Whereas in todays context it had crossed 12K for 1BHK. even still Agent's brokerage commissions stands still. And the worst thing is, Owners do pay Agents only 15 days rent means 1/2 a quarter of the amount which we pay as agent commission. The agents are not ready to take money from the owners for whom they work but they want to suck the tenants blood who is innocent. There are so many other weird people are there who are paying by will, no one is taking a stand. We pay white money in black... ( As of today no receipt is given for agent commission ). And as of today the tenant is charged for 10% increment every year, in real per Bombay Rentals Act 1947the tenant is chargeable a max of 5% any owner is following it ? Though the law is transparent for all, following is not mandated.. so owners & agents take this for granted and flat rental amounts are always inflated. Top of it Agents never take care of the flats, whether it is maintenance or repairing. I still remember a agent was charging me 2K for documents without registration. Finally i made in 110 Rs with Police Verification ( 100 Rs for Stamp paper and 10 for Agreent Copy), NM Police has a clean policy here. They instantly provide the PVC. Now coming to the issue, when people take a stand as a whole we can change even the direction of Wind, solution lies within the problem, Dont pay the Agent, but some hifi people dont care abt all these issues are still here in the country.. what to do with them... not even single month rent to be given. IF you wish, ask him to provide reciept with his name and DOB so that you can TAX him. Even online renting are also becoming bogus nowadays. Nothing is transparent in our country though most of 'em are literates... may be we need to build an association or a online portal for rented flats without brokerage.
I am glad that new forums like grabhouse and dedicated facebook pages are coming up fast! Nothing please the eye more than the "Brokers please excuse" phrase!Especially if you are a prospective tenant!

The days of brokers are numbered! Now that is what I call information revolution! In your face you greedy blood sucker Brokers!
Sir I had purchased a 1RK flat approx. 2 years before at Rs:18, 30, 000/- Aug 2011.
But the flat owner haven't hand-over us that flat on 10 jan 2012. Even two times Cidco registration also completed. Payment has been completely done by us. In this manner:-
name of receiver date amount.
1:- Cash payment: - 3, 30, 000 /-
2:- Cheque payment :- 300, 000 /- SBI BANK salary account.
3:- cheque payment :- 1200000 /- DHFL BANK HL Amount .
But my final cidco odder is not given me & some important legal receipt & slips are pending from owner.( rajendra m barve).
Last six month 1 am asking owner about my pending documents, owner is not responding me.
Owner & agent are both are frauds because he submitted a fake society NOC letter to cidco & dhfl bank.
Already agent (Mahesh toke) as take 2 lacs commission from owner. (mr.rajendrabarve)
Belapur IT colany society members are told me; they both are already fraud with society F.D funds from banks.
Society members are not allowing my society NOC letter to me…
Both important document are pending from owner
1. Society NOC letter.
Sir, please help us I am in a great problem.
Owner:-rajendra m barve
Agent: - Mahesh toke
Address: - D13 2ndflr sec 21/22 CBD Belapur It colany Navi Mumbai.
Thanks & Regards
Santosh katta

I am very surprised and shocked to find that people are cribbing, whining and moaning about paying brokerage to people who are giving them services. If there are no services then you should definitely not pay brokerage. I have a few observations for these people who are moaning and whining to pay for services that they get.
1. Why do you go to brokers when you feel they are leeches. You should do all the work through the great sites that some people have mentioned.
2. Do these people who crib about paying for services every year work on the same salary or commission year after year or do they demand increments from their organisations. If they should get paid more for their regular services then why is it that they do not want to pay a person his fees for doing his job.
3. The landlords support the brokers as they have been managing their property with integrity and the landlord is spared the headache of all the paperwork and worry about whether the current tenant.
4. There is no rule hence such people have the nerve to criticise the broking community when it comes only to REAL ESTATE but meekly pay up whatever the banks or other organisations or for the matter the Government demands. Where is your fighting spirit then and why no one creates a group to fight such injustice. Simply because it is easier to get together and thrash the poor broker but no one has the guts to fight against real injustice.

Wake up people and smell the coffee. No one is putting a gun to your head and saying go to this or that particular broker. Please do your own work and save all the money you want and PLEASE PLEASE stop whining on any forum that you get a chance.

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